DIY SEO for Ecommerce: Sell More Online with Search Engine Optimization

Mallory Whitfield, Host of the Badass Creatives podcast

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11 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. DIY SEO: an intro

    • 2. What SEO is & how search engines work

    • 3. SEO best practices

    • 4. The dark side of SEO

    • 5. Keywords & search phrases

    • 6. On-page factors

    • 7. Image optimization

    • 8. Link love!

    • 9. Digital PR

    • 10. How Etsy & Amazon are different

    • 11. Conversion optimization

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About This Class

Do you sell your handmade work online? Want to sell more via ecommerce? Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is the process of tweaking your online shop to help your potential customers find you more easily in search engines. 

This SEO class offers an introduction to ecommerce search engine optimization specifically designed for artists, makers and online shops.

In this class, you will learn the basics of what SEO is and how search engines like Google work. You’ll also learn some SEO best practices (aka what the search engines WANT you to do) as well as the dark side of SEO and what tactics you should steer clear of. 

You will also learn about keywords, search phrases, and how to use them to get your website content and products found by the search engines. You’ll learn about “on-page factors” aka the specific things you can do to your website or e-commerce shop to improve your visibility to the search engines. (Think page titles, meta descriptions, and alt text.) We'll also talk about image optimization and how to label and describe your images so that they get found by search engines like Google.

You will learn about building links to your website and how to get press for your business and your website, aka “digital PR", plus you will learn some e-commerce tips specific to handmade sellers, including how search engine optimization for marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon is different than SEO for Google. We’ll also talk through some conversion optimization basics, aka how to make sure that people BUY what you have to sell once you’ve gotten them to your website.

Yeah, there’s some complicated, technical parts of SEO, but that’s NOT what I’m going to teach you in this online workshop.

I make it easy to understand and easy to take action.

Pinky swear.


How do you know about all of this stuff?

I’m your teacher, Mallory Whitfield, and I sold handmade products at craft shows and online via an e-commerce shop for nearly a decade. After transitioning away from selling my handmade work in 2014, I began working full-time in digital marketing as a SEO and content marketing specialist. Through my work at FSC Interactive (a top digital marketing agency in New Orleans) and as Director of Marketing at LookFar (a software development studio for tech startups), I worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve their websites’ SEO.

In addition to training clients on the basics of SEO, I’ve also spoken about search engine optimization, blogging, and content marketing at events like Craftcation Conference, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, Thrive Blog Conference, VenturePOP Conference and more.

I've learned a whole lot of stuff the hard way over the years, and I'd love to save you some time and trouble.

Let's stay in touch!

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