DIY eco beeswax food wrap | Rika Cossey | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Materials & equipment explained

    • 3. Cutting and preparing the fabric

    • 4. Melting the beeswax into the fabric

    • 5. Working with a block of beeswax

    • 6. Troubleshooting too much or too little wax

    • 7. Mending a food wrap

    • 8. Final tips and farewell


About This Class

In this 15min class, you will learn how to make your own eco food wraps using beeswax. Eco food wraps are a reusable, eco-friendly, and plastic-free alternative to glad wrap (a.k.a. cling wrap). They can be used for almost anything in your kitchen you would use plastic wrap for: fruit and veggies, leftovers, bread, sandwiches, even cooked meat - you name it. They last up to one year.

The best news: they are really easy to make yourself!

Eco food wraps also make fantastic gifts.

 In this class I will teach you how to make your own eco food wraps, using cotton fabric and beeswax. You can make different sizes and shapes, use different patterns, and let your creativity run loose. It's a fun activity, also for kids.

If you want to take your food wraps to the next level, I invite you to join me in the advanced class DIY 2.0 eco food wraps. 


1. Welcome: glad rough. Maybe you've wrapped your sandwich is in that. This morning you used to cover up some left foods in the fridge. What if I told you Rather than using this disposable tested, you could use something reusable. Welcome to this class on how to make your own a code Blue crabs. My name is Rekha and I around the block. Let's small, more talk about all things are practical, sustainable living. I talk about all my skin care cooking with whole foods and also sustainable housing. Today I want to share with you my project on how to make your own echo food groups. These food groups are usable and non toxic. They consist off cotton fabric and beeswax and then make great gifts. You can also do this project with kids. But please take care. We will be using the oven so it will be hot. You're free to experiment with the shapes and colors I'm gonna be making scram for ribs and brown footprints. You can look around some force. I'm powerful pepper that you want to use for this project. And also that these banks the structure of the class is pretty simple. I will show you how to make the food preps. I'll run you through some potential obstacles you could encounter. I'll show you how to mend a figure that looks like this that's been used a couple of times . And I will show you at the end how to use your foot, how restored and also how to clean it. I hope you enjoy this class, and I hope you enjoy your food. 2. Materials & equipment explained: Let's go over the materials that you're gonna need to make your food reps. Now it all starts off the fabric. You can see here I have a kilt ing fabric that's 100% cotton. Enough chosen. Cried a bride color. You afraid to choose any color that you want? Just make sure it's 100% cotton. I also highly recommend to use a kilt ing February because that's always differently. Correct. Thickness that we're gonna need for this project. You need to wash this twice before we can use it. An iron at Flint. The next thing we're gonna need this piece. Weeks now, I have three different versions of beeswax. You you don't necessarily need all three different kinds of just going to show you the version set out there and you can choose. The 1st 1 is be Sex Palace. This is the natural peace. Expel its You can see they're slightly yellowish and their smell off. Honey, this is probably easy. It again. Just make sure it's pellets because they're much easier to work with. The other palettes. I have a bleached beeswax pallets. You can see them here. These are whites and they are good if you want to work with very light wind colors, you don't ever want to use pair feign banks because that's not antibacterial on their fronts. Not really useful to have on this project. Try and make sure to get pallets off the beast makes these are much easier to work with. I have a block of basics here and now. That's fine. If you get it, you can probably get it at a local hat way. Score even or from your local beekeeper, However, you're gonna have to great it. I have a greater here that I've used especially for this project, and you can see that it's all you quite duty if you are using a block of beeswax and you have two great and make sure to full metal greater because you have to melt it later on to get the B six off. So make sure it's a for mental greater so you can put it in boiling water war. Use it with the flame. No grating. Be sex is quite hot work, and I'll show you later on how to do it. But I would recommend very much to use B six palettes rather than the block of basics. If you can get it the next thing, I'm going to show us the six sec scissors or also known as pinking shears. Now pinking shares are relatively