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DJI Drones: How To Become The Ultimate Pilot

Alex Shoolman, Teacher to thousands in 175 countries!

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51 Lessons (8h 22m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. Section 1 - Welcome

    • 3. Section 1 - Special Note For Mavic Air Owners

    • 4. Section 2 - 1 - The Differences Between Drones

    • 5. Section 2 - 2 - Setting Up Your Drone

    • 6. Section 2 - 3 - The Fly More Combo Packages

    • 7. Section 3 - 1 - Spatial Awareness

    • 8. Section 3 - 2 - The Most Common Ways People Crash

    • 9. Section 3 - 3 - Flying Inside

    • 10. Section 3 - 4 - The Gimbal

    • 11. Section 4 - 1 - The Mavic Pro Controller

    • 12. Section 4 - 2 - The Spark Controller

    • 13. Section 4 - 3 - The Phantom Controller

    • 14. Section 5 - 1 - Setting Up The DJI App

    • 15. Section 5 - 2 - DJI App Overview

    • 16. Section 5 - 3 - Firmware Updates

    • 17. Section 6 - 1 - Personal Safety

    • 18. Section 6 - 2 - More Serious Safety Concerns

    • 19. Section 6 - 3 - How To Find Your Country's Laws

    • 20. Section 6 - 4 - Some Common Law Examples

    • 21. Section 6 - 5 - No Fly Zone's

    • 22. Section 7 - 1 - Flying Preparation

    • 23. Section 7 - 2 - Taking Off And Landing

    • 24. Section 7 - 3 - Basic Flying Maneuvers

    • 25. Section 7 - 4 - Intermediate Flying Maneuvers

    • 26. Section 8 - 1 - Intelligent Flight Modes

    • 27. Section 8 - 2 - 1 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - QuickShot Mode

    • 28. Section 8 - 2 - 2 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - ActiveTrack Mode

    • 29. Section 8 - 2 - 3 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - Waypoints Mode

    • 30. Section 8 - 2 - 4 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - Point Of Interest Mode

    • 31. Section 8 - 2 - 5 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - Gesture Mode

    • 32. Section 8 - 3 - 1 - Flight Modes That Are Pretty Good - Tripod Mode

    • 33. Section 8 - 3 - 2 - Flight Modes That Are Pretty Good - Terrain Follow Mode

    • 34. Section 8 - 3 - 3 - Flight Modes That Are Pretty Good - TapFly Mode

    • 35. Section 8 - 3 - 4 - Flight Modes That Are Pretty Good - Draw Mode

    • 36. Section 8 - 4 - 1 - Flight Modes That Are Old Or Not Very Useful - Home Lock Mode

    • 37. Section 8 - 4 - 2 - Flight Modes That Are Old Or Not Very Useful - Course Lock Mode

    • 38. Section 8 - 4 - 3 - Flight Modes That Are Old Or Not Very Useful - Follow Me Mode

    • 39. Section 8 - 4 - 4 - Flight Modes That Are Old Or Not Very Useful - Cinematic Mode

    • 40. Section 8 - 5 - 1 - Other Flight Modes - Sports Mode

    • 41. Section 8 - 5 - 2 - Other Flight Modes - Winged Mode

    • 42. Section 9 - 1 - Basic Photo Composition

    • 43. Section 9 - 2 - Lighting And Direction

    • 44. Section 9 - 3 - Advanced Aerial Shots

    • 45. Section 9 - 4 - Panoramas, Photo Spheres And Advanced Photo Settings

    • 46. Section 10 - 1 - 3rd Party Software

    • 47. Section 10 - 2 - Accessories

    • 48. Section 10 - 3 - Communities And Websites

    • 49. Section 11 - 1 - Battery Overview And Care

    • 50. Section 11 - 2 - Making Sure Your Batteries Last

    • 51. Section 11 - 3 - Long Term Storage Of Batteries

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About This Class

Get your drone up and flying within hours, capture those silky smooth, aerial cinematic videos you've all seen and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes pilots make.

This comprehensive course covers everything a beginner needs to know about their drone as well as heaps of detailed information for seasoned pilots too. It's the perfect way to get started quickly and know how to fly safely so you can use aerial footage in all your creative projects.

Compatible With

  • DJI Spark
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom
  • DJI Phantom 4 Drones
  • Also great for the DJI Mavic Air or Phantom 3 series drones!

What Students Are Saying

"Excellent explanations! I’m very excited with this course. I’ve learned new things and it's very useful. Thank you very much for such a great job." - Aurelian

"The instructor puts everything very simply, following a logical order which is very applicable in practice. The explanations are for those who have never flown a drone before or for those who are attempting their first flight and are a bit scared (my case!). Highly recommended. The instructor speaks English very clearly, without the use of slang or mannerisms, which makes everything very clear for those who only have a medium understanding of the language. (Translated from Portuguese)" - Carlos


Course Description

  • Fly with confidence
  • Fly safely and within your laws
  • Fly without crashing or damaging your new drone
  • Get silky smooth, cinematic videos, even if you're a beginner!
  • Get a great value course with heaps of base and advanced content

DJI Drones: How To Become The Ultimate Pilot is brought to you by Alex, an Australian finance and technology writer that has been helping people crush their mortgages as well learn and get the best out of technology for over 5 years.

This material is covered with simple steps and clear demonstrations of how to fly. With hours and hours of one on one videos comprised of 50 sections you'll learn exactly what buttons to press and the best way to use your drone.

This course could very easily save you THOUSANDS of dollars by preventing you from crashing your drone or damaging it long term by doing the wrong thing. Best of all, this course will be with you right from the basics, all the way up to advanced flying modes and tips on how to perform cinematic video recording, panoramas and more.

What You Will Get

  • 8.5+ Hours of Practical And Flying Videos
  • Confidence that you know how to fly within the law
  • A dedicated section on how to avoid crashing or damaging your drone
  • A huge advantage over everyone else that will get you flying your drone fast
  • The new ability to produce gorgeous, professional grade videos and photos
  • Not just vague descriptions but specific, step-by-step instructions that cover everything

What You Will Learn

  • Why flying indoors often results in new pilots crashing their drone
  • How to get those silky smooth videos that everyone loves to watch, even if you're new
  • Special points that are unique to your drone on how to avoid long term damage
  • The specifications of your drone and how complex they really are
  • The reason there are so many restrictions on drones and where you can fly them
  • A huge mistake many pilots make when storing their drone in the car and how to avoid it
  • How to fly your drone to get the best videos and why most people fail
  • What other great 3rd party apps are out there to get the most out of your drone


