DJI Phantom 3 Professional - 4k Aerial Video & Photography for beginners | Greg Hung | Skillshare

DJI Phantom 3 Professional - 4k Aerial Video & Photography for beginners

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

DJI Phantom 3 Professional - 4k Aerial Video & Photography for beginners

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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8 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Unpacking and setup

    • 2. Learn to fly in the Flight sim pilot app

    • 3. Packing & Traveling with the drone

    • 4. Flight commentary - Chiang Mai Thailand

    • 5. How to monetize your 4k aerial footage

    • 6. Litchi App 3rd party automated flight testing

    • 7. Testing the tracking feature with Phantom 3 and litchi

    • 8. Course Summary and next steps

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About This Class

Video Production Academy to access free courses premium contact on aerial photography, stock footage,video production, gopros, and the business of video

The Phantom 3 professional is a powerful creative tool for capturing amazing 4k aerial videos and photos. Although it can be simple to fly there is a steep learning curve as you will need to learn how to fly safely, learn how to control the camera for video as well as photography, and many things that has come with over 101 flights.

Aerial videography is fairly new. I started flying with the first generation platform called Phantom 1 with a Gopro camera. I've accumulated a lot of experience with aerial drone photography in these past 3 years.

In this course you will get an overview of some key skills you will need to learn to get the most out of your Phantom 3 pro to fly safely


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Hung

Travel Videographer


Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer aka Global Citizen. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school making my own short films and tennis video and editing on a VHS.  In 2011 in Simon Fraser University (Vancouver Canada) I rediscovered my love for video while filming an earthquake hiphop safety video for a Media Course. 

After I graduated from Simon Fraser University (BA Communications) in Vancouver Canada I went on to pursue a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto to complete my MBA in Technology Management SFU and found my Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own travel video business in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution. I sold my downtown Vancouver Apartment, bought an iMac, a Can... See full profile

