DIY Pasta Sauce: Make your own Authentic Italian Red Sauce in 10 Minutes or Less!

Carlo Pistritto, Mechanical Engineer turned Jack-of-all-Trades

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11 Videos (22m)
    • Section 1.1 - Welcome

    • Section 1.2 - What is a Red Sauce?

    • Section 1.3 - Overview of Making a Red Sauce

    • Section 2.1 - Choosing Your Ingredients

    • Section 2.2 - Food Preparation

    • Section 3.1 - Sautéing

    • Section 3.2 - Tomato Base

    • Section 3.3 - Adding Other Major Ingredients

    • Section 3.4 - Adding Herbs and Spices

    • Section 3.5 - Cooking Pasta

    • Section 3.6 - Plating Your Dish


About This Class

Learn how to cook a fast and easy authentic homemade Italian pasta sauce using basic ingredients. This class focuses on tomato-based sauce.  Perfect for cooks and non-cooks alike, and ideal for people who don't have much time to shop and cook, but still want to provide their family a delicious and healthy meal. Meant to be made using ingredients usually found in a kitchen. Lectures will include explanations of the purpose of each ingredient, and substitute/optional ingredients that can be used based on the cook's desired taste or ingredient availability. This recipe is vegetarian-friendly, but flavorful enough for meat lovers alike.

We will also briefly be covering how to cook pasta so that we can create a complete meal.

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Step by step instructions on how to create an authentic pasta dish. Helpful class :)
I appreciate that Carlo really goes over how to create an authentic Italian pasta dish!
He presents some neat ideas not know by the average person.





Carlo Pistritto

Mechanical Engineer turned Jack-of-all-Trades

Here is my bio, complete with the different types of skills I am interested in teaching.

I am the youngest child of an immigrant family from Sicily, Italy.

I have been cooking since I was around five years old, helping both of my parents in the kitchen as a "sous chef".

My first language was Sicilian, followed by English (which is my primary language now).  I learned Spanish in middle school and high school and I am fairly fluent.  I then studied Italian in college, which I speak well.  I also studied Japanese and Tagalog (Filipino) and have a working knowledge in both.  My wife and I have a love for culture and languages of all types and love to share that knowledge with others.  We travel to new places whenever the opportunity arises.

I have a natural skill with mathematical subjects, hence I have both a Bachelor of Science and a Master in Science in Mechanical Engineering.  I have dabbled in computer coding but have particularly excelled at process improvement and optimization for businesses.  I also know 3D modeling, and will surely teach a few classes on this at some point.

I am also a casual musician (alto saxophone player) and former choir & acapella singer.  I used to be a year-round athlete in high school, then migrated my interests into Okinawan Karate in college, where I eventually became an instructor.  I continue to study the art today.

And my guilty pleasure has always been video games!  Lots of experience there. Hahaha!

I have a wealth of experience building desktop computers and repairing desktop PCs, laptop PCs, video game consoles, and cellular phones.

I have also been doing taxes of TurboTax for myself and for others for more years than I can count.  The tax returns have gotten especially complicated these past few years, so I have some tips to share with those who are interested in also doing their own taxes.

And finally, in the past few years I have gotten involved in many handyman-type projects around the house, such as fixing sinks and faucets, changing shower heads, installing door hinges and locks (including making the holes), knocking out walls, repairing walls, replacing flooring (including tiling), mold remediation, insulating walls and attics, installing attic fans, and installing french drains around a property.

As you can see, there are lots of topics I would love to share with all of you.  As I make some time between working and being a husband & father, I will do my best to post new classes on a somewhat regular basis.

Best of luck to all the other teachers on Skillshare, and I hope all the students get a lot out of the projects!