1. Promo Video: I'm Alex from alec schulman dot com and welcome to this fantastic course on D. J. I'm a finance and technology writer and teacher who's been doing this for over five years. I've taught students from 170 countries and had thousands of people raid more material to better their lives in many different in this course off teaching about many different things, along with safety hatching, get up and flying super quickly. How to get photos. Videos for your drive haven't actually crush. You'll be out to get those silky, smooth cinematic videos that ever lost. Watch withdraw whilst at the same time making sure you, David, for my own sake, you other people as a quick over here. This course contains general information about the drone of technology inside a comprehensive review about control. The application burns itself drug laws as well. Safety mentioned. Those contains a dedicated section to make sure that you know all the information that how to avoid damaging our It also goes toe basic as well as advanced flying maneuvers with actual how to step by step for years, showing you allow the control moves and everything like that, and finally that doesn't miss the photography and video section to make sure that you get gorgeous. His course was designed around the three main D. J R drugs, which is the spark magic full part If you have another drink from Day J, or even a different during manufacturer, this course will be very, very helpful for still, but it is designed mainly for those three. You can not only get up in the within hours by taking this course. We also learned about key features that will help you really get the most out of your door . So in Rome, there and become an ultimate you. 2. Section 1 - Welcome: Hey, go. I'm Alex from alec shulman dot com. And welcome to this fantastic course all about D. J R drones. No, when talking to most people that don't own a drawing to have a lot of questions about that fast all day, how long did they last in the do they take? Photos have powerful was the camera you know, expensive, But there's lots of questions, but two people that actually only drive one of the main points that by encounter, especially with people who just bought them, is they have quite a bit of fear off flying them for the first time. Now D. J. Germans in particular, can be quite expensive, this one with the final combo other than Australia. So it cost me upwards off $2000. A lot of money. That's understandable that if you have a float adjourned before, it could be quite daunting. You know, you might fly into a trade. You mind do something wrong that you know where often could fall out of the sky. There could be no fault of your own. Lady Bird just slides into it, proof that goes all your thousands of dollars crashing down around you. So it's very understandable that people are nervous about flying their drones for the first time. That's actually one of the main goals off. This course is actually to make you aware of all the things that you need to know to be confident. Flyer. So that used to go out there for the very first time I know in the back of the head that okay with this, I know all. I need to know exactly what I need to do, what I shouldn't do to make sure that by safe and that I don't go waste thousands of dollars there. That's one of the girls. There are five total goals to this course. The other main goals are 2nd 1 which is to make sure that you are fully aware of all the details. So to make sure that you know how powerful memories, how fast the during country go all the different features and specifications and just generally answering all those questions that new people that may or may not have a job to have about their drug or other drones. The third golf course is to make sure that you're a safe and legal pilot So this is a couple of things. It is making sure that you know where the laws are for your country and had a abide by what they are, but also making sure that you know you don't get hit by these propellers like actually a bit of damage. Pick it up improperly, especially while it's on. And also it's a few other people as well. If your drone falls out of the sky very seriously injured people, even worse it over cars, buildings. So that's going on three. The fourth goal is to make sure that you're using it to force potential. A lot of people, especially these days with technology they buy it. They have a fancy toy and really have no idea how to use it. They might use it to fly up and down, back and forth. You know that's about it. Although buy an expensive iPhone, just use it estimates or something like that. It's not really using it to its forced potential, especially with something like a drone, which could be multiple thousands of dollars on a Make sure that you're using your drone to its force potential on getting your money's worth out of it. And the final goal off the course is to make sure that you understand how to take proper photos and videos with your drawing. A lot of people were the main reasons they buy drones is to take very nice videos, holiday shots, all that sort of things. So I'll be covering how toe take good photos, videos and the differences between when taking a video or a photo when the camera versus doing with George, there are considerable differences and also things you can control time control with various different things and how to get around them. So they're the five main goals of the course, and to do that will be going through a number of different sections off course. So just to give you a brief outline off the sections that will be to come. The very 1st 1 is just giving general specs and herbal information about the drones or control is the differences between getting you up to speed with all the lingo? Three letter acronyms pull that sort of stuff. The section after that will be a special, dedicated section, making sure that you're really confident for doing that first flight a little sort of tips and tricks. They have a lot of things in the manual, but is also a lot of other things that they don't tell you that that actually quite important. One of them is, for instance, flying inside. It's actually quite a dangerous thing to do, especially if you've never flown your drawing before. Many people think that it's safer. Option inside is safe from the outside, but it's actually the opposite. So avoid that from Mary Began and that sexual make sure that you're confident when you go out there for the first time in your knowing what you should. What should you do when you saw your turn? The third section will cover the controllers. So both the Spark and Medic controls, as well as the Phantom Serious controls, will also cover the deejay I at, which is actually quite complicated when you really dig into its simple to use but has a lot of settings and things that are good to know about the future, so we'll cover them. Animal also cover. As I said, safety laws had more time herself will find your laws and go over a few examples of the more popular countries like a Meritor. And what if your during pilot there, you need to do it after that, once we got you up to speed with the drone is what controller is what the app is. All the information surrounding it will be going through actual flying drones. So simple things from taking off all the way right up to using the advanced intelligent birds to do or let it fly. And even how to use multiple, you know, joystick Kember combinations to get best results. So once have gone through that section the final sections generally, about, as I said, taking photos and videos from making a difference. Also, accessories that deejay have that party accessories party software options that you can use but to control the drone and also a good extract applications to have on top of the deejay go up and also communities forms where to get more information. You store more part of other bits and pieces, so that's a brief overview of what the course will entail. And before we go any further, I just want to make a note that because there are so many drones that deejay produce, it would be extremely talk consuming for me toe go through all this information with each and every single drug would just take me for ever know that bore you to tears. So for the owners of the deejay sparked and magic Per, please pay attention to when I do demonstrations with Maverick The control is a very similar on any differences between sparking a medical point out, make sure you're aware off and also beginning proof demonstrations with teachers, the flying off demonstrations flying up and down All those sorts of things would be done primarily with the medic and for people that have phantom Germans pay attention. When I obviously do demonstrations with phantom again over through the controllers and all the bits and pieces of fainting that but I'm gonna be focusing mainly on those three spark the medic per faint and four per Siri's. Those are the main three facing consumer drones. Deejay, seldom most popular, usually the maverick. From what I can tell us the most populous, I'll be focusing mostly on that And just to let you know that you know, like my cargo three single combinations, I apologize in advance If you have, you really want to see it sparked controller on. I don't go through that. That's fine, I will tell you the difference between demonstrators, marches, cans and one more point as well is that if you just got your drawing of you just had delivered or impact already todo race out there and start flying, I would say Please don't know yet. Please watch up until the safety videos at the bare minimum. As I said, there's a lot of little got choose. I mean, they are very easy to fly. They will literally take off and fly themselves. Four year old can do it, but you must have a lot of information in the background and understand what it's doing. Otherwise, you have very serious unintended consequences. Where will fly off its seemingly on its own and unbeknownst to you, and perhaps crash into a tree. There goes our money or worsen crashing to a car ability. A person. There's a lot of bad things that could go wrong. Please watch up to the safety videos of absolute minimum before you run out there, go stop flowing, and that will ensure that your legal and safe for yourself in every else as possible. So I think that covers just about everything. Let's actually stop getting into the course material and once again, welcome and thank you for taking the schools. 3. Section 1 - Special Note For Mavic Air Owners: Hey going And I know you're wanting to get into this course, but I just want to make a quick note for those that have the DJ I Maverick Air. Now, I don't explicitly covered that drone in this course, but I do want to make sure that you know that the bulk of this course still applies to the Medicare. Now, I don't cover the drone itself, but things like the remote controller identical to the deejay icebox. I will still essentially be covering that things like safety for yourself and people around you. And you're flying drones Still very applicable things like laws in your country and what you have to do to perhaps register your drone or still apply. And, you know, even things like the deejay go for app. The intelligent flight modes These are things that a universal across D. J I products. So it all still applies to the maverick here. So I would very much encourage still watching this course and still doing this course because I think you will learn a lot of information. So I just wanted to make that quick note for those of you who have come on board with the new Medicare. This this course is still for you, sir. Hardly. You really enjoy. And that's also thanks very much. 4. Section 2 - 1 - The Differences Between Drones: how are you going? And welcome to the first section off this course. So you're right into it and start going through all the basics for drones and all the terminology that your beef with sir. So to begin with, I just wanted toe make the point that these burns very easy to fly. You can take off with the push of a button you could land with the push of a button. A four year old can literally fly these things that cover in place, and you don't even have to do anything. You can go and have lunch, but they are incredibly, incredibly complicated. So just to give you a bit of an idea just how complicated they are, notice that I'd quickly go through a case scenario. So I imagine that this Magic Pro is doing active track, and it's tracking me as I'm wondering around recording video, a very standard use case. That's something that you'll probably do a number of times with your George explain what active track is, But essentially, it's tracking an object and keeping them focus off video. So to go through what this thing's actually doing to begin with, it's flying So in the early days, off drones, when D. J. Was a company drones the bills. They didn't have these fancy controllers and everything in them. You physically have toe fly them and make sure they didn't do this or vowed or just full out of the sky or something. They didn't just hover in place like these things do now. That takes a huge amount of computational power inside to do that, a large amount of raised from GPS to order songs on the bottom to many, many things there independently controlling all four motors to make sure that it stays stable and gives you a good camera view and shaky and makes you motion sickness. But most of all, it's just trying to keep itself in the air. Adore the safety around that making sure doesn't fly into no fly zones, keeping track of where it is, where it's going, where being from. On top of this, it's recording in four K for the medic and will be recording four K. That's a huge amount of pixels. Phones have only recently just being able to start recording Forte. It's very demanding thing, and not only that, but it's taken that recorded footage that it's recording onto the SD card entitlement and sending a 10 80 p version of that back to your remote control and your foreign so you can actually see what it sees. So it's doing all that as well that on top of that, it's doing its object recognition and trucking. As I said, this is active track. So it needs to type the import footage that it's saying, recognize that I'm a person from the background and that he needs to track me as I move around. So that in itself is a huge Pasqua's well. It takes a large amount of computational power recently really being really a robust thing to do with the introduction of machine learning and your net. That's a very advanced feature that's also doing this is all at the same time. Along with that, it's monitoring the health of well, being off the drone is what was the actual factory itself. It's making sure, as I said, there's a flying into the airport zone, something like that. It's also doing its object avoidance. So with this, you've got the front seat facing centers on the bottom, facing census has made sure doesn't flying toe wool or tree as it tracks May as the object going red. And finally, it's probably doing even more stuff than what I'm talking about here. A lot of lies about things. They tell. Why now. They are not done toys. They are seriously highly complicated pieces of equipment. Then I'm quite frankly stunned just how amazing and simple they work, considering the level of complex technology that's inside. So they're not done. Toys. Please don't think of them as just another remote control helicopter that quadcopter instead of helicopter a person, the owned RC helicopter. It took weeks of practicing and flying. Just to make sure that I didn't do this just crashed. You needed quite a lot of skill to actually do that, because I didn't have all this senses and technology inside that helped it to actually stabilize itself. And from there it's just gone even more bizarre, tracking object recognition for that sort of stuff. So that's the first thing everyone decided. Please, when considering is just sort of slightly better. Remote control helicopters are a whole different ball, and from here I just want to go into the specifications As I said, this is drawing basics. So I'm gonna bring up a chart. Now that compares the three major drone. So this is the charge that you can say in front of you. There are the three main drones which are the spark dramatic Per and the Phantom four. So as you can see those price points or in U. S. Dollars and I'm pretty sure they not a mistake, that they going for $500 up to $1000 then up to $1500. So the spark is generally speaking meant for newer pilot. It's meant for people who really want ultra mobility. They want, you know, the cheapest cost coming into that $5 mark. And that's just great for General, you know, taking photos, holiday in a casual, droning type of stuff. So as you can see from the list there, you've got a 16 minute flight time. You've only got two acsi off stabilization with the gimbal. You've got a fairly decent 12 megapixel camera, however, are in the shoots 10 80 p video, not four k. So that is a definite sort of downside to the spark. However, It is incredibly small and fits in the palm of your hands, and we'll talk about things later. Like Palm watching Tom Land. But it's considerably smaller. Then something got the magic purse. So have a look here. This is the size of the magic prod. The deejay spark fits in the palm of your hand. It's even smaller than the actual Magic Perso. It's considerably more portable than much better out to take a round of use. Chuck it in your backpack or something. Got this. However, I will say the magic per folds up the spark. The blades do fold up the legs don't go anywhere is the Medic Pro has the ability to fully fold up. What, this and once it is all folded, it's actually quite comparable in size to the spot. I mean, obviously it's not as small as the spark, but it still fits quite comfortably in the palm of your hand. And if you take that a little bit further and actually look at the bags, that they containing the Magic Pro bag is very, very small but actually smaller than our digital SLR camera bag and this bag, No, and I said the actual term itself, but also fit the remote controller and another two batteries on top of it. So this is really all you need to carry around with the other part. And considering how much longer flawed time have better video and how much better you can get out of a magic perk, I generally consider it to be the better drawing in the spark. However, I do understand it. $1000 is a bit budget, so going back to the diagram will move on to the maverick per. And as you can see, the flight time is one of the biggest features in that it has essentially doubled up from 60 minutes to 27. So this is one of the key things that you can obviously fly for twice as long. You also fly off a bit faster at the 65 kilometer an hour mark. You also get that really quite critical upgrade to four K. When recording video, you also get three axes off stabilization with the gimbal and also quite importantly, the range off the remote control. So these things, the deejay spot does come with its burn control it if you touch is to fly more convert for this park. How about the spark or my control, where they got two kilometers, whereas the Matic per one with our boy up to seven kilometers, which is called a considerable late river. So it's thematic per and for May. As I said, I do think it is the better drawing out of or three of them that combines not just the four K videos recording but also the ability to still be very, very portable, almost as portable as the spark itself. Living on to the Phantom for poor. This is pretty much, you know, the top of the range unless you start down into the Inspire. Which many, many thousands of dollars. These are more for your film enthusiasts, people that just refuse to take any hit on video equality. They will be pulling in four K at 60 frames per second, as opposed to the maverick, which is only 30 frames per second. It's also for those who want to fly in a bit more sort of harsh weather. I mean, you're still not going to be flying these in torrential rain or anything blocked after being a bigot droned, you know the did Joss Phantom. Siri's have always been a bigger drone, especially comparing it to the Mavericks that that recently and as such dead big after have bigger murders that could fly faster, they could fly in mawr, high winds and all that. Along with that, you get a slightly slide increase in flight time up to 30 minutes, which isn't too bad either, but the same range for the control. One other good thing about The Phantom Siri's is that it actually has five directions off objects avoidance. Now this one is the Phantom three. Siri's you tell with gold of the top of the Phantom four. Pro looks very similar by the top of it is very shiny as well, and on the sides off the scent of four per they have the object avoidance that's all good for all sides, whereas the Medic Pro only has them off the top for the front and down the bottom CR for the ultra Sonics on camera. So that's something to consider as well, so defending for per, although it is a lot more Bolkiah and that you will probably need a a reasonable size backpack to actually transported as opposed to this Virgin US small case. It does have its place. It's the people who want to take uncompromised video uncompromised photos. It also has a different control to this which can allow for tablets to be put in it. You actually see it bigger view of what you're saying. Put hoods around it to make sure that it is protected from sunlight. It's basically giving you a lot more control and all those sorts of things, different options for a bigger drone. But it does have that downside that it is not nearly as mobile. For us personally, that was a pretty critical factor. We wanted something small. This is just throw into your onboard luggage, goes riding next to say the last part for yourself. Camera next to it and off. You guys have got both camera and drawing, which is what we did in Iceland. Tripping Last line is incredibly windy, and the Mavericks still did fantastically over there and show a bit of footage now. So this is footage off dramatic proof line in Iceland. When we were over there, we hired a car. Onda lady actually told us that we have to be very careful because box plans very windy. And if the wind caught the door on our car, it may actually rip the car door. Often up wouldn't be covered without warranties, so she don't She needed to send it. Let us know about that. Bit of a fact that so that should give you an idea of just how windy Bistline Waas. And it was very, very windy. There were times when we couldn't fly drawing because it was pouring rain and otherwise. But as you can say from this footage, it's quite smooth. And, you know, I was just amazed. It did complain a little saying High wind fly with caution. But I was still able to fly it, still able to get fantastic footage, and I was just around very impressed with it. So as in see, no doubt, the Maverick Pro is my favorite. It's that best combination of portability and high quality video. But both the Spark and the Phantom Four per have the Spartans have their use cases where it's your professional filmmaker and you care about crammed into a tiny little bag you're taking huge in its film equipment than the Phantom. Siri's is definitely if you possibly inspire Siri's. But I don't have the place. No. All the specs of all these three drones do add up to, Basically doesn't matter which one you bought. Your going to get an incredibly capable drone that has fantastic on board stabilization that has really great camera optics, takes him a lot of light, gets effect. Tested photos, has great range and certainly better than a lot of the other rubbish $100 drones or something came out for. Yet They're usually then they have maybe 5678 minutes flight time. Or you can control them up 200 meters away or something like that. Even the spark been is to appointments with control off and, as I said, tentative peace with the video recording. So those are the main specs for the main three drones. It will recover, and next I want to get into actually setting up your during from when you receive Talk to you 5. Section 2 - 2 - Setting Up Your Drone: Welcome to this next section, which is on sitting up your word. Sorry, this process will be slightly different for the different drones. Obviously, if you have purchased a spark, a spark case with spark inside purchased thank him for prayer, you'll have a Phantom four per case with painful pro inside. I mean, going to be going to a lot of detail with the magic probe it to be aware that a lot of what I say is very common toe a lot of the other drones. I mean, the spark has propellers, the spark has a gimbal on. The Phantom four has broad powers and Gimbels, and I'll be sure to point out any differences and demonstrate anything that's different between them. But just because it's one of the most popular ones, I will be demonstrating mainly with the maverick, sir, When you open it up, you should say you're drawing. You're control law bits and pieces on to begin with. Just remember, toe look in a little bits and place placements. I mean to start with, take the controller out, waiting to be covering a lot of this later, under the control off section solves. Put this to the side now in that sectional cover or sticks the buttons, all that sort of stuff. So don't worry. I will get to that. But for now, putting it to the side. Inside, you've got more little phone things. You've got your manuals. You've got your power, brick, all these sorts of things we'll go through, the more to start with, though, we'll take out the actual drawing. So you want to make sure you grab it from a sword section unit and then pull it out gently . So put this to the side. Just time they so we can focus on the drone itself. So this is the unit, I must say, When I first got mine, it was absolutely shocking to me just how small it was considered. See, it's not quite a small is the spark about It's definitely extremely small words, you know, getting quite close to the size of maybe a mobile phone, which would be about this big. And while you're investigating everything off the martyrs, drawing itself in all the little bits and pieces, one quick thing that you might want to do is to take the battery. Adam put it on charge so that you can go through, look at all the sections in detail and watch this video go through it all while your batteries on charge. So this is the battery here because press wants to see what the charges up. This is it about 20%. It's quite large to get it out. Hold on the bottom arms on either side and just simply fold the legs about like so once you don't not, you'll expose the to points on the battery that you need to push together. So you're pinching them together like this. Can you pulling proper side pinched together and re go up? There's your battery. You can put that on charge and come back to it later on. It's all fully charged and you've looked at all this other stuff. So you want to do that. Now just pause the video and chuck it on. Charge that a while to get a bit of a jump start. Next step is you want to take off all the plastics that you can't really say the moment because I've been flying it for a while, But you always will have warning stickers. It'll have, you know pieces of plastic over the cameras here. Cameras down there for the Phantom four Pro. You might have ones on your actual propeller blades as well. So take although those off. Generally speaking, you can throw them out. One thing you should not throw out. One thing that is very serious that you shouldn't throw out is the actual gimble itself. So that's this part here. So when you do remove it no show you how to do that in a second dart to throw it out. Keep so you've already half. Why unfolded it? We may as well fully unfolded. These arms are generally the easiest part of the forging process. Next one, put your hand on the top of the during and just flip it over so that you've got a good solid holding onto the drawing there. Make sure these propose they tend Teoh clip on the actual figure, and he instead of fold them over. A bit of you want that? Byways does make sure they're well clear of any obstacles. Before you start doing the second start sticking part off the folding. You want to hold on to the base of the drone and just simply fold again. There shouldn't be any resistance. I mean, it is a bit stiff toe. Undo it the first time, but it shouldn't be, you know, catching on anything. Give. It's really difficult toe unfold. You want to essentially stop. Make sure nothing's getting caught on anything or anything like that. So that's how you unfold your medic. And from here we have a look at the actual gimble itself, So the gimbal is made up of a few parts. The first part is this silicone silicon cover on the top of it that covers the actual gimble cover to remove the cover and the the silicon rap, I'd say Just keep the silicone on. It just adds a bit of extra bit of protection and this clip here, you want to push it forward and pull back. So just push forward on pull off like that. They're not quite done yet. You've got the gimbal silica in the cover, and this is like a locking mechanism piece of plastic for the game where you can see it that doesn't really move or anything locked up. That's because this is holding it in place, so you wanna pinch with your fingers together and pull up well, so pinch and pull up. So these two pieces here make sure you do not throw the man you want to keep these forever . They are fantastic for making sure that this very fragile four K center doesn't get damaged at all. So you can go fly or during around, then come back afterwards. Put this back in. Put that back on, and it's fantastic to travel with one thing to make sure I'll cover it a bit more detail in the next section. But this locking mechanism actually locks in the gimbal, and it's fantastic for travel, as I said, but never turn your drawing on with it. Start, turn, turn your journal on with it because when you're during turns on this gimbal look up, look down and just basically go through some self diagnostics type stuff, and it's locked in place with this. Then it can actually burn out the motor and damage of drones to make sure that to keep it and do you use it, but never turn your drawing upon with it. So I just put back in Well, can be a bit fiddly. At times you get used to it. No, this one. Well, and we'll flip it over to reveal the drawing, sir. From here, you'll notice that there are two propellers that are on to poet two propellers, sir. Well, put this to the side and hunting for our other propellers as amount of guest. Now, other propellers are going to be in this books That said you've got your manuals were warranty cards, your power block, which is all right. Good thing that you tend to plug in. You will also find another cable that will come with it inside he up, which you can plug in and charge your remote control. While this actually charges the battery off The Phantom of the Medic, I also find these other little cables in here, which I'll cover later. Therefore, connecting the remote control to your phone. But where propellant propellant blends a lot of people takes in a lot of figures out, but after color blades are actually hidden underneath this thing, he is. This is a nice squishy thing to make sure the drawing doesn't get damaged. Moved out of the way and you've got your propellers here, which will be going on to the drawing and you'll say, God, now that, too, just in case heaven forbid you crash and need some spares. So now that we've got those drawing back over here get to looking at the propellers now, that's pretty easy to spot when it's pointed out to you. But if it's not pointed out to you, it's very hard to see. And that is the silver ring with White Ring and the know what ring here and what that is. Four is to go with the what ring on the murder or the nurturing on the Norberto, so even the propellers will look very similar. They are actually different. There's the two white ones here in the two black ones here, and the reason is that one's bins clockwise the other ones beans, anti clockwise. And for the Phantom three, Siri's and previous to the mother per they used a screwing mechanism, which orbit shined on the Fed, and three later on for these spark for defending four. They all used the quick release so you can see these little jutting Apted's here. It's no screw. It's more of a kind of like a lot bulb. You're grab hold of the actual silver murder part. Put it on and you can push down and rotate. It's only a slight rotate, just a locking in place, and that's it. That's your propeller attached saying here. Grab the mood up, turn it around until you feel it going down in, and then a quick twist and that's locked into. Now we've got all four of their propellers locked in. Then you notice that they fold up forward house. Another quick tips. Some people, for some reason, I think that if you're flying the drone and take it and we put it on the ground of your about to go flying that you need to do a lot propellers before you fly. But some sect is that you don't you can actually start flowing like this, and as the propeller spins up, it will actually push the blades out on its own and start flying away, so there's no need to manually pull them out. Each and every time it's relevant makes sense a little bit quicker off. So, as I said, these are the same for the spark and faint four defended three will require screwing ones, which will show later on the spark comes with all four off them attached. This magic per only has two of them attached, and the Phantom four doesn't come with any of them attached to. You have to attach all four of them, so it's kind of, you know, a small, medium, large or attached, some attached, no attached. So either way, it's good to know how to attach them, even if you don't have to right a wife. So now that we've gone through the gimbal on the palace and everything, let's have a look at all the buttons. So we'll start out with the biggest button of all, which is the Taliban is actually part of the battery itself. And if you just press it once, you'll get the power status off the batteries. As I said, this is very low. Needs to be charged a bit to actually turn the drop on you, depress it and then press it again. And hopes are press and press and hold. You see the l A days locked up, and this twitching off the Braves is very normal. Look at the start up sound, then you see what the only days flashing is tries to connect. There's no remote controller connected to it'll on or anything like that. So we get this orange yellow flashing. What, to turn it off? Exactly the same thing. Reverse. So you press and press and hold and the l A days reverse Go back down and everything shuts off. That's a turn it on and off walking around the drone more. As I said, you've got these two cameras up here which are the forward facing object avoidance cameras . You've got the two cameras down here which are the bottom facing object avoidance cameras. And then you've got these two pieces here, which are to ultrasonic sensors which help thematic stabilized indoors, and they obviously produce ultrasonic sounds. So if you have a dog inside while you're drawing is using these, he may actually go but not seekers. He'll obviously be out of here. That ultrasonic Sam, you won't, but we'll probably be chasing your drawing anyway. Is that a flying draining tied his house. But just a word of caution. If you do have pits, they may get a bit knocke it. Those senses let Iran we have this little latch here which contains the micro SD card in the WiFi toe RC switch. So the micro SD card is where it stores or the four K footage or photos and lots of stuff. The WiFi and RC switch is to actually switch between the remote control, but reading and controlling it by the remote to controlling it via your phone so you can actually control the maverick similar to Hagen. Control the spark just with your phone using WiFi connection. You need to switch it into that WiFi moment to do that. Personally, I never use it. I always use the controller. It's going much stronger signal up to seven kilometers away and the spark. If you actually get the fly ball combo, you'll get the controller as well. And I recommend using that because it has up to two kilometers away. But you can switch between them if you so wish. If you don't have the control for some reason, moving on to the other side off the drone, we have another tiny little drawer, and in here we see the micro USB connector point. So for this you can plug a micro USB table in, and that will enable you to download the video and photos from the micro SD card. Just like you would, for instance, camera or maybe a phone or something like that. It'll just pop up as another storage device. Utah. Charge the jury by the things that I tried to charge after removed the battery and plug it into your charging block, which should before you can also use that port for firmware updates. You can also do the firmware updates using the controller and your phone, which is a way I usually do it. It gives you a little more feedback and just seems toe hitting toe work quite well. Other people swear by using the cable probably is a little bit quicker to do the dollar transfer, but they're two separate ways that you can do it. So that's pretty much the entire Matic from start to finish. One other thing is the L A days on the back here. We've also got L A days from front here as well. That's pretty much it. You've got all the buttons and senses and propellers and Gimbels not from top to tail. So the last thing is how to fold it back up against unfolded. You wanna put it away. Now start with put your finger up the top and grab the main body automatic. Flip it over and again. You want to make sure these propellers are well and truly clear of anything you want to grab by the motor apart, and then just a gently fold it back over. I usually like to switch hands just because it's easier. Same thing for back over keeping on those propellers. Once there's Joe folder, ever grab the main base of it, flip it over. Fold those like Sorry, there's your drone or folding up again so that that have gone through the magic from top to tail and all the boxers and all the little bits and pieces and all the stuff inside the other drawings Thes Spark and the Phantom. As I said, very similar that or tellers will have batteries. They'll have buttons, cameras and Gimbels and all that sort of stuff just to let you know the differences for the spark, the main things. That a difference between the spark and the magic per is that the propellers all come attached to these Two don't come attached with the magic, but all four of them will for the sparks. You don't have to worry about putting the moment with the spot. But it is still good to know how to operate these quick release propellers. The back of the spark above the battery on the button is where the actual marker USB card is. So on this barker And here you have a button that you press two para Donta Jackson button power for here. But the battery goes in this compartment here with sparkle. The U. S. Marker US Bay is very similar to this in that it doesn't charge the spark, but it will give you access to firmware updates as well as downloading the daughter off the micro USB todd. And in terms of the WiFi and the RC mode, while the Magic Pro has physical switch, forward spark is a little different. It actually uses the power button. So power button for the sparks on the back here. As I said, when you press and hold the power button for three seconds, it will set it to R C murder. So if you did by the fly more combo and you do have the control, you want to send it to that. Did you want to send it back to the WiFi murder? Need to reset the WiFi pressing called it for six seconds, and that will set the WiFi mind. So that's the main differences between the magic and the spark. So covered, thematic, pro and the spark Never want to get into the Phantom Siri's. Now, if you have the Phantom four per it looks slightly different. This you'll have a much more shining a white cover the top here. The bottom of it is a little different in terms of how the gimbal was mounted and senses around it. That's because this is a phantom three can see here. It's a phantom three professional Siri's until