DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides | Corrie Beth Hogg | Skillshare
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7 Videos (18m)
    • DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides, Introduction

    • DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides, Tools & Supplies

    • DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides, Make The Leaves

    • DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides, Add Stems

    • DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides, Construct The Plant

    • DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides, Prepare Your Pot

    • DIY Paper Pilea Peperomioides, Style Your Plant


About This Class

Learn how to make a paper pilea peperomioides plant from start to finish. In this series I share tips and tricks about my favorite tools and materials, methods to make the crafting go faster, and how to make your paper pilea look like the real thing! This paper plant is so fun and easy to craft and it'll make a great gift too!

Links to supplies: text weight green paper, paste glue, green paper covered wire, green gel penbrown corsage/floral tape






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Corrie Beth Hogg

Crafter of Paper Plants & DIY Enthusiast

I'm a lifelong artist, crafter, maker-of-things. Some of my favorite mediums include paper m?ch?, paper, soft sculpture, collage, costume design, quilting, crochet, stop motion animation, calligraphy, illustration, floral design, painting and woodworking....I like it all!

My projects have been seen in magazines such as: Yen, Idees A Faire, Flow, Rum Hemma, EH&I, and blogs such as: Gardenista, Gestalten, Poppy Talk, Curbly, Apartment Therapy, Bored Panda, Design Sponge and more. Prese...

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