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DIY Product Photography, Shooting For Your Online Business

Nehha Deshmukh, Ad Creative, Photographer, Owner

DIY Product Photography, Shooting For Your Online Business

Nehha Deshmukh, Ad Creative, Photographer, Owner

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13 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Importance of good product photography

    • 3. Types Of Images Recommended For E-commerce

    • 4. Lights

    • 5. Camera vs smart phone

    • 6. Setting Up A Background

    • 7. Single Lighting Setup No.1

    • 8. Single Lighting Setup No.2

    • 9. Don't Forget

    • 10. Minimalistic Styling Demo

    • 11. Shooting On A Camera

    • 12. Shoot On Your Phone, No Photoshop

    • 13. Before We wrap Up

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About This Class

Sell your products easily with professional and beautiful product photography.

Being a new business owner is no joke. You have to be everyone - a CEO, a manager, a producer, a seller, a creative director, a programmer, a know it all, a not giving upper :) and be able do a whole lot on your own! There is a ton of time management that goes into being an entreprenuer.

One way to lighten your workload, is to hire someone- a professional photographer- to do it for you. However we all know how difficult, inconvenient and expensive that can be when you are just starting out. It could quickly eat into your production costs as your inventory grows. Making decisions on how to adjust your spending budget and keeping your overheads low is a challenging task.

In that case, the smart thing to do would be to photograph your products in-house by photographing them yourself and by saving up on renting outside help.

This course is aimed at helping new business owners photograph their products in their own home for expanding and growing their e-commerce business.

In this class you will learn about-

  • Importance of good product photography
  • Types images recommended for e-commerce
  • Inexpensive lights that do a good job
  • Two easy lighting setups 
  • Shooting product images only on your phone for e-comm sites
  • Video demonstration of minimalistic styling for a product
  • DSLR settings combination, that will help you get going right away.

Keep your overheads low. Sell your products easily with professional and beautiful DIY product photography.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nehha Deshmukh