the gold marks over the topia. But I wanted to use this because it actually has the different types of propeller. So with the Phantom four, these propellers, they don't actually screw one like you can see here. The quick release liked the magic and the spark drone propellers, but I did want to demonstrate this just in case you do have three Siri's turning, watching this video so again you'll find all the celeb lives in the box when you open it up and again, just like the maverick ones. They have both silver and black version. So the reason for this is that basically one spins clockwise and the other one's been anti clockwise. If you had both off from spinning the same way like this, the drone would actually destroy around around in circles and, well, that wouldn't be right now. So what actually has to happen is that one has to spin one way and the other one spins the other way. And what that does is balancing sent to the Jordan and helping actually fly properly. So this is why it's a little bit more complicated. Having silver and black in the different right is that you have to put on the different things may seem like a pain, but there's a very good reason behind it. So these are a bit different to the quick release ones in that you have to actually screw the mom. But they're still very simple, so silver with silver black with blood to make it very easy. Silver is on, rather than pushing down and twisting with the quick release. What you want to do is actually screwed days on so it just takes a quick spin and I will get to moderately tight stage. Gonna hold the base again and just give it that extra bit of Titan to make sure that it's nice and secure. You do not want loose blades. You did not want them flying off mid flight and destroying your drone again. Spin and just talk a little bit. So as you notice it's the opposite direction. Damn Kia and again and the 4th 1 So it's pretty easy process, too. Do it. Unfortunately with The Phantom, you do have to take them off each time you put the drawing away and wanting to transport it . Then when you take it back out again, you've got to reattach them so you can potentially be doing this every time you fly. Which is one of the reasons why I kind of like the Maverick and also the spot, because you have to do that. They just fold up, out of the way. Pop it in your bag, you done. But the Phantom is for more serious film is it's got that better camera, that fast a spade and all that sort of stuff. So it's a different market because it's such a big A drone. They do have some sort of limitations and that you have to take off the propellers and put them on all the time. But as I said, it's a pretty easy process, as you just say So moving on to the gimbal part off the drone that's very similar to the magic in the gimbal, or that you can see it. Here, have one. There's a plastic lock that will actually lock onto the gimbal and clip onto these two parts here or showed a photo of it. So that's what it looks like. And you've got to make sure again, you want to keep this piece of equipment because if you're transporting this year on this gimbal little ing around and flapping everywhere, possibly getting damaged all the time, you want locked in place nice and tight, well protected. Keep those pieces of plastic with the Phantom Forest. Well, there'll be another gray colored gimbal lock piece of plastic as well. You might miss it if you know if you don't know it's there. Make sure you take that out again before you turn on the drawing, because it can burn out the motor trying to move when it's locked in place. So these air president, it's very similar to the maverick on what I showed you before, but just slightly different for the Phantom Siri's. So that's all the information about the actual gimble itself. And now let's have a look at the bottom. So again, we've got the micro, US based lot micro USB port for not for charging but for downloading daughter for upload firmware on the other side. We've got the micro USB card for story off the Fourcade footage. And for here, you've also got another meaning us being there port, just in case for the Phantom to turn it on Normal. Top it, actually. Here on the button. This is a little sticker property that off. This is the battery compartment for the Phantom. You again. Same maneuver press and press and hold and louder than the medic. And you should say the propellers do that little twitchy thing as well, whilst I say lots coming on very, very similar to the actual magic, but just slightly different because it's faint him in a different size drunk, so same process to turn it off just press once an impressive hold days go down, turns off might not have been out to see it, but the gimbal did move around when it was being turned on. If I had that gimbal lock in place, the dogs do a fair amount of damage, so just make sure that you don't have that in place when you turn it on. The Marcos Day cod that you get with the drawing is probably a 16 gig one in terms of speed the same time. Four will only do 10 a sorry four K at 30 frames per second. So you might not need super far something got the SanDisk Extreme micro SD card. Should be doing fun for the Phantom for Pro, which does four k at 60 frames per second. You want to get the saying this extreme pro because that can just take that slightly higher bit rate and you won't have your videos glitches halfway through because it can't write that data as quickly as the drawing is producing it. So just a little note on if you are gonna buy a new Marco s take on a bigger one, maybe like a 1 28 g. Quan, make sure that you get the fastest one possible, sir. Last thing is the actual Petrie itself way pushed down on here and also pushed down turned the country should come out. It is quite difficult to do. That's good, because you really do not want batteries. Foreign yet made flood. This is the Phantom Star battery. The Phantom Four batteries great inside like this, this is all to say, the faint in three. Siri's battery The Phantom for Pro Battery actually is a high capacity one, and that actually is demoted by a bit of white in these parts. Here, you can use the white high capacity Phantom for Pro Battery in the Phantom four itself and Boss Reversal. However you can't use obviously these ones in the magical spark. It would be nice if they were interchangeable if you're into multiple drawings, but I can't imagine how they would make them all work with the same battery, so I don't particularly blame deejay for that. So that's all the information about the actual Phantom and Spark and the Matic pro itself. I hope I've gone through every piece of detail on every spot on every German possible in the Ural fully up to speed. Regardless of what during you have, we can go through the rest of the pizzas. Well, obviously, with the Phantom, you'll have USB cable route tables. You'll have the actual controller. I'll get to that from the control of sections that worried that you'll have more details on accessories as well in another section later on. But generally speaking, it's mostly about the drone on the controller, which will cover later on. So in the next section will be looking at the fly more combo packages for all the different sets of Phantom maverick in this book, I talk to you then. 6. Section 2 - 3 - The Fly More Combo Packages: already. It's now time to talk about the fly more combo. So for the fi more combat, I'm gonna be talking about the maverick one and the deejay. I spark one on what the difference is there's no flying more. Combine for the Phantom Siri's disorders before magic spark burning. When you open it up, you say lots and lots and lots of little packages you got you better charging hab car charger, your extra propellers. You've got more flight back trees and, you know, thank adapters and all this sort of stuff. We're gonna boy you with actual physical unboxing off them. Because to be frank, I've already on books that have been fined with them for a while. So over here we have the extra batteries. Pretty standard stuff. You only get one battery with the D. J. Magic will be final combat. You get an additional two. So each one of these you get a good 25 minutes flight out off. So with three of them, that's quite a decent man flying when you've got mawr charges and sorry Mawr batteries. You kind of run into a bit of a problem with the original in that the charging cable will only charge one at a time, so it'll plug directly into here and charge it. What you want to do when you got three batteries is used the charging cup, rather than plugging it into their you plug it into here that sits very nicely, and you can just chuck your factories here, get three of your say and you can even buy another one. That's the battery charging hub and the other very, very nice additional extra that you get with the formal combo for the Maverick is this bank adapter. And it took me a while to figure out actually what this is for. You can see their connectors that match the batteries here, so it's obviously meant to do this, and they don't really describe it very well. You know what the fix up for sort of thing, but you actually see it essentially converts your magic battery into a charging accessory so you can grab your table more turn plug it in here and plug your phone into it. Sorry, you see here you just plug it in and it will start charging. It won't actually start charging from this point because the battery itself isn't on again . Took me a while to figure out how to deal with this. So you've got your battery and it's all plugged in, but it's not gonna stop charging to you. Actually turn it on. You gotta press and then press and hold. Once it does that, the battery is on and it will start to charge your phone. So that's just a bit of information for people that are trying to use and figure out what you know. This bank adapter is forced harvest off here and that will stop charging with flowing. Get that out of the wife. So you get the two batteries charging hard. Get thank adapter. You don't get this cable. That's mine. You also get this very nice. Very fantastic. All right. Do you think is actually the best part of one of the best parts off the Flamel, cumber and regiments? The best part is that everything fits in this bag so the actual drawing will fit in there. I'll show you in a second. The controller will fit in there and you can essentially fit up to four batteries in this. The only supply you with three obviously that you can fit four batteries into it. So give me two seconds saying we're gonna drink back. Let's see how to properly pack this back. So it does take a bit of north out to do it. You gotta be very careful. The main thing is the propellers. He also you want to make sure that they're all snug it in. It's not in worked up and the bigger area of the back push this side thing and as far as it goes on and I like to put it in this one, apparently and put in the otherwise well, like it this way can be a little fiddle. It's a very tight fit, mainly propellers. Make sure these don't flannel out when you're putting them in. You want to make sure that snugly guys in that and it should just slide in like that. You don't want to be forcing it in or anything. It does slide and properly. If you're forcing it in, you're doing it wrong. Next up, we have the controller again. Be careful of these things. They are quite resilient, but I want to make sure, you know, forcing it. Jamie it in otherwise they can break. So I have to do it on an angle. Sorry, these are protected and you just slide it in again. There. We left over. You already got one battery in there. Another victory can fit north. Leigh. They're just slides in. Lock up. When you get close this zip it up. That's your two batteries drawn on remote control for the third battery and potentially fourth battery. The owner on these parts, he up. Chuck them in there, slide it, mostly because it's a mish on extra handy piece. If you want to know how for your batteries on the side is going to steal around, pushed the button in the early days actually come through. So that's had properly pack your Matic pro shoulder bag that comes with the for more cumber . It's one of my favorite parts of it, because this is literally all you need. It's smaller than a DSLR bag. It can pretty much go anywhere. It's got three batteries, you know, that's almost an heir and 1/2 of flight time. You've got to control. You've got the actual drawing itself, and you can even show there somewhere, which is usually what I do put in here. You've still got more room for bits and pieces, maybe, or finding there may be cables like U S, B C or iPhone cables or whatever it might be. Maybe an extra iPhone back tree, but your thing. But it fits pretty much everything. It's quite fantastic. So let's say back the bag if you're wondering and get everything in that. So now we're having looked at the spot fly more cumber And what the differences are between the maverick fly, more combo sparkle. So with the spark, you get a controller but wouldn't look exactly like this. This is medic Control. Put a picture up with differences, but the main difference is that the LCD screen is not on the spot controller now. The other main difference is that this will do seven kilometers theme spark normal, and they do two kilometers. As I said before, when we're going over the specifications, but you do get the controller in the fly, more convert. On top of that, you also get the spark shoulder bag looks a little different to this manic per shoulder bag off this leads, you know, for the spark for the Mavericks looks a bit different. You also get extra batteries as well. You get propeller guards, you get charging hubs and a charger for the spark itself. As I said, there's no fly more combo for the Phantom four Siri's. I take it that this is just because it's a more professional drone, and they want to let people choose their own individual things as opposed to a big package . They do sell shoulder bags and extra batteries and different controllers. For the Phantom four Siri's. They just don't have a fly more combo. For now, even though there's the differences between the spark and magic, I really would recommend getting the Flamel combo for both of them, particularly the spark, because you get that controlling, you get that extra range, taking it from maybe 80 or 100 meters with WiFi, find all the way up to potentially two kilometers with their A murdered makes a huge difference, but also gives you extra control rather than controlling it. Just with your phone. You know you've got your hands on the screen controlling it with the on screen controls, your hands get in the way. You can't really see what you're filming with the controller. It's very, very sturdy. The sticks are excellent. You can put your phone in here, cover it all later in the control section, but it just gives you much more precise control over the actual drove itself. You can also do maneuvers where you're flying the drone with the sticks and also using the gimbal control section. Hell, you can do that with the app on the phone away. You have the phone, and you actually used the accelerometer off the phone to tilt the gimbal up and down while you're moving sticks on the screen. But it's just much easier during the control on top of that with the spark. It's also very important because you get those extra batteries now with the medic. Having one battery isn't too damaging because you still get that 28. We're sorry, 26 to realistically, about 25 minutes worth of flight time for the batteries. From what I've Sam brand new, that's a pretty decent flight time, especially considering our foster fall. You can fly with the spot, however, their batteries only get about 15 minutes. They're quitting. But you know, realistically I've seen about 11 to 12 minutes of actual flight time. That's not very much. Having another two or three batteries on top of that would certainly make your flying day a lot better. So much more important for the spark getting that fly more combo. But cinematic to formal combo is excellent. You get you know this fantastic bag. Get the extra batteries, which you probably won't buy anyway. You get the charging hub, allowing you to charge a with your battery simultaneously, which is fantastic. And you get that little frank adapt up, which, you know Century turns your battery into a foreign jaja, or remote control charge, or any type of charges so you can recharge your phone on the go. And they were charging for extremely faster to equivalent in my experience off plugging your phone into a water. It's not just your standard USB like you plug it into a computer, and it takes 12 hours to recharge your phone or something. These will charge a fight up in a good hour, two very quick and very powerful. You can get about for so charges out of it as well, so this thing actually does an excellent job you're road tripping Iceland, for example. Like waited. It was extremely with the formal come. But you also get the car charger as well. So you get essentially discharge off. But instead of connecting to the wall that connects to the cigarette water the car again Fantastic Foreign. You're on the road. You've got three batteries in God fly. Chuck it in charging in the car while you're going along Stop fly again. It made it absolutely fantastic. So the fly more combo for both the spark and the medic I would highly recommend. And a lot of experts also recommended mainly for the batteries and the proper bags, cause realistically, you can use the bags and the cardboard containers that they come in to actually store the drunk and, you know, carried a randon but having a proper bag. You know, that's made especially for the magic, which is so small smoke so compacts aim for the spark. You know, these are fantastic quality bags. They probably cost a good 150 or so just on their least in Australia. Sir, those are the flying more combos and the benefits off them in the differences between the spark in America. As I said, I can't recommend them enough. They are both fantastic. And, you know, next section will start to look at trying to avoid crashing your drone when you take it up for your first flight, so I'll talk to you. 7. Section 3 - 1 - Spatial Awareness: so welcome to this very special Nick section, which is fair to avoid damaging or crushing your drawer. In this first section will be talking about special awareness and to begin with whether you bought a Matic per maybe fainting four pro or maybe even the cheapest. The deejay spark, you're still going to have spent a lot of spark is $500 U S dramatic. As I said here in Australia, Costas, almost $2000 with flying more convert a lot of money. I can understand that you might be nervous that you know you're taking it up to fly For the first time, you might not fully know what you're doing. Maybe you've never flown remote control helicopters or remote control anything before your drone is the first time flown anything. So it's understandable that you're nervous and you don't want to do anything that might crack my damage. Crash the German digos. So that's what this section this whole section is full making sure that you're confident enough on that. You know about all the potential pitfalls, what not to do, what to look out for all that information. So the first part is spatial awareness. And unfortunately, humans aren't particularly good at spatial awareness, just in general, talking about, you know, perceiving things like angles it has ever been in, like a four wheel drive. Proper forward driving. You know, we're going up a really steep incline, and sometimes they have on the dash on actual angle, you know, gauge or measurement unit. And I remember numerous times doing a way. You know, your feels like you're absolutely vertical. You're looking at the sky almost. You're worrying that the car's gonna just tip over on its side or something like that. You think you're on a near 90 degree angle and you look at the little unit and it says, you know, maybe seven degrees or five degrees or 10 degrees or something talking out and we're just not particularly good at judging those things. And it gets even worse when you're talking about judging a three dimensional world on a two dimensional screw. That's what you're doing when you're flying with most drones. Now you can look up at drawing, see it obviously saved in three day world, that environment. But for the vast majority of pilots and for myself included, I see them flying by phone. Obviously, they have to patrol on top. But you know, looking at the world through what I see on the phone, and this is where the danger comes in because not only do we have a sort of poor special win, it's just in general. But when you're looking at it through a three day screen, that's a more difficult. It's like when you look at a revision mirror in your car again. You're trying to save a three D world on a flat two d mira on the actual windows mirrors. And that's why you often say objects appear made he oyster than they are. Same thing goes to the drum when you're flying and your, you know, say, there's a mountain here tree or something like that and your drawings flying closer and closer to it. You're looking at that three day world into on that tree or that building whatever it is will close off. The second point in regards to it is that because you're looking at it just for one single angle, it makes it very difficult to sort of receive the full three D nature over something so you can imagine again, Trade drone flying towards it. What you actually see is this. You're looking at a guy to and from away like that. You don't looking at it like this. It's very easy to say, you know, close out of their way, but when you're flying directly towards it, it's very difficult to determine how close you want toe, and it just makes things worse. Either time, your mobile phone and another thing that can also make things very difficult again related to the mobile phone is that when people are flying, hopefully outside it shouldn't be raining. Shouldn't be not time where anything clocked out. These drives definitely no waterproof do not fly them in rain. And if it's not raining and it's not not time, it's going to be daytime, and they're going to be very overcast in Hillary or it's gonna be brought on Sunday. Either way, you're far in probably isn't gonna be doing a particularly good job because the screen is gonna be washed out. Sure, you can get quite bright screens these days. You generally see what's happening on them, but the finer details sort of get removed with that glare, dancing often in the accessory section. Later on, we'll talk about hoods that you can get for your phone. That sort of make a shaded area around it. It does make it easier, but again you miss out on the final details, even if you can actually see the phone itself and one of the finer details that can actually triple people up things like power lines, little branches or things like that. Power lines are very big, one in particular with it's such a thin piece of metal that when you're flying through it, you might say Clear open skies and you're flying. There's no objects whatsoever and your during flies directly into it, and it's all crashed, so you might not see small things like that. So what I would recommend is always have a second person. It seems a bit strange. Have a person sitting there watching Drew, You're flying it. But I can almost guarantee that you'll be out for someone, perhaps a family member, maybe sort of child who wants toe watch as well grab a friend or something like that. I'm sure I want to come over and you know, CIA drone fly. It is still pretty new technology, and a lot of people are very interested in it. What you can also do is take it in turns, you know, you fly one battery, then waned it after half narrow. So take out the battery day flying, you watch for the second time. By the way, having that second pair of eyes is a fantastic thing because it not only means that they can see various different points of view. You're looking at your phone. You can in one single point of view, as the sentence was describing before you got train drying. You're looking at it from this angle. You can't really tell how close or far away you are if your friend is standing on a different point, looking at it from a different angle, taken much easily, easier. See how close or far away you are. They can tell you about and say, Hey, you know, you do realize that you're coming very close to the building trade or whatever it is perhaps backing off a bit, and it just helps in that regard. The other main reason it's good to have a friend is they can watch out for other obstacles that you might not be looking for. So where most people fly, they look down at the foot controller and sitting up the shop trying to line up properly. They're adjusting that gimbals are trolls. All this sort of stuff that pressing the record button, maybe adjusting the are So although that sort of information they're not actually looking at their drugs, they will look up at it occasionally. Maybe they want to set it, see which way they were flying. Lots of stuff. But even for myself, I find a lot of the time I'm looking down at the control. No, actually, looking at the drone. It's still in line of sight and I can look up a bit. But I don't watching the screen on watching, filming, having that second pair of eyes. They can constantly watch that constantly watch for things that my come nearer and one of the main things is actually boot. So another funny story on a navy noticed it in the Icelandic video that I tried before the World War Under in Iceland Islas again, will he have found tryingto get the good shot, you know, line it up perfectly, focusing on smoothly flying, drawing its Moodley, talking up the camera on this sort of other stuff. Meanwhile, there's a flock of birds flying in from the left, and I'm sure they could have attacked the droning if they thought it was a threat. Likely, these were very, you know, blase birds. They just flew straight parts in, actually made for a fantastic shot, Old Shorty. Now, But you can imagine if those drawing if those birds actually thought that that drone was threatening to attack it, I would have had absolutely no idea I would be looking down. Nothing like that could have come in and just slammed straight into attack that picked out , you know, whatever. Not only is it gonna damage my joint and cost may thousands of dollars, but is probably injured the Buddhist world. So this doesn't happen a huge amount. But if you're flying, need big trees and all that sort of stuff, that can be a problem, especially in springtime, when they have babies and nesting stuff that you're very protective of things of your flying around near a tree dating mistake your drone as maybe predator or something that they need to fight off the come up and fly and stop chasing your drone around headed as well with you. See, be flying you to see this bird coming closer and closer when you've got a try and fly away and get away from this bird's eye land as quickly as you can get out of the wife. But it's another thing that that other person look out for. Instead of your concentrating on filming, they consider shaking. Dude, look at this. It is a bird trying to attack your drones of the things you can look up and, you know, hopefully not have a bird attack drugs. That's another reason that having a friend with it oughta just fun as well. Doing things with friends highly recommend having two people flying a drone. It's not absolutely necessary, by all means fly on your own. It's not the end of the world, but it is good, especially when you're starting out and you're not sure what you're doing. Not sure what to look out for. A lots of things. Have a friend fly with you. Also a number. One thing to do and make sure is maintaining the L s, which is visual line of sight now in a lot of countries, this is actually law here. Australia it is. Law cannot fly your drone out of visual line of sight. Do your loss. Certainly don't post videos of yourself during it. I believe that was one video of someone who I was sitting in a spark and flew these drone over to a local hardware store where they sell sausages on, Had the sausage, you know, attached to the put onto the drone and float back to him. Or why I was sitting in a spire during this. Supposed to the video viral. Not good. He got in trouble. It is totally later not to find a job at a visual line of sight here straight. Some other countries do allow that from most of what I've seen most ductile out. So check the laws again. We'll be covering that in the safety section later on. But that's just one thing to look out. Make sure when you have visual line of sight that makes it a lot easier for you to judge how close you are to objects. Looking at the during in three D environment with your eyes, you can fully appreciate all the three d nature of things as opposed to looking at it on your to do scream. That's why they mandate. The visual line of sight is so important. Why laws? It just greatly reduces the chance of you crushing doing damage to your drawing, injuring other people, costing thousands of dollars. I was highly commended and a special other note. If you're flying in parks or even just in general, you also should look after birds, as I said, but also for dogs. A lot of people fly their drones in parks. A lot of people take their dogs for walks in parking, let them off the elation, they run around like crazy. And this is actually a great thing to take as a video show. You a quick click here, say dogs running Iran looks very nice, I think. But what can actually happen is when you're landing. Or perhaps you're just not flying that high. Maybe you're in one or two or three meters off the grand forgetting practice and lots of stuff, which is excellent. The dogs can run up and jump and start batting and heating the actual adrenaline jump up trying. Grab it bidet and lots of stuff. Well, I'll just get excited and think it's a toy and stop playing with it. One of the cases again, it'll result in your drunken crashing to the ground. Maybe how injured the dog as well with the fast spinning blades can get up to thousands of rapes per minute. And Ken, they can break skin on humans so you can imagine what they might do to a dog's face or dog's eyes. That's very dangerous. So just look out for dogs. You just gotta be wary often and again having a second person to be like, Hey, dude, you know there's a dog just sort of go up higher or something. Get out of the way. That's another thing to watch out for. But at the end of the day, my biggest recommend recommendation for making sure that you don't crash during especially on the first flight is to take her drawing to a park very open. No trees around over or Critic Pietro, baseball pitcher or something like that, completely emptied your middle of the time. And this practice, you know, fly up to a couple of meters fly around land, do a couple of circles dark down, really high down again, all these sorts of things. You're out of the way of any dogs and birds and trees. There's no fences or anything clocked that, and it just gives you a lot less things to worry about. You can focus on flying, driving, getting good at flying drones that later on, even if it does come in, you know exactly what to do exactly how to fly. Which way is up and down. You can instinctively and quickly fly down, you know, panicking. And I don't I don't know what to do, you know, end up with a crushed, destroyed Jordan. So that's it. They're section on, just general safety. No crashing, damaging your drone specific to special awareness. Joined with the next. We'll be talking about other things, such as flying indoors as well as was common ways that people crushed during thanks 8. Section 3 - 2 - The Most Common Ways People Crash: again. Welcome to this next section on the most common ways that people crash the drone. So over the years, D. J. I being selling a lot of drones on been has been around for a few years now, and over that time they had a lot of people. Unfortunately, crash Day drones cause issues, and what they can do it is they can download the logs off the drugs and send them into D. J. And that could help determine whether or not it was something pilot error that caused the during the crash. Or whether or not maybe it was something actually in the drawer itself and maybe a software glitch or hard way fairly or something in which D J would be responsible for, in which case, the warranty tumble. As a result, they get the lobes from them and they can tell what actually caused that turned to crash. And as a result, over the years and many thousands of people that unfortunately crash, the drone benefits you and I because we get a top list off. How people most likely crashed drove. Now the number one wife people crash. The drone is something called a CSE media that CSC stands for combinations, Stick command and I'll be done over this a bit more basic flying control of section as well . But for now, a CSC is essentially when you have the two sticks and you are the combination down and in words or down and afterwards, so either one of them is commands. Either start your drones, murders or stop your during murders. Now, what it actually meant for when you're on the ground and you want to start the motors so that you can take off manually, you perform that commander starts spitting up the motors, and off you go. Unfortunately, what Kim do is if you're flying, needed it. And you know you're doing some move and requires you to fly down and go to the left or something like that for whatever raising you're not thinking and you do both of those actions at the same time, you're drones. Motors are going to stop dead, and it's just gonna fall out of this guy like a giant brick. And this is the main cause off most crashes. It could also be from just inexperience. Even if you know about it, you can still do it. But if you don't know about it, we can just accidentally doing while playing around with something like this said This is why I'm telling me said that as a first hard pilot, or even as an experience one. This is something you know not to do it to explicitly look out for, because it is the number one way that people crushed drones fortune. So the 2nd 1 after a CSC is the propellers. Smiles. Flying on this one is actually a tricky one, but I do expect it to get a bit less so back for the Phantom three and previous at 12 and three symptoms as a few others. They have the spinning screw on propellers, as I was shown before in previous sections, these ones spin on and you have tow menu only tighten them, and you don't want to talk to much because you might damage the motor mechanism. But you don't want to tighten them. No tired. Not because if you do, they could actually fly off because they're not attached properly. So this could get tricky, even mawr, because you might screw it on field. Talk to you, you might take off and the drone will take off. Hover perfectly fine. And you might even fly up and fly around for a while, and everything will be fine. Meanwhile, the proposed going at a relatively low rpm speed, so there's not much of a problem. The view. Kick it into sports mode or, you know, Florida want to do some really fast flowing for whatever reason, not a problem doing that. But the propeller starts going faster and faster to give you that extra speed boost. And it's a really high rpm that it just flies off during those days. Money. So they can either be one of two cases. Convince those high rpm's that the propeller blades fly off. Or it could just be really haven't talked, the more properly and, you know, five minutes after take off that I don't really see this going forward as being a huge problem with its more previous past problem. Because from the magic onwards of the maverick spark defended four Siri's. They all have this quick release propeller system, as I showed you before, so they're kind of a binary thing that are the click dinner or it's not clicking you know, if you start this often, it's not clicked Intent on flying straight You're not gonna Yeah, get upto decently heart speed, and then have it pop off or anything like that. So hopefully I think that's one of the reasons why D. J I introduced a new quickly also is a lot easier for you to put those blades on with a quick release, I think. But extra benefit as well that they can hopefully stay up out the number two way that most people have been crashing drugs. Next up on our list, we have returned home crashers. So what? This entire houses we'll go over a lot more in the app when we goto settings, the deejay go for spot. Essentially, you have this returned home button on the controllers. You also have returned her buttons on the app as well. And what that does is if you're flying around and you need, you're going to come back to you, then simply symptom press that button and it will return to her. What actually happens when you press that is that the drone will go. This is you, for instance, Mrs your drone. The drone will fly upto a certain predetermined heart that turned home part and then fly back to the whole position. Holding position usually gets updated when you take off the drawing hotels. I returned to her. Point updated, but you can also send it to be the control. You can also said to be a physical location on the map, you can do lots of different things that will be exploring wrong with it. By the way, what could happen is that as it goes up to that pre determined height, it may not be a high enough point. So the harsh might be say, for instance, steady leaders. And usually that might be fine. You know all the trees that are around your area, where you fly 16 20 minutes, high school it. It always goes up above the trays, comes back and lands in your position nice and safe. What can happen is if you go to a different location with higher trees, perhaps a building or something like that. It conducted that same 30 meters and then fly into a true into a building or something like that. Unbeknownst to you, there goes to draw again. It could get even worse than that as well, because although all the controllers and the APP have returned home button on them, return to homes could be triggered by many different scenarios. Returned home can be triggered by emergencies like factory is low can also be triggered by if the controller itself lose. Those signals are very common. One is that you'll be flying. And for whatever isn't you might try and fly around a building or a hill or something that has a lot of radio interference properties in built into it. What a lot of metal or something like that and whatever is in the connection between the control off and the driver gets cup after certain at the time that drugs just get going to return to her murdered fly up come back to So you might not actually physically treated that return to her. That can happen automatically. And if you haven't said that, returned her heart properly in each location as you go through then because you drugged now , another key point where returned home is activated is if you run out of battery, and that's another reason why people crashed their drugs quite often. I'm sure you've seen lots of footage on YouTube, Haven't have people flying out of rivers, lakes, oceans, all that sort of things. And for whatever reason, it still can't figure out why they do this. But they keep flying right to the very end of the factory. In the girl in the D. J. It has a little line up the top tells you your battery, how much percentage you've got left. It goes 100% whole, like their 20 and it the 20 or 30% bath is different markings. Consider it will tell you that. Hey, you're about to run out of battery. You know, you've got 35% of factory left, and if you don't come back now, you weren't coming off factory to actually get back home. And for whatever reason, I don't know why people think that they can ignore this and not crash the drone. They ignore it, keep trying film away and then look surprised when they drove starts to automatically start landing in the middle of a light or something, because it's simply just added factory. It's not just for out of the sky. They don't do that for safety. reasons, but it will forcibly start to lay. You're drunk. You won't be out of Stop it because it's one and a veteran. So this is another main reason that people