DJing with Traktor 101: Navigating to Your First Mix | Professor SentZ | Skillshare

DJing with Traktor 101: Navigating to Your First Mix

Professor SentZ, Your musical side is your best side..

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8 Videos (43m)
    • Intro

    • Browser

    • Mixer

    • Decks

    • Final Look Around

    • Importing Music

    • What Is a Basic Mix

    • Manual Mixing and Final Assignment


About This Class


Let's get you comfortable with navigating the Traktor interface and record your first mix! Whether you're new to DJing or transitioning from other formats like Serato or Vinyl, Traktor can be a lot to learn. Lab Science University splits the process up into steps so you can customize exactly how you tackle the process. in Traktor 101, we go over navigation of the interface, some important setup details, and we cover the basics of simple mix. For your final assignment, you'll be submitting a short example mix for Professor SentZ to review personally and provide some feedback.

Topics Include:

The Browser
The Mixer
The Decks
Effects Basics
Automatically Importing Music
Itunes vs Traktor Based Collection
Basic Mix Fundamentals





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Professor SentZ

Your musical side is your best side..

With over 15 years of experience with production and DJing, Cliff "Professor SentZ" Callender has worked with everyone from Run the Jewels to Smoke DZA. A former Dubspot instructor and author, SentZ prefers a no-nonsense approach to teaching, so you can learn quickly and spend more time being creative.

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