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1. Unpacking and setup: Hi. This is great. Clung from Sheik Riad Productions. All calm on this video. I'm gonna go over my backpack the way I touched my drone. No. Is if you buy the drone, you don't fire their hard shell backpack. You got to find a solution to pack your drone. So I picked up this oversized laptop bag. I'm in Shanghai, in Thailand, and they have these backpacks they saw for about 1800 bahts. Um, I think that's around 30 to 40 U. S. Dollars. Where is if you buy it from D. J? I gonna pay 100 50. So you see existing cardboard cut out that came with the box. And I just put this in the laptop bag, so it's perfect fits. And I've got space for camera, laptop iPad, Everything. Okay, So we're gonna go over the found some three set up since we're here to make sure you take this Kimble clamp off. Uh, check the lens. So the lens is a little bit dirty, so I'm just gonna clean it. We're going to use this lens, take off the smudge. Is that a smudge on the camera? Smudge on the camera is going to ruin your picture. Just gonna use a little bit of saliva. There's a strong state on your okay. All right. That is stubborn staying there. All right, Now, pop the battery on. Do a quick battery check. Check the power. So we have four bars. It's a good idea. Check the battery power on the remotes. Three bars probably should charge that next time. Yes. We need to silver and to block propellers. Yeah, up there is the propellers on. You need to match the silver propeller till the silver top. Hold dear. Do the same. Take a look at your propellers. If they've been any religions to make sure that there clean, you don't have any dirt sticking to them. Make sure it's nice, firm and tight. Okay. Make sure you got your memory card. If you want to record video or take photos and I'm gonna put the iPad connected to the remote control, I like to take it out of the cover. I find that the clamps that come with it doesn't stick. Is Aziz well? Okay, in there. And now we need cable. Uh, I just happen to have a cable in my pocket. It's easy to forget the cable. So put that on your checklist to bring the cable without the cable, you can't use the app without the app. You can't fly with all the intelligence of the APP gives you okay? We have a little bit of rain. Okay, We're gonna go ahead with this set up. You usually doing a live is too much ring. Not a good idea on. Also, if you have a lot of winds, Not a good idea. Okay, It's good idea to have your antennas, um, basing straight up for best reception. And now I'm gonna turn the aircraft on press twice, pull down to turn it on. I like to lift it up because the camera likes to move around when it first turns on. 2. Learn to fly in the Flight sim pilot app: I write counting here from Sheik Riad productions dot com On this lesson, I wanted to give an update to the D joy absence. They released the new firmware and change some of the features off the APP. So I've connected the remote control on my I've had seen my aircraft. So this is the home screen that we get here right off the bat, the flight simulator. It's always in really strange areas in question Mark and we can go into the flight simulator. The big difference with that update was we got new features on their aircraft called the intelligence modes, so we can also practice using those intelligent modes in the flight simulator. So what do you need to do is to put your aircraft over from P mode over toe. Okay, so I switched over to F mode in the flight simulator on. This is a good way to practice in the intelligence modes because you can spend a lot of time just figuring out how they work. Why not do that in the flight simulators? So you can click this iPhone right at the top there to access the intelligent navigation modes. There are some that don't work. You can use the follow me function. Okay? It said, take the aircraft off, which you need to do and all the modes. Let's do that first, So I'm gonna take off first off 10 meters. Now try to follow me. GPS signals to, uh let's try the other mode here. We can practice the point of interest mode. First. We need to record the point of interest. Okay, set the return home. Altitudes on. We need a circling radius off five meters. So what I got to do is move the aircraft forward. I can see that the radius is changing. Okay. Radius 13 meters now can apply. Set the return. The home altitude. Okay, now, now it's circling. I'm just gonna change the speed. I want toe do clockwise. Not circling a little bit. Hard to see their crop. It is circling now. If I wanted to change the radius, I can increase it by pressing down. I can see the radius is increasing. If you forget, you can just use this handy guy right up here using the right stick. If I want to change directions, I can just move this over to the other side. Okay. From one of the set of point of interests, that's a little closer. I can pause it. I'm gonna take control. Back of the aircraft. It's just returned the home. I'm returning the home because I lost sight of which way it's facing. And I'm a little lazy, so return homes a nice luxury. Okay, switch it about two p modes. Okay, so here's our aircraft. All right? I know which way it's facing. Okay, so just sit back F modes and I could just do another quick point of interests. Okay, so this dude anti clockwise. That's do really fast. One hit apply. Returned home altitude. Now it's gonna need a circuit Greatest off five meters. Okay, so the change the radius, I can press up or down on the right stick and then hit clock. I think it's stuck. May increase the radius. Okay, let's stop there. So I just changed the clock. Waas. You can see it. Got a nice point of interest going on. I couldn't even, uh, look at it in the little mop insert there. All right, so that's point of interests. All right, let's go to the Knicks one and that is homework. It's basically home. Lock is gonna allow us to come back home just by pulling the right stick back down. Okay. So I could