DIY up-cycled skull - best way to hide your treasures ( clutter)

Meriliis (Meru) Rinne, Artist

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro "How to hide your treasures"

    • 2. Step 1 : Find your treasures

    • 3. Step 2 : Finding the idea for an artwork

    • 4. Step 3 : Sicking the clutter on canvas

    • 5. Waiting

    • 6. final touches

    • 7. last words


Project Description

Class projec is about creating a finished fine work of art out old clutter.

Upcycling old gems, buttons, jewerly pieces etc.

  • First step:

Find "the treasures"- meaning clutter. Get yout little gems you going to use for this class ready. Pretty much anything will work. Tiny elements preferably.

Tools you need: Canvas ( i used 40x30cm ), glue (PVA or UHU all purpose glue), waterbased household paint, acrylic paint, brushes, spray paint for final finish (optional), clutter  

  • Second step:

Come up with simple shape as an idea what to draw on canvas. We going to use this as a frame for clutter.

  • Third step:

Start hidding your treasures on canvas by sticking it on canvas.You can pre-plan the items you want to use on the canvas the way it looks nice. 
You can use the paint itselt or use glue among the process and paint it over after. 

I in the demo ended up using waterbased household paint and added lots of it to fill my drawing. And then i added all the item i wanted inside the paint. 

  • Fourth step:

Wait for you work to dry. Depend on what you use it might take day or more.

  • Fifth step:

Give it final fiish to make it out as work to hung on the wall.

I ended up adding only little bit more as i decided i like when items i used are easilly seen. So its up to you how you feel about your worl. 

While making the task i hope you add the proccess or final result under the project gallery. Would be cool to see your hidden treasures on the canvas! 
If you use intagram and post it  there feel free to  tag me @meruart / i will follow you up.

Any questions just let me know 
hope you enjoy it!


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