Ad Creative, Photographer, Owner


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1. Trailer: Hi, This is me. Hello and welcome to my product photography Gust. This class is for small business corners for new business. Corns are beginner photographers who want to step up the product photography gin without having to break their back. This class will talk about the importance of a good part of photography types of images recommended for e commerce. We also want to talk about inexpensive lights that you're going to use photography, how to set up a background. And I'm going to share with you two very easy lighting setups that you can use in your home itself. And you can shoot your product photographs any time off the day, even at 3 a.m. In the morning. How you can photograph your products only on your smartphone. For amazon dot com, I have also shared with you a video demonstration off a simple minimalistic styling. At the end of this class, you yourself will be able to take professional looking images off your products in your own home. I'm looking forward to you enrolling in my class, so let's get going 2. Importance of good product photography : your product is the face off your brand because your customers cannot actually touch your product like they would in our brick and mortar store. It does the job off your product images to communicate with them, to communicate with your viewers, the quality off your product. And that's what makes brought up photography. Even more important, you might be selling original Chanel or Gucci handbags, but if you don't photograph Dembele, then what is going to happen is your yours. Your customers are going to assume that you're selling fakes. No one's going to come out and actually talk about it. But subconsciously, your views and your customers are definitely going to think on. This is what is going to affect your sins so but not investing in your part of photography . Not only are you affecting your sales, but you're affecting the image off your brand. In the long run, sellers that don't put enough effort in the product photography suffer from lower conversion rates 3. Types Of Images Recommended For E-commerce: There are two main types of images that one should use on their e commerce website and on its social media platforms. The 1st 1 is product on the images. The second kind is lifestyle images, which shows how the products are being used. Gold off your product Photography is too. Highlight your customers the positive qualities, the pros off your products because your customers are shopping through your website through your e commerce site. It's all what you they cannot actually touch and feel your product like they would in an actual store in an actual brick and mortar store. And hence it does the job off your product photography to communicate with them to communicate with your customers very clearly. What is the quality off your product? It could be anything say. For example, if this is the phone I was selling on my website, then it would be my job off my product. Photography do communicate with my potential buyers as clear. Yes, possible. What are the qualities office I can talk about the color of the phone, the size off the phone, how slim it is, etcetera. So your product images should give your clients your potential clients as much information as possible. If you observe the photography off very successful e commerce brands or websites, then you will notice that your product images are almost always very religiously short on white background in white light. And there is a very good reason for that. White background images are also a monetary on amazon dot com. What the white background does is it puts the focus completely on your product. It completely negates any clutter on it also communicates the color off your product very clearly. That was the combination off white background and white light. See if you use a yellow light to photograph your product. Safer hacked, re photographed this in yellow light. Then there would be a kind of confusion as to what exactly is the color off this phone? What exactly is the color off this case? But that issue gets negated when you shoot your products in white light on a white backdrop like still photography for equal, Most role is a great way to convey a brand's voice. No, let's take an example. Let's see. Your target audience is young men who are working very fit, very health conscious and you're trying to sell organic green tea to them. No shooting products on white background is great and it's necessary, but you should also try to include some photographs off plant life on organic living in the background. This way, the product will appeal better to your target audience. It is also a very good idea to displace them off the ingredients that are, if your product around your product itself, good lifestyle photography helps your website twisters to envision how your product would fit in their lifestyle. 4. Lights: through this video I want to share with you the light side years. They are very soon. They are very easy to use. They're easy to find and they are in expensive. So I have these do but easier. Oops, almost dropped it. Okay, so I have these two boats here. This big one is the size of my face is going to be our key. Like the small one. Little one year is going to be our fill it. No. What about these lights? One of the qualities off these lights. Why? I use them forced and four months on. The most important, the very basic reason is the color the color off the light that leads to give out the color temperature. That is on these to give out deal Act now Don't exactly give our daylight. But the color that they give out resembles delight on what I mean by that is the color temperature is 6500 kids. You can find these bugs anywhere on Amazon or in your local store. I bought these from a local store near my house. This one is a little expensive than this one. Of course I don't remember how much these two cost Exactly. I have had these with me for a pretty long time. Almost your, um but they are pretty inexpensive. The cost under $10. This has even cheaper than $10. I think around $5 or maybe less so. These two are excellent. Excellent for getting the job done for a lot of dogs. E on the blend in perfectly with the white background on they are true to bringing out the colors off your product. Now the power off the slight This is going to be our delight. We want a delight to be stronger. Then our select The light is always going to be stronger, bigger, more powerful than our select. So the power of this this light bulb is 45. What's on then? The power off this light bulb. Whoops. OK, I don't want it to fall. Um is 13 what's now? Do you have to stick to using exactly these powers you can use Bubs off any barber that suits you that