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DIY colouring pages for beginners - Christmas

teacher avatar Doris Charest, Contemporary Fine Art Specialist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction to colouring pages for the Xmas holidays

    • 2. The tools you will need

    • 3. Finding designs

    • 4. A holiday decoration

    • 5. The first letter of your name

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About This Class

Colouring pages are fun and easy.  This section will show you how to create a page for the special person in your life at Christmas.   Create a page unique to that special person and give them a gift no one else can give them.  Each page will take an evening or two.  Most of all it will be fun to make. There are two projects in this class.  One is a holiday design and the other is the first letter of the name of that special person in your life.  Enjoy making that special present.  


Meet Your Teacher

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Doris Charest

Contemporary Fine Art Specialist and Instructor


Doris Charest - Biography


BED University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

BFA University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

MED University of Alberta, AB

Mixed media is Doris' favorite favorite form of painting . She loves exploring with textures, shapes, and a more contemporary look. Nature and the world around her inspires Doris. Her love of texture won her the Allessandra Bisselli Award and a First Place in a Still Life show with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver. Look for Doris Charest's work in the American Magazine: Sommerset Studio (Summer, 2007) and British Magazine: Leisure Painter. Both feature a three pages of Doris' artwork. She won the Sylvie Brabant award in 2011 for her work in the art community. In 2013 she won First Place for he... See full profile

