DIY Shabby Chic Picture Frame. Distressing Tutorial | Katya Schwarzenböck | Skillshare

DIY Shabby Chic Picture Frame. Distressing Tutorial

Katya Schwarzenböck, Designer, Decorator

DIY Shabby Chic Picture Frame. Distressing Tutorial

Katya Schwarzenböck, Designer, Decorator

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What you need

    • 3. Layering two colors of chalk paint

    • 4. Distressing

    • 5. Aging wood with wax

    • 6. Bonus tutorial: Mounting Your Art

    • 7. Assignment

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to this class where I will show you an easy and fun technique to distress an old wood picture frame and transform it into a decorative shabby chic accent for your home in just a few easy steps.

There are a lot of different ways to distress your piece and everyone has their preference. In this class, I‘m going to show you a Two Color Distress with chalk paint, which when it‘s finished will look really cool and is something you can't really go wrong with. And this method will assist you in painting and distressing picture frames, shelves, old doors and even furniture.

Besides Anyone can do this. No previous experience necessary. This frame is so fun and easy, even kids can make it!






Meet Your Teacher

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Katya Schwarzenböck

Designer, Decorator


I am an interior decorator working in ceramic tile company out of Munich, Bavaria. I moved from Russia to Germany 4 years ago and now run a shop with my own collection of tile decals & wall tattoos, EasySweetHome.

My hand painted art decals are about simple, but beautiful things created by nature: birds, butterflies, spring flowers, beautiful undersea world. But exactly these little things make our days better, don't they?

I am lucky to work with colors, emotions and humor every day. And it's my hope that my classes here on Skillshare will help my students to unlock their creativity and new skills!