gets the job done. You can use any power. It's up to you. All you have to pay attention to is using the right color temperature and then a 65 100 key because it very closely resembles stay like that's all you have to pay attention to. Now, if you don't find a big bug, then you can use to off things. If you don't find a 45 watts power and you only find 20 watts pound Andi, it's getting your job done. Then go ahead. Do it. There are no rules. Andi, this is 14. What now? You don't have to exactly use one smaller than the other as but you can just use two lights to light bulbs instead. Off using one big and one small. You could also use to light bulbs off the same power on, then manually reduced the fin light by adding more diffuser so you can do that as. But the lights that are on in my room right now that are around me are also 6500 Kate, which is white light. You can see right here. This is all white light. That is what we want. So when you go out to buy your lights, just pay attention to the color temperature, and then you can play around with the power off the bug. as per your requirement? No. Let's talk about my hands down the most favored light for product photography on and drum roll, please. It is free. Let e no, Norman uses it. Four. Product photography. Everything uses it as a beauty light, even on YouTube. You see people talking about ring light as primarily as a beauty light. But I just love using Get for product photography because it's so easy, like it is just so I don't think it gets easier than that. I think even like boxes can be limiting in a way because off how big they can be. I don't think people use ring light for product photography. I don't know why, but I tried it on. It is excellent. I'm sure there are people who disagree with me, but I personally think bring light is amazing for product. Photography's simply because it makes my life so much easy and it simplifies things so much for me, and there are literally, literally no shadows. I mean, there are shadows, but there are hidden under the product. It says. I don't have to manually soft in the light at all on. I like that because I am a business owner. I want lighting. I want equipment that speeds things up for me, speeds the process. For me, the light takes up when I'm done using I simply story behind. It has an adjustable height and adjustable, which means I can like my subjects from dog at an angle of 1 80 degrees. The maximum Bosco shadow hidden under the subject and last but not least, is the most useful feature of this light on. That is the ease of adjusting the color, temperature and the amount of light it gives up. The simple rotating button, which is the glimmer of light, saves me a lot of manual work off reducing lights with an external diffuser. This life cost me around 100 U. S. Dollars and also $100 isn't exactly expensive. It can be quite a bit when you have your own started business on or have high woman. It's hence, using Bring Light is optional, but very, very convenient. So ring light is my absolute favorite light for $4 5. Camera vs smart phone: And, of course, we need a digital camera. I know you don't have to have a professional SLR camera. You can change alliances, extracts a truck because that can be intimidating and too complex or too overwhelming for someone who's new to photography. But I recommend that you use you're any digital camera and not stick to just using your phone for photography because it matters. It really does matter the amount off detail that you get in your photographs. It matters a lot, actually. I'm not saying that you shouldn't use your phone camera at all. If buying a digital camera is currently a bit expensive for you, then I definitely recommended new stick to your kick on phone camera. But if you can afford to buy an SLR camera of good SLR camera, then I recommend that you buy the best one you cannot work to buy. Look at it like an investment because it matters. It definitely matters because it gives you more control over the light, the exposure, the sharpness, etcetera. It matters a lot, so if you if possible by an SLR camera by the good digital camera. If not, use your phone camera 6. Setting Up A Background: in this class. I want to take you guys through how you can set up a seamless fact. Top at home. It's super easy and takes literally, literally five minutes, unless to set it up. Not to begin with. I do recommend picking a sport in your place where you can set up your bag up. Such a few lights. Basically set up your DIY I Why many photography studio on Let it Be? Let it stay in that place for at least off vehicle at least a month. Use anything that's handy. You can use wet sheets on fabrics, etcetera. I don't because I find paper easy to work with. Also, if your products a small in size like shoes, cosmetics catches that you don't need a large factory. Using a large piece of fabric in that case would just be a hassle. I would have to make a stand for it. Clippard. Make sure there are no visible drinkers. Iron it, and plus it's gonna take up a lot off space. People in your hand is convenient. It's fast, it's small and it literally takes less than a minute to put it up. 7. Single Lighting Setup No.1: having a home studio is one of the most valuable. Resource is off started. Boehner are small business Wonder can have. It gives you 24 hour access to photography like sores and photography equipment, which means you can even shoot at 3 a.m. In the morning if you feel like it or after your kids have gone to bed. There are no restrictions whatsoever, but the sheer number off lighting setups that are available can be very a learning and very confusing. So in this class are going to demonstrate to you guys and share with you AH, single lighting set up, which can be used for shooting all off your product for your Amazon store or your equal mindset. I like to use ring like asking light from the top if you are using a ring light before craft your products and all you have to do is said the color temperature. A polite to 6500 K on tilt the light toe 1 80 degrees directly above your product. One this does is that it hides the shadows directly under the product. As you can see, you can easily adjust the height of the light the forgers. Soft shadows reignites tremendously. Reduce the shadows on naturally soft in the image, and the distribution off light is perfectly even if you know, does the lighting in the images looks very high quality and that you're very easy. The beauty of this set of his Got it. Let's you photograph any product you won't in any angle that you want and that without much effort. 