go off and fly to say, Agnes, why Wherever I once and then if I lose sight of the drone and we'll start panicking, I can just press down on the right stick and it's gonna come right back home. Now if I keep holding down on the right stick, the aircraft is not going to move any further. So that's the nice part about the home lock. You can fly, worry free, even close your eyes and press down. I wouldn't suggest closing your eyes. I'm just saying that it's so easy that you could just fly on, uh, passed down with the comfort knowing that will come back. OK, let's accept this mode and let's go to waypoints away points. You need Teoh create a flight routes and you can use the the button underneath their mo control Teoh record away point. So let's select a new mission. Okay, so I'm just gonna lower the aircraft. That's a little hard to see in the simulator. Uh, so to record a home points or away point. You need to be above 10 meters. Okay, there we are. So I'm pressing the button right at the bottom. There, I can see in the map. See the one. So it's recorded the first waypoint with second waypoints. I'm gonna go higher. That's 29 meters record another way. Points school. Why, somewhere else And then record another way point. Okay, When you're done, what I can do is slack done on, and then I can select speed, okay? And then I can select after the mission's done. What was what I wanted to do? I wanted to return the home. Okay. Ah, now I can hit, apply are playing the way points, just like in the real thing. Now it's flying the routes, telling us the mission's gonna continue even if we leave signal to the remote control. All right, so that's the second waypoint, remember? Because it went higher. Okay, Okay, it's finished. Mission. So now it's flying back home, going to counsel the landing. I like to cancel it right on the remote control by pressing the H button. Okay. What's next here? Let's do course lock. Okay. So I'm gonna just the heading off the aircraft using the left stick. So let's just say that East is gonna be Ford, so the four direction will be fixed. Okay, so now I'm pressing a pressing up on the right stick and it's going forward, and then a pressing down is coming backwards. So this would be nice if I wanted to do nice pants. Thought I could stay in a straight line while doing a 3 60 All right, so that's the flight simulator. Let's back out of there. Take a look at some of the other futures. 3. Packing & Traveling with the drone: either. This is Greg, come from sheik riad productions dot com In today's lesson, I wanted to give you some tips on traveling on packing specifically with your DJ. I fancy three. Professional drone is well, Aziz. Any videographers that air traveling with SLR gear? When I first began traveling with the DJ Phantom three, I would actually use the box that came with factory box. But then, after my last trip to Myanmar Cambodia, the box actually started falling apart. But I found that the cardboard cutouts can actually be reused on. I'll show you what my current set up before my trip to Vietnam. So I went out and bought one of these Carry on suitcases. I got it for about 48 us on. I'm in Thailand, so prices may be a bit cheaper than in North America or Europe. But you can see this set up is gonna let me safely carry my DJ £5.3 pro on a although accessories as well as SLR camera. Okay, so my asl, our cameras a cannon 70. I've also tested this set up with the cannon 60 in the 24 105 lens and what I've done is I've used some of the padding from my other camera bag, Uh, just to give some padding for the camera, but you can see this is a pretty good fit. What I did is actually went to the mall with my drone and SLR camera and actually tried out what waas before I actually bought it. So this waas just the perfect and I'm using the cardboard cutout that came with the DJ. I found some three and it's a perfect fit for drone and protecting the aircraft and accessories because siege, I made it. I'm gonna be working on possibly getting a plastic mould or some foam cutouts custom made. So stay tuned for more on that, but set up should work just fine. And, um, yeah, I mean, the cost is pretty good, and this is a pretty solid suitcase and lost me, uh, for a while. I hope it's got a two year warranty, and what I like about it is it's gotta lock. It's got wheels and a handle on. Uh, I can simply puts these guys here and then I can unlock lock up the suitcase. So with these upper secured I've got some safety, but I'm bringing the suitcase on board, which is nice and something you should know if you're traveling with your fancy three on airplane is you need to bring the lipo battery on carry on luggage. On my first few trips, I would actually use the factory box on. I will keep the aircraft in, Ah, hard shell, full case checking luggage. And then it would bring the remote control some of the accessories with me, but actually got stopped at a Bangkok airports, and they asked me to open up my suitcase, take the battery up to put it on, carry on luggage. So there's a tip for you. Bring your Phantom three battery with you on board on your carry on luggage. So this set up I can take my SLR camera and there's lots of room for accessories, and I could take the parts of three drone safely with me and they got a lot here and it's pretty well built, and I can transport this around while I'm traveling 4. Flight commentary - Chiang Mai Thailand: my guys is great. Come here. And this is flight commentary where you're gonna learn some specific techniques or things I did in past flights by using actual footage along with flat records and my commentary. Flight records is a new feature in the siege I AC, and it's just loaded with information that you can learn if you study it and you can review things like how high was flying when I did that orbit around the Buddha Temple. It also shows you where you took photos and even shows you the camera angle. So I'm gonna make my flight records available. But now we're going to study a specific