DIY Pasta Sauce: Make your own Authentic Italian Red Sauce in 10 Minutes or Less! | Carlo Pistritto | Skillshare

DIY Pasta Sauce: Make your own Authentic Italian Red Sauce in 10 Minutes or Less!

Carlo Pistritto, Mechanical Engineer turned Jack-of-all-Trades

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11 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Section 1.1 - Welcome

    • 2. Section 1.2 - What is a Red Sauce?

    • 3. Section 1.3 - Overview of Making a Red Sauce

    • 4. Section 2.1 - Choosing Your Ingredients

    • 5. Section 2.2 - Food Preparation

    • 6. Section 3.1 - Sautéing

    • 7. Section 3.2 - Tomato Base

    • 8. Section 3.3 - Adding Other Major Ingredients

    • 9. Section 3.4 - Adding Herbs and Spices

    • 10. Section 3.5 - Cooking Pasta

    • 11. Section 3.6 - Plating Your Dish


About This Class

Learn how to cook a fast and easy authentic homemade Italian pasta sauce using basic ingredients. This class focuses on tomato-based sauce.  Perfect for cooks and non-cooks alike, and ideal for people who don't have much time to shop and cook, but still want to provide their family a delicious and healthy meal. Meant to be made using ingredients usually found in a kitchen. Lectures will include explanations of the purpose of each ingredient, and substitute/optional ingredients that can be used based on the cook's desired taste or ingredient availability. This recipe is vegetarian-friendly, but flavorful enough for meat lovers alike.

We will also briefly be covering how to cook pasta so that we can create a complete meal.





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Carlo Pistritto

Mechanical Engineer turned Jack-of-all-Trades

Here is my bio, complete with the different types of skills I am interested in teaching.

I am the youngest child of an immigrant family from Sicily, Italy.

I have been cooking since I was around five years old, helping both of my parents in the kitchen as a "sous chef".

My first language was Sicilian, followed by English (which is my primary language now). I learned Spanish in middle school and high school and I am fairly fluent. I then studied Italian in college, which...

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