crashed during that something you'd never, never put yourself in a position to do. Once against the 30% or once it starts telling you to return home, return heart. It is critical that you do it. If you don't, you're drawing. Might start returning home and halfway retaining home. It runs in a factory, starts to land. You might be over the ocean like even if you're over land. That's probably likely that it's gonna be landing in a suitable location of my land, trying land on top of the tree or something like that. It's going to a lot of damage. Boy Scouts can damage your during its more likely absolutely destroyed Majorino. Maybe we just even lose it completely, so that's another major reason of why people, you know, damage or crash. They're drawing simply Patrick, and it really should happen. One other particular thing that can catch people out even if you're paying attention to that 30 35 said Whatever point, it's active point of 30 to go away. Mawr back tree will take up to get back in the earlier warned you sell. It is a dynamic thing, very intelligent. If this is you and you're drawing stopped flying this way and say, for instance, there's a bit of wind during this way you're flying away with the wind. Actual back makes it very easy to fly away. You do. You're flying around over here and it starts beating. Any saying Cadiz dated 5% actually left should come home now otherwise would reach front. You're a good drone pilots, so you turn around and stop flying back banana flying into the wind. And if it's a decent off winded connect, really make it a lot harder for the drug itself to fly back. And what can actually happen is it can actually not quite get all the way back because the wind is going the opposite direction back. Just be aware that that the application is very smart. As I said, it will dynamically calculate how far you are, how much factory you need to get back. But it can tell the wind resistance doesn't take that into account, so just be careful of that, I'd recommend probably coming back just a little bit before it starts really beating. Yet you. If nothing kills, it's really annoying when it beeps that you. Um, but it also means that you guarantee your safe. And finally, the main reasons that people crashed there during stuff that I've covered before in the previous section, which is things like no having it in visual line of sight, you know, trying to navigate in the three day world on a two D screen crash, crashing into small objects like power lines. Those sorts of things, another very common one, is actually flying backwards, even on advanced drones like the Maverick, which actually have forward facing and bottom facing object avoidance. They don't have it on the backs of your taking video. While you're flying backwards and up also making this tree you're just fly back in tow, she goes. So do be aware of your surrounding environments. Have a second person with you as well slick and hit you on. So say Hey, stop flying backwards. You're about four into the tree. It could save you thousands of dollars. That's the main top sort of tin kind of ways that a lot of people over the last few years have crashed the drones. I hope none of those things happen to you. And I heard that by telling you about those things. Now you're well prepared and you know what to look out for. It's not just a bird might come in or yours. Stop trying to attack your journey. It seems that you've got to do to You've got to make sure that you here are bad. The apple. It says for you to come back on battery, come back on. That trick is otherwise it will just fall out. This guy got Make sure your propellers are gonna make sure you don't do that Really annoying CFC move and dropped joining out of the sky. So there are a lot of things that, as I said this when it comes back to their easy, that's why you can push a button and it will take off. Fly itself almost what, literally, with some of the automatic. But it's a lot of information need to keep in the back of your head. A lot of things you need to look out for, to make sure that you stay safe and that your drone stays safe as well. I mean, you gotta walk out for birds. Gotta watch dogs, which you know, flying into trees, not doing the correct combination that trip rescinded or while trying to fly around, have fun, get the right shot. These things you gotta build up to. So to begin with our house suggest, As I said, just getting the basics right. Being a last open environment, it was probably that's one to do. Fly up there, get control of its second nature. Said they didn't. Those more complicated environments. You're not trying to focus on shot of flying up or down. You've got that damn pat. You can look at the surroundings. Really be aware of what's happening around you. Fly with courtroom, make sure you didn't crash. So in the next section will be looking at flying inside and why that's not a good idea. I'll speak to you then 9. Section 3 - 3 - Flying Inside: a guy and welcome to the section on flying indoors. I explained that you did not want to fly indoors. I didn particular give a reason for it, but that's what I would explain in full detail. Nail. So a lot of people, when they first get a drone, they think that flying inside is the safe option of flying outside is dangerous. Option, I think, is high winds that's trees to crash into, realized that birds out there as well, whatever moderate. And I think that it's dangerous and they go maybe our flying doors for a little first. Then once they get the hang of it or going outside, where it's more dangerous, then I understand that sounds like a good idea in theory. But as I said, while these are easy drones to fly, I have a lot of background information in your head to make sure that you don't crash it, and this is some of that information. So the's controllers operate at 2.4 gigahertz frequency. It's very common for radio frequency controls, and I'm not sure you notice on, but another very common thing that a lot of people have in their houses these days are WiFi routers and phones. They also operated 2.4 gigahertz. They interfere with these controls. If you have one, maybe multiple WiFi routers in your house, Which are they? Didn't you probably dio they will interfere with this remote control. Now it's not gonna permanently disable it. But depending on where your Ratter is and where you're flying, maybe you're in between something that maybe you don't start flying between it. But as you slide around the house, you become in between it. It's very easy for this control to lose signal or to have that signal they severely disrupted between the drug and controller itself. Obviously, that's gonna cause a lot of problems now. The other major concern is that inside, it's very difficult to get a GPS lock, usually something about Mel metal roofs, which makes it even more difficult to get a lock. But even just being inside, generally, it's hard. When a drone flies, it will typically have anywhere from maybe 10 15 maybe up to 20 satellites connected to a locked on while it's during its flight, and this is what allows it to keep itself stable and not start drifting over like this. Many of the earlier drawings that didn't have as good a connectivity to GPS is that often be nowhere near a stable with something quite magical fed fours or spark, they were sort of slowly start to drift like this, even if you were touching the controls that still ha va by themselves and keep relatively stable. But I kind of drift of time. You have to keep a bit. So what? Having flying indoors does Is it tasted back to that time where you can get a good GPS lock or even if you do, you get a couple of satellites as opposed to 20 or 15 and it makes it a lot harder to control the drone because not only in TV have control of been interrupted by a WiFi router . You can't tell it to move left or right because it's getting interrupted. But the drone itself can't self stabilising to start drifting in my drift in Total War, something you can tell it's not. So that's the first initial dangers off, you know, find inside. That's one of the things that makes it very difficult to begin with. There's something even Weston, that That's what it happens where you're don't actually get a connection with your control to it. It is the interference between your rather and this becomes big enough. They don't disconnect for sentiment time, and that will trigger the returned home protocols on the drive itself. But remember what I said Returned home, takes the drone upto a certain prettified heart, then flies back to the heart medication. Now, if you're indoors, I'm pretty sure the ceiling isn't gonna be 30 or 50 meters hot. You're drawing is gonna fly directly out into the ceiling, maybe into a television or something. Once like that, there's numerous complaints. Are websites and things like that? People have gotten a jarred taken out of the box. I never fall in a German before. Immediately stopped flying inside. The drone takes off conch it. Any GPS is in GPS satellites walk down toward the WiFi right, is interfering with the controller and stopped gently drifting. ERM, it slams into the television or that flying it around. Maybe they are controlling it. But then it goes until, like a WiFi hot spot or something like that. Controlling it's what Dad goes into return return to hurry mode and starts flying into walls or something like that. They complain whinge to D. J. I say joining, you know, flow into the television all by itself. They do a diagnostic on the drugs longs, and they could very easily proved that didn't have any GPS signal. Lost connectivity to the remote went into return to hard mode. And that's why it's essentially called pilot error. It will not be coming on the warranty. And in the same day that you were driving you No, sir, this is the whole reason why I say Just do not fly indoors that always random You can set the drug into specific mode so that it doesn't try and search for satellites uses its visual positioning system to actually stabilizer drone. So some of the advanced ones used the bottom facing cameras and ultra Sonics to help stabilize and position themselves indoors rather than using GPS systems to position them and keep them stable So it is possible to fly inside. I'm not saying it's no, but it's her advanced flying pilot keep that month. This is why I told you, don't fly indoors, try to help you and not that you destroy a drone, take it outside. I know it might seem scary that you know there's high winds or something like that outside . Flying outside is actually extremely easy with D. J. They handle the winds very, very well. They will tell you if the winds are too high. Caution. Come back and land. Even they understand you almost ignored. Basically, they could take quite high winds. The bigoted drawing. You have high winds. You can take your firing something like the spark. You know, maybe just a little bit more careful with wind and stuff. I'll go over more detail later on in the party section, which you can, you know, look up the wind spade with where you currently are sort of configure APS to tell you whether you can can't fly depending on how high the wind is But we'll cover that later section. So initially I just wanted to explain why I'm saying Don't fly indoors to With So next up will have a specific look at the gimbal on the Magic park. I'll talk to you 10. Section 3 - 4 - The Gimbal: All right, So now that we've covered flying indoors and how to do that safely, I wanted to get into special aside for the actual magic pro itself. So the spark and the Phantom don't really have these problems so much. But when it comes to the gimbal now, I explained before, you don't want to have this walking mechanism off a gimbal in where it turns up on. So to show you now, remove it. I'm gonna turn the drive on without facing up. So watch the gimbal on how much it moves as the drone turns off. That's it. Going through its self diagnostics and checking all its various things. Just turn that off. You can imagine having this locking it in place is gonna burn out that mode up very quickly and cause a lot of damage is do not want that in place when your turn your turn on. That's the first thing in the first specific aside for the magic that also does apply to the Phantom. If you have that locking plate in when you turn the journal, it's gonna do the same thing the gimbals gonna do. Self checking turned around and everything and it's going to burn murders. The second thing is a lot of people on the Internet suggest, but with this clear gimble cover that what you do is you take out this. They mentioned that. Then they say, Reattach this, you know it protects the gimbal. You can fly around with it. If little bugs or things heated, it protects it. And that's a perfectly reasonable thing to suggest. I totally understand where they're coming from. Better actually missing a very important detail, which is how the maverick cools itself. Now have to take this off to show you. But actually you can see inside there those grills they are intake for. It's as the drone flies along like this air comes in and it goes inside into those grills and calls all the electron ICS throughout the body off. Thematic This part here is actually a heating. Be very careful sometimes can get quite hot. You're on a reasonably hot Daniel being flying for a wide actually, you know, burn your hand and you put your hand under it like that to try and pick it up or something . But having this cover on blocks, all that air flow that's coming in, and after a number of minutes, you know you might start getting eric codes off fluctuations. That's not going to tell you that the electrics are overheating or it's going to do is to stop airing and permanently damaging those electron ICS inside of you ever had a computer or the heat? You probably know that it it never tells you that it's overheating. It just starts crashing on glitch ing and doing all these other things. And you have no idea what's going on when in fact your process, er, all the electrics is just noting and frying underneath the heat. So never fly with this gimbal on because it blocks the airflow. And also it never turned on your drawing with this in place. Always get a good routine going on doing them. I usually take it out of the case. I'll take it out of the case. I'll remove the cover or remove the and I'll put them back in the case. Then I'll take this outside and begin my flying ritual. So that's how I ensure that one. I never lose them, put them in the case, and when I come back to the drawing in the case. They're there waiting for me and that I never do either of those things. Sorry, it is a good theory to have this protecting, and I understand where they're coming from but never fly with it because you'll damage your drone long term. So that's just something I wanted to cover, particularly for the maverick. And also a little bit for The Phantom is world. The spark you don't have to worry about. It doesn't have those things, but that ends out this section, and next up will be talking about the remote controls finally, so I'll talk to you. 11. Section 4 - 1 - The Mavic Pro Controller: a guy and welcome to this section on controllers. So to begin with that I'll be starting off with the medic Pro Control, which is what we've got here. As you know, the transmission distance for this is upwards off seven kilometers, which is fantastic. I think it's really good that they go nice and far because whilst you may not always be flying your drawing out to seven kilometers and especially that's not legal in your area to have an outside of your visual line of sight, you definitely shouldn't be flying at seven kilometers. Having that extra powerful transmitter and receiver capability all the way up to seven kilometers makes it fantastic four. Even if you're at a smaller distance, like so even upwards of a kilometer, and there's lots of interference from, perhaps WiFi routers are the people flowing? There's always interference coming from every which way and direction in today's world, so it's good that I have a nice strong transmit and receive unit. So to begin with, you want to extend the bottom arms. Which of these two things here and if you've got a small phone like one of the smaller iPhones like five there, so I don't think you can keep it nice and small. You've got one of the bigger ones. Like, say, the Galaxy note can go a long way out to quite a large distance. I've got a Google pixel Excel, says the Excel version. As you can see, there's still plenty of room by the side of that as well, So it does expand out quite far and pretty much accommodates. Almost every phone that's out there doesn't do tablets. Unfortunately, you can get the party accessories that doing, but it's not covered here at the moment. Next up you have the actual antennas, and that's what these things are here. Be gentle with them. These air quite stiff, and you could be quite harsher than the antennas. Just be careful with them. They are strong, but you know they can snap off relatively easily. They get caught on something now. One note I'll say, Is that as dictated by D. J. I themselves about showing this diagram here. You wanna have the antenna straight and not crossed, So never do it like this, though interfere with each other. It's not what you want. We'll give you a crap signal, Have them nice and straight like this and try and have an angled a bit as well. They angled down and upwards, depending on how high or drawing is, the higher it is. You want to try and face your control up up to the drawing time. It's not sometime the directly above you even holding it up like this would give you better signal. As the drone comes down more in front of you, you can push it down and basically just aim the two antenna at your drawing for best signal . Now the controller itself takes up to you for inviting the U. S B port here, which travels around the back and plugs in there and this will This will actually charge your phone while you're using the controller, which is fantastic. It doesn't charge it fully. It is in, like a charges that fully via the US people. But because flying the drone of having the screen on bride and you know, sending all the daughter and displaying the video and all that takes up so much battery, at least on my phone and a few other phones have tried, it won't increase the charge on your phone, but it won't die as quickly. So you start with 80% fly around for a bit 20 minutes or something. It might go down to maybe 70% or something like that. It's not plugged in. That's not charging. It would have gone down to maybe, like, 50 or 40% of things. Doesn't you know you're not gonna put it on it 80% flyer and for a while and come back 100% . But it basically makes your phone last a lot longer. And inside here, it's got a 2970 million power battery inside mint uses to repair itself in charge, and that's about the same size as a large phone at at the moment. So, as I said it charges by this RC cable, which is this cable here, and you can see that it slides back and forth to help you position it, and it sort of snakes in under here. Time to sort of see you can see the cable there and then finally into this micro USB port here on the side. Now this cable here comes with the maverick perm. There's also two other cables. This one's the USB Type C. There are also comes with a lightning adapter for iPhones and also and micro USB for other older android phones. The dunk of the new USB C standard on them. So it comes with the iPhone one installed by default. So I actually remove it and threatened out a deceptive push from here, and it will pop out there. It's quite fiddly to sort of put it back in and get it all set up. And what? No, but it's something that you only have to do once unless for some reason, your switching between iPhone and Android phones constantly, it might get a bit annoying but finally had to do it once cause I had my phone. I haven't changed it. That's the RC cable, the best way to insert and remove a phone without damaging it. So to do this, I'll use my Google itself. As I said, the best way that I found is to position that you want to make sure first of all, that this cable sometimes I considered lean inwards like that, and if you try and answer your phone in, obviously it's not gonna go in properly. So you wanna from the back to sort of make sure it's positioned Norcen in the middle sort of thing, but I found the best wise to actually kind of put your phone in like that, sort of ease it in from that side first side, Try and demonstrate on terrain. Line it up and you descend of push it in like sex That's male locked into the USB seat and the bottom that you also want a forehand. Make these as wide as possible. Once it's locked into USB C section, bring it round and just squeeze together. Line it. Opposites. Nice, unstable, and you don't have to worry about these points here doing damage to your phone. I've used, as I said, on a number of phones, and I've never seen any damage. DB bit careful with it. Obviously it is your phone and probably cost you additional money as well. But that's how you insert the phone without damaging its arts collective Rus Bay directly to the remote control, and from there it'll communicates. Inventory the video link. You'll be out of control and all that sort of jazz. So that's how you put the phone in to take it out. It's just a simply a simple matter of reversing. So first you pull this part out as wide as possible. And then, as I said, I sort of just basically poured out like that. Generally don't want to force it. Otherwise might do damage to the U. S. B port, either on the bottom of your phone or to the cable itself. The cable itself isn't a huge deal that can be replaced quite cheaply. You can buy them from the deejay website, but obviously, if you can avoid it, that's probably a good thing. So now that we've gone, gotta put your foot in and they're gonna go through all these buttons and everything that's actually on the controller itself. So to begin with, we have the power bumps. It's obviously up top here. If you present once, it will tell you the battery percentage this half full Over here you have the return to home button. So when you press that it will activate the return to harm function, obviously in the middle here you have your two joysticks. Now these actually have a few different modes. So the first mode is mode one, and that's where the left stick serves as the throttle. So that would be this one here. So that means that that will push it forward. That will push it back mode to you have the right stick serving as the turtles. That's this one of the here. So forward and back. Now Motew is the default on. I would probably recommend sticking with it for me when I started using it. It was the natural thing, like I have flown out the stuff before. But that seemed today what most people use as well, Judging from videos on YouTube saying other pilots fly, most people use Motew. So you're gonna be wanting to fly their drones or their airplanes that they're probably gonna be doing it Imo to as well. So I recommend just keeping it at the default. The other final mode is Mode three, and that's again with the left stick. Serving is the throttles forward and backwards. However, other parts of being changed, you can have a look in the manual or online to see exactly what the difference between the three modes are. It also shows you in the deejay app, which will cover later. But for now, I just recommend sticking with mode turf. So after that, we have the flight pause button, which is this box? Yeah, So what this does is any time throughout any of your flights, you can press this button and it will stop any of the automatic modes that happening. This includes to return home mode. So if you're returns home and you just want to stop it for over, isn't even just hit that if you're in any of the intelligence flying. Murdy also press that, you know, perhaps it's doing active track, and United said, it's about crash into a tree or something, you know, fly backwards into something you just hit that will stop instantly. There's also buttons on the actual app that you can do. You hold down the throttle button for a number of seconds, and that'll cancel as well. But that's by far the easiest button pressed a dist Cantel any automatic flight mode, whether playing the drone is flying itself so over to the right we have the five D button. Now the five day button is actually quite handy. It's configurable, and by default it's kind of like a joystick in itself. You can push it up. You can push down. Left right. You can also press the button as well. The choice experts can't press, but so this is a configurable configurable button that you can configure five separate things by default. So going left is zooming in, right? Zooming up is putting the gimbal forward and down is pretty. Begin boot down. Pressing. The actual button will bring up the intelligent flight menu, which will let you choose your active track and all those sorts off things now going up to top of clothes the's here make it easier after the top. We have the camera settings dial. So this one see is over here the camera settings doll, and this one can control things like ice Oh, or shutter speed. So if you're flying around, you just want crank up the arse. Orbit can. That's also configurable in the app as well. On the other side, you have the other jog wheel, which is for the gimbal. This one doesn't infinitely rotate it only slight, poor damn, but that will take the gimbal up or dance. This one's very you'll find that you'll be using this one quite a fair bit. Viviane. We have the camera button and the video record bums there. They're pretty obvious ones. You know. Start stop record, take a photo, all those sorts of things and on the side here, you'll see there is a sports mobile. Now this one goes into two separate modes. There's a P mode for positioning on what that is is the sort of standard, normal mode that the drone will come in by default. It uses the GPS and the VPs. CBS is the visual positioning system, so those are the cameras that are underneath the drone, and it uses those to stabilize. It also uses it to do the intelligent flight mode. All those sorts of things are available as per normal in P. Murdered the positioning murder. If you click this switch over, you can put it into s mode or sports mode, and obviously sports mode will make it go faster. It becomes more our job. Top speed is increased right up towards full 65 kilometers an hour or 40 miles an hour, and I must say it's a lot of fun to fly the maverick in sports mode. I tried it out recently and just the agility and speed and quickness of it. It is absolutely fantastic. But I would highly recommend waiting at least a couple of weeks to get used to actually flying the drone first before you sort of kick it up into far into sports mode and all those sorts of things. So another thing to note about sports murders that by default when you purchase your drawing, even if you're clicking towards straight a wild story, click into it straight away to go on disappoints mode, it won't actually work. You have to go into the settings off the deejay app that actually enable multiple flight modes before it will actually work. So I'll show you a bit more in the D. J I app section, but you essentially go into settings aircraft and then enabled the multiple fly modes. Once you've done that, then you can come back and actually toggle the switch. You just try and toggle it straight out of the box. It won't do any think so. I don't think it's not working. It's just that extra bit of safety that they have so living on that we have the C one and C two buttons. So on the C one and C two buttons, you've got this one here, which for May is the left side beside here. And for this one, the default setting for it is to actually focus on the center area of the screen. Have you figure both of these as well? So there's even more configurable buttons. The sea to button on the right hand side is the playback or delete off white points. You may not use that too often. This one. You might use quite a fair bit, and one of the Final one is you'll notice this bottom USB port. Now there's the other USB port. Over here, it's micro USB. This is a full type, a USB thing note, and this is a big one to remember. If you have this plugged in and you also plugging your device to this, that you can plug in four USB size things that you're playing your tablet or something like that if you plug it into their make sure this poured his unplugged and take a nap because otherwise it won't work. So that's just a note to anyone who wanted to use a you know, tabloid or wanting to connect their device by their Make sure this port isn't plugged in. Otherwise he could have troubles. Now that we've covered all the knobs and dials and buttons all over the place, we can turn it on. So pressing once on the power button, as I said before, we'll give you the percentage power, what you want to do to actually turn it on, just like the droning just like everything else out there. You want a press, the press and hold it will brewed up and automatically start trying to connect to a drone need by obviously that's not gonna work because there aren't any drones that are on nearby . And what we're gonna do now is go through all these on screen doodads and things that will be popping up if it was to actually connect so up on the screen here, you've got your list off all the screen information and all the little bits and pieces. So as you can see on your screen now, this is what your else a day for the medic per controller will look like in the very center of your system status prompt, which is telling you you're ready to go. Whatever status off your drawing is over to the right, we have your flight. Murders is usually GPS if you're flying outside. No, thank you for your GPS signal strength. That flight mode can change two different things, like in the sports mode or 80 I mode or any of those other ones moving on. We have got the aircraft battery level, which is quite critical to know if you don't have the phone with the deejay. I app on it so you can fly with just the remote control on its own with the remote control and your phone linked into it. Then you could even fly the maverick with just your phone as well in WiFi mode. But I would recommend using controller. So either White having that aircraft battery level in there is quite critical. Just as critical is the RC signal strength over to the right there. Then on either side, you've got your flight speed and Moteab rotation speed. So this is just a bit of handy information you have. I personally never really look at it. The speed can be nice sometimes, but best time focusing on the actual phone itself. Other information going down is the micro SD card, the sports mode with that's activated or not, you've got your flight distance of how far away your drone has flown from you and then you've got your exposure Compensation, which may or may know, may or may not know what that's about unless you do photography continuing. You've got whether or not you're ascending or descending your flight altitude, as well as your camera status of your recording or taking a photo. And you've also got your vision, system status and distance to the ground. So the distance of the ground and the flight altitude are a bit different, but they display both from there, which is always handy. And finally you have the remote controls, battery level itself. So all those bits of information even look down at any time and see which is very handy, especially if you not actually flying with your phone. You're just flying with controller itself. I have had in the past a few times. The deejay I go up crash a few times, and as such, it's very, very handy. Teoh essentially have the control of the independent off the app on you still have a lot of the information. They're like, you know how much Bachir you have and all that sort of stuff. So it's very family to have that information at all times and one of the final pieces of information that you need to know about the control of its how to actually charge. So leave this out of the way you saw your charging block before. This is what you used. Teoh. Charge your battery on with the Maverick Crow. You can also charge or control off at the same time as well as your phone. If you want, as we ought to, controllers are to find whatever your pleasure might be. So obviously this will plug into the wall. You get your USB cable that came with it, get their way, and then this top port up here, the one that kicks your phone to the control or you do is just implying it in. And of course, it's us Bay, so you have toe turning around multiple times. Plug that in. The controller itself takes upto about two hours to charge. It can take a decent amount of time, but you're gonna probably be charging the battery at the same time as well, so it's not too much of an issue that's are charged to control. Make sure you put that back in afterwards. Now, out of the box, the actual controller itself will come linked to your magic pro, so you should never really have to manually lengthened that perhaps you damage your controller. Or maybe you get a second control of the magic connection. The flow with two controllers have a primary and a secondary control. That way you can have one person flying one person controlling the camera, working lots of the stuff. So magic is quite professional as the pro name in it sound. But either way, if you ever need to link the controller to your drone, you'll need to go to a few steps. So the first step is to start up the drones. Start up the controller, and you also need to start up the deejay. I go for app as well as he need all three of them connected and started up. You enter the camera views of the main go fly view of the Apple Joe show you in the next section, but detail more in the next section. But you can see here on the screen when I'm talking about so you're going to the main camera view and you tap on the RC button up the top and then go to linking Primary R C. Once you've done that, the actual RC will be linking murdered. You need to go to the drum and then in that little slot that I showed you before, where the micro SD card is. There's a little tiny Lincoln button on there, so it's very, very small. You'll probably have to get a pin or something to push the button on it. That will put the drone itself in linking mode and you'll get a few You know l a days flashing. Eventually it will go. So wood grain, the little L A deal. It's also next to the micro SD card in that little tiny spot that will go grain on the Aussie and the durable, then be linked once again. So that's the full maverick, pro remote controller Overview. Hopefully, now you know everything there is about it all the little details, everything like that. What all the buttons do as I said, it's got quite a lot of customize ability and customers. These buttons customers that button customize this little five D button here on numerous different things. It's an excellent control that's very, very solid, Charges finds. Got a nice screen that's very easy to see daylight. It's all round, just a fantastic control, I think. And I've had a single issue with it at all for the entire time that I've been using it say they've done a fantastic job, Good work, D J R. And next we'll move on to the spark control, which is very similar but has a number off critical differences, so talk to them. 12. Section 4 - 2 - The Spark Controller: so welcome back to the second part, which is covering the spark control. Now I'll be demonstrating with the Mavica. Begin the medic controller again, but also do some overlays to point out the differences. To begin with, the very first point that a lot of people ask is that you cannot use the magic per remote to control this book and you can't do the opposite of have sparked control. Control the medic. They are not compatible. You cannot do that. So I don't think that you can and go out buying stuff, thinking you can. Another major point is that to get the medic sorry to get the spark controller, you have to purchase it separately. Doesn't calm in the box like the magic pro control it does. It must be purchased separately, and I would highly recommend it, as I said, because it does increase that transmission distance away up to two kilometers, which is pretty damn important. Notice fires the seven kilometers that the Matic pro controller does but take kilometers is quite good, and as I said, you're probably not gonna be flying it too much further than maybe one kilometer, maybe two, depending on how good your eyesight is, especially with the spark being so small. Don't think too many people will be out of say it very clearly passed about 1 1/2 kilometers or so. So two kilometers is quite good, as its at most countries have visual line of sight as a legal requirement for flying your drone. And the controller itself is very, very similar to the magic per controller. There are a few key differences, So one of the first ones and the main one, is that there's no LCD screen like he on the Magic one. Now they do have a couple of buttons. Sorry, a couple of early days in the place off it. They have four on the right inside, which gives you your battery level. It also indicates when you turn it on and off and they have another one on the left hand side for your WiFi connection. And when it's read that told me you have no WiFi connection, and when it's green, it means you do have a WiFi connections. Pretty, pretty good. The other sort of main difference is that on the spark controller, it doesn't have both dials off the top here. It only has this gimbal control dial on the left. There is no I so or shutter speed controllability with through a dollar. You can certainly do it through the application on the phone, but you can't do it just quickly with a physical button like you can on the magic. There's also fewer customizable buttons. There's no five deep pad, and although you do have to customizable buttons, one of them is in the place of the dial up here on in place of the Five buttons here. So you do still have to customizable buttons. However, the maverick pro Control has a lot more of them with the five button, the other two job dog. You know, it's just a fair bit more customizable. The other major thing is that the sports total has been moved to the center area, and also there is quite critically no USB port on the side, so you may not notice that straight off the gate, but there is no us being port on the side. Instead, in order to connect to your phone, it connects via WiFi, so you can also still connect the USB if you need to that's done on the bottom court, which is a micro USB. You'll see here that the magic is full sized Taipei. The one on the spark is a micro USB. That's again another small difference. And once again, if you purchase the fly more combo with D. J. I, the controller itself will go, will come linked to the drones. You have to worry about this, But if for some reason you you know, perhaps it gets damaged and you get a replacement, maybe you buy the drawing to start off with, and then later running, you decide you want to control its purchase it separately. Whatever might happen, you may need to actually apparent manually. So to do this, the first thing similar to the magic power. The drone on the remote control. Once you've done that, you hold down the power button for three seconds on the actual drone itself. So the back power button on the during you press and hold for three seconds. The front l A days will stop blinking red, indicating that it's in Link Bird. Third, you press and hold the flight pause button, the function button and the customizable button, or at the same time on the remote control. A bit of a weird combination. I think that's the point. So no one ever accidentally presses them or the same time president at the same time. And lastly, the light will flash red, then stopped blinking green and then hopefully goes so in green, indicating that the remote control and the drone have finally pits. That's how you actually pierre your remote control. If for whatever reason it becomes unfair door, whatever. Hopefully you should have to do that should just come pitted with the drone If you buy the flyable combat Sorry, living on, we have the USB port on the bottom. As I