8. Single Lighting Setup No.2: Okay, so this is what my current set up looks like. I have a sweet set up behind the pores on the sweep is on a table, and now I'll show you what my lighting is like. OK, so this is presumed out of you off. What? My current lighting set up. Looks like you can see there is a light on the left. There is a light on the right light on the right, which is acting as our fill light is diffused by the diffuser. Ring on. Move the lighthouse around. You can see the light bulb is right there. I think it right back on on the left side is our key bite, which is again diffused by a sheet. And I'm using a white sheet to defuse that light so we don't get harsh shadows. Now watch. I'll do one thing. I'll show you what the white she does. Now. This is what light looks like on the left. There's no diffuser right now. If you can see how strong the shadow is, this is what we don't want. So what we're going to do is what we want is in the end result in our final result. We want to soft in these shadows. We want a lot off light. We want a lot off. Why good white light. We want our products to be very clearly visible in the light. But we also watch soft shadows. So second step is softening the shadows. So we're going to place the white sheet of fabric Rightly friend ALS. Now I have put a sheet of fabric in front off my light and the shadow is soft once we have what are diffuser on our light. Next, we want to add light to our setting toe our product to fill the shadow up. Want to lighten the shot? Hence I'm going to put a light. Well, pure. So I'm going to turn this light on on. I have removed the diffuser, so just watch. Watch How strong? Likely? Yeah. You call strong the lighters and getting shadows. URAS Well, we don't want that. We want nice white light but we also want nice white soft lights on now I want to soften this light So why don't need to do is I'm Linda, Please for diffuser I have a ring diffuser but if you don't have a diffuser ring than you can always use another by sheet of fabric. Now let's have a look at the result. This is the result. You can see the shadow your has soft, and you can see the shadow yourself way. 9. Don't Forget: Once you start shooting a products, don't forget to photograph them from old angles. Remember, your customer needs to get a very good idea off what the product is from all the angles from your product photography from your images. Also, it's very important that you photographed all the features for your product. Example. In this case, the force that I'm shooting has a flap opening, and I'm going to photograph. That horse has a removable handle, so I'm going to try and photograph that as well. I want to show what the pores looks like inside. So I'm going to photograph that. I'm also going to photograph what it looks like from behind, since I want to make it clear from my images that there is no back pocket. But there is no zipper in the back. I'm also going to take a nice, high quality image off the hand of itself so my customers get a good idea off. What? Find out. Remove with the snaps are on the handle overall. Remember to give a 3 60 degree view off your product 10. Minimalistic Styling Demo: way to keep the local people at the border as this because I want to add some kind of softness to the video. Some kind of 79 touch to the video in 19 pop very fast. Now I'm going to place a crisp white tower a clean soft on the purple paper. No, I'm I'm doing this. Why my placing the tower underneath the candle? What is the reason for that reason for that is through my styling, I want to suggest that the candle that I'm trying to sell the candle that I'm creating this image for that photo crafting in the consumer's mind. I want to suggest this idea that we can use this scandal for relaxation during bath time during their shopper. That's why I'm also going to place the soap in our image. But I'm gonna place it behind the counter because I wanted to focus to be on the candle because that's the hero off our image. Think of water that drops you could use to make this image more feminine. I can think of flowers, right. We like flowers in our washroom, in our bedrooms, extra bed on a bedside table. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to try and on. Ah, Florida element. Do the composition. Now. I actually have a flower, so I'm using the trouble. We could use any other floral element. I think the color pink off the flour is too overpowering. So I'm going to change flower element with another laurel element that is lighter in color . Last but not least, somethingto light can not completely satisfied with child image looks because the flame is invisible. I want the flame of the gamble to be nice, and so I'm going to cheat a little girl and hired to be like cattles inside our can. 11. Shooting On A Camera: if you are new to using an SLR camera and are comfortable with just going ahead but using the auto option, then by all means, go ahead that fine that works to. However, if you are interested in knowing what manual settings will best for shooting your products , then continue watching this class. First and foremost, you want to mount your camera on a tripod, the three up your hands on. Avoid any camera shakes as you mean that you have a child for settings on the top off the camera, set the dial to end. That is the manual. Next, you want to set your eyes so to 200 you can set it to 400. But 400 about gives you train in your images on for capturing clean Chris images. Stick to using eyes who lower than 402 100 does the job will next. We're going to adjust the extra. We want to capture as much detail as possible for product photography. Hence we want to keep the depth of field as Louis. Possibly in my experience, F 11 works well. So said F stop off camera and last but not least, you want to adjust the shutter speed off your camera in this final step, Just let the camera do the job for you, so adjust the shutter speed of the cameras for your cameras. Meter The cameras Life meter might look slightly different, then mine. However, the basic concept still remains the same. When you start to adjust your shutter speed, you will notice that the small dot or a small triangle in the meter starts to move left or right within the meter. The aim your is to bring that little dot or arrow right under the number zero in your meter . Now what does that mean when the little daughters under zero, it means that your images correctly exposed. It's neither under exposed or over exposed exposure is balanced, which is what I believe is because I'm currently shooting in low light out. I haven't set up my lights. I'm only shooting this for the sake off a demo. The meter is giving me the shutter speed of one minute, which is fairly long, to be honest. But here's the thing. Even if I did get a shutter speed off one minute when I was actually shooting a product it wouldn't have actually mattered that much because my camera is stabilized by my tribe. One. This is wiped. Having a tribe or on by warning that report and mounting your camera on dry board is important. And finally use a remote trigger to click your picture. You don't want to physically click your camera button camera shutter but closed cycle again . Add shakiness to your camera to your images. The Let's quickly review the camera settings process first, Set your camera to manual mood. Second, select a nice so off 203rd set your F stop to 11 and finally said your shutter speed. As for your cameras light meter. 