expensive to buy. Unfortunately, they make life much easier for this project because we don't have to hem the edges off the food web. So I do recommend that you get some. Maybe you can find them at the local secondhand store, or you can find them in around your house and you're selling kid, As I said, there were useful to have, because you don't have to him the ages. If you don't have six X Issers or pinking shares, you're gonna have to him the ages off your food. But before you can put any wax on it because otherwise able fray now the next thing will need is a brush. In my experience, having a silicon brush like this one is very useful. The bristles will stay it working, even if the wax is pulled in a I have used in the past and normal painting brush. But the problem of this is that the rex just gets stuck in the bristles and then the brush doesn't work anymore. It'll you can see it's completely hot in SS. Useless. So, uh, silicon brush or something similar to it? It's very useful to have in this project. The next thing we're gonna need is an oven train. Our cat up pieces of paper go into this tray and were sprinkled with bricks later on the Evan trade has to fit into you often, and it also has to fit your You have high brick. Please make sure it's a fled oven tray. You don't want to use a griddle train, and when before you're cutting your material a highly recommends to measure your oven tray . Before you cut up any material, make sure it fits onto your train. I'm using a plate as a pet in, and I'm just putting on on my trade and see that it fits on both sides and there is enough space. I could even go a little bit larger here, but I'm staying at the size because it's a convenient size for me. As you can see in the background, I have a round plate and I have a square plate, and this is what I'm gonna use to make my food ribs. Today you can use this larger sizes you want as long as it fits onto your oven tray. That's important. Now these are the things that we're gonna need it, and the first thing we're going to start with is cutting out our fabric to the shape that we want. 3. Cutting and preparing the fabric: So the first step to prepare our food is to cut out the fabric. I have my fabric line here face down, and I have my plate, which I'm gonna use to cut the pooper about. I'm gonna put the plate or to the temporary and trace it with a pen or a pencil. What? I have some tools here. Whatever you have handy trace up and then you cut it out. Use your pinking shears to Canada and I do advise you to kindness, needling issue. Can it? This form you wanna avoid any weird wholeness and fabric and also any kings? If you're not working with pinking shares, you're gonna cut it out and then you need to hammer with a sewing machine so clearly off in here leftover peppery, put it to the side and get your train. Place the fabric in the middle of the up and trade brother, face up or face down Doesn't really matter. At this point, the Brexit's going to see it through depending on whether you're working with a block of beeswax will be specs pellets. You want a spring color with either the great and beeswax for the beast breaks Palace. I'm using pallets here just because it's more convenient. I'm gonna show you later how to sprinkled with some greater please fix. But just for convenience, Nelson be specs. Pellets distribute them. Even they especially pay attention to the ages and corners. You're aiming for medium cheesy pizza consistency. That's how much coverage roughly the wax relate to see through it. And then we'll also be brushing at once. It's melted, so you have an opportunity to distributed more evenly. But at this point, you don't have any large clumps break sitting anywhere on food. That's just gonna take longer to melt, and that's my chatter to just later, so make sure it's roughly evenly distributed and then you can put it in. 4. Melting the beeswax into the fabric: Now it's time to mount the beast. Fix into your fabric pretty Javan to the lowest possible temperature because the B specs has amounting fund of only 60 degree sales shoes, and you don't want to have happen to home places in the happen and leave for anything between three and five minutes until the B specs has fully melted. Once it's fully mounted, take it out of the oven and use your brush to brush. The beast wakes pay at this point particular attention to rushing the B specs into the corners and onto the aegis. This is important because those will be used heavily later on Russia and wants you satisfied with the brushing places. Bake in the oven for about 30 seconds to just make sure that the brakes is fully mounted. Once it's out, lifted up carefully by the agents, watch out it's hot and let any potential excess wax dripping off at the bottom. You'll notice that it will go had priests quickly because the B specs is cooling down. Once it's had enough, you can hang it out on the line to