said, it is a full type A micro USB, so this is used to actually charged the remote control. But you can actually also plug your phone into it. And I'd probably recommend this because there's been reports that connecting to the controller via WiFi sort of causes glitches and stuff. Perhaps, did. I will update this with a firmware update or something like that, but from my expertise in telecommunications and signal interference by not to shore how much they can sort of do because as I said before these control is, they transmit at 2.4 gear hood, and that's the exact same frequency that WiFi goes out. So what that essentially done is put a phone broadcasting on 2.4 gigahertz, right next to the controller that's trying to transmit and receive also a 2.4 gigahertz. I'm not sure why, but essentially forced you to put a phone that's interfering with your radio signal right next to your remote control. It doesn't seem like the smartest thing to me. Perhaps they really wanted to save on, you know, spending money on cable or something like that. But, you know, whatever the reason, they did it on bears being reports that it's been causing some glitches and some sort of disconnect issues and all that sort of stuff. So I highly recommend buying a cable. A cable does not come with the spark evening you by the fly, more cumber need to buy a separate little basically this cable on a little USB cable. So Mark R us bait to lightning your space A whatever it is that you have on your phone and again the other benefit off doing it is if you have that cable, not only will you get a more solid connection to your remote control, but you also have your phone be charged as well. So I think the physical cable is a far better solution than connecting over WiFi. If your phones blasting out, WiFi has the screen on Fulbright nurses, you know, churning through lots of calculations with the deejay app because it is quite process or intensive. That's gonna kill your friend, actually pretty pretty effectively. So hooking it up by cable just means that it doesn't need to broadcast that WiFi, which also doesn't interfere with your remote control up. Plus, it's getting a charge. Make it system around better hooking it up by us base. That's what I'd recommend to do. And that's pretty much the only difference between the spark and the magic pro controllers . Everything else that I explained before with the Magic controller still applies. What does enjoy sticks? The same pours buttons returned to home. We've got the, you know, record and take photo about the same thing with the tennis and Positioning Placements board sort of stuff. Exact same placement of the phone 20 it in the light sort of stuff or identical. Just that, moved around a couple of different buttons and removed the screen. So that's the spark control. Next up, we're gonna have a chat about the Phantom control, so I will talk to you. 13. Section 4 - 3 - The Phantom Controller: a going and welcome to the final section on Controllers, which is the phantom that serious controllers. So here you can see a Phantom Siri's three controller also show photos off the Phantom four pro controller and defending for per plus controller. The main difference between those two is that eventing for pro with Geo 300. If comes with nurse friends. So it's similar to this. You get a little holder for your mobile device. Where is the Phantom four per plus or the jail 300 E. Siri's controller actually has a built in screen, so it actually has a built in D. J. I made android powered device that they run their deejay. I go for app on very different to say. Okay, so that's the differences between the two Phantom four promotes. Other than that, it looks very, very similar to this. Almost identical. The Phantom for Pro Remote also uses the 5.8 gigahertz band to help avoid that interference . Love speaking off in the 2.4 gigahertz section, so it uses both 2.4 gigahertz and 5.8 gigahertz. With the bigger might, you can also use it or phone or a tablet. So here you can either put a phone up in portrait mode. You can have it in landscape marital demonstrated a bit later. You can also extend this part out a little bit and actually put a full size tablet in this . That's one of the main differences between the bigger size were murdered and the smaller Mavica Mert. As I said, the magic and spark remote you can technically fit a tablet with them. You need a special accessory, for it doesn't come with it. With this straight out of the box, you can use a tablet, and a lot of people enjoy using a tablet because you can not only see ah lot MAWR detail on what you're filming on what you're actually doing, but all the controlling because there are quite a lot of controls on the deejay. I go for up all those controls, a better space dad. It's not as cluttered and crammed into a tiny screen. Even with the bigger phones these days, it's still relatively crammed, but not too bad. I haven't had too much of a problem with it, but I do understand, especially if you have some troubles with eyesight might win the biggest screen and biggest creams. Protais better just in general. So now that we've gone through, the difference is I just want to go through the actual controller itself. So once again, you've got your power button, which is hell. Then you compress it and it will give you your power status down here. So it's roughly 3/4 full. You've also got a status icon for the actual remote itself. Neki certain different statuses like red or solid red or their records, that sort of thing. On the right hand side, you've got the return to home button here. So that's exactly the same as on the maverick and sparking press it during comes back to you again. You've got the controllers. You've got the different modes exactly the same as the Spark and the deejay Maverick pro. So it's actually very good. All three remote, different but essentially the same. They've all got their, you know, quotes and what not different use cases, as I said before, but generally have you flying magic. You could pick up the theater move. You find phantom, you can pick up a spark remote on. It's pretty much just plug and play there along the same, assuming they're on the same mode as well. You shouldn't have any trouble was either. You know where their record and play, but I take a photo but nears the same with the dials and lots of stuff. They are slightly different, which covering a second. But I just want to say that it's very good that they're very consistent with the control with threat all their different lineups off drawing even very, The spark is a very different drawing to the phantom syriza fandoms, huge film professionals. The spark is small and for drawing selfies or just people having fun down at the beach or something like that. But the control is a role very similar. That's always nice to have. So you've got a Taliban. They returned home button as well, pushing once. As I said, we'll show your battery level if you want to actually turn it on. It's the same deal you press once impressive hold, and it comes as I said, You got status. He can't stay red because there's no during to connect Terry. But if there was it turned green, turning it off is exactly the same as everything else. Press and hold turns off notes and simple left and right stick again. It depends which mode you put it in your mode. 12 and three, with two being default. Up the top, you have the same configurable scroll wheel as you do with the maverick Pro control. And on the left hand side you've got the gimbal control, just the same as the maverick and sparked control. Now it's a bit a little bit different to the Phantom before this is one of the few differences between the three Siri's control and four Syria's control hasn't said before. I'm tryingto demonstrated many different combinations as possible. So if you have the full remote disobey that the four series remote, it's a bit different. But the people that have the three syriza a murder can also see what the difference is in the three Siri's remote. You have a P and I and if switch up here, where is with the actual Phantom? Siri's four remote control is you actually have a P s and a on the top there, so the P married is the same in birth of them again. That's the positioning mode on its standard mind that will come with your drawing on what you can just use that I was the object avoidance. It uses birth, GPS and visual positioning system that VPs to steady the drawing and make sure that that's all you know, happy and doing its thing. Next up, we have the A switch. Now this is a little bit different between The Phantom three and Phantom Four on The Phantom three, Siri's or Notice. It's got the F, which stands for function mode with The Phantom four. It actually has the sports modes. I've explained what sports mode is before it takes out object avoidance. It makes a drawing more agile and quick off. That's not for beginners. Use its for professional and people who you know well, understanding of their drawing and know what to expect. Sort of thing. The A murder is actually store on both of them, and that's for the A T. T. I mode. And this is good for flying doors because it actually doesn't use the GPS order VPs but only uses the barometer inside the drone to steady itself. And I'm not sure why you would really want to use this outside of perhaps flying indoors. But, you know, you can obviously imagine if it doesn't have GPS and doesn't have GPS is gonna be a lot less steady to try and fly. You're gonna get lots of drifting and all that sort of stuff. So it's probably not that good to actually use our other keep in T mode or this mode, but there are the other options for you. So the other main difference between the Phantom three, Siri's and defense four. Siri's remote is up here. You'll notice that the pause button actually has a play symbol or but it does do the same thing on top. Here, you've got the take a photo camera shutter button on your recording button. Obviously, you've also got the C one and C two buttons on the back again. Configurable configurable controllers. You got a nice little hand, daughter. You know, not only rested Dan like, say, but also Your Honor, pick it up. It's very solid spot to pick it up from. I'd suggest handling it from either there or from the side, the main body off the actual controller to get the best, so that results. Now on the back, you've got the actual full sized U S B port and the marker US people. This full size one is where you will plug your phone or your tablet into that just comes around here and plugs into the side of your device. This other point here is for firmware updates or getting logs. Three sorts of things on the side. Here you have the power point. Now it usually comes with a little, you know, silicon cover that goes over it. Be careful, they do come off as you can see here what this is for recharging the controller. As I said, You have your you will have your power brick and it's simple plugging power. Good. They do have a bit bigger factory inside. They do take a little bit longer than, say, the magical spark controls. And finally we have the main section appears up here. We have thes foreign holder. Now, if you want to put your phone in on a landscape position, you'll need to use these sections here, said a little feet that eventually go down repressed. This side thinking aside extends all the way up, and you also want to be careful off buttons, heating things. So I was gonna put this round like that, sits in there and then you just pushed down until it's nice and secure. If you've got an iPad or something like that, you can extend it a way out. Flip the iPad or tablet or outside conflate. It will fit in there so you can also obviously have upright like so that's how the foreign sits in there and it sits in there. Very Soledad. Quite easy to use on this whole sorry folds down here and out of the way when restoring it again with the antennas. Be very gentle with them. Same position for optimum use is nice and straight across the move up. And one of the main difference between the Phantom Series three and four is this little piece. He are. They changed to be metal in the Clinton four Siri's. So once again, plug in your phone to the U. S. B port while you're using it will charge your phone while you're flying, and it's just generally again and or and fantastic remote you can easily control easily. Change Gimbels record play pours all those sorts of things. It's just again a fantastic controller that I've never had any issues with whatsoever. So finally, if you ever need to link the control law to the actual drum, I need to go through a couple of steps again, come linked out of the box. So you should hopefully not have to do this. But if anything happened, maybe it gets replaced. They'd be on a link up a 2nd 1 This is how you lengthy control locked to the drone. First of all, you need to turn everything on the control off. Put the deejay app connected to it, turn it on, turn on the actual Drona itself connected. Once you've got all that, select the go fly and tap on the remote icon as I'm showing you here in the app and then go to linking RC button, which is down below there. Once you've done that, the remote control should be in linking, murdered and again just like the maverick need. The micro SD card will be a very tiny link button. They would need to press probably with a pin. And once you've done that, the link l a day will go solid green and the Aussie will be linked to the drone itself. So hopefully now you know everything about all three remotes and you're all up to speed. And we can now get into the really technical stuff, which is the deejay app. So I'll talk to you then on and see that. 14. Section 5 - 1 - Setting Up The DJI App: Welcome to the section, which is all about the deejay. I go application. So to begin with, your first obviously have to download and install the application so you can actually use it. That's what this section is all about. Setting up the deejay Now, before you go and deadly download and install the application and go through all that. I do want to note that there are actually two different versions off the application. So what you can see here on the screen is the very first application that deejay I originally release, which is D. J. You can see it here on the Google play store, and you'll notice that it's now being changed to four products before Phantom four Siri's. So this is actually for ALS, the devices that before the Phantom four. So these are things like the Phantom 12 and three Siri's drones, the inspired one, Siri's drones and just basically all the germs that they've had before that. Now there are two versions. The more current and up to date version that you'll want to download is the deejay I Go four app, which you can see here and is for drones. Since the Fed for this is for drones, I think venting four. Siri's the Digital Ravic Per And, of course, the deejay spark, which is just police. So if you have any of those three drones, please get this deejay I go four application and make sure that you have the right one for your drum. Now start with you. Wanna obviously download it and just be extra careful. The governor four app is about 140 Meg on the play store currently, and on the iTunes store, it's even bigger. It's over 400 Meg, as you can see here, so I would definitely suggest obviously, going on toe WiFi and downloading, not doing it over your telephone data connection. That's probably not a good idea, but once you have downloaded and installed it, you'll need to agree to the terms and conditions. I'm sure it'll be a hoot to read through, and then you'll actually need to create an account with d j dot com. So you can either create an account on the phone itself or you can actually sign up on the website. So if you go to just the deejay, I go home site you'll notice up here. There's a little made in the corner. You can just click on register like this, and it will take you through to a register page where you can fill in your day Tiles created account. What's stuff with a full size computer and cable massive. Like talking a win on your phone and then you can log it on your phone. That way, what isn't? Just simply crane. The camp your phone as per what showing here on this little screenshot so wanted downloaded stored on, agreed to the terms, conditions and created your account and signed in. You will be greeted with the home screen of the application, which is what you'll see most times when you actually log into the device at morning tea or drone and dual that sort of stuff. So this is what you'll say by day phone on this old change, too. A balloon that little into device down the bottom right hand corner, which is underlined with black will change to blue once you're drawing is actually connected and you'll be able to enter the device and start flying in, and we'll cover that in later sections. About all the different settings and details and parts of this application because there are a lot of parts, but to begin with, it's just sitting up and installing, the application said. The final piece that I just wanted to note is that on Android, when you actually plug in the USB cable from the remote controller to your phone. When you connect the two together, it will ask you if you'd like toe order, launch the deejay go each times you'll get a pop up that looks like this where you've got your did you go for application? And it asked me to use by default for this USB accessory. So you want to take this like it's showing here on the screen and press OK. That means that every time you plug in your device to your more control and turn it on, it will just automatically launch the application. It's one. This thing you have to do is that's very handy. Unfortunately, it only works on Android for now. They may bring it to Isil and later on, but it's been quite a while on it and still isn't here. So that's the deejay. I go for application as you use it over the years, you'll probably notice that it's not the most stable application in the world. It is a very, very good application, but it does tend to glitch or hang sometimes and even crash mid flight. I don't have it doing that hugely. Often, in my experience, it greatly helps if you have a nice, powerful new device. It is very resource intensive, displaying video during all the calculation sending receiving will be data over the remote control and interfacing and all that sort of stuff. It's it's quite taxing on the device that you have a two or three or even older year old. Your device. That's probably not gonna work too well. You'll probably get a crashing more often. Well, that sort of stuff. Also for the Android application, it does have specified phones, which are compatible with other ones, which aren't as compatible. The main ones that people seem to her best luck with are the Samsung Galaxy series. So ones like the S eight and s a plus or S seven or s. Nine. They also support the nexus. Siri's phones, like the Nexus six p, or the Google pixel Siris of phones as well. All those ones are very well supported by D. J. I. There are a number of other ones as well. They have devices listed on their website, but just in general, make sure that you check your phone and whether or not it's fully compatible with the application, because otherwise you might see a bit of instability in there. So obviously the iPhones are all supported cause there's just iPhones. But as I said, you do want to make sure that it's a good new high powered device. If possible, handle the complex calculations that get done. Wall see APP is running. Also, tablets are compatible as well. As I said, especially with the Phantom. Siri's people like to have the big screen in the tablets and what sort of stuff. So things like the apple a pad, too, and the Samsung Galaxy tabs well supported with the application outside of those, it's a bit of hit, miss. So do try the application. It hopefully should work for him, but also there are no problems, so that's installing and setting up the app and everything you need to know in regards to that will move on to the next section, which is the actual application itself. I'll talk to you 15. Section 5 - 2 - DJI App Overview: so welcome to this second part off this section, which is all about the deejay app Now, to break this down a little further because it is reasonably complicated. The deejay up went this one section into two different parts, so the first part will be about the application that you can see here. So the application has many tabs down the bottom here and will be covering those as well as the hamburger icon here. And that's just the general settings for the application. A few different things that you can do in application. Second part of it will be a bit more complicated part, which is what happens when you actually connect. You're drunk and click on that Go file into device button on the bottom. That's where you actually go. Control the drone actually going flythe, so we'll be doing that in the second part. For now, let's just go through the jail. So if you have a look at the application here, first, go up to the candy right on up the top. You can see that there's a skin Q walk. This section is for scanning the QR code, which is on your drum so you can quickly are, activate or connect to it. That's what that sections fought. Next up we have the academy, which is a fantastic section. You've got lots of different video tutorials. We've got flocked tutorials, video of the actual user manuals. Now, depending on which one you've selected, it'll automatically select the drawing, have it's actually connected. But if you are brave as other ones say, you've got your considering by the spark, you have a little videos for the spark. These come direct from D. J I. And they're very good videos, but they are somewhat limiting what they actually showed. That there's still very good. Of course, you've got using manuals that votes I got the simulator, which is excellent, however, as even, say he off its felt into the flight simulator because the drum isn't connected now, it's a bit strange. Why D J. I have done this, but essentially, in order to use the simulator, you have to turn on your connected to their work control or your phone and have it on sitting idly by while you actually used to senior seems they can intuitive to may and public to you as well. There's no good raising that age. I've given this. Some people think that it's to verify that you are deejay, customer. Have purchase enjoyment that could see connected. Some things don't make sense, but it is what it is. So make sure you do have your drawing connected if you want to simulate. Next up we have the flight record, which shows you or your experience points and a total flying time footprint services where you've flown, which countries he flew in and things like top spare top attitude, all those bits of fun information you can record and these are automatically recorded as we do each of your trips. And as you do over time, you can grab something here and pull up and see a lot of fight daughter that you've recorded over times. This is all the flights you've taken since you've started for under can't so anything you need to have. It also has some sittings, and we can even sink it to deejay eyes service up there. Next up we have the store, which is just story from garden by some of the goggles or plays, and after that you've got to find my drawing this for my giant section is for if you actually lose your drawing, maybe landed somewhere exactly sure where it landed. If the drone is on and connected to your remote control within range, it'll track with GPS location. Realize that bacteria even narrowing, retreat destroyed. That's what that section is for. And finally, we've got the flight restriction information section, which is a geo zone. Sorry, he have Australia, so this it's selected Australia automatically. Then we can scroll down and get a general idea of all the knife flies are until the possible warnings arms that they might be in Australia, for example, if we just zoom in a bit of a random location here, you can see you live near the Brisbane International Airport. That's obvious flies. So he didn't scrolled. And it will tell you what all the restricted zones are authorization zones and explain to you what each of our it's a fantastic little resource that, you know, perhaps you're going to Europe USA. You know, maybe you're going toe generally something like that. You want to know, Will you get out of a flying drone? If you take it with you, you can look at this application, get a bit of a quick idea or whether you might be fly there. I'll be covering it. Look more detail in the next, uh, tripped up that's on safety what you're able to do with your specific country. So stay tuned for that. But this is a good sort of prep course for what? Catcher into Is that all the information in the hamburger? I call up in the corner that you also know that you can select which device you have again If you've got your device connected or medical, choose for you. But you know you have a from within and say that maybe you want to inspire to. You can have a look what it might look like to have one of those huge drones at your disposal. So I have a bit of fun with that living over to the editor. You've got your albums in your create section, so your albums are when you can see or your photos and videos you've taken from the drone when you actually fly it up and take photos. Videos that stored on the market west. A car on the drive full date out, but it also strange back that video those photos to your phone on floor wallets flying in stores, There is slightly more call to ones on the actual for itself. So this is where you find them when you want to share them or do that and just is an example. You can see you have a fantastic photo I took of the ground, and you can browse them as he would normally looking at the create section. You can, with a few clicks, create like a you know, quick video of your flight automatically top boring, paces out and put interesting things together. Make a hospital video with music you can choose what music. Add that to it and share it off to any social. So it is quite a handy feature can can produce in quite videos as well. But if you want to do something serious and professional office, have to get that original daughter off the drugs and you something like final cut pro or pregnant pro or something to make a proper vision. But that is a good section. Have you got the scar pixel section? Next, which is their social network? If you would the D J. R. You can give you other people's photos, things that shared you could follow them, like on Twitter or something forward people. But it's just fantastic. I think, to have a look at all their photos and videos they have posted up gives you a good idea what perhaps you could. So that's what that section is, and you've got your recent following sections up here as well, so they also have competitions and tips and articles of my post there. It's good looking again. Finally got the main section, which is, or your county tiles sittings for the applications that you've got your account details here if you could. Three. Conceal your fans and followers What sort of stuff you can go to do Jr store again. You can. You're feeling into camp. You can flight record again. You can go to the deejay for more support for issues that you might be having with your drink. Probably recommend posting something on the foreign first. That's an excellent place to go. You already have your account because you've signed up with D j r dot com, and there's a lot of times people on there that will help you in, you know, problems. This even stuff from D J frequent. Yeah, come into lots of stuff. I did say they were also sittings in here as well and probably won't have seen it. But up in the top corner here is little sittings gear. So we tap on that. You see, there's more settings for the actual application. Things like clearing Cage. You know, chicken for updates of the application turning off. Cellular Darda The privacy settings are something recommend going into and just turning off the water marks and all that sort of stuff. I don't know why anyone would want D. J I watermark over their photos, but luckily you can easily turn it off. And that's pretty much all the settings. In a way, the areas off the application so will now move into part truth, which, as I said, well connected to the driving this section here will go to Blue will be out into the drawer and look at those settings. Welcome back to part two. So now that we've got our actual phone connected toe control and we've got a drone turned on the world connected and ready to go, we'll go into that go fly section bottoms, he say down there told it up in blue and the connected signal down in the bottom, left hand side is connected. So now you're attacked that girl fly button and we're gonna go into the main menu area. So as you can see here, I've just got this sitting on the floor, which is what I told Red. It's complaining that there's no position where currently a t I murdered when this is actually outside. Sure this later what we go through basic flying, all that sort of stuff. The section at the top here will say or flying. Now we tap on that it can go through a latest details and stuff. See, Team got latest firmware. That compass is all normal. I us all normal vision sensors. Airil Normal also lets you customize the customers will buttons here and right down the bottom we can see our SD card. You can very easily just click in format. That card I would suggest doing that at most times you fly. You haven't backed up your actual dollar first door, but it is always handy. The last thing you want doors be flying around getting great shots and you can't record because he SD cards full off stuff. Previous. There's a good idea to form a card in time for the flight. The going back out of that will just go around fully clockwise. So up the very top here, you've got the digital logo. If you tap that, it will just take me back to my phone. Click on that, and that will go back to my And there's a lot of stuff happening here, so trying to sort of go over very quickly, But up the top you have, as I said, the status off the drum time blades in their position Mark, because I saw it's very difficult for it to get satellites inside. You want to make sure that saying Ready to fly and has GPS locks on it. So moving across you've got that little green line underneath, which is your battery percentage. You've also got those two white dots to the left hand side that's your medium morning and critical. One of these, a considerable moving across. You've got your current murder, which apparently it's in T. I'm artifices GPS signal. Her four year old should say GPS when it's time. Next to that, we have the GPS satellite indicate a So there's a number of these indicators side by side, one by one first is the GPS satellites. That should tell you obviously, GPS had a lot to you have connected to your drunk. You want this to be a good you know, 12 plus sort of thing of your. You want to make sure there's lots of satellites going to tour, giving it a lot of stability so that it can get a good, accurate position of exactly where it is sometimes marked the upwards of 20 or less, but you want a good 10 to 20. Reasonable lawn moving on from GPS. You've got the little dot with radiating lines coming out of it. This is for your object avoidance. I'm currently connected to a medic per so that has object avoided in front bottom for your friend and four Per you've got on the front and back. Well, was the sides and lots of stuff. So depending on which drilling there using my may not have that for off the sides moving over to read the unity, you've got this indicator signal here which is for your remote control. So that's the actual connectivity from the remarks itself to George. So it's a very important one. If you wanna keep controlling your drink up next to it, you actually have a little page D with Mawr bars on. This is a bit of a complicated thing that the controller actually sent out two signals. One of them is for the actual controlling off the drone itself. The other one is for the image that you see on your phone, said two separate wings. And they have three separate qualities you may not be out to get, Ah, high definition video download from your drug. You still might be out of actually controlling. So that's what those two individuals may. Obviously, it's not that important. You see, what you're seeing is always still control it. You can't control it in the moderates and problems, but it'll hopefully returned home. That happens. Living all over. You've got your battery percentage, which is currently at 96%. As I said, this is also represented with that green line up the very, very top continuing a red underneath that we have the I saw and shutter speed as well as the exposure, compensation value and also be white. So all of these are explaining, laid out on camera settings and stuff. Also, if you don't know what it by so exposure compensation for what? Some stuff. I'll go over that a little more than five section on photography and videography joins with lots of stuff, but it's very simple cameras. So that's what that section is to slightly to the right of it. You've got what type off you're recording in with J Pickle, raw for still image of perhaps four K or 10 80 p for video. And it also tells you next, with the capacity currently on recording JP Pictures and I can record over 6000 off on the memory card. Got. So that's because I'm a picture murder, which you can see on the Rockets inside here. If I would take first up, it would take a photo, and I can click this play button down here and actually have a look at what the actual furtherance should work. Maybe on you've got your order, focus or manual focus. You can change that. Emanuel First order. Focus. Some of the drones may don't have this. This is the medic per obvious in defending for will also have this manual focus ability. The standard Santa four doesn't. So yours may not have that. And then you've got the switch buckles IAAF, which switches between video on camera. Now, Temer in video mind and I can easily switch back to camera mode, moving over to the left. Here, we've got the take off button save. You would attack that. You tend to take the door off, and we'll get into that when we get to basic Floyd. Damn belong. You got that right down button, which is the returned home box office. You need to be flying that actually work. And underneath that, we've got the intelligent, smart murdered which we will go our separate, more advanced flying underneath that we have the map e which you can tap Zoom in, zoom out and say what you want. Picture back switch between them. Next to that you've got D for distance. You also have hate for horizontal distance. So that is post hard total distance medical distance. You also have the horizontal spayed and vertical spain meters per second, as well as the visual position. Sorry. Moving on around the corner. You've got the settings for the actual photo and video goes through that world minute. But the actual main screen here, you see this little green square you can focus on it. You can also hold down and draw the gimbal up, or they're using this sort of easy to drive thing. Or you can just simply use control up there. So that's pretty much all the information on the actual guard flow section. There's even more haven't covered these three dots up here, which will go through and also the cities for the cameras, which also. But I just wanted to give you a very quick review data what All the different sections off you are and in a minute will go into the city. So I just wanted to cover up one other point for those who have the deejay spark and who are only using their phones as remote so they might not have by the controller or Phantom Control that you didn't buy the formal convert for the spark you sport just this mark and nothing else, and you're controlling everything quite well. Maybe you just trying out different for other things. So why will still have the usual screen, which I've explained obviously walkabout. You will also have to onscreen buttons on your actual device on showing each other here so you can see what I'm talking about. But you will be controlling the drone with your left and right found on the actual device on top of this interface that I've been explaining so far. So it does complicate things a bit more, which is why I strongly recommend that you do get the remote control because you can actually control everything independently off your foreign. Yousefian, simply as a view, formed up and have information displayed over the top, because there is a lot of information displayed, as I've explained. But you are just flying time for a minute bull. That's one thing, then Obviously you have the left and joysticks, which map to the left of joysticks here, which have again, I suggest for Turkey. There is also a body in the bottom left hand corner underneath the active track, which will enable or disable the actual on screen controllers compress that. That's one of the more unique features upon the actual spark or when you're actually control your mobile phone only. So just be aware of that you've got taken prior or magic, part of just a radio. Offended. You almost wouldn't say that come up on your foreign interference part for the spark. They probably just wanted to cover that little bit of extra thing to make sure that I've got all the various different parts with The Phantom, Siri's, the Magic, Siri's and also the Spark Series. Generally speaking, it doesn't matter which one of the joins you have. The interface is gonna be almost identical on different drones. There's different parts like they'll be different active tracks. That's right. Be different intelligent flight mode, which will recover later. Well, I'll point out the differences between each of the drones there as well. And, like I said it in the actual manual systems when you're under the control US headings on this, it's gonna be different for phantom control of This is a medical spa control, but it's pretty logical. You'll be get. It's just customized, actually, buttons in different spots, verses, different things. So that's want to add that little bit extra just to make sure that everything is covered in all three main drums covered regardless of which one you have and now continue on with the rest of. So now we're gonna have a look at the General Settings section, and there's a number of ways that you can get into this. The main way to get into the four menu is by tapping the three daughters points in the top right corner. But this once you do that, you get into the general settings section, where you can do things like change from metric to imperial. You can change what a long press action does. Choose your life streaming platform, lots of different things that you can do it. So if you go down even further, you can enable a map for China mainland sort of things calibrate for charter as well. Not in China's having that you can show the flock round, which is this little thing here will draw up on the screen. Exactly where you're drawing is going and being radio suggested, and you can also locally touch when recording. So what this is is when you're actually out there flying around recording video recording photos and lots of the stuff it will be streaming that video back to your phone to watch live, and you can actually choose to have the phone records that in a slightly lower quality than what the drawing itself is recording to Michael Steele but also recommend that it's very candy. Have you can have a final moments of you join. If you have a do actually crash, it'll lose it. At least you got something you know, lower quality version of what you were doing store. You find for whatever you want to use it for. But otherwise, it's also good for you to instantly share sexual networks as well. And use that to create a studio thing that I showed you before in a section. So going back to the cities, you can also record audio with video coach and also sit your videotape capacity. I've got quite a big storage amount, so I said that to seven gig. You can also set it to automatically clean up the vehicle, and it will automatically clean the old videos out for you, which is