technique. I went to the top of this Chiang Mai Temple took off from the platform. Now, problem is, when you fly far away enough like I am right now, about 220 meters away, Sometimes you lose line of sight and you forget which way that the drone is actually facing . By using the course lock move, you can set it up so that the right stick when you press it up is always gonna move forward , back to move back. It's always gonna be down on the right. Stick left is always me left. No matter if you rotate the camera towards you or the batteries facing you. So that's how is able to get this shot over here safely. Because I've had some bad experiences where I flew too far away and I started panic because I wasn't sure which way the drones facing. So by using course lock mode and by looking at the telemetry, you can judge the distance if it's actually coming back towards you in this shot, I'm gonna use the point of interest intelligent mode, also known as an orbit, to get a shot around the entire temple sites as well as the Buddha. By flying up pretty high and then setting it up in F mood and then doing point of interest , you're gonna want to be pretty up high. You can see that I'm about 75 meters high and then start off with a small circle, wants to get a feel for flight path. Then you can increase the radius when you're actually flying in point of interest. Mood is gonna give you a guide so that you can easily see how do you increase the radius my regis here, I recalls fairly large. I don't recall the actual number, but was between in these 30 45 meters. Another thing to pay attention to is the speed. Usually I fly between two and 3.5 meters per second. When I'm doing point of interest on D. C. It's a pretty nice feed that's fast enough and not too fast. You may need to adjust your camera angle while you're actually doing the orbit. I use the bird's eye camera angle about 45 degrees facing down and then see on the map there that I've stopped circling around. But you can see my flight path. I got about 51% battery left. You can see I'm slowly descending. Now Look at the map there, That red triangle that turned around here. I'm flying towards the stadium. In course lock moved. I'm flying about for three meters per second towards the stadium at a slight burns. I angle on the camera and the reason why I wanted to include this flight in my commentaries because the I was really pressing amount of distance and height that the drone could do, at least for my comfort levels. I just thought this was a nice open area, and if anything went wrong, would be easy to recover the aircraft. So here I'm the four over 400 meters away at about 98 99 meters high, and you're gonna see in a moment here that I'm going higher up and I'm gonna hit the 120 meter limits set set up on my app. And you can actually change this. I didn't want to change this. Well, the aircraft was in mid flight, but something for you to know is that there is a limit. It's good to have a limit on. I don't necessarily think you need to fly that much higher than 120 meters. I did actually lose my remote control. Uh, link the H D link to the camera. A couple of times I started to panic because I couldn't really tell which direction the air crop is facing. So what I did after a while is that I actually used the intelligible called home walk home lock will bring the aircraft back to the home points, and you can see where that green H is on the map. That's the whole point so that no matter where the aircraft waas, all I would need to do is press down on the right stick to bring the aircraft home. 5. How to monetize your 4k aerial footage: Hey, guys, this is Greg Hung from Sheik triage productions dot com. Today I want to talk about why you should consider doing four K aerials for stock footage. One of the trends that um is emerging in this stock footage market is that aerials have been popular. And I got this information by talking directly to stock footage, agency stuff as well as trends from sites, leg shutter stock. So the trends are leaning towards aerial and four K and ah, this drone here by D. G. I is a Phantom three professional. It was released in mid 2015 and you can see here that it has a camera. And, ah, there have been a lot of improvements in the third generations off these drones, so these drones can get four K and aerials, and the footage that they can produce is just amazing. And, um, I've started putting up my collection. I've got about 250 clips, and I made about 450 us to date. And so that's riel world validation that it's actually, um, there's actually the man for four K aerials. Also, some other reasons to do four k aerial or that you can. Ah, you can use them for HD clips. And because you have that high resolution, you've got extra real estate where you can. You can ah zoom in and still have a sharp image. Other reasons are that they're high barriers to entry. There is a cost for these drones with one I have goes for about 12 50 us, so there's a cost there. But there's also some technical knowledge that you need to learn how to fly the aircraft, as well as to control the camera. Four K Work flows require larger memory cards faster up low Internet speeds, so there are higher various entry. But you do get rewarded because you can price those four K air eclipse higher than you can in HD clip, for example. Ah, the current rate for four K Ariel is 1 99 us and an HD clip will go for about 60 us. Uh, and it's a lot of fun. There are a lot of creative shots than you can get with the drones. You can get the footage a lot faster because you're not restricted by tripod or being being on the ground. Ah, so it's good to start to consider doing four K footage, but four K aerial footage will definitely give you less competition and possibly higher rewards. 