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1. Introduction to colouring pages for the Xmas holidays: Christmas is a very special time, and it's often a challenge to give somebody something that nobody else can. And this is a way you can give that special person something that nobody else can giveth, Um, your own drawing that you drew yourself and that they can color and think of you at the same time again. We're going to be using basic shapes, something very simple. You can make it more complicated if you want, or you can make it even simpler. But we are going to do two different protects. One is specific to Christmas, and I won't tell you what it is. But it's a very traditional Christmas drawing, and the second is drawing the first letter of your name. Now I used my first letter of my name, and that's a D, but you can use any letter that you want. Now, If you're doing something for your mother, you could do mother a Big M, or you could give ah letter that's specific to their name. If their name is sand that you could do a ness if their name is Benjamin, you could do a B. Uh, you can do anything you want just use the basic concept and change it up. Do something that's unique to you that nobody else will ever create. And then you give it to them with a couple colors of crayons and they will just love it. Nobody else can give this gift, but you and it came from your imagination and made with your own hands that special for anyone. And but enjoy Christmas. Have fun making this and have fun. A Christmas Merry Christmas or happy holiday. See you soon. 2. The tools you will need: So why art making art is one of those activities which I find helps me relax. The way we draw on the way we create is a self reflective practice. That means it teaches us about ourselves, and it's a mindful way of getting to know ourselves through our art. We see how we interpret the world. We're seeing how we see the world ourselves. Now what happens when you do something that's reflective and meditative and relaxing. So we're using drawing and coloring, and we observe, and we surrender to that creativity. Time begins to fly. You don't worry about the end product, and in this with the coloring pages, we won't worry about the end product because whatever we do, it'll turn out great. So when we're creating, we're forgetting all the things that are going on in our lives. We forget all the worries we have. We forget our problems, and for that short time we're creating, we relax and that's good for us. What we need to relax Here are the tools you need a pencil, a permanent marker, an eraser and a piece of paper or two or three or maybe more. Let's watch a video that tells you all about the tools. So here's an ordinary pencil, a ruler, an old calculator that doesn't work anymore. A lead and a pen. Um, well, they're actually markers. One is a kind of a micro um, liner, and you can buy those at any art supply shop or any kind of shop that sells. Writing supplies creates a fine line. Then you can get a tip that's like a brush, and it creates a larger line. Now, on the other end is a skinnier line, but again, thicker than the micro. A pencil. So again, a fat line. When you lean, your brush, those air. All the options for the writing tools now here is one done with the big tip, so it gives you a bold look. Here's another one with a bold look with lots of lines. Now here's one. Using the fine tip with the micro. A pen. Here's the bears, and that's a very fine line, and the cat is a mix. It's using the fine tip of the brush tool, the brush pan so there are lots of options on the kinds of sizes you want. So fine lines, thick lines and medium lines you get to pick 3. Finding designs: choosing designs, finding designs in unusual places. Designs are everywhere. It's just a matter of knowing where to look. We're going toe. Look at a quick video that shows you different ideas on where to find your designs. So here is a basic drawing, and what I'm going to do is choose, like patterns and designs that in different places from different things that I'm going to add to my actual phone. Um, drawing. I was gonna say photo, but it's actually a drawing. So I have stickers from the safely store, and they have a nice little curvy design. So in that area, I'm going to copy that design to put in that space. That's an idea for you. Start looking and different magazines, different things that you can use to add. Now, here in Canada, we have the Canadian tire money, and it's got a really nice design on the bottom that goes just like this. I'm going to show you it's curvy, and then onion side there's another design, and then there's lines that go that way. So in that shape right there, I'm going to use that design and repeat it and fill the whole space There are ideas for designs everywhere. It's just a matter of being able to see them. You'll never look at advertisements in the same way. Now, also on this little bag for the fan that's there. There's a beautiful design that goes like this, and I'm going to feel the second shape in there with that design and add it there on this thank you card. There's a beautiful butterfly, but in there, when I like is the shape that does this. So you can. You fill irregular kind of shapes, and it almost looks like the dot on a butterfly, and they get bigger as the shape gets bigger. So that's another idea for you, and that's an easy one, just like that, and you feel the whole space and you can add designs inside if you want. No. Another idea is this drawing of asparagus tips that's in our local magazine, and it has a shape just like this, almost like a fingernail shape, and I in that space, I'm going to add that design just like I said. There are designs everywhere. Now look at those carrots. I'm going to add a similar design in that space so pointy triangles and then just add more just like that and overlap them just like those carrots are right there. And that's another idea for a design. Now what happened here is I added, ah, few lines just like that rope. And here I added, Dills designs right there. I'm showing you after the fact, because what happened is my camera stopped and I kept drawing and they didn't know it stopped. So here's another idea. Copyright free designs so you can get books from the library with all kinds of designs or on the Internet. The copy right free is what you look for so very old designs. 4. A holiday decoration: drawing a Christmas Day project. We're going to do this one in one sitting. There's not two sections. There's one section, so watch carefully because we're going to do it all at once, from basic drawing to the finished product. So here is our basic shapes that will need one rectangle and then a circle with another circle in it. We're drawing a stalking, so the other basic shape is also a rectangle with an attached bump. And that's the basics. The next spot is really just the toll and the hell, so I'm trying to decide whether to add a little bit to the top. But I've decided not to and knows her just half circles. There we go. So that's the basic shape, not very complicated. Then you get out your marker and you start right away. Now I've speeded up this section, and as you know, I like to pick designs that suit the topic. So whatever design you pick, pick Christmas ish designs, so stripes are very common at Christmas. As you can see, I'm not very good at following the lines, so don't worry about that part because we can erase later, we can erase that pencil line, and it won't show at the top. I added a little extra on top of where the stocking is because it didn't look fat enough. Often those stockings fold over, so they're a little bigger. So I've decided on stripes for the middle part and stars on the toes. Now I have added circles to represent the Christmas balls that you hang on a tree and they go into sections and the stars that we put on top of our tree or look outside at Christmas time and find them. I also usually like to add a section around to isolate the object from the background, and I'm going to do a star like effect. So inside I picked designs that again suit Christmas, these air, the piles of snow balls that are outside just getting ready to be throwing up. So the next one I will add strips and that Christmas striped look that you often seeing wrapping paper here. I've decided on swirl designs, just like that Christmas candy. You often get that swirly like that. I don't know if you get that candy in every part of the country or all over the world. But over here it's very popular. A swirly multicolored candy. It's a hard candy, and it's really delicious. I'm now I'm adding more of my snowballs wherever I create one design. I try to repeat that design or repeat something similar to it. Oh, at the stripes now, but there are a little different. They're not exactly the same now. A snow falling down and we'll have snow in a couple of places. And this is the point he has that we wear when were partying. Or the rectangles are like the gifts that their stock piled in front of the Christmas tree . Hear more gifts all piled up nice and high just for you at Christmas. And here I'm adding more of the curvy stripes just to repeat that pattern, see how fast that is and really easy and now, and adding little drops. Tiny little drops that could be. Sometimes it rains a Christmas to with that snow so it could be the rain, or it could be drops of candy to. So now I raise now in the top part off the stalking. You can choose to leave it blank or put the name of the person that you're giving it to. And that would be a wonderful gift to have this talking with their name on it. It would make a great card at Christmas, or you could attach it to their gift. So have fun with this one. See how easy it is? Just go for it and we'll see you in the next section. 5. The first letter of your name: This is the easiest project ever, and something you could easily use on a birthday card or a special announcement card, anything like that. What we're going to do first is draw the basic shape. So the letter is the letter D, and I am drawing that because that's the first letter of my name. So I just picked that. I'm drawing the basic shapes first. So instead of a plane letter, what I'm doing is adding a few little fancy details. But I'm sticking to very simple shapes. The simpler the shape, the easier it iss. So for the curve, I'm making it fat so that I can feel it with designs. And then I can feel the bar with designs as well. So that's the easy part. Now I may want, and another little of something. I want to add another curvy part here and make the bar a little longer that looks way better than it did before. Looks more like a letter this time. I'm going to add one more curve just like that, and the options air really up to you. Whatever letter you pick, you can adjust it any way you like. I'm going to add it again like that now there are a lot of options. If you don't like the designs, you can erase it just like now, and it's okay. This is the step where you make all the adjustments to get what you like. So I'm going to redraw that basic lying right there. And once I'm happy with that design, I take a felt marker and I cholera it in with the black marker, and that's when it's permanent. So do this step now and we'll see you in the next section. Pick a letter that you like, or something for a friend or something for Mother's Day, so see you in the next part.