living on down. You can go through all the warnings and blocking list and also sit your device name. So upset minus Marvin, obviously you can choose work. Have a look at the doused, which is where you want to check updates or see what version. Remote control was on aircraft database. Your application, Donald. All that toast, sir. Living on to the top. We have the emcee settings. He even got on putting an identification number. Flight information at that drawing wish. The more important is the basic settings off the harm port. Now, with the hard point, you can choose one of turn. The 1st 1 here sets the position to wear currently are. Obviously you need a good GPS signal for that, which we don't have at the moment. The other option is to sit the hard point toy, everything actual aircraft. He's now. The difference between that, as you might want to set toe, are important when the Germans out flowing, where you might want to send it to your remote control with these at the moment so you can choose between those two. You can also have a dynamic foreign point where the aircraft will continuously update the one point according toe. It's tired position, wild track person connected trackman That's been more complicated, but it is something you do now. The return to home altitude is actually quite important, as I was discussing previously. This is what could happen if you don't set of hard. So you out flowing and 30 meters, which is what this is currently set by. Default is quite hard, will go over those trees. But there's certainly a lot of buildings that will get in that white if you want you going and you can set that to something a little next up, we have the intelligence flight mode. So this is what I was referring to before on the actual side of controllers, when you have the sports button that would actually work unless you actually enable other flight. So this is where you go and check on able, intelligent flight mode, and I don't then allow you to change over to sport murder. You have a bit more fun. Start suggest putting that on once you've actually down the same gunman. Hey off the actual jury and quite well, next is the beginning. Mind, which will It is something that's good have. But it does restrict your maximum altitude and distance limit cycle sitting here about turn that on. It's gonna limit that defending leaders and change a whole bunch of settings will turn that off because we are beginning. You can say it sets the maximum altitude, 30 meters and the distance to turn that both changes back to the maximum altitude, which is 120 meters, all roughly 400 feet. And that's the maximum altitude that we're about to fly. You can also set a distance limit of whatever you want and shoes go through to its advanced settings. And you've even got mawr settings. You've got emergency stick mind, which is that CSC combination that I was referring to. Build your own. You've got whether or not you've got propel adults connected and you can even add cinematic murdered game. Now, you might not have all these settings, depending on which drawing you have. As I said, this is connected toe hurt. Typically, if you have been fatal, four pro. You'll probably see a lot of these sentences. Well, that the market a few ones you don't see you simply have four or perhaps the spark, so don't be too scared. If you don't see all these on your drugs, how does your full bar next up. We had the visual navigation sitting. So by default coming to this, a lot of these things will be disabled. As you can see here, you want to turn on obstacle avoidance. I'm not sure why it comes disabled, but you obviously Mary boards at your will. Then you'll probably want to turn on the horizontal obstacle avoidance intact. Fly backwards flying active track. This one's a bit of a different one. You might not want to actually enable this world. What this is trying to prevent is on something about the magic per sparked, even before believe. It doesn't do backwards tractor objectively, so we'll do forward avoidance. And if you try and fly into a tree, stop you. But if your active tracking this is the drone it's tracking, lay in its up here and it's flying backwards. As I walk forward towards it. It's obviously not going to be out, see what's happening behind it. Just fly to donate or trail numerous things so you can have a actually disable flowing backwards in active tracks. It will just know do that dangerous maneuver. So that's what that is there for, and whether you want turn that on off, on off is up to you. You can also enable object avoidance just in general track, which I would obviously suggest doing. And you've got even Mawr that hence division settings, which you'll probably never touched because they're all quite handy. So you obviously want to enable the dam would vision positioning senses again. That's for the medic per and the Phantom four per landing protection is the aircraft. Check the landing area when landing perfection is enabled. So this will mean that when you're going into land, it will make sure that the ground is in a sort of art. Even it'll that sort of stuff that they put up a fight with you a bit. If it detects it, you know, it's a bit of a steep grading that might fall over. That happens. That's what that section is. Therefore, it's a good thing to have done. Precision Landing is another one that was released just recently. What this is is that usually when the drawing takes off, it hovers in the air for a minute or two and gets a lot of GPS signals and tries to try and exactly where it is and where he returned to her position. What the extra precision it actually takes a further actually rises up a bit higher, takes a photo off the ground, and what it does is when it comes back. It comes back to that rough GPS location somewhere in this two or three meters radius. Then it uses that further that it took before and photo video that has it to troll a line both of those two together as accurately as possible to do precise landing. So that's what precision landing is. And again, it's something you have turned on. The return to home obstacle detection is another very good. Well, this is something that will work on all of the drums. So when you keep returned to her and it's going along and it senses a building or tree and pop, it will try actively avoid that, that setting his own. So it is definitely something you want to just turn on and off. Moving on from the Advanced Vision Citizens, we will go into the remote Control all settings section so this again will be different depending on whether your flying Navin course spot Phantom Siri's during. But it should be generally the same from large pots are starting off. We've got the remote control of calibration, which, after power aircraft off and then calibrate the remark. You can also use the fixed wing it moment. Check their when they have a level again. Explain that in the later section on more advanced, intelligent flying moves. Next up, you've got the remote Elsayed a citizen tell you about the LCD for the purpose of the sex. That's what's connected. Different, which one? Flying. You also have option to change the stick mode. Now I would suggest that you just simply stick with voter. Most places in the world used, monitored, bought. There are a few places that used different words. If someone tries to come and flying or driving, most likely expect that it will be in my Tuesday. That's what I'm suggesting to stick with it. Learn from that. If you don't like that, you can change to a different murder. Sexual living on. We've got the budding customization, so that's for the C one and C two buttons at the back off the magic per controller again with different controllers and different drones. You have different button customization, but by the way, regardless of what controllable drunk you have, I will be here. Then you just tap the button and choose whichever one you want to come up. For example, Moving on again. This is the magic Pro. So that has its special five D button customization so that this little button here and that has obviously five separate ways that you can trigger up there, left Rod and also pushing the button itself. But again, you can just tap on whatever one you want and choose what you want. You also have this remote control linking section down here which allows you to link a secondary remote or if some reason perhaps you broke your original remote or something happened to it and you were needed to replace it. Or perhaps your spark owner. You bought a remote control for your sparking. Come with the fly more combo. You didn't get that combo border later on. That's why to mark, sir, that is the remote control of section. And now we'll move on to the image transmission section and you can see here it gets a little more complicated and technical. Generally, you want to take the channel murdered on water. That this image transmission section just generally deals with the transmission between the actual control on the drone itself, as well as the image that Spain says you know how said there was two Section one for the controlling of the journey month. Actual image that's displayed on a farm. This is the image transition transmission section, so it will tell you how strong your signal is. They will tell you what type of murdered you can put it in when you want a high H day. Red, yellow smurray. If you have the phantom for pro, you can actually change this. And this is where you go to select whether you want it to be transmitting images 2.4 gigahertz or 5.8 gigahertz frequency. So you might want said it too. 5.8 gigahertz frequency to make sure that it avoids the interference. Say, from wife. I just common things that used to 0.4 hoods. Frequencies suggest sitting the magic. Per doesn't have that option. No, the only we have the aircraft factory, which is again very technical. I personally don't go into any of these very often because, you know what? I want to know the exact voltage of the second part of the lithium ion battery. It's not gonna worry too much about, but it also gives you the voltage temperature, all that good information. You can also control how high your critical low battery warnings out. So this is the section off the top here with that, you know, first thought on second dog where the hell and we can also get back to that battery section quickly by hitting the veteran. So I find the 10% and 30% are quite fun. I have a changing since I started flowing really well, so you can leave them there as well. You have even more advanced settings which show your voltage on main screen. Not sure why you were going to show the voltage of your batteries on the mainspring that doctrines there if you wanted, and moving back again on to the gimbal settings again, another section really, ever go into. The main thing you need to be aware of here is the difference between the FTV for my by default, it should be in the following modes and that's what you want when taking videos paying from decided to whatever it is in view and followed that year. The F B V mode is for when you're flying in the first person. You see if you're wearing a danger. Gobbles changed, but it's not a very cold. So that's full the settings and we can get back to the general settings there again will jump out of them. That's all the settings for the main application. The only other settings yes, stirs. It's even more sittings in Here is for the camera. So, Dan, here we click on here and again. This will be different, depending on what you have is, per it is the more professional version, so you have more professional control, everything the same to be ST four. Poor professional. That'll be different to standard Phantom four. That would have things like when you focus, murdered or order. Focus different tweets like that that he's another differentiating factor between pro and standard models. But looking at this, it's kind of automatic murdered for the pictures. This is in the pictures murdered. You can change that into the video emerging tap on that, obviously into the video settings, but for now we'll stick with the photo settings. You can either have it on automatic or you can change two men. You'll you can change the shutter speed, so make lots law. You can see it's starting to get doctor or brought up. You can cranky, also upto whatever you want. We'll cover the ice I, with all those other things in more detail. Why Iran Photography and videography section but so fast to say it's pretty much exactly the same as cameras and regular digital photography. You can set it back to automatic, and we can move on to the video section. One of most important things is the video size The Phantom for Pro. You've got four K are chosen four K at 30 frames per second. You can also have the more cinematic four K at 49 6 2160 bucks for the standard 16 by nine four. Carry will be 38 40 by 2160. Living back you've got your video format, which is just move or impede forces, which curd act you want to use, whether it's into your sale power, what type of what balance you want to have cheese order because it does very fantastic job off keeping that world balance. Then you've got the styles, and you can choose whether it's landscape, soft, custom and also the color. There's lots of different people's opinions. Some people like, Do you see like some people do, Lord, it's up to you which one you prefer. Each had different situations and reasons for going through them. Moving on to the settings you can add a sister grand, which is very painting. Also, move that around, you know, look at it again. Back in the photography section, you can add portrait murdered. You can have ordered Fergus order sink in Haiti. Photos you can. Also, there are a whole bunch of other things, like overexposure, warning and bombing exposure order, preview, lots of different things. One thing that I would suggest that is the front Halliday's order turn off. So what this means is on the actual drone, it has led around it flash and show your statuses and all that sort of information. When you're actually taking a photo. It's possible that the front early days might encourage on that photo. Shino just interfere with it, basically, so tapping that button will make sure that the front, Eli's turn off, then it actually takes the photos. You don't get any of that interference. Highly. Recommend that you can also do things like adding grids, which again is very handy. And we'll cover their own centrepoint, which is also a quiet community. Let's adjust and lots of other little bits and pieces. So that's all the settings for all the application. Everything, quite, Sele's. You know, turtle and blowing your mind with all these different settings. It is a highly complicated application with lots of information. So they're afraid of rewind and watch this again. Or go ahead and have a flight and come back and watch it again. You probably weren't taking all that information just in one shot, but it's there. So that is the Day Jr app on the next section we're going to is on updating, so I'll talk to you 16. Section 5 - 3 - Firmware Updates: again and welcome to this final section on thermal. So after going through all the app, I just want to cover one more final section on the firmware and the upgrading off the comptroller of the journal. That sort of stuff a few different sections that you gotta watch out force that one is obviously the remote control and drawing itself. They have firmware versions on the application on the phone tablet iPhone obviously can be updated as well, just like any other application got. And one other final component is actually the battery in the drug called them intelligent flight batteries. For a reason. They have very sophisticated controllers in them, and they require updates sometimes as well. So in this section, others want to go through a few tips, and you know just things to watch out for when you do the firmware update. So let's get into it. So there very first thing that you'll need to do is obviously connect your phone to the remote control and then victor control to during make sure that on delegated and turn our control home, and this will boot up and start the application automatically. When the application start to notice that checks your drones family version and then also compares that to the server. Make sure that they compatible enough today. It's not. It'll notify you off any family to be updated. So when we go into the actual application will see here, it does need an update on will be covered. Second. Before I go through that, I just want Point out that these updates can take quite a while to actually do. You can do these updates add in the field of you really want to, but probably recommend against it. These updates can take anyway from five minutes. If it's just for the battery away, up to like heart, you're updating the drawing stuff, so you have to excuse the worrying sound. That's the fan from here, but just marks. Now, when you're doing the updates at field, not only is this gonna take a huge amount of time half now walled city twiddle thumbs doing nothing quality updates, but you also know that on the drone itself, if you click on the firm where you can see here to that 200 mix, you don't want to actually be damn writing that on your mobile connection. If you can help it to do the phone where update at home. Make sure you connected to WiFi. Quick, Easy would be just sitting there waiting, standing in the middle of a park somewhere, doing nothing. The other reason is that if you are out in the parking, do you want to fly? It comes up saying there's a firmware update. Not a problem to sit that ghostlike Baden. It'll go fly Problems tell you that there's a firmware update required is no actually required. You can still don't fly without. That's the first little tip. The other one is that when you go into the program itself and actually try and do an update , you'll notice that, for example, tryingto now it's going to refuse it, saying the battery is low 50%. So when you're doing these updates, you want to make sure that the Bactrian throw itself is hard and 50%. But also the remote controls batteries Hard. 50. When it does the upgrade, download the daughter from the Internet, push that to the actual remote controller, which then will push that to the drone itself. Subject the drone and the control you need to have a decent battery to sit there for. Maybe, as I said, up to half an hour doing this upgrade. Last thing you want is here, drawing with control into this crash and die from factories running out halfway through a firmware upgrade. That is a very bad things to happen and could potentially break your journal control both. So that's one thing you want. Make sure, so just click out of that now. The other final point is that if for some reason you've updated toe a new piece of certain , it's not really doing it for you. You know, maybe it's delicious with your foreign. Or maybe it just has a bug for everyone in it. Did you working on a fix, but for the time you were flying and you prefer using the thermal inversion before maybe a couple of versions before you can actually hit this handle that I caught up in the corner that press at home. And after a few seconds, this window here will pop up around to downgrade two different versions firmware, so you to select which version we want a downgrade to and then hit the stop updating. That's for more for advanced users. As I said, if something sort of goes wrong with the firmware that you've updated to backwards, you can choose that option. And finally, once you have updated your drawing, so you've gone through Swift and start updating downloads, restarted the drawing a few times. It successfully applied the update. Don't stop there. Take the battery out of your drone and make sure you put in a way the other batteries and start up the application. It will check the drawing, the controller and the factory again. Make sure that everything's on the right firm Web and tell you might do the update. Taking bacteria. Putting your spare battery. Load up the application. Connect to it again. You might say there's another storm erupted because the factory itself needs an update. You've only updated that other battery. You need to update all of your trees. So that's just a about a little gotcha that you might need to do trying to do this before you go on fly. Do all the updates. Recharge your batteries, Daniel set to go for next time you want to fly. So that's firmware updates for the snap control of the drone and all that sort of stuff. Next up, we'll be talking about safety and label requirements, so check it out. 17. Section 6 - 1 - Personal Safety: There you go. And welcome to this section on safety. So you might think this is a bit of a boring section, but please do watch from start to finish. It is very critical, not just feel or in safety, but safety of other people and also, more importantly, actual illegalities of flying Jordan and whether you can get in trouble or perhaps even find me. So to begin with, looking at personal safety sense in regard to safety between you and the joint, and possibly the people of the jury as well. So very first thing to watch out. It's obvious his blades will be spinning really, really false when it actually up flying a lot sort of stuff Big went on the grand could be sitting there flying quite fast as well. The Phantom Siri's blanks will be spending much fall stuff and quite hard, and they are made out of plastic but very, very tough, durable plastic, which means it comes into contact with your actually lead hands. It will do a fair bit of your car, broke the skin, stop blaming No, the worst injury possibly have. But that's just it. It actually hit somewhere face that can do a lot more damage on. I wouldn't even want to think about what would happen if they hit you or someone else. Whilst these are fantastic things to earn, some people consider toys. Some people consider them Fante Fine cameras. You know, lots of people don't really take charge very seriously. They really should. Because, although I guess the how a lot of time considered a toy they fly. They have heights being blades that can do a lot of damage, especially people's faces. And as I said in the Section three, it's very easy to misjudge how far away you are from someone. It's easy to misjudge how large of a distance you required to stop your garden, a decent speed and all these things can result in adjourn coming towards someone's face your face and doing damage to now, another very common one. As you contain this video here is when people, from what I can tell anyway, simply lose control. So here you can see a person flying their driving. She's losing control and smashing into someone's face or body. That's at a wedding, probably the worst time. You could probably do it. I would hate to think what happened to that couple, but it's just a example. People post those videos is finding things for people off. But when you actually sort of stop and think about it, if you have one of these drones flying at you at a decent speed and keep you straight in the face, that's not something particular wish on anyone's, especially if it was one of these ones are heavy with the spark. It's not too much of a concern because it is much smaller. The blades are obviously a lot smaller as well, but I can still do a bit of damage. Break skin you obviously wouldn't want anyway. New York High. So that's just this area in talking about personal safety of you and other people. A lot. Some stuff. There's actually even more concerns for safety or going out in the next chapter, so I'll chat to you then about it. When we can discuss other, more serious safety things, that could happen 18. Section 6 - 2 - More Serious Safety Concerns: Okay, welcome to this section. Now, disease having propellers, you know, guarantee your eyes not serious enough. The section is about even more serious concerns to do drugs. So, as I said, many people think that is toys and give them too much thought. They focused on getting out there, flying on, getting up, getting photos and videos. And that's all fantastic. That is a very good thing to do, said They cover that later on. But it's really important that, you know, just have serious. They are how much damage drones could do. And it also helps to know this information when you read the laws and things that countries have and where those laws come from, what they're actually thinking about, why they make those laws could. Sometimes they seem a bit ridiculous, and it's just a toy. I was making me do these things after registered and stay 100 meters from this and 20 meters from that, and there's lots of rules, and it's good to know the reasons behind it does make it a logical one during they're not just doing it to ruin your fun. So to begin with, the main point that most aviation authorities have concerns with that. These air consumer facing drums so they're not, you know, built for tough conditions that have multiple redundancy systems built into the When you fly in an airplane, it might have to four engines can, often flying on one engine. Those are redundant systems. They might have to double or triple redundancy for critical systems. These things don't have this. I mean, with the more higher serious ones, like the inspired to They Can Have a Job back tree redundancy network guard. But for most off, the consumer facing stall germs have sparked Siri's that only kind of have one level off system. So, for example, if one of these propellers was to be damaged and flew off or you didn't attach, Appropriate flew for whatever reason, this whole thing before out of this car. Now, sure, it's got three motors and three out of propellers, but it can't fly on just three needs all four systems, or it's gonna fall out of the sky similar with the battery one. After this, Petrie. When you put it in and you don't really sort of attach it properly, it's not really I mean, it's just kind of offing. You know, maybe it's a bit faulty from the factory or something like that. Here. Click. But it doesn't really go, you know, Maybe during a flawed you do some fancy maneuver, it comes laces or something. It's damaged in the tournament becomes loose. Power gets come to the drug balls out of the sky. So that's not to say off. Perhaps some integrated circuits fail. Perhaps that software glitches, You know, there's also just actually losing control of yourself. Maybe you do that. CSC Command first I'm raising because you painted it again. A loader. Stop! Drop out, Scott. There are 100 reasons why this thing could drop out of the sky, and when it does, it could cause some serious damage. So this magic here is about 0.7 cures 700 grands, or about £1.6. If you're about 50 meters up in the air with this, so imagine 50 meters isn't particularly huge here. Australia. The Met maximum Cioni is 120 meters or 400 feet. Either half that Lots 50 made is not very hard. And what is it? For whatever reason, maybe it's no fault of your own Europe perfect slaw. You've done nothing wrong. But you know, one of the eye sees inside of the controllers are battery or something just failed to get alerted. You know, whatever it may be, a boot flies in tow. Whatever they're raising. What? They has nothing to do with you as a pirate doing something. Growth. This thing falls out the sky from 50 meters. It's gonna land when it when it actually hits the ground. It's gonna be traveling at about 100 10 kilometers an hour. That's about 70 miles an hour. People in America. So imagine this slamming into the top of your head or your face as you're looking up, your you know, innocent bystander or something like that. I didn't this slamming into your face at 110 kilometers an hour, 70 miles an hour. That is going to do some serious damage. These propellers are probably still spinning while it's at it. I would not want to be under that. Then get table. What's I mean? If this thing was actually to do that, if it was actually to keep you 110 kilometers an hour, given its white and its speed. That's about the equivalent of 350 jewels of energy being transferred into. What a part of you that it actually slams into give you an idea of what 350 Jules is. If you were to take a typical average person and get them toe punch you in the face, that punch would have a bad 100 jewels worth of energy in it. So this is like having 3.5 average people punching in the face simultaneously. What was actually before you? Not the best, plus a spinning propellers as well. And that's the matter. The maverick. He's quite a lot during, as I said it, seven under Grant Santo, whatever your as well, so that gives you an idea of what top of serious damage these things can do. And as I said, it doesn't have to be a that Republican perfectly, you know, legal, doing everything. Make no, let's be flying for years. The drawing itself confound. That's what they really afraid of. That's why they create all these lords about what you're supposed to fly over. We're not supposed to fly river, and it's different in each country that box primarily, that's where their concerns come from and beyond that that can actually kill even worse because that's what happens if it falls on crashes onto a single person. Imagine is, you know, again, you're out, You're having fun. You're flying your phantom for pro getting some fantastic shots. You're flying over intersection and giving dam was shot of all the cars going in and out of it looks cool. And, you know, birth was in tow or one of the propellers you haven't really attached properly. It flaws off as it may be just something inside the journey. If I was not a single fault of your this thing plummets out of the sky crashes into a car on the intersection. This thing is much heavier than the Phantom. It's quite possible, total straight to windshield itself. Or the very least, it's getting crap out of whoever's in that top. Don't probably careened off the road and smash into something they might die if they during that they might smash into another car was heading in the opposite direction. You do not want to be flying these things people or over cause. They also have boards in some places that are not allowed to fire actual buildings as well . For that, I don't say too much of a huge issue. And obviously the crashes into a building in my damaged building damage dramas Well, but it's not a huge loss of life to my guest smashed window or something. But if that's the that's the law for May, that's more concerned about what damage these can do to actually people, whether they're getting hit by the drugs themselves or whether they're actually in a car or something. More seriously, that's the level of serious. But you need to be thinking about when you're actually flying these drones. So I would highly advise, even if it's not the legality or more in your country that you talked flyover people into sections or cause. I would really still avoid it because you may think that you're a perfect pilot and you know you never do anything growing really careful. But that doesn't take away in effect. Still, consumer facing Germans, they can have five, and you may just panic or but might come out of somewhere. Knocking out Scott is 100 reasons that I can't even think all why it may crash the only way to guarantee that none of those cases happened when things are heating people and faces smattering for car windshields and causing accidents and crashes. And maybe people being killed or something like that is to just not fly over those areas, not fly those people. You have plenty of fun game, fantastic photos when you know over, actually people not over actual cars. But that's one of the most serious things that I've always keep in the back of my mind, that you don't want to be flying over the sorts of people or areas. Now I know that this obviously takes some of the fun out of it of in. It is quite difficult to find an area with people cause, and especially if you're living in an environment sort of thing. But again, it's It's up to you. It's your choice. One. You might have laws that prohibited team actually breaking the law. But even if you don't have those laws, you got a sort of yours, you know? Is that funny? Really worth the potential off, having your drawing for out of the air smack into some child's face or crashing toe. For me personally, it's no, that is, of course, other people out there do your stupid things. So actually this quick video here, which is someone in grace and flying up that is trying to get as high as possible. Well, record. But as he can say in the video, there's actually airport right next to him. So doing something quietly. Greece there's audible, was, which makes what they're doing isn't moral able. And aside from the fact that it it's just dangerous, you know, there might be a plane flies into or something like that. It kind of ruins drones. Whatever else that's the other side of this is the more accidents that happened. More times, people flying plan crashing people slamming drones into cars, the more the rest of the world gets scared about drones and the war restrictive boys have been placed on. Don't be that guy. Do stupid stuff with your drawing. Keep it for keep it simple, keep it safe and most drug parts do follow these rules and, you know it's 99% of people have no problems whatsoever. I'm not that guy, but it's just that one person kind of ruins and don't be that 1%. And next up will be covering the actual legal laws that will be your country. Cells talk together. 19. Section 6 - 3 - How To Find Your Country's Laws: are you now have talked about general safety with your drone. Just want to be aware off the reasons behind why countries have laws. Want to speak about how to find the laws that are in your actual country. So obviously, this is courses. This course is global, and anyone from any country anyway can be watching this. Unfortunately, I can't list every single country's law, and I wouldn't really want to do that anyway. One again. It would just go on forever. Bore the pants off youth. More importantly, these laws you know, chopping and changing all the time. But it's faster to say if you want to know about the boys in your country, that easiest way is to simply Google. If you want to do something like drone aviation laws with your country's name after it is usually by country, what city or state or anything like that Princeton City wanted toe that India, Jordan country, aviation boys, India and there should be a Central Aviation Authority something like CASS up in Australia or the in America, and they should have specific laws on what you can and can't do with your some countries just completely ban it. Sweden doesn't allow any drones that have a recording camera on them, so you can still fly a drone that you have a recording camera on them. Which is, of course, most insurance you're allowed to do that other countries have banned entirely. I'll be going over some more specific examples in the next section. It's that include America A Strike, India, which is on the top flotations that people want to fly drones. I don't drive. But if you don't fall into most for categories, have a look up on Google and just talk to your country forward by some type of Central Aviation authority. It should come up with those results for quite quickly being aware that some places because drones such new technology event really come of age and lost 3 to 5 years. Max sort of thinking often legislation does not with the quick it doesn't anyway, near that quickly can take them. Maybe a decade we've stopped thinking about putting in some top of legislation. Sometimes they may not actually be any boys, single country or drugs in this committee. You know of a good thing or bad thing. Get this was effectively do what work, But at the same time, it's difficult because you don't know what not to do. There's still going to be some aviation wars for general planes and your drone because there's no specific law stating that drones fall into this category. To do this, you're doing well. Just be classified as any other aircraft out. Have to register with things dual. This really complicated stuff. You're not aware because I think you're Drew is a full point. Classified exactly the same for one of the best ways to know and learn about the legalities in your country. About drones is when you actually purchased Germany should find a book booklet in their from D. J. I specific to your country. Tell you what laws are. It is not always, as I said, the Internet, and it's good. Also, just be aware of these wars because, as I said, they can change. Do change. It is very legislation has been updated different countries on and move on to the more specific examples off the country's 20. Section 6 - 4 - Some Common Law Examples: All right. Welcome to the section that a lot of you are probably most interested in. And that is some specific laws around droves. Again, that depends. What country You're in a cantor every country. So I've chosen three of the more popular countries out there that people are flying and buying germs in instead of game with his America. America is managed under the F i N E, which is the Federal Aviation Administration. And with that, that is actually a difference between flying for work and play. If you want to fly your drone, you know commercially and you want to make money off, it sells pictures or lots of stuff. Do you have a look at the FAA website because there are different extra additional things that we need to do a lot with these laws. So the very first thing that you need to know for America is you need to register your devices to go to this website. Yeah, register your device. Assuming it weighs more than £0.55. Even the magical spark obviously more than that. So the cost of this is pretty large. Nearly $5 us. You have to pay that once. It's very simple. It all line. You just feel like details. Applying it lost for three years, and when you actually get your registration number, you need to put it somewhere in your drawer. Now, if you've got a Stanton drunk, a good trick is that you can actually put it on a piece of paper and actually just put it in the actual cavity where the battery is. Obviously not for any of the metal collected collectors or anything, but just somewhere a piece of paper is quite okay. Alternatively, you can put it on sticky piece of paper on top of your drawing. You can grab it in whatever you want to do. There's no set specific rooms of what you need to do, but you need to have your number registration somewhere. So that's for the actual FAA. You also talked fly within five miles or eight kilometers off the airport, which is pretty standard. You must always yield right of way to aircraft as well, So if you're flying around, even if you don't near an airport and helicopter comes flying by, you always must get them right away. I recommend just landing, hovering bit off the ground and white till the area is clear that you don't have any issues you know, interfering with him or anything. You also must follow any community laws in the area for America. And the final one is that you must keep your during a visual line of salt times. You can't be flying it. Six. Cologne is a while away. You know you're going to see this during rainy during that. Have it? It is six corners away. So you see people during that by actually breaking a lot. You need to always be out. See your with your two eyes. So that's for America. Those are doubles for it. It's not too restrictive. As I said, they don't mention anything about flying people cause. But doing that moving on from America, going to Australia where I am. It's a little bit more restrictive than America, but at the same time we don't transfer register Rajouri for Australia. It's managed under Castle, which is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and they have their own website that Morgan Teoh Look at all these rules as well. As I said, You should also get a booklet inside your drawing when you actually don't purchase it. And just like in America that are differences between flying for pleasure for business, said you wanted to do it for business, check their website down in depth things that you need to do. Do you need to actually get Lawson's a lot of stuff. So details on their website you're just flying for fun, taking photos and getting cool videos. You know that now, while you don't actually need to register the joint, as I said in