6. Litchi App 3rd party automated flight testing: whether it's Greg Hung. Welcome to the online video production academy. In today's lesson, I'm gonna be talking about 1/3 party app for your DJ. I found some three called beachy I t c h. I kind of like the sounds like the fruit Maliki. Anyhow, this app was released late in 2015 1 of my former students went ahead and started a endemic course called Fats in Film School. Definitely check it out if you want a deep dive in the UCI. I've just started using leaching myself, and I think it could be potentially a game changer and what it does, it allows you to do things like pre plan your flights from an APP with a map, and you can actually set off the flight path. Control the height, the speeds, the actual camera angle that you want the camera to be facing so you can plan all that out before you actually head out on. Uh, it's a lot Mawr Interactive, its cloud based meaning that there's a website you can share the missions that you've created. That's what they call them when you create a flight plan and you can also look at other people's missions, and I just think it's super awesome. You can, uh, take all that, you know, like planning and actual piloting the aircraft. Offload that onto the computer so you can just relax on focus on executing. So it's still early days. But look out for more videos where I'm gonna test this to see, actually, how useful it actually is and give you my opinions and tips on the leaky up. I'm actually just about to head out. I've just got my nd filters and of God's a flight plan for Vancouver. So I'm gonna go ahead out and let's see how that goes. So if you interested, keep falling me. Check out the course and you'll learn and have some fun as we go. Screen recording started. This is my second flight using the HCI. I'm just gonna do a basic flight over, uh, park. I know very well in Vancouver. George Weinberg Park. So already, Um, just tested the altitude. We're seeing flying safely, so I'm just gonna be in my mission here, so we're just gonna fly 25 meters in a triangle, so I'm gonna get it up in the air, and then I'm gonna load the mission. Here we go. Recording started. I was gonna just the speed, so it's gonna go slow, Let's say four kilometers just to play it safe. Okay, Now I'm gonna play the mission. Like Bill safe is juice, which Teoh p mode. So I believe I need to be an f mode to play this. Yep. So I got a switched mode. Now I'm gonna play. Here we go. Okay. So it's going to 0.1. That's going very slow. That's gonna occur. I don't seem to have the ability. You can control the camera. Well, it's doing this now . It's going back to 0.1. Okay. Knots awaiting orders. 7. Testing the tracking feature with Phantom 3 and litchi: Hi, this is Greg Hung. I'm a Canadian Errol, videographer. In this video, I'm gonna be testing the tracking feature with my Phantom three pro drone. And you may be wondering how may able to do this with Phantom Three, because tracking was a feature advertised only for the phantom floor. Well, leeches, 1/3 party app and just a couple of days ago, April 26 I believe they release this feature for Lee Chee on the android platform. So I had to go out there, give this a try. I went up for a couple tests using a Seuss zan phone to with data and, uh, some tests and I'm gonna share what my thoughts are. So the reason why you would want to use tracking the major reason is for the drone and the camera to be able to follow you or a subject without holding that bulky remote control. The follow me mood was available, but you would have toe hold a remote control. But now you can draw frame around the subject, uh, in your app and the cameras smart enough to recognize that subject. So here you're going to see a couple tests with my friend Thomas riding a bike. And this is just the basic tracking feature that works out pretty well. And here the drone and the camera are gonna try to follow his movements. You can also add a variation on this where you cannot tracking with follow tracking with follow, you need to be at least seven meters above the ground. You need to have a clear field. You're going to see this test right now with me riding the bike. I got the remote control now, but I'm gonna put it down after I get to the middle of the field and then you're going to see that the drone and the cameras still tracking. I did find that while this works pretty effective that after a while the drone will get lost and it won't be ableto track you. But the tests allowed me to get some pretty good footage. I found the performance is better if you turn off screen recording. And, um, that's actually something that beachy recommends. You can also do a variation on tracking called the orbit, where it'll circle round subject that you're tracking so you can actually do a walk. It's not super smooth, but it does work. So the test have worked out pretty well. Concede in another video. Why? I think the Phantom three is a pretty good choice right now over the Phantom Four on this feature is just one of the reasons why. 8. Course Summary and next steps: Congratulations on finishing the mini aerial photography course. I hope you got a lot out of it on helps you bring your photography and videography to the next level. The next step. If you want to learn a lot more and get a little bit deeper, get more details is to head over the past $3. Teach Boldak talk. That's my online video academy, where I have a full area talking course based on the facts. And three, it's gonna go a lot deeper. Cover things like how to edit videos in Balcombe Pro X I'm movie gonna cover automated flights. I'm gonna cover flight commentary on absolute flights and flight records. I can actually learn how high. How far? What time? What this is. I blew. It was a really useful Teoh. Learn from shots I did and go behind the scenes about house actually made. If you want to learn more about the business and lifestyle videographer or how you would get into paid aerial photography, head over the sheep. We are productions all column about a lot of free content over there for you to look at. So thanks again for taking the course on will be a lot of it, pleased you enjoyed it or these comments if you have any questions about the course.