DIY high quality soft cover Journal | Racheal Maus | Skillshare
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7 Videos (17m)
    • 1 Into to the Tools

    • 2 Measure, Cut Cover and Pages

    • 3 Score and Punch the Pages

    • 4 The Cover

    • 5 Binding the Pages Together

    • 6 Finish the Binding

    • 7 Great Job!


About This Class

Learn how to make a basic journal out of paper, thread and tape, with things you probably already have around the house. A clean, nice quality, personalized journal without the price tag and plus: you can make them for friends and family when birthdays and holidays come around again. 






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Racheal Maus

Creating things is fun, but also really useful!

Hi, I'm Racheal from, and I love to make things from scratch rather than buy them. That's why whenever I give a gift, everyone makes a big deal out of it, and its how I show others I care while also getting to have fun along the way!

Creating things is a fun project for me, no matter if it's a clothes accessory, a paper craft, painting, re-finishing furniture or anything else I can dream up... I love to work with my hands!

So come along as I share my quirky bui...

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