America, they do still have a fantastic Web site, which you can see here, which is drone fly dot com, don't you? And they also have an excellent application here, which tells you where you can top flies. You can actually have that far with you. You can open it up and you cave you. Tony, there's an airport nearby helli pad or maybe Marine base of something quite that you're supposed to fly here. Sounds fantastic. Application. Other things for Australia is you must not flying a jury in a way that causes has it to any other aircraft or anything similar to one America. See airplanes flying largest dinner as long as possible white authorities. Nice and clear. You must not fly about 120 meters, so that's roughly 400 feet. Well, you're drawing should compress figured with that as a hot ceiling. As you don't open up, you hit 120 leaders and deep at you and say, flight altitude reached stopped you physically from you don't generated to worry about. Just be away the settings for a reason. It's the law above a feeling that you must fly during in the area. Must have flight during in an area with public is things like critic grounds, fires other types of events. This can even include beaches as well. There's lots of people around because they're a little more strict about flying. You know, people tallest demonstrating America. One of the more restricting laws that we have in Australia is that you can't fly your drone within 30 meters off a personal unless that person is critical. Actually controlling the drinks your critical to controlling the drawing, sleeping five within yourself. If you have commissioning from that person, obviously that's alright as well, but it's just a random person and public. You want to stay at least 30 meters away from moving on. From that, you must operate on only one drop at a time. Did you see anyone off to during that time? But that's a lot. And if you're driving drunk, what is more than 100 grams which most well, you must not fly within 5.5 kilometres off a controlled aerodrome. Usually those are the ones that actually have a controlled town on them. You must know, begin flying within 5.5 kilometres of a non controlled air Odomes. If they was a main aircraft operating to from that Carriedo, you must safely maneuver your drone away from the path of a manned aircraft and land as soon as safely possible. If you become aware of a manned aircraft is actually operating in that area and you must not fly at night or through cloud or folk. So that's probably yeah, something that people don't instantly come up with. Not allowed to fly it. Not those videos you say online with People fly up through clouds into rain. People fly the drones and running know what proof do that? But in Australia also not allowed to do that, you know, allowed to those usual line side, which is the next month. You must have visual line of side joints and flying through folk policy can't say anymore. That violates part of those laws. So always keep visual line of siding with drink. That doesn't mean through binoculars or through your application, furred or anything like that. It must be with your eyes you can't see during with your eyes living on it. You must not fly. Are the people as I mentioned before and you must not fly in designated restricted areas, things like airports on the flies, a military base or something like that. So that's a little laws for Australia. As I said there said that Mawr defined stricter than America that recently Castle Aviation Authority here. Australia recently released a whole slew of information, which is fantastic, giving people guard until I can and can't do with drone. But even a year ago that too much this is good that I've done that now, and I'm sure that will evolve over time. You know, less restrictive people doing stupid stuff like many of those videos, perhaps more. That is the current Moore's for people in Australia. So if you're in India. Unfortunately, the country has all but banned foreign journals near in India. It's managed by the DDG CIA, which is the director general of civil aviation, and flying dragons in India. Partly is as you can fly them. But because there's no formal laws on specifically drones, you essentially have to treat them working aircraft flying aircraft. You do that. Obviously you have to go have to fill out a form, and I'll show you that. So this is the form that you have to actually feel, that which is an application for registering your journey. And you can also follow some guidelines which are on the DGC, a website as well. But basically this is all just because they don't have any rules specific to drugs. They do have draft guidelines that currently building and hopefully will release Syria. But it is still a draft, which means the existing laws still apply, and that's what you have to follow. Technically, you can follow her journey in media, but only if you filled out that form gotten approval for difficult or long. That process takes, but given their essentially trading like a Croft could be. But if you're in India, just be careful. That's taking. You need permission to fly over regardless of where you are now for other countries, there's many other countries that there is a center cut off them. But some of the other, more popular ones and ones. You should probably look out for the following. So we have Thailand, as the example has banned old drones with camera equipment on them. There's also Egypt, which prohibits unmanned flight without permission from the local aviation safety authority . So again, that's very, very restricted whatsoever. Sweden has also recently banned filming from a drawing without a surveillance permit, so persuading it's a bit more off the violence in private like that private privacy said the name. It's not so much drawing the camera on drones. I don't know. You can turn the camera off. It's not recording it. That's good enough for, but generally just be aware that you're in Sweden. The Federal Aviation Administration. So the FAA in America has also declared Washington D. C. A no drone zone that's absolutely no drugs, and Italy is actually another popular holiday destination that has drone wars that it even stripped out in Australia as a set of strays relatively strict. It's a restrictive in America, but a lot of people complain about it and castles responses. Will you know there's other places that are even war restricted. In what way the bulls were giving you on one of those countries is Italy. So for Italy, they've actually got during the wars that banned flights to go higher than 70 meters, or further than 150 meters from the operator. So while here, Australia, 520 meters and see the during your good in Italy, you are like 100 50 meters, 70 needed hearts that is quite a bit more restricting, and you also get punished a fair bit more so in Italy, they've got a lot higher fines. And there's actually a recent case where a French tourist came over and flew the deejay Phantom three. This actually right here. They got up and they decided I would like to get some photos and videos off the Coliseum. So they started flying, joining over the Holocene while got caught by the Italian authorities and their apparent that person's facing farms. Up to $170,000. You do need to be aware of these rooms. Not just because you don't wanna be doing something the label, but you can be fined quite a lot of money, depending on which country you're in. So that's all the different countries. And you know, the main ones in terms of what you can expect from laws in those countries. And coming up next, we'll be looking specifically at the no fly zone, So these designs that are so 21. Section 6 - 5 - No Fly Zone's: All right, So now we're on to the final section about safety, which is all about the disease or the no fly zones. So the no fly zones are obviously not digital, are specific or anything, even during specific as well is it is areas that you do not want to be flying. So what could constitute inner flies On the most obvious warning airport for most countries . You don't wanna be flying with me. An airport start at least five kilometers, five miles, eight kilometers, depending on the country. That quite easy rules to look up as I alluded to before. But in general, we just want all that avoid these. It's most commonly airports that it's not just the major international airport. So if you live in New York and you've got your two main international airports, there might be other airports nearby that slightly smaller local airports that shouldn't before me. Either. You've got heliports as well. It should to be flying. They might not be classified officially as no fly zones with the red round yellow grain. Uh, but generally with the no fly zone, any of them that indicated in red on the deejay, many other applications that are out there, you want to stay as far away from as possible. The main reason for that is if you're ever actually even one of them there, you shouldn't be able to actively fly into them. But she take off entire one of them knowingly or something like that. What will happen? Is it your drug? It knows where you why knows where no fly zone are. And because of that, digital software will forcibly lamed your germs. It won't care where you are. More light, a tree house, tarred intersection or something like that. It will tell you about it and it will forcibly. You're drunk. You won't have any control to stop it from wending might be controlled a little bit, but it was still forcibly drug video inside that flies. Obviously, that's not a very good things happen. It could potentially crash your drug. It's forcibly landing in tow, a lake or something caught up again. Scenario being tried to just steer well clear of them. And obviously you want to do that for the safety of everyone else's. Well, you don't want to be one of those people. Idiot people in the New Year's. What you see flying into propellers of planes are flying near planes without you don't wanna be anyway. Planes park, in fact, that you might damage or lose your drove damage or endanger the lives of other people. This is stupid and ruins drones for the rest of us as well. Same or more germs flying into or and airplanes they make. The laws, he stripped out reduces even fund. Don't be that guy, Steve. Well, clear away from moved. If for some reason you just took a wife, maybe you really love to fly a park. You know, it's No 5.5 miles from the airport, but it's 5.6 miles from the airport, just on the edge. Sort of things. Just be careful. It is. Notify zones do change sometimes. Like it slightly bigger new rules might come in, and for whatever. Raising that area that you're not allowed to fly might suddenly just get that little bit bigger inside the part that you're flying that's just on the edge all of a sudden might be covered by the no fly zone. Just be aware of it. Keep an eye out for it, Eve you'll need by that, ultimately trying to steer well clear away from it. Another thing that people sometimes find if they're flying need no fly zones and something to look out for this covers here is that what will happen is the drawing of start up and take off and I'll be flying and there won't be any problems. But then, over sudden, different. That drawing would have stopped forcibly trying to land. And what they found off investigated more is that when the during take off, Tony has, if you do it very quickly, doesn't have time to get the required GPS satellites and get really good fixed position or its location. Eso may think that that time flies, but it actually it on after a few minutes flying when it's actually picked up all those satellites calculated its most after a position it realizes it is. Actually, flies obviously starts trying to wear, so these are things that could happen. Other things that people also found is that they take off and then on a no fly zone, and they're doing their thing that far grander explain. George has correctly calculated its position. It's still wrote in a note flies. But while that flying literally as they're flying the phone updates the geo dollar based saying, what areas flies owned and all the sudden is a new door flies er exactly where we're standing. It communicates is to the German. It starts toe forcibly led. They have no idea what's going on because they've been flying in this location forever. All of a sudden, it's now just forcibly landing. Don't know what's going on until, like, wrong with actually look at the mold and understanding what's happening, by the way, my best recommendations to not flooding her five zones to begin with. But also, if you're narrative, you're within about a kilometer of it. Trying preference. Other places. Try and go to a different park or different over a different field or farm or something like that when you want to actually fly that well away from anything like a heliport. Four. You know, Army barracks, bases, very common ones as well, with no fly zones and also the airport, obviously as well. So that's just especially note that I wanted to put on the flies and or things that could happen with it. If you're living near inside them, but, as always, steer clear of revolution, have trouble. So next up will be going into the actual flying off the drugs, so join within four basic Floyd. 22. Section 7 - 1 - Flying Preparation: All right, Welcome to this new section on basic flying. So are you looking forward to this? The actual popular we go on and fly the actual drug. So I played anything. Pay attention and watching with previous sections. You'll now know almost everything there is about the actual joining in terms of that background knowledge that is really important. And you should be well versed, able to fly these turns before you actually do go fly. There's one other thing which is just covering the flying preparations to do before. So to begin with, you want to make sure that your software is fully up today. So that's both for your phone for the controller itself before the drone office, but also the factory as well. So all those four components will make sure that all the software is up today. And as it said in software dating section, you wanna update everything switching. If you have any spare batteries, make sure they're also today and then recharge well to make sure it back up and pop off. Then you wanna make sure that this is that everything. It's fully charged with drawing factories for HR. There are no controllers back, Traders boy charge. And also importantly, your fire inspectorate is also fully charged. You know, if you've got three of these batteries locking the fly more come Burke. That's about air and 1/2 a flight time half of your phone on, you know, probably full brought in. This is your son and doing lots of calculations. It's going during The battery. Remark will charge it, but it's not quite a few. You lose of Tempus in every 10 minutes. All sergeants, you don't want to be going out with 20 or 30% battery. Make sure all the batteries are properly charged after you've done that, just before you walk out the door as well. In order to sort of quickly make sure that wherever it is he going, it's actually able to fly there that it's not a no fly zone. Talking before last section that perhaps if you go into a private park or a national park. A lot of those have local rules that say they don't be out of flight. During just quickly, look up their website check beforehand. You want to make sure that the weather is okay, so there's the obvious stuff. It's pouring with rain. Probably not the best. What's ahead. Do not fly these things and running, not waterproof. You know, they might get a little bit of spot from them and they are okay. But ultimately you don't. That's the obvious one sunny day outside, but at the same time, you want to make sure that speed isn't too high. Ones like the Magic, I believe that they were committed about 25 kilometers an hour or less. Wind the remote and actual application. Warn your car from the corner saying high wind velocity detected they Florida media life. But at the same time, you know, drive all the way out to the beach, get there and they realized that off. It's 60 kilometers an hour winds, and there's absolutely no chance to be out of fly. You might say yourself a bit of time doing that. Sorry. The other thing is, it's preferable to fly at sunset or sunrise. We'll cover why Later on in the photography and videography section that talks a good thing to do, You just want to make sure that your micro SD card is in your drone that you know it's fully empty and backed up with four minutes, and also that it's the right speed. As I explained before again, if you've got fitted for Pro, which does walking 60 firms per second, you want to make sure you have that slightly faster Mr Micro SD card To make sure it doesn't stutter. Mess up your recording when you take it for the Medic and spark just to usual extreme Mark Rose State College should be fun to make sure got a card. It's big in offense, actually being formatted you during all that sort of information. So once you've done that, you can also be wear off. Any pieces of interference on this is one to actually get on deciding check. You know, maybe there's a about foreign terror around. Might be interfering with your staff. Might be what a wild signals around. Maybe building or he'll or something that will just cut off your collectivity to the drawing from control. Just sort of have a bit of a scope and see what's out there might possibly actually interfere with the actual Jordan itself. You want to next. Once you've actually got to make sure that the gimbal covers and clamps are removed. As I said, the little piece of thing, your security drug, they're walking, They're or something. You pack up your job properly. Get out. You will touch rather Teoh propellers folded if you want to. But more importantly, you wanna make sure that nimble covers off unplugged before you start your job. Don't start drawing. Take the cover off by then between light. This might have make sure that all those covers off before you actually start flowing once it's on the grand or covers rough, turn on the control of first and then turned on the jury seems to work better off. You can do it the other way around, have experiencing glitches. It seems to work best between control all first and then to the actual drug. On Second, after you've done that, you want to confirm that the drone has actually got all the right settings on returned home has actually being sit, especially with spark. If you're only controlling it with your phone, not the actual control. I want to make sure you set that returned home point where you are. Otherwise, Martin actually set returned hard point course and issues later on If something goes wrong , try to control it with foreign, for instance, and lose signal doesn't have a retired hard point. Not a good situation. Beings for Spark Aaron is that they make sure when you take off your doing it with your farm to make sure that you're setting that returned are important. Whatever else phantoms in the magic or it is that returned home point is probably gonna be automatically saved as soon as you take off. But also do make sure you check the settings off the return to her hot again. There's a very common way people crushed their drones without set the Haidar just leave the heart of the 30 leaders, or roughly 900 feet that is set by default. Fun to be trays for general area is building particularly hot mobile phone tower or something like that. It could very easily flying. Darks said he needed is a big building. Displayed may have object avoidance, but that doesn't always work 100%. You want to make sure that returned a high return home high, please, as high as possible, much higher than anything else that you see here is that's a very important thing to look out for as well. And finally, I just want to make sure that your publicist is correct, that you're on four K. That's what you wanted to record of your home. J P plus roar. That's what you're wanting to record in terms of photos and that you've got your focus, said Stop to things again or compensating for property. Geography sexual. But for now, I just have a quick general look over the sittings. Whenever you start up the actual application and connect to the drawing and stuff, it will come up with that list of all the things like your firm way errors that it has maybe compasses and calibrated properly. Just have a quick squirrels. Just make sure chicks makes sense. That's about it, for the flight preparation and all the different things. It is quite a bit, but you get a little bit of a routine. Chicken software's up today. Chicken batteries are up. Today. They usually covers taken off looking. It's Iranians. Holland recommend just sort of developing a bit of a prey flawed. A physical check this that you can actually use each time, or if you don't go that far just a bit of a routine, just something you do every single time that you repeat every single time offend. It's the best way to guarantee that you don't actually make any mistakes. One that's 2 to 3 just always do the same things, and you don't have a problem. It's notice He just grabbed the drug running out that end up missing something, grabbed their drawing, run out, get drive for five. Common is really eager to get to the beach. They want to fly out and realize that all that batteries are and to start to drop back, get out there. As I said that, it's 50 60 kilometer winds and there's absolutely no way that can fly five minutes to do these sort of check things just before you jump out the door while we're actually on site. But they do help you. They will save you a lot of time. That's the flowing preparation section. Next will get into how to actually take off with your drug. I'll talk to you 23. Section 7 - 2 - Taking Off And Landing: they gonna welcome to this next section on taking off and landing your drone. So now that we've covered everything from all the information about it, toe had actually plan to go out and do the flying, you should be Alan saw Donnell. Your preparation over that side is and wanting to actually start to take off drove. So to begin with, I just wanted to know that all these controls now onwards will be done for the two controllers. So when I say you flying up, demonstrate on controller or something like that is a little bit remote to, which is, as I said before the default, you haven't changed any settings that should apply to you. You have changed it to load one or three or something like that. Just be aware that you ignore what I'm saying, because it will be different for you. But to begin with in order to take off your journal, there's generally speaking three different ways that you can do it. So the very first way is the mental way. And this was how you used to do it back when you know there was only the fate of one or two or something like that. Nowadays with the Spark and Maverick and Phantom four Siri's, there are other automatic wise which will cover a couple of ways. But to begin with, the first is the manual wife. Now, to do this, you have joining sitting on the ground murders not turned on nothing. Officer. The journal they turned on the voters themselves will speak static and not. Don't you wanna do that? CSC committed the one that I told about before. First section or crashing Damage your drone. This is the case where you would actually use it. So that's the, you know, putting the controllers down and in woods or down. And this will, As I said before, either turned on or off the motors, so we obviously wanted toe on so we can take off. So while the during on the ground and powered on due to say, say, command, this will turn the actual propellers on, and from there you can take off nice and smooth Now, in order to actually take off once the propellers, I don't want to just gently raise up the throttles of this war, make the during ascent, and from there you can do whatever you wish. That's the very first way that you can take off manual or manuals or the way the second way is by using the water take off feature. This is the feature personally usual time because it's, you know, it's just a very simple works. That's good thing. That deejay are put into the app, and all you do is press this order, take off button on the left hand side of the application and once you've done that, pop up will come up saying, Are you sure you really want to take off roof above you or something? So you simply slide to the right and it takes off, as you can see. So that's the second way you can take off the third and final way you can take off is via the automatic take off, but with precision take off. So what this is for is when your drawings out of flying and lots of stuffed muted the returned home button. It will always they returned home by the returned home altitude and come back down and returned to where the whole point is. Once it gets to that point, it will land now in order to land when it takes off. It updates that home point using the GPS location, and it sort of gets a range of like 30 centimeters to 50 centimeters are made to defend your family GPS signals that has locked on the time. And while this is good, you know, But it could land here. Or maybe I could hear its not super sauce. And that's what this precision take off this for. What it actually does is instead of automatically taking off hovering. Just recording GPS location actually takes off to about 1.2 meters in the air for probably around four feet or so and takes a photo off whatever is underneath it and the reason it does this is so that later on, when it comes back uses that same returned home. A job is the same GPS thing to sort of like height. That General, 50 centimeter one made a area radius of where the GPS flotation waas, but then it uses its cameras that are underneath the drone toe, actually look down about what it's actually seen underneath it, and then it uses a picture that took before to sort of line up and match exactly where it was in this way it gets that precision landing that it's talking about the pop up that you can see here to do this. It's the Jackson White that you would automatically take off. You keep the automatic take off. Pardon? The pop up comes up. You select that precision takeoff section, slide to the right and off goes, you know, fly up, take that picture and then later on, once it comes back by return home, it'll wind up those pictures that I took along with what it's currently saying land to. They said It's within about a few centimetres sort of thing. I'd say, probably, you know, anywhere from 1 to 5 or 10 centimeters is pretty good. But that's the precision sort of take off to sort of the difference between general automatic take off your precision automatic take off. So those are the three main ways that you can take off with your drone for the spark orders out there. There is the Palm launch. Tom, take off that. We'll cover up in the next section, Section eight. So you do want learn about that right now. Just jump ahead to the gestures section or gesture mode in section face and you can learn a lot about. So those are the three main ways to take off. Now we get into had actually land. Okay, so now you're during up in the air flying of Iran, so it's not want actually come back down on land Now, The very sort of first thing that I wanted to talk about in terms of landing is that I really recommend, especially if you've only just started to fly during that you don't take off and then just go off and fly around a whole bunch before you do that take off and actually land again just a couple of times and said, Take off, take off and get that sort of practicing actually landing George, because what sometimes so that happen is your take off would be like, Yeah, awesome. This is fantastic night. You don't often stop flying around in a lot of stuff. Inevitably, it's gonna run out of battery because that's and it goes up beating at a critical battery warning. Warning beeps that your flashes at your it's going to franked think that's the point. But it considers in Still a bit of nervousness or anxiety. Maybe, Stevie, depending on how you are present in especially new people called slide on that concert of induce a bit of panic. And if you've never actually landed the German before having this thing Daping at your flashing you like, Hurry up, party up. You joined have run out of battery on a crash. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up! Kind of just doesn't make it any easier to be frank. So practice taking off and landing while you've got a full battery while it's fresh. And once you've done it sort of two or three or four times and you're confident with had actually landed. That means that if you do sort of run out of battery, it starts swinging. Critical factory. Come back quickly. You can, you know, you know, as a citizen about actually landing. So to begin with, once again, there's three ways you to actually land your during the first way. Is menu used to before you actually do it most of the time, which is get your drone flop back to you usually wouldn't floor Ram have it sort of just in front of you make sure that it's a more part kind of things. Make sure that the ground underneath is very flat, pretty much for a while. The drawings that has to be quite a flight service surface, even if it's sort of a slight angle, you can get them possibly tipping, especially with the Phantom Siri's, which was higher up. They can sort of tip over at that angle sort of thing. I could damage the bland, usually still speaking, when its landing and all that sort of stuff. So make sure it's flat. Make sure there's nothing underneath the actual drawing, maybe big rocks or a little bit of gravel or twigs or sticks or something like that. Even the magic is, you know, it's quite longer to the grand things considered. Get in and damage the camera sparks even low. Uh, make sure it's not clear. Make sure there's nothing that's gonna kick up into the actual drawing itself. Awesome, flattening off this lady. You know, there's nothing else big up in the wife. Once it made sure that that's all clear, that the joins in front of you all you have to do is just hold down. Now, when you do that, Usually what happens is the underneath internal object recognition system will go down and sort of recognize that there is something underneath it. The ground, obviously, at a tennis sort of start going down and then stopped instead of hover instead of resist you telling it till late and basically sort of sit there for a second or two, going to ensure that there's ground underneath me. Sure you want, man. Just ignore it. Hold down that button, descend on. Just keep holding it down until it goes past. That eventually sort of Harvard a little bit and then continue down. Now, once it's the grand, it will turn off voters. You did your during. So I said, try and practice this a couple of times, whether it's with this manual motherboards next mood that I'll come about try and practices a couple times to study. The second way of doing it is by heating the order land button and the order land button, just like the order take off Button is on the left of the many. As you can see here and again, you essentially fly to turn back to you, have it wherever it is that you want land, I recommend press the button slide to the right, consumed, Do you want to lead? And it will automatically do the same land and turn off voters, and that's a very simple way of doing it. And the third option is the returned home function. This not only returns the device to the home point, but also lands that voice that drink. You do this. You want to return to home button on either the actual control off. It also comes on the app as well as you can see here, and once you press it, it will stop beeping at you constantly. It can get quite annoying if the jury is a little far away, but it'll be put you as it's returning and again. As I said in that previous section about damaging or correction drugs, be very aware that the return to home has returned home altitude on it, maybe 30 meters. It may be 100 days. It'll be whatever it is that you said it to be, or whatever the default he's set, your country is different. Make sure you're fully aware that altitude and your surrender options set to 100 meters and there's nothing but 10 meter high trees around you. Then you're good. But if it's set to maybe 30 or 50 meters and there's lots of really tall buildings or objects around you, that's gonna be a problem because the returned harm. Yes, it does return it to that hard point. But it takes it up to whatever that altitude is, brings it back and then comes back and there's a big building in the way and you're returned out to choose on the here. It's just gonna corruption toe. People think that they returned to harbors, no safe thing and candy, you know, your panicking and you're not really quite sure way or during going, you know, maybe of keeping visual line of sight with it. But it's just going that little bit too far. Adam, not really sure where it isn't can tell which direction is which. You have to get it back. It is very handy to just president. Have it re orientate itself, come flying back to you again. But just be careful off objects around you. Another thing to be careful of with returned home is that it is the return to heart point, not return to you point. So the hard important can mean many different things that can be your controller. It can pay where you took off from that can also they more rotations that you specify that it can also be locations that just whenever it is that the Jordan got GPS automatically would return, the Jordan on it will try bronchitis. Many GPS signals can. Once it gets enough of them, it will lock on and set that as the hard point. Then I will tell you the application tell you is that a hard point has been updated. Usually, this happens when you first turn on majority that's subsiding, their idle while you sort of setting things up and all that kind of stuff. If you if your routine is toe put foreign in, set it all up, turn the control or have everything brewed it up and then turn the drawing on and instantly stopped flying off. It may not actually have time to get enough GPS satellite lock on to actually defined. The whole point is where the drone is taking from. It might take off, and then you start instantly flying it off, and by the time your 10 often stay maters 20 meters away, that when it has no satellite location marked on. And that's where the updates, the home point. And now your home point isn't where you are, it's 20 meters that way. So when you presser turned Horan point, it returns to 20 meters over there instead of retaining to you. So that's just one final thing in terms of the return point. That's kind of why I tend to no, actually using returned home button all that often do you occasionally use it? But I prefer to actually manually fly during back to where my locations and either manually landed or used the automatic swap right toe and options. Because that way I could be sure that I'm flying during back to the home Port ISn't SET random location? Yes, you check the harm point before you press the return home button, whatever your preferences, that is up to you. But just make sure you're aware that returned her button can have it, said quote. But it is a very good feature, and I guess that's kind of the other final thing that I just wanted to know it is that try and develop your own sort of patent your routine for about taking off and landing. You're drunk when you're flying a drawing new modifying it 50 times, maybe 100 times a year human era is gonna creep into things. You gotta forget stuff. You're going to do things. Maybe you'll turn it on and fly off. Forget to set that report just as an example. However, if you have a routine, always put my phone in here and then turn this on and turn the during on Wait for the home point to be updated. And only then do I start taking off flying. Whatever your routine is that you develop, you always use the menu will take off. Always use the manual land or whatever routine you wish to do that you're comfortable with . Make sure that it is actually retaining. You go through every single time. Get used to it because that really helps to basically get rid of those random human errors that will pop in occasionally after flirting for a long time, just sort of helps in the overall safety of the joint. Make sure that you don't crash any of those ways. So that's all about taking off and landing your dream. Next, we're gonna get into some very basic maneuvers while you're actually up here, so I'll talk to them. 24. Section 7 - 3 - Basic Flying Maneuvers: all right, now that you're up in the air, you know, had a take off. Also, as I said, no had actually weigh in the during later on. Once you practice that a couple of times and comfortable with both of those things, it's time to learn how to actually fly the drone around. Now, when I dive, these basic flight maneuvers are being showing you which control sticks to actually use and what the result is off the actual drove itself and that are just a quick view off. You know what the actual drawing camera will see? You get all the different perspective. So I also want to note that this is quite a short section because too many basic maneuvers , if you're comfortable with your slide up and down left and right, all those sorts of things, feel free to move ahead. But if you want to stop right from the start, let's get into it. So to begin with, there is the flying up in dale sections. So obviously, to do this, you want to they're up or down. And to do this we use the left stick up or the left stick down as you can see now moving on from here we have the straightening left or right, So this is a bit of a new term. Some people, but striking is not pivoting left or right, but actually moving left or right. So you strafe right. Strength left. To do this, you want to use the right stick than you want to move the right stick, either left or right, depending which way you want to strike. Next up, we have the flying forwards or backwards. This is your typical you know, acceleration or deceleration car. You're flying forwards or flying backwards. To do this, you want to use your right stick and you want Oh, go up or down, depending whether you want to fly forwards or backwards next up. And finally, of the former moves we have pivoting or, you know, turning on the spot. What you want court pivoting or tell you on the spot is where it's not moving left or right that you're actually sort of turning or pivoting on the spot left or right now, to do this, you want to use your left control of stick and you want to obviously go left or right and that's it for most of the basic moves. Now, obviously none of them are particularly complex. And now you wanna slide forward pretty trivial, depressing forward control. But what you want to actually practice is trying to get that, you know, commands and what the drug does sort of into muscle. The reason you want to do this is because if one day you know, really, all the bird starts flying towards you, drawing your immediately fly off in the other direction if you have to kind of stop and go , which which stick isn't that? I used to turn it and then I've got a fly off that while accelerates there is this one or that one by the United Boats Morning attack to join whatever. Either way, whatever is. If you want to move to join in a certain direction very, very quickly, you need to have that sort of muscle memory in the back. You can help avoid those bad scenario, so it is good to get your practice in, and that's already requires just taking off, flying around, practicing. Maybe a couple of days and road really said, you know, get it into your muscle memory and get it into your head about which communes do, which on another really good way of doing this is actually sort of taking your drone for water is the way I said it. See flying or driving. So it's generally, you know in front of you by a couple of meters and just a couple meters off the ground and nice, open space and just walking. You know, if you walk forward, make your drove go forward, you walk toe left, make your drawing go to It's a really good way off, helping your brain sort of get in touch with the drawing ago. If I push this button, it makes the jury do this. It's a really immediate sort of oneto. One thing that your brain can