DIY up-cycled skull - best way to hide your treasures ( clutter) | Meriliis (Meru) Rinne | Skillshare

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DIY up-cycled skull - best way to hide your treasures ( clutter)

teacher avatar Meriliis (Meru) Rinne, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro "How to hide your treasures"

    • 2. Step 1 : Find your treasures

    • 3. Step 2 : Finding the idea for an artwork

    • 4. Step 3 : Sicking the clutter on canvas

    • 5. Waiting

    • 6. final touches

    • 7. last words

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About This Class

Class "How to hide your treasures"

This class is about up cycling old clutter, gems, buttons, lego pieces and bits you don't need but still been keeping. 

I just call it treasure. So its time to open your " treasure box " and use whats inside there to make it out as nice and impressive artwork.
We going to hide it inside the paint. 

This class is simple and again like in my first class you don't need any deep drawing skills. All you need is passion for an art.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meriliis (Meru) Rinne



Meriliis Rinne alias Meru is an Estonian born artist based in London.
She believes there is good freedom in making art.

Her way of teaching is showing the way and to inspires but its all about the students what they can make out of it. 

Her classes are based on her own practice and take place on her atelier but in simple easy way that you could test something interesting at home. 

Her often spoken motto is - nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love. She is a perfect living example of her motto.

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1. Intro "How to hide your treasures": Hi, My name is Mary and you already know me for my first class. How really they're integrating one step where we ended up baking powerful circles. But the day so totally different story. This class is called, but what dresses on how to hide them? That's the question. Well, the story behind this last what is? Maybe something go your imagination, What we get you. You get based me Take it. That's making nice going all you want more Well, what we expect from this class. I think like all my classes are going to be. You just have to expect on the expected. And I think even the final rest of the world I'm going to do through the last shooting with us is surprised. Even it is enough excitement already. I hope you enroll. I hope to see in the class just father me. And let's see this 2. Step 1 : Find your treasures: 3. Step 2 : Finding the idea for an artwork: first of all, I hope he had little by little bits and box for this off beginning to make in this class, I was You're ready, right? It's fine over my CK by. Do you know he's three? I do brush. Maybe before we could start fighting a dresser. Unlimited debate, making it out. We actually need to have a thing before needed Blood on in a way that comes out us something. So come up with shape idea. But it might be a sample. Here I have one in my work's done the same weight here it is full of the shape of the skull on and she lied up with the different names for using layers and layers Painter rip and then up again ended up before. That is quite a process. Um, because you have to bear in mind that comes quite led on, and it's really messy. So you really have a new idea. The shape needs to be quite simple, uh, for the pass keys to go put out idea. I want to be shaped kind of thinking about shapes. I have another one here I made, and that's that's the most simple kind of shape. I could come up, maybe stands out nicely. The doctor, at least here, only compliments that he said It doesn't make a a heavy. It's no best looks organized for in the way I read these. Actually, I used to your old paint you found really cute that I was really sad. It's strudel away. So I decided to keep the new life through using them, making them be slaw so they they notice. No way. Look, you can see what it is. So that's wrestle we actually want from this work day. So you should do some sketching. Find your shapes. Well, it's There's something in your mind. Then you know what coming to do. You just so I'm going to do that on a see you next. 4. Step 3 : Sicking the clutter on canvas : so you must be ready to drive. Must be ready on campus. I waited for this car. Lichen, I just before it is a done that again used to say my on if you have anything to do school or so I didn't already going really Blue Blanche Bates. So you could just do what you can. You give us start leak straight away. Maybe you in a more. I guess you want to be really cool birth, but say you could just and later kind of actually kind of shapes up. Is there anything? Is there anything to fix? Do it again in another space. The way I feel, I just recommend to go really spontaneously and and start seeking things. I would be really great. This in case you have a really cool doing. Stand up. You can do something great. See? What? Do you know the problem with this? C I as I have only one cameras Cassidy next. So just take a look. Thank you. Four e. They can This I think that spider a three the exact bait itself speak very. They drink sissy and, um this for with the Sydney video. You should really where you want your hands together for the same for? Yeah, uh, so I'm doing is inside beating the paint around the skull. I'm still going to seek. That is outlines. Great. It. So the nose about 50 months like this. Andi, uh, the baby's really nice and thick You're going to just, like, at some bits and bobs excited. So going dio we think everything you want One a little think Is this like, But it doesn't stay as fluffy because, um, bankers, it is quite hard. But this way my pain was real heavy. And this is where you really feel. Do you wanna look like a nice nice away, a front seat? Um, do you really wanna very all of your blood inside that You wanna show them? So you have this kind of dry squat along, so you need to wait for another a couple of days. That's what I'm going to do as well. Um, more Maybe a couple more over here, so it comes up quite cool. Um, maybe kept for a something uniting. That's because anything on the pain. So I just use this one. That's a really fun, but I think, but more. It's fun because I think if you have, you know, things insight there, making out something I'm using. There's little fluffy bum bones. I'm really team to my couples. I'm so so it will be. I'm going, Teoh, feel this old thing with a clutter and we'll see you in an express. 5. Waiting: I see waiting for a few days. Have a dry eye. I wouldn't. Dr Hollywood body at some quarters in vain. 6. final touches: So we're just trying for one day. I know that this on its, you know, completely dry. It still has a good feeling with first painting me. But things are really security stuff like Atsuko and at some little mix I wish so it needs one more day. We're going to do this work. It's always really hot. So I finished. I'm just going Teoh I the back row. I leave the subsidies. I like I like Can you guys goes along with populace that came up that surprised for me that I please again, since matter they stand process off analyzing how you finish. I'm going to add weapon with 7. last words: no restaurants here way have no worries whatsoever what to do. Absolutely. I really hope you're doing more new, Less. It's not. Come up, I'm sure Wrestle least fantastic. Please. They your process. What? You came up. So if you do something on everything, just again. Thank you. Thank you. Say my last year I past