DIY eco beeswax food wrap | Rika Cossey | Skillshare
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8 Videos (16m)
    • Welcome

    • Materials & equipment explained

    • Cutting and preparing the fabric

    • Melting the beeswax into the fabric

    • Working with a block of beeswax

    • Troubleshooting too much or too little wax

    • Mending a food wrap

    • Final tips and farewell


About This Class

In this 15min class, you will learn how to make your own eco food wraps using beeswax. Eco food wraps are a reusable, eco-friendly, and plastic-free alternative to glad wrap (a.k.a. cling wrap). They can be used for almost anything in your kitchen you would use plastic wrap for: fruit and veggies, leftovers, bread, sandwiches, even cooked meat - you name it. They last up to one year.

The best news: they are really easy to make yourself!

Eco food wraps also make fantastic gifts.

 In this class I will teach you how to make your own eco food wraps, using cotton fabric and beeswax. You can make different sizes and shapes, use different patterns, and let your creativity run loose. It's a fun activity, also for kids.

If you want to take your food wraps to the next level, I invite you to join me in the advanced class DIY 2.0 eco food wraps. 





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Rika Cossey

Environmental Educator & Simplifier

My name is Rika. I'm a simplifier, tiny house dweller, DIY enthusiast, and passionate teacher (and learner) of all things sustainability.  In this context, I run the blog 'Live Small - Be more' where I share ideas around simple, sustainable, and DIY living. 

My classes are about inspiring YOU to farewell a well-designed lifestyle and to discover what you know, what you can make yourself, and what matters to YOU.

The classes I share on Skillshare are based on content fr...

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