basically easily remember your drawings. You know, 50 meters are 100 meters up in the air and barely see the king. And, you know, maybe it's facing this way. You press forward button flies off this way. It's not very intuitive to your brain disorders map that about two that motion. But if the joints directly in front of you can see it nice and easily when you push forward , it goes forward in that direction. It really helps to sort of solidify what control does what that, together with actually practicing, I found really helped me to get up to speed and figure out how to actually make the drawing dark exactly where I wanted to go. The other thing that could help, and this also applies to when you land as well, is make sure that the drone is orientated away from you again, especially when landing if you fly the drawing back towards you might be facing this way, for instance, and you lay in the I'd recommend actually making its face away from you said that again. When you press lest it goes left, when you press right, it goes right and it's that sort of 1 to 1 mapping off. What do you do that you're entitled? Settle things? And this kind of helps. It makes landing easier. Flying it easier. I think you probably do it just sort of, naturally, most people do. Most people don't like having the during facing this way, so that when they press left, goes off that place out of the confuses a bit. But it's very good to have it facing in the direction of your face is so that, along with trying, taking it for a bit of a war, as I was saying before, I know it sounds been silly, but it really sort of helped to our intel yourself and teach you about Jordan and how to do those basic moves like flying up, turning left, straightening right all those sorts of things. The next part about the very basic flying maneuvers is actually strained them together and , more importantly, doing so in a way that's nice and smooth. So even if all you're doing is flying forward and slightly turning to the left or slight returning toe right, you want to do this in smooth and control fashion, even flying around and just having fun. That's not so much of a big deal, but whenever you're actually taking video 40. Gene wanted to use that video footage. You've got to make sure that it's really, really nice is not so much your forward motion. You might be going forward at 40 K's carats 60 kilometers and Eric something like that. But that moving left needs to be very, very slow controlled process, and it applies to any centers, painting tooting up and down any of those sorts of moves one way or the other, they have to be very smooth. So I'd advise once you've got the basic flying up and Danny confident with, I want to make the drawing over there exactly what control sticks to use to make it go over in that direction. You want to try and make a diver in that direction you want and get a nice, sinking image doing that, you slowly accelerate to make sure that it's not a jerky motion that records joke video. You make sure that you, you know, till it'll turn left nice and gently so that it's a nice, smooth transition, not a blurry objective wobble to the side or left to rot. So thes are other things that you can practice. They are again just very basic maneuvers, like turning left flying forward, you know, going up and down. That's something that nothing hugely complicated, but it's the next step that I recommend in terms of learning how to get those maneuvers down. Pat, once you're up there flying and you can get that's married video den. If insight into the next section which will cover which is intermediate flying maneuvers. And that's when we start string together multiple things like flying backwards and controlling the gimbal, all they sort of different things coming out in the next section and all talk to them. 25. Section 7 - 4 - Intermediate Flying Maneuvers: Hey, welcome to this next section on intermediate flying maneuvers. So now that we know how to fly off in flight of the left and take off landing, almost sort of basic maneuvers want to get into the more intermediate stuff, which is generally either using two separate control is simultaneously. We're using one of the controller sticks but going in multiple directions and just fly forward or flying backwards but flying forward and left something. So these are a bit more intermediate moves, and you kind of need to master them in order to really get the most out of taking good photos and videos. There are automatic mortgage, which we'll cover later on, but it is always good to be out. Have those manual shots as well because they are, quite frankly, a little bit quicker. And sometimes when you're flying in your you know you might have a huge amount of battery. You're out on side. You need get that video it really quickly. You just want to do it manually, sort of things that can be quickly for some certain scenarios. So to begin with, you want to go through one of the most basic ones which is flying up or down on flying forward or backward at the same time. So as you can see here, flying forwards and up looks pretty decent and standard. And it's a pretty simple murder. You're just using the right stick to fly forwards and the left stick to fly up. And as I said, you can do this Either way, flight forwards or backwards and up and down you can do any combination of the four of them . But you know, you get this pretty noss effect, and it's a very simple, first sort of intermediate move that's using two sticks. And again, you want to make sure that you're controlling both of them in terms of a nice, smooth and not jerky sort of motion. If you're just doing it for fine, it's not too much of an issue, but photography and videography. It's important to set a practice, that sort of stuff. I'll explain more on that later. Next, we have flying up or down whilst actually rotating pivoting drum, sir. Again, you want to be flying up or damn, but at the same time you want to be pivoting, so this actually uses two different sections on the same sticks. That's not two separate sticks. It's just once did using. And if you're wanting to fly side up and sort of pivoting around to the left, you want to fly up. And they pushed to the left a little bit as well. And for some people, they find a part of to coordinate two different sticks at the same time. And they find really easy to just do that sort of thing for other people That can be difficult to, you know, really get it so that there is a bit of resistance on the drumsticks themselves, so it can be difficult to sort of keep it held in place to get that smooth sort of rosin up pivoting motion like you can see here. So whichever one that you find easier is office. See your preference. But that's one of the other intermediate shots get now. Whilst you can fly up and put it in the drawing, you can also slide forward and turn the drawing left or right, so two forwards your backwards. You can use your right sticking fly backwards forwards and again, you want to be flying left or right, so just like we were using one stick in two directions for the previous one. Again, we're using one stick for two directions. This one's got a flight up and turn to the left. We go like that, we will fly up and turn to the right. You go like that now, these are, as I said, they're not the most complicated moves, but they are just a little bit sort of intermediate. They're more complicated and just flying forward. But they're not some super complicated, active track top thing that will be covering. And it finally one of the other good ones that you can practice is straightening left or right whilst actually puting. And this is probably getting to be one of the most complicated ones. So frustrating, left or right when it is your right stick to strength, left or right. And then you wanna essentially pivot the driving using the left stick in the opposite direction of your straightening left. You want to be pivoting right on. This sort of moves into almost a orbit murdered or point of interest hot murdered. If you do it correctly, it can get the proportions and you know how much oppressing each of sticks. Correct. But after you finished practicing all those sorts of moves, it's good, deceptive, basically, just practicing more. As it said, Practice is one of the things that will get you the best. The quickest, just, you know, have a regular schedule. Go out after work each day and something for one battery or two batteries worth of flying. You'll find that by practicing these moves as well as basic moves, just trying to make it short. Make sure that the video that's produced is nice and smooth as well. You're finding skills will ramp up quite quickly. Now, after you've got those four intermediate style moves down pat, you can do them in their own are since mirror jumping in and which one of them, quite quickly, you want to get into actually using the gimbal. So controlling your dreams? Gimble. I spoke about this a bit before in terms of which scroll will actually controls ups like that in the control section that I'll be covering it again in the next section on photography and videography and sort of the specifics behind it and what you will need to do to you get that really nice, good video that a lot of people one. But now I just wanted to go over the actual controls themselves. This is a different couple of different combinations that you can get. So obviously the very 1st 1 is just using the top left scroll wheel on your control of Rather the spark, Magic or phantom all have it in the same spot or top left, and we need to do is just scroll up and down. As you would imagine in this world, tilt the gimbal up and down, so a second way to control it is to actually use your phone. And as you can see here, all you have to do is tap and hold your finger on the screen and then pull it up and down a little bit. To toot that Dembele's for the spark earners is actually a couple other ways as well. If you don't have the actual controller, obviously by the farm or combo for the sparks will get control over you just separately. You get it, But if you don't have to control wanted A. When all you've got is your actual phone, you can also use the touch buttons on the side way have little scroll wheel just near the camera button here, and we have to do is press on the hours and that all tilted up down as well. You can also still use the tap and hold method is a mentioned before and the third and final, when probably the easiest way for the spark owners is you can actually hit the tilt enable button in the top right corner, as shown here. And what that would do is enabled your phone's accelerometer. So when you actually tilt your foreign up and down like this, accelerometer inside your phone to text that motion, and it will translate that to pushing the gimbal up or dancing tilted down in the gimbal talked about from the Kimbell. So now you know exactly how to move the gimbal up and down. We can get into combining the gimbal controls with those basic moves and other intermediate moves that were speaking before. Now, as I said, I'll speak about this a little more in the next section on photography and videography. But the main thing is, you want to make sure when you controlling it, that it's no joke that it's really smooth, also very slow. And if you have any trouble with this and you know you're making videos and it's all jerky , just you can't control it. For whatever reason, that's just too sensitive, which I do have a problem with even myself. After all this time, you can actually decrease the sensitivity he needed to know. If you go into the settings and go into gimble settings, then gimble advanced settings that show here. You can make it a bit less sensitive by just turning those dogs down. So once you've actually maybe have turned down, and now you can sort of master that going up and down smoothly, you can start to combine it with those other basic and into me short fly forward whilst tilting the gimbal up and get some good shots like that. You don't perhaps fly forward and, you know, turning left as well. Wellspring the gimbal up. You can add two or three tops of things in there. It's probably one of the most complicated things that you'll do you expecting in terms off , you know, during to control sticks and the Kimbell because it's just multiple hands. It's hard to coordinate all those sorts of things, and they are much more advanced so that shots and flying movies and stuff that you do with drone. But the reason I say that that's generally the most complicated manual thing you do is because most of those other complicated shots actually covered by the deejay intelligent flight modes, which is what will be covering next. So I'll talk to you then in the following section. 26. Section 8 - 1 - Intelligent Flight Modes: All right now let's get into the intelligent flight mode. So on all digital drones and the deejay for application have a huge array off intelligent flight modes is what they call them. So these are those just automatic mode. Press a button and get a fantastic orbit shot or something like that for you. And because different drawings were released at different times, primarily released, the Phantom joins and in light of Magic Spark and all those sorts of things different drones get relates to different times. They also have different functionalities that different senses that different processing power different sort of, you know, levels of record ability on their actual cameras themselves said there's different modes for different drones and cover off them. But basically, just be aware that if you have a spark, you may not be out to do some of the load that's a defective for pro does and vice versa. There's even some roads that are on the spark that are actually on the fatal for pro. Even a defendant for pro is much more expensive, and this also comes from the fact that they developed new mode over time so they might relates to all three of those drones already, obviously, but they're still developing new boat. They can put those mode back into those old drones and give you some new functionality by the software updates that deejay always constantly doing. Sorry, I apologize if there's a new mode that's come out since I've done this course, and it's not covered here, I can ever cover what's currently available. They don't release an entirely new mode all that often, but I'm sure they will in the future. So toe access these intelligent, flat merge. You need to go to the intelligence flight mode menu, and you do that by just tapping on the little button on the bottom left hand corner. As you can see here that has control of icon. And then a menu will pop up with all your different options off the different flight modes that you have now to begin with. To make this sort of easier for you, I'm gonna cut them all up into different sections around. Just go through them one by one, and they bore you to death. I'm actually going through them or already and sort of it sort of them into categories that . I think, you know, these are the ones that fantastic, that awesome. I really do want to try. Definitely. Try fist recovering first. Then there's a different section off ones. They told your flight modes that they're pretty good. They have that place and you may want to give him a try if you get bored with the other ones, but obviously not as good as the awesome first ones. And then you've got the sort of back of the pack kind of ones. The modes that are a bit old, you know, maybe they've been superseded by other Maura advance ones that released recently. Or maybe they're just really, really specific use case is that you know, many people really have a useful so that will be in the three different sections and then through age, different sectional cover each actual intelligent flight mode individually throughout the sections. So before we get into the that, I just wanted to give you a quick overview off. Want your door and highs in terms of what intelligent flight? So here they are, as isn't sent. The spark has the quick shot, active, tracked tap fly tripod and just emerged thematic per has a few more with a quick shot gesture. Active track, tap fly, tripod cinematic mode, terrain follow mode. Point of interest following me waypoints home lock and course milk mode. And finally, the Phantom for Pro has very similar to the maverick pro. But it has a few extras. You got the drawer that gesture Active track, tap, fly, tripod train Follow point of interest following me waypoints home lot and course Malcolm Erred. So they're all the different modes for all the different drawings. Nina. Which one? Which modes your during has. So let's actually hit on outside and do some demonstrations off what it looks like on the patrollers to control each of the motor. Set them up again, going and also what the result is a for. Did you actually get what you talking about? 27. Section 8 - 2 - 1 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - QuickShot Mode: Hey, welcome to the section on the awesome flight makes that you should really be using it. As I said, these are the sort of meat potatoes The couple of modes that are highly suggest you go out and try first because they are fantastic. They do give really great sort of cinematic results. And even ridiculously easy for beginners to use is why I'm suggesting them to you as some of the first murder for you to try because they are easy and they do get some of the best results. And the very 1st 1 I'm suggesting is the quick shot mode. This is available on the Spark and Matic, per only as I said before, even though the defendant four pro is that you know, top of their range will consume placing anyway, top of the range, most expensive during that have it still doesn't have a lot of the boats that some of the other during taxes only on the spark and I love it and what it actually does is made up of three different solve murders. And each of these modes sort of pull the drawing away in a different way. But they record a short film that you can then essentially automatically share to social media or you know where you share, too. What it does is in certain cases, it might skyrocket. Are poor lights been around like this, simply go back about in each case when you record the video. For example, if you're using method per it'll recorded in the usual four K footage that you're wanting to record it. But after you finish recording it, it'll automatically cut the video. You know, add music to speed it up in certain places and basically just make a really nice video for you to export share straight away so you don't have to do any video editing or put it into a different airport. Poured off the drive. It didn't final cut pro Iranian. That's it is junk. You can just fly with your phone, have the movie be automatically created, and then just click and share it to where you want. One thing is that even though records it in that full four K for the maverick and 10 p for the spark, it will only produce the video in 7 20 pale How HD quality. But that being said let's go into the three different suburbs. So the first mode is the droning mode. So what this does is that essentially flies up and backwards and sort of the natural real shot for whenever the subject is usually you and whatever your background is surrounded. So as you can see here, you first entered into the intelligent flight mode and actually choose the quick shot mark . Once you have your subject in view and tap on them, it will start toe, actively track that subject. And here you can sort of move around. A bit of you want to line up the show. Well, then come up with a brief description about the mode that your Indian, as you see this is draining mode. Then we need to do. Is he go and press OK to the warning that pops up? Obviously, you want to make sure it's in the north speak area. It'll count down from three and then stop. The automatic murdered and we have to do is simply press the stop button on the left at any time. If you want to stop it and that's pretty much it, you'll get a fantastic shot off the drawing, pulling up, pulling away. You don't have to even have the controller in your hand and daughter itself. So you can maybe start the mode and put the controller down and stand in front of your friend or your partner or something like that and have the joy dual this fantastic work for you. And as you can say from the results, it also looks quite good. And this is the actual result will say from the automatically created movie as well. The next mode we have is the helix mode, and what this does is similar to the journey mode where it flies back upwards away from you , keeping your view here, it's mind simply does that whilst also orbiting around you. And this is really good. If you've got you know, not just of you, that's beautiful. But of you that's all around. You know, maybe, you know, just standing behind us, man, and that maybe there's a fantastic river in front of you or something like that. You want to capture both of them. So you have during go all the way around and show the 43 60 degree view that you as a person have. So once again, you selected from the intelligence flight my menu and after you of Charles and the Helix one you can going to and see a little description about again, what this mood is and how they sort of look press OK to dismiss it and hit the go button. And after the three seconds camp down, it will start spiraling around you and flying up and backwards whilst keeping you in view. So it's a pretty complicated shop to do it if you were to do it manually. But that looks pretty good as well. And as I said, being an automatic merges you just put control is down. You can edit the stop spot on the left again, or just white for the murder to finish itself. It gives a fantastic view of oil surroundings, and I think it looks quite great, especially with the sped up version of the APP automatically produces at the end. As you can see here next we have the rocket murdered, which is a little bit different to the other ones raise. The other ones were sort of flying backwards and our ports spiraling, spiraling around or something like that this one's a bit different during, simply, just flies straight up like a rocket. Obviously, it's where the name comes from. While it's during this, the gimbal tilt down sport clips as its you Know I Got You In Viewed It Flies Up and Tim stand, giving yourself Bodi view as it gets higher. Yeah, to enable this, you're going to be intelligent plot married again. You select the quick shots mode, and just as the previous two mode, you select your subject to track their shorts tracking, hit the go button and wait for the character after the during goes up to about sort of 50 meters or Syros. About 150 think it'll automatically stop the mode and create that really nice automatic film for you that you can share. I think it looks quite good, especially as I said that speeding up off the film edited in, and finally we have the circle Murdered, which is available for the spark boiling, and it's essentially like a standing for the point of interest murders. This is another intelligent flight mode that will be covering a bit, but the sparkle doesn't have the point of interest mode So I think they put this circle moat into kind of cover for it. It is very, very similar to it. And essentially, it just circles around your object, keeping them in track as you would for the point of interest. So all of these minds are really fantastic to use if you're on the edge of a cliff or wanting to Charles, as I said, some fantastic surrounding scenery and you want to actually be in the shoulders. Well, you don't wanna be holding the controller and sort of during this whilst you actually get the actual video for. And also we don't have the skills. Give your begin up to actually do something more complicated moves. They automatically do this for you and even produce a nice video for so next will move on to the active truckload. 28. Section 8 - 2 - 2 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - ActiveTrack Mode: all right now into the active truck mode, and this is probably one of the best moments one of my favorite. It's also available for all of the terms. Spark medic per four per all of them get to use it. Which is fantastic, as I said, because it is probably one of the best moments, especially when you add in the orbiting part of it of the active track ritual get toe. So the active track murdered. What it actually does is it uses the onboard AI and Object Recognition toe actually track a certain subjects. So previously in the past, before sort of a, I became because it is now and the ability to do that kind of your purses. And on the actual itself, they used to actually track drones via GPS. If you wanted to track something, say, use subject, that would actually track you as a subject that would track to control the holding. Well, maybe all the dreams did it with sort of GPS pains, something that the drug lock onto that GPS location track that GPS location. But with this new after track version, what it actually does is takes the image that during sees from its camera and actually identifies the subjects that can be any type of subject to be you as a person. It could be dog could be, you know, tar person, snowboarding, whatever in my day. And it actually basically locked onto that subject, for instance, a person cute thing in the centre off the screen. So if the person starts, you know, going to the left, the drawing will go to the left and actually keep that person in the center of the screen. So that's what active track does. It also has a pre fantastic orbit murdered, which is little slide down the bottom one minute, and this normally keeps the person or object in the centre off camera. That then all that's the actual drawing. A randomness gives him really fantastic cinematic result. One of my favorite ones to do is basically set it all up so that no use the subject, but a car is the actual subject that it's doing the object tracking on and then you hope back in the car. Maybe have someone else dropped a car, obviously very safe medication. Freeway highway with other cars, you know, maybe quiet road or something clocked up, you can actually have to drone or better in the car while the car goes off, while told kicked in frame, That just looks fantastic. So one sort of downside, too active truck murders that, depending on how close or far away you are from the person or object that can sometimes sort of creep at views that make sure that it's keeping it in view, obviously has to upend until the camera around port some stuff. But they didn't want to set it up so that it's doing it all jerky too quickly said It's a maximum speed that it will actually pay in camera while still keeping it nice and smooth. Now that painting speed isn't a hugely fast speeds your running with quickly, or maybe you just jump out of frame of it too quickly. It'll lose that object tracking, and it'll stop the load office and things will stop. So one way to mitigate this a little bit is to actually fly up higher and further away because when further way, you know, if you're running viewing from further away, it's gonna take more running and quicker running to get out of scene quick up in the drawing, actually keep up with it a little better. So that's why it's sort of mitigate the problem a little bit. But the further away you are, the less you actually see off the subject. Usually when you're doing it, object is our active track off subject. You won't actually see the person, the car, the dog, the snowboard or whatever it is. You want to get up nice and close and then track them as they move sort of thing. But obviously you can be fined super close to anything because I'll just jump out of frame too quickly or dangerous. But you've got to find that sort of bounce between being too close and personal. The object that goes too quick goes out of frame too quickly or too far away with you. Get the subject in Friday minutes, you get the short, but you can't really see this subject to works this way. That's one mind of sort of downside of the active track mode, but that being said, it's still a fantastic truck. So to use this more start by selecting the intelligent fought many or my city again and you obviously choose the active track murder. Then, once you've got this up, you need to find yourself a subject to film in this guy's within and something that who's a really, really good boy, and you will then draw a box around that subject. So this lets the drone know what to actually walk onto a what the subject is most to give you a big green go button that you can press. So once you've pressed this in the mode started, the subjects of moves around from the drama automatically keep it in view with nice, smooth camera motion of said before, unless it goes out of view. So you also notice that there's an extra controls will pop up on the screen once it actually stops. Underneath is the orbiting slider, which I was talking about before this will make the drawing not only tracked your subject as it moves, but also orbit around it to giving it a really nice cinematic shock, which I think you'll agree looks fantastic and they're on the right. There is thes speed controls which obviously control the maximum speed off the actual drum . And do you also know that by default it's in meters per second's, not kilometers or MPH or something like that is in meters per second. So active track also has three sub modes that are all quite similar but do do slightly different things. So you've got the trace mode, which is the default active track, and this distracts the object and keep it in frame. You could also control the drone and move it around a little bit. But be careful off taking the subject out of friend. The profile. This trucks the subject but locks the drone to only being able to move left or right So the producers quips. Similar to you know, Todd's where they have Todd Carbon Drawdown. The drug cameraman, whoever it is is going along instead of profile with that car. So maybe it's another tar next to the original car they both drive along. Getting footage like that produces something similar to that, and finally, there's the spotlight mode, which is very similar to the trace murdered. However, you don't have as much control over the drone, so it's sort of limits you a little bit, but it does make it easier to get those sort of sweeping shots of things. One final thing when talking about active track on it is a very important thing. I did cover a little bit in safety section, but just sort of give you a bit of our mind off. Active track is one of the beach sections that people can crash drones in because they'll be perhaps that have the subject and have drawn up in the air and their subjects moving forward. A lot of subjects move forward, but that means you're drawing have to start flying backwards. And although you're drawing like spark, Phantom magic might have front forward facing object avoidance, which will stop it from running into things. Um, I don't have anything on the fact that probably doesn't unless you're using the Phantom four part. What that means is that Adam, it's fine backwards. It can stop like trees or branches or your pal on hole number of things. So just do you can't for mindful when you're doing active track that you asked instead of keeping an eye on the drawing, you're probably looking at it your subject, but you know, keeping our eye after things that are behind it. And so stop walking forward. If you say that about so that's the active truck 29. Section 8 - 2 - 3 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - Waypoints Mode: next up, We've got the white points. Martin, This is another really, really good morning. It is only available for the magic per on the fainting four. Siri's You've got spark. Unfortunately, miss out on this, but you have other modes that they have set a little bad. Now, the white points mode is essentially a way off pretty setting up locations for your dream to fly through and making sure that when it does fly through those locations, it gets a nice sort of smooth transition between those two. So it's not only good for just quickly, they ableto run through a spot on flawed here, to you, to that, and get a nice, smooth footage of it. But it's also handy, perhaps, of your business or review, you know, in the shop that you're gonna get beforehand and you actually go to that location, you can actually go to that location, set up the waypoints and actually save it as a sort of a mission that you can actually fly later on. So perhaps the next day, when you got your client on site or something like that wedding or whatever the event might be, well, you have to do it broke up the side, get your drawing out and say Fly that mission. So to get this working, you obviously want first, have you drying up in the air and choose that intelligent flight menu from the select a waypoint sitting over it. And to begin with, you simply fly to your first waypoint. So once you there, you used the C one and C two buttons on the back Off your controllers are That's these buttons here on the control C one and C two. So that's the front C one C two. And from here they I used to add all removed white points with C one bun, which is on the left, is used ad. The sea to button on the right is used to dilate, so essentially you keep flying to the different way points and adding them using the C one button. Once you've gone through and maybe three or four different way points that you want to fly to, you want to hit that done button in the bottom right corner? Yeah, once you've done that, it'll pop up, asking me to confirm the return to her altitude. Make sure that set appropriately for your area of trees in the wind or anything. You could also look at the map and see what type of route mission you've designed. I want you happy with it all. You hit the apply button and it will upload the way points to the actual dream itself. So when you stop to run, the actual mission, drawing will fly to the first waypoint automatically and then begin while it's doing its actual mission, flying around smoothly, transitioning from one point to the other. With the camera, you can actually control the drums speed with speed bar on the side. You can also sort of pause and resume the missions as well. As you know, hide the information section that black area on the Russian side so you can get a bit better sort of a few, as it's flying the mission as edible ease into and out of the various waypoints. Creating a nice of smooth transition between them and the results is video footage. It looks really good professional, and you can also replicate as well if perhaps you're lighting wasn't fantastic. The first time in my white a bit longer until the sun sets a little more than re run the mission. So it's very Fandy type of intelligent, flight murdered toe have. And once it gets to the end white point, it will just stop holding place. So why? Points are great for flying around automatically when there's a few objects that you want to avoid. Maybe there's a big tree in the way or something like that. So you know that you want to go from the first waypoint fly forward and then fly around this big giant tree. That's usually the way. Perhaps he can't do that in, say, like an orbit mode or something point of interest mode or something like that. So that enables you to get that, Dittemore said, its control over the actual during itself. I didn't say get some pretty fantastic results as well, so that's the white point mark 30. Section 8 - 2 - 4 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - Point Of Interest Mode: Next up, we have the point of interest murder, PR y murder. This is available again on the maverick and the center for pro, Not on the Sparks that, as I didn't say, you've got that quick shot mode with circular married you can kind of approximately this morning with the point of interest mode is essentially where you have a single point of interest might be a tree or a car, a person, whatever you like day someone play equipment, for instance, and you want the drawing to essentially orbit around it like it is a point of interest. So to begin with, you obviously get the dried up and flying and then select the intelligent flopped many. From there you choose point of interest mind, and after that you should fly to the point above the object, whatever it is that you want to actually film. So you want to fly directly over that object, and it also helps if you point the camera directly dance. Obviously, you want to be an awesome high for this mode as well, but it helps if you point the camera directly down so you can see what's directly under the drone and so you can line it up nice and precisely next. After you've confirmed that you'll fly some distance away from that point of interest on that subject that you wanted to film and then you want to start the market. So this app well, Apple will let me know about how to control the drone. When it's in the point of interest mode and all that sort of stuff. You can have a look at that and then he don't cave. Once you get okay, it'll stop actually flying. So once it's started, or between around the actual point of interest, you can use it controls to maybe increase or decrease the speed at which it's actually flying. You don't want to do the actual orbiting off the point of interest too quickly as it kind of ruins the cinematic feel of the shop. Bolos the video a little bit of going too fast. Also be going to slower from time to get a bit boring. As you know, you might find that I try and stay around the sort of 3 to 4 meters per second mark. This kind of gives a good speech. You know enough to actually make it all blurry or anything like that will make people to motion sickness. But it's also not so slowly that it's boring. And you just want to get to the next section so you can even actually do another thing with the point of interest. More, which a lot of people don't realize, is that once you actually start getting going and it's actually orbiting the object, whatever Behn's case a tree you can actually give it and turn the drone completely around 1 80 look in the opposite direction to the actual point of interest. So once you're actually orbiting, if you use your left stick to actually pivot the drone on the spot while it's orbiting, pivot withdrawing 180 degrees C. Facing away from the object that your were originally filming is the port of interest. And this way you can actually say, Look at the scenery that's all around you, and the drone itself will take care of that flying nice and smoothly at a constant speed for you while you can, you know, maybe increase the gimbal up or down, and you're only having to control this one sort of scroll wheels or this one home, you know, dimension of moving the gimbal up and down in order to get this really fantastic shot, which would otherwise take a fair bit of manual effort to actually get. That's a bit of a different way that you can use the point of interest murdered on. I don't think too many people do. You utilize that version off, but it is very handy distance no, and that's the point of interest. 31. Section 8 - 2 - 5 - Awesome Flight Modes You Really Should Use - Gesture Mode: next up, we have gesture. Now, this is actually a little bit different, depending on which drilling have talked this into sort of two subsections. The first is for the magic per and defending four per they generally just have one. Why did you use the gesture? Sexual wanted to just active, tracked into tight photo with the spark. It actually has multiple different modes, like Palm Launch and gestured Palm Control And all these sorts of things don't go into a little bit. But for now, I'm just looking at the actual magic per four per. So the just to control what is meant to be a is that if you want to get a shot off, you know yourself or perhaps your spouse. So maybe a group of people, whatever they But you don't actually have the controller in your hand while you're taking a photo of you looking like this sort of thing. Just a mode is very handy for it. So basically $1 is enables you to set the drawing to track you as the subject similar to how, But what's an active truck? And the name was you to do a certain gesture, which tells the jury poetry, Take a photo, take a photo of you and obviously you won't have the actual control in yo