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Kathy Schwarzenberg. I'm in terror decorator and they live in Germany, in Bavaria. In this class, I'm excited to teach you how to distress an old wood picture frame and transform it into a declarative, shabby chic accent for your home in just a few easy steps. This way we can easily paint in distress palace shells, doors, furniture or something else and create some beautiful pieces just fitting perfectly for a home. I came up with this idea while I was looking for the best ways to display and sell my own artwork online, so I actually used the distress picture frames at work. There are a lot of different ways to paint in this dress your piece and everyone has their preference in this class. I'm going to show you an isn't fund to call our distressed finished, which would answer any would look like this. It's just cool, and it's something you country really go wrong with. Besides, anyone can do this. No previous experience necessary. This frame is so fun and easy, even kids can make it. And the end of this class I will also show you how to mount and frame your own art with. I'm so excited to share this project with you. Let's get started 2. What you need: today, I'm gonna show you how to transform this old wood picture frames into the creative shabby chic in just a few easy steps. So let's take a little good some materials and supplies. We will need sand paper. I will use 80 greed sandpaper. It's a very fine greed, which is perfect for smoothing surfaces and removing small imperfections. And for distressing as well, we will need a dead girl's flip paintbrushes. I will use do thin dating brushes. Number 30. It's the best size for my picture frame. Pained for our to call distress finished. We will need two colors off chalk paint, Big two colors that coordinate perfectly with pardons and fabrics and that are already in your home. I'm gonna use any slung. Greek. Blue is a base coat. I used this color in my watercolors to painting, and besides, then blew it about the collar off the flower ports I already have in my kitchen and for the second layer I'm gonna use and its own original, which is a beautiful nature, A wide I used talk pains on most of my projects, and these ones are very easy driver quickly and create a very nice, natural, velvety finish clear joke pain Softworks and dark Softworks optionally I'm gonna use clear works to seal and protect my picture frame And to give it a beautiful melo finish. It's what our balance to so convey used on Daniel tables and kitchen cabinets I will apply dark joke paint works to to ancient give texture to my paintwork And I'm gonna use the rope to add a natural rustic charm. To my friend. If you'd like to use a rope project, you need a whole bouquet on our strong blue in a tube. 3. Layering two colors of chalk paint: Once you have all your tools in the frame ready, you can be in transformative. The first step is to send it start by wrapping up any Gauthier areas, creating an uneven finish. Additionally, send any sharp or protruding errors bows for safety's sake and because futures next me damage to the finish. Sending before painting also provides a good surface for the pain to greet. After sending while the frame with attack cloth to remove dust and greet, I'm gonna use any slowing Greek blue is a base coat. Now DP ration to the blue paint and just begin to apply it to the frame. Primor is nominated. The application doesn't need to be perfect, but I try to cover all areas of the frame ready. Drive for 15 minutes and paying the back side of the frame. Now read the base code dry. The frame will be ready for its second go to within 1/2 an hour. Rinse and brush with clean, warm water and set it out to dry. So now is dry, and I would like to put the second layer on my picture frame. I'm going to use original wired joke, pained and again Don't worry if your war she looks a little uneven. This is a to collar distress, so you want texture. You're just looking for coverage, but not even really complete. You don't care if it's not perfect, because we're going to distress this frame. Pain both sides of the frame. Wait about 212 hours until the paint is dry to the touch. 4. Distressing: Once you find out paint gorgeous dry, you can start distress and in need with a fine greed. Sent paper. Just rub lightly the edges in the rest area so they would to reveal that beautiful base layer of blue that were applied. Now wipe the frame lightly with a tackles. You'll see that the second goal to will come off giving into this dress shabby chic. Look, as you can see, two super easy distress and picnic. So have fun trying combinations of other beautiful job colors. And do you think this dressing method to create the look you want? 5. Aging wood with wax: Okay, Now we're going to finish up with some clear work. Dip your brush into the team to get just a small amount of works on the Bristol's and apply thing. Go to clear works over your painted surface. Once you gather thing there, just wipe off any access with the queen cools this layer off Clear works can be buffed to a high sheen or, if you want to apply, the doctor works. It will help prevent the stain in the dark. Works from directly penetrating the chalk gained more than you would like. Now I'm going to add some depth and richness to my picture frame. Using Doc works to finish it. I just blend it over my clear works while it's still fresh, trying to get down into the detail my piece and immediately wipe off the excess. Using dark wax is a beautiful creative process. Honestly, there is no one way to apply it because in the end, pathetically if you have the look off the piece you created, then I would say did a perfect job. So I en garde you to play with his method so you can build up some experience on determine which ratio you prefer 6. Bonus tutorial: Mounting Your Art: In this short tutorial, I'm going to show you a simple way to mount your own art or posters you might want to hang . This would mounted art print is extremely easy. Virtue is beautiful to display in your home and makes the perfect gift together with our shabby chic frame. With creates a high end Georgia salute, it will stand the test of time. What do you will need? A sheet of plywood? Got to the exact dimensions of your print? A print off your artwork. I've done this watercolor painting for my first kill shock loss, then scans the original and created old paper texture to be the background for my rooster. And then I've just printed it out on watercolor paper with my injured Brinton. Of course, it could be easier to have it in large and printed to your chosen size at the photo lab on photo or fine art paper. You will also need a flat pain barrage. It contain our ridicu botched coup. I will use German art porch. It's Ah, nontoxic glue sealer and varnish on one in crawler or wallpaper. All any kind of roller would work just fine. Attack laws, a container or a paper plate for you and some frame mounting hard world hooks and wired to hang yard. First, I put down some Kraft paper to keep my workspace clean. Then I applied our porch to the back off the print. Work quickly in this stop Dr Foster, going quickly by some art porch to the face off your plywood and spread it evenly. Place the print onto the plywood surface. If you put enough our port, you will be able to shift inside it around to line up with the edges off the print. Next, smooth out the poster and get as many bubbles out as you can. I used to wallpaper or to smooth everything down you like. They have to use your finger to smooth out some of the edges where the paper bubbles up, just holding down for a few seconds to let the paper soak and then go. The print amusing is about 125 gram paper bought the ink, my bleed wayward. So I personally like to protect my rooster with the very thing layer off our porch. First allow it to drive for some minutes and then to apply the second layer now it will not be so. Go back over with your brush and come over the top of the print with the liberal amount off our porch. Allow everything to drive for about an hour. You can add some more codes and send to a smooth finish if you'd like. I personally love The Dexter Group often dries. The finished surface of the brink ends up looking almost like a cannabis, and the end result looks very high end. 7. Assignment: I encourage you to play with his method. Consider cholera style and trying different options. You may be surprised at the world works your own hand painted and framed art. It would make a wonderful gift for your family or friends. Help you enjoyed my editorial. So both their projects here and let me know if you would like to see more Thank you for watching and have a great day.