DIY Wedding: Rubber Return Address Stamp | Laura Hovorka | Skillshare

DIY Wedding: Rubber Return Address Stamp

Laura Hovorka, Crafter & UX Designer

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6 Videos (10m)
    • Stamps are awesome

    • Address verification

    • Choose your stamp format

    • Design your stamp

    • Order your stamp

    • Stamp!


About This Class

Do you live somewhere? Sending Save the Dates or invitations? Writing thank you notes for your shower/wedding/party? Sending your mom a birthday card?

You need a custom return address stamp! 

Cuter than return address stickers, personal, cost-effective and more fun. For under $20 you can have a timeless return address stamp (timeless as long as you don't move). 





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Laura Hovorka

Crafter & UX Designer

I'm a UX designer driven by innovative product design and digital strategy. My focus is designing user-centered apps within the retail market that capitalize on artificial intelligence, machine learning and turning data into insights.

My love for craft and tactile art has driven me to letterpress printing, screen printing, fabric printing and pattern-making, quilling, watercolor painting, as well as stamp and wax seal making.

A Michigan native, I moved to New York in 2016 after...

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