let it fully dry, and you're done with your foot 5. Working with a block of beeswax: Now let me show you what it means that we work with a block of restricts rather than with beeswax pellets. Does this not just here? You? I just want to show you what it means. Gonna start off with grating your beasts mix. Now, this is hat work, and you want to make sure you have a soul. It's if it's not like my right here. I want to also make sure you use a full medical. Greater now, Once you've done grating enough for your particular food wrap, Sprinkle it on again. You're aiming for medium cheesy pizza consistency. Now the full metal grater to clean it light around, you're gonna have to place it in boiling water or prune the wax off with a plane. That's why four medals. Good, because there's no place tickle notes. Sprinkle your beast bricks onto a friend. Pay particular attention to the Aegis life with propellants. And once you're satisfied with the Pepperidge nicer than the evidence mounted from Leon out . It's no different to working with pellets 6. Troubleshooting too much or too little wax: Now, let me go over some troubleshooting ideas. First, I'm gonna talk about the too much weeks, so I'm placing way too much peace weeks off food rep here. We don't want to use this much works on any ref. This is an extreme example and not facing it is it is in the oven and you can see here once it's melted. How much wax drips out the bottom? This is way too much. Another problem with too much be specs is that it will a pool at the bottom of the food like I will show you in a second and B that it will correct once it's old. Right? So this is not a very nice food breath. You can see here how much is pulled at the bottom. This is not desirable. The easiest way to fix this is to place a second piece of fabric underneath the coverage that has too much enough and that the bottom pinprick soak up the wakes from the top. I just place it, Then you happen. And once it's out, the bottom fabric has soaked up the excess picks from the top burger. If you concede here, I wanna use the bottom prepping to show you what to do when you don't have enough quakes in the food prep, which can happen, and it's not a big deal at all. Your chest winkle rex onto the pieces of Perfect, where you can see their snow wicks and you melt that works into the perfect. It's as easy as that. Your place is in the afternoon that you can take it out if you want you to have a brush. I didn't do this here because I didn't think it was necessary. Once it's fully mounted, you've lifted up and you handle it like any other food prep with the wrecks in it, and this is how you solve too much or too little beast tricks on your food. 7. Mending a food wrap: Now let me show you how to mend a photograph that's been used a couple of times. You can see here my food were that I made about six months ago, and it has cracks in it. That's just normal usage and happens when I put it over a bowl and the rex just cracks off . It's nothing to worry about to concede on both sides, but you can amend it if you don't like the look of it. I wanted to amend it. You place the food web in your trailer. You worked with any other food places in the middle and selected out a smart yes you can. If there is any broken pieces with wax, you can keep them on their as they are just for that 1000 much as you can so you don't get in your pool, so brakes on it in the end. And once you flatten it out, places in the African like you work with the other crew, preps and males. The legs. Once it's fully mounted to take it out of Russia quite forcefully with you brush, you'll see that it's a little difficult to brush because the material hasn't been ironed before, so it's not entirely flat, and I have to brush it forcefully, preferably on both sides to make sure that the wax is evenly distributed. Once you've done brushing, you can hang this on the line to dry because it's finished and we've mended a food math that's been used for happy here. 8. Final tips and farewell: Now I do know how to make your foot that Let me quickly show you how to use thumb, store them and clean them to use them. You simply put them over the bowl and fold down the sights your body wants will soft in the wax and that where the rebels stay in shape. If you want to represent originated, you folded over the sandwich and fix it with a rubber band. You could also so a back door into it and a string and that way turn it into a permanent Sandra trip. To clean it, you simply wiped down the record with a dame cloth and some soap dancer merged the Rev. And Water, especially not hot water, because that could melt the wakes to store them. I recommend to store them flats that you avoid any permanent lines on that also store them away from any source and direct sunlight. Any heat could melt the legs. I very much hope you enjoy your foot friend and helped you see in one of my ethic classes by