DIY Product Photography Tips for Handmade Business Owners | Rekha Krishnamurthi | Skillshare

DIY Product Photography Tips for Handmade Business Owners

Rekha Krishnamurthi, Business Savvy Creative Designer

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10 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Photography Checklist

    • Lesson 2: Tools To Use

    • Lesson 3: Gathering Inspiration & Selecting the Background

    • Lesson 4: Setting up to photograph

    • Lesson 5: Basic Photo Editing with Photoshop

    • Lesson 6: Photo Editing with PicMonkey

    • Lesson 7: Compare Edited Images

    • Lesson 8: Removing the Background

    • Lesson 9: Assignment & Conclusion


About This Class


In this class you will learn easy DIY product photography tips that will help you improve your product photos and enhance your visual brand story.   This class is targeted towards crafters and makers who sell handmade product via Etsy, their own website or on Amazon Handmade.  This is a beginner level class.  This is NOT a professional photography class but rather DIY tips that I've learned along the way and now want to share with you!

As an Etsy & Amazon Handmade seller, I know the importance of having high quality product photos.  As much as I love working with professional photographers, the reality is that I don’t always have the budget to hire them.  So I’ve had to learn as many DIY techniques as possible so that I can take better quality product photos.

In this class, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively plan using a Product Photography Checklist
  • How to gather inspiration for your product photoshoot
  • How to select the best background for the main product image
  • How to set up and take quality product photography
  • Basic photo editing techniques using Photoshop or PicMonkey that will help improve picture quality
  • Tools you can use to remove the background

For the class project, you will take a compelling product photo and use the techniques taught in this class to help tell a visual story about your brand.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Please note:  This class focuses on tips that will help improve your overall photo styling and can apply to both iPhone and Android users.   





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Rekha Krishnamurthi

Business Savvy Creative Designer

I’m a business savvy creative designer who loves to teach, inspire & empower others to acquire new skills, gain knowledge and engage in creative activity.

I design and handcraft product that I sell on Etsy and Amazon Handmade.  My product line includes marbled trinket bowls, hand dyed kitchen & table linens, block print wall art, silk painting kits and DIY craft kits.  I am involved in every aspect of my business - from product design, to product launch, marketing onlin...

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