DIY Transfer Images on Fabric: Personalize your T-shirts, Bags, Pillows, etc | Anna Rosa Moschouti | Skillshare

DIY Transfer Images on Fabric: Personalize your T-shirts, Bags, Pillows, etc

Anna Rosa Moschouti, Jewelry designer DIY enthusiast

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6 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • What will I need?

    • Preparing the image

    • Transfer the image

    • Reveal your creation

    • Ta Da !

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About This Class

This 10 minute class will teach you, step by step, how to transfer images on fabric in an easy way. After completing it you will be able to transform any piece of fabric, from a simple T-shirt to a giant sheet -depending on the time you want to devote and your patience- and make it completely yours. 


When it comes to DIYing, I find that the funnest part is enjoying the process and not trying to be perfect. If you want something perfectly printed, probably you will need to pay some extra $$ and ask a professional printing store to do the job.

However, I believe that you will be amazed by what you can make and transform with this method. You'll be able to bring to life photos from your craziest adventures, decorate your couch with throw pillows with your favorite quote and so much more!


In case you are not sure of what to transfer - I got you covered there too! I totally realize that it is not for everyone to have a photo that truly means something to you on your pillow. Or you feel that you don't have that good photography skills to start with. 

I'll save you the trouble of searching for the perfect images online (we all know how time consuming that can be) and I'll give you few images and quotes I made for you, ready to be printed! 

So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and let's do this!





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Anna Rosa Moschouti

Jewelry designer DIY enthusiast

Hello, I'm Anna Rosa!

I'm a half-Greek half-Dutch girl in my mid 20's exploring a new, creative life in Antwerp, Belgium.

I studied architecture, but the all and more digital ways of designing me pushed me into creating tangible things! That experimentation phase was initially translated into a DIY blog, and later in the launch of a design jewelry brand.

My love for crafting never stopped and even though I run my jewelry business full time now, I still have my DIY blog wh...

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