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11 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Overview

    • Research and Planning

    • Lighting Basics

    • Backdrops and Backgrounds

    • Building Your Light Kit

    • Audio Basics

    • Basic Camera Rigging

    • Class Project - Interview

    • Video Editing

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this class Students will learn how to create a video studio on a budget. Students will learn the basic elements of a studio, ideas on everyday items that can be used and how to setup the studio for an interview.

Students will complete a :30 second interview using  the DIY studio setup skills learned in this course.

Students should take this course if they want to shoot an interview, will work as a social media manager for a company or cause or have an interest in becoming a videographer.

This class is geared towards beginners working in video. Basic knowledge of a video editing program with basic audio knowledge.






Mike Schreurs

Videographer, made a 1M+ views viral video once.

Mike Schreurs went from a boy doodling rocket pencils on notebooks to the Founder and Creative Director of Rocket Pencil Productions. RPP was established in July 2012 to provide companies with a creative and effective way to reach their clients. Mike has spent years fine tuning his style and skills.  Part of his journey was earning his Bachelors in Digital Film & Video Production from Art Institute of Salt Lake City.  Because of his degree and on the job experience he has been sought after by companies like Heidi Swapp for film production, studio builds and production editing consulting. Rocket Pencil Productions combines creativity, artistic skill, technology and customer service to ensure our customers have great production experience.