DIY Wedding: Draw & Design Your Own Wax Seal Stamp | Laura Hovorka | Skillshare

DIY Wedding: Draw & Design Your Own Wax Seal Stamp

Laura Hovorka, Crafter & UX Designer

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8 Videos (24m)
    • Intro & Supplies

    • Composition & Wax

    • Draw & Photograph

    • Edit in Photoshop & Illustrator

    • Finalize Design

    • Mockup

    • Order & Proof

    • Fire up the glue gun & stamp your seal!


About This Class

In this class, Laura will teach you how to create a custom wax seal stamp for your wedding invitations or business packaging.

Wax seals are a fantastic way to add a touch of classic high-end personalization to your collateral.

Learn how to design, order and stamp your wax seal.

You will draw a basic wreath or design, take a photo, edit it with Adobe Photoshop and vectorize it in Adobe Illustrator. After you order your stamp, you’ll learn the basics of using glue gun wax to stamp your wax seal.

It’s best if you have some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, though it’s not required.


  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Camera (phone camera works!)
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Gun Wax
  • Ice pack and wax paper

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Laura Hovorka

Crafter & UX Designer

I'm a UX designer driven by innovative product design and digital strategy. My focus is designing user-centered apps within the retail market that capitalize on artificial intelligence, machine learning and turning data into insights.

My love for craft and tactile art has driven me to letterpress printing, screen printing, fabric printing and pattern-making, quilling, watercolor painting, as well as stamp and wax seal making.

A Michigan native, I moved to New York in 2016 after...

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