12. Shoot On Your Phone, No Photoshop: this'll class. I'm going to walk you through how you can photograph your product for an amazon dot com listing or any comments listing in one minute using on your phone. Let's say you want to photograph a notebook to sell on amazon dot com on your smartphone. Download and open up the Amazon seller up, then flick on the hamburger icon on the left hand side. Top corner in the menu, click on the product. Ford of Studio Auction the aptly open up your camera. Simply point the camera to your desire. Subject the product that you're trying to shoot on. Compose it to York, satisfied with it. So you're happy with it. You can see there is an inbuilt composition bread inside yet, so use that. Use that as your guideline on a photograph it when you are happy with the angle off the product that you want to photograph that you want to shoot and then just click. Once you click it, you can see that the app, the drop, the image on its own and you can see that it also adjusts the background to complete white on his own. Now you have two options there in the APP. Do how you want to change the background. Do you want to fill it up? Do you want to add white color by fill it up? It means that it has white color to the bathroom Or do you want to? Simply like in the white Vibram. So it's up to you. You can play around with a little bit, and once you're happy with how in your image looks, you can just go ahead and click it and then up in show you if your image is white and color . If it it's sharp enough, if it's square and if it's dropped right, you can see there four bars and they're all green. Once you're happy with Howard, looks want to get all the green bars. Just go ahead and click on the pick Mom, that is on the right hand side top corner, and the image will be saved on your phone. That's all you have to do 13. Before We wrap Up: more about this class up. There are a few final thoughts that I want to share with you. These are more like a little bit off tips that I would like to share with you that will make your life easier. Now, I'm not going to read off off my phone. This phone is simply because I noted down the points that I wanted to share with you on my phone. So I have them on my phone. Okay, so the 1st 1 is if you have a large inventory, if you have, say, 100 brought ups 50 products, it's fifties large for you. Uh, I would recommend shooting them on your smartphone because that will make things faster for you. Say, for example, you are shooting on your camera. Then you would have to drones where those images from yard card from your memory card to your computer than to edit. You would have to open them out in for a show up or light room or whichever software you're using. Then you have to export it as a J pack or PNG on. Then you would have to uploaded to the website, accept Brexit Rec Center now This doesn't sound like a lot off work. It's not a lot of work if you only have a couple of images to work on to work with. But if you have hundreds of images to work with that, that is that crosses is going to kick up a lot off time that trust me, it takes so much time, it gets very exhausting. And if you are someone, if you are, um, currently solo entrepreneur, you haven't really had the resource is to hire head just yet. Then that is going to take up a lot off your time. It's going to be very, very exhausting mentally and physically. So if I had 100 products to photographed upload, then I would stick Teoh using my smartphone for photographing them on editing them. No, if you want to only upload your images on your website or instagram or Facebook, then I don't necessarily think that you have to shoot them in roll are large format because those files a really huge, like one raw file can be 72 MB on. Then, when you open it up in for the shop, you process it, you retouch it, do whatever you have to do for your image to look really good, and that is going to increase the file size even more, and that is quickly going to take up your disk space. Know if you're going to print those images in the future safe for a restaurant. Our billboard, etcetera, etcetera, then, yes, shooting rock then definitely showed in Rome. Or if you're not going to bring them on, if you're only going to upload it on your website, then I would recommend you to photographing your images and either S. M or L. I would stick tow em because I don't want my images to be so small that they start to lose the detail. I also don't want them to be so big that they take up unnecessary disc space on my computer , so I usually take my product photographs in M sites. No, I know I have been talking a lot about the palate temperature that 6500 kids, but if you're using a ring light, then the temperature on the ring light goes up to 5600 and doesn't go up to 6500 g. At least the ring legs that I have come across. They are restricted to Ah 5600 Kate as the maximum temperature, and that is fine. That much color difference is considered OK, it's not exactly visible by are a naked eye. I mean, if you please do colors. If you place to light bulbs with AH, 6500 K and 5600 K right next to each other and you compare them, then you will notice a little bit off color difference for sure. But if you only use 5600 K then you're not going to be able to notice that it is slightly Yellow War than 6500 K You can still use it for your product photography. All I suggest you to do is if you are using 5600 G, then use all other lights. Use your fill light as well. In 5600 kids. Don't use two different color temperatures because your camera is going to pick it up on. There will be a difference in the white balance off the camera than one side off. Your image is going to look slightly lower than your other side, so stick to using lights in the same color. Debra Jo. By photographing your products and final tip, I want to share with you before we wrap this class up is clean your products physically. Clean your products before you shoot them. The cleaning your products are, the less work you'll have do on them in postproduction saying you're photographing class. Then try to use clubs so you don't get your fingerprints on them. Try to clean any dust from your products as much as you can. Try to remove any stains, which you can make your product asking as spotless as you possibly can before you photograph them.