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DIY Logo Design: for Your Small Business or Non-Profit

Anna Galindo, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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11 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Intro to DIY Logo Design

    • 2. Class Overview & Project

    • 3. New or Refresh?

    • 4. Design Basics

    • 5. Do Your Research!

    • 6. Create a Logo in Canva

    • 7. Create a Logo in LogoMakr

    • 8. Create a Logo with Illustrator

    • 9. Save and Use Your Logo

    • 10. Let's Wrap it Up!

    • 11. Bonus Video: Brand Guide

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About This Class

This DIY class is designed for all levels of students from beginners to professionals. Designing a logo for a non-profit or small business can be quite challenging due to limitations of budget, experience and resources. Through this class you will learn the complete logo creation process including tips, tricks and strategies to produce a professional looking logo on your own for little or no budget. The class project will synthesize what you have learned and you will create a logo product suitable for your non-profit or small business.

Design a Professional Looking Logo with a Low or Non-Existent Budget

Logos are everywhere and they are indispensable for marketing, but how do you create a professional, easy-to-use logo on a limited budget? This SkillShare class will guide you through the process from research, design and how to properly use your files, and in the end you will have a logo that is ready for use in your small business or non-profit.

If you find this course useful, be sure to follow me for my upcoming videos focused on all aspects of DIY Marketing for Your Small Business or Non-Profit.

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Below are links to resources I use when designing logos


Google Fonts







Adobe Illustrator


1. Intro to DIY Logo Design: you want me to do? What? Are you crazy? If you work for a nonprofit or small business, you know what it's like to have little to no marketing budget in this D I. Y logo design. Of course, you'll learn how to create a professional go for your nonprofit or small business. The good news is, once you're finished, you no longer after Lion Clipper or Cheesy Logo's. I will teach you how to use low to no cost based software to create your professional logo . And trust me, you can do it. Oh, I'm in a banana. I mean, Ana Galindo. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in Color Springs, Colorado. I've worked with both nonprofits and small businesses, such as a fat bike manufacturer, senior services, a salon, a patisserie. I used adventure team Justin in food. In this class, you learn how to create your very own logo from start to finish. That truly reflects your organization's purpose and personality for your class project. We're gonna booties for your cat. Pretty your logo in three easy steps. One. You'll start with lots of research and plenty of sketching to you. Like to create your logo, and lastly, you'll learn how to use your logo in the proper context. Make sure you stick around because there's a bonus. The bonus is to learn how to create your own brand guide that you can present your board and or using your everyday work. Remember, it's not about learning how to be a designer. It's about creating the vessel who you can with the tools and give you. Are you ready? Fleiss. Do this. 2. Class Overview & Project: Hi. Welcome to do yourself logo design for non profits and small businesses. My name is Anna Banana, and I'll be your host in this lesson. We will go over a few high points of the class and your class project. Your goal for this class is to create a new logo for your organization or revamp your existing one. I personally understand the marketing struggles of small businesses and nonprofits. A lot of the time we just don't have the resource is whether it's time or money. Hopefully, this class will get you pointed in the right direction for revamping your existing local or creating a new one. There are attached resource is in the class description, such as a matrix, to determine whether or not you're going to refresh your current logo or create a new one. The questionnaire that will help guide you along your research links to free design. Resource is, and finally my personal tips and tricks you will need for this course, a computer, the Internet. Hopefully everyone has that and potentially adobe illustrator Free Child downloaded to your computer. In the next lesson, we'll explore whether or not you will revamp your existing logo or create a new one, so make sure you download The Matrix. Let's do this 3. New or Refresh?: in this lesson, you will decide whether or not you're refreshing your current logo or creating a brand new one. Do you need a brand new logo, or do you have an existing one that you should simply revamp? Either way, Perfect. I'll show you how to do both. It's a very similar process, so let's talk about the difference between the two. Starting from scratch sometimes can be easier, because there's no limitations revamping. However, you probably want to include some of your current colors. Symbol shapes, words. Eso that your customers have that connection between your old logo and your new logo, and they don't think you're a brand new business. Okay, so to fill out the refresh or new local matrix so you can decide whether you need to create a new logo are fresher, current one. You will start here, so simply answer the top question. Go to the next question of necessary and check off all of the situations that may apply for your organization. So I am working with an organization my organization called Saved in Our Walls, and the first question says is it's a new organization, or is there no current logo The answer is no. This is an existing organization and we do have a current logo. Is your organisation changing names? Nowhere Cuban is the same. Is our organization happy with our sales and market share? Yeah, but it could be better. So check that one. Is the organization Onley wanting a minor change? No. We want a fairly made A major change, but we want it to still be recognizable. Is a current logo five or more years old? Yes. Is there a new tagline New product from New audience? There could be if we refresh our logo and make it look better. Is the organization struggling to raise prices or gain donors? Yes. Is the organization's logo usage inconsistent, Messy? Absolutely. Or local? Sold. Here it is beak, Right? Is there a new marketing team or marketing direction? Yes. All right. So all of this I think I clicked all of them, except for maybe one. So that leads us to refresh. That means that will change the logo enough to make it look better and different, but not so much that it's unrecognizable to our current audience. So you may have been over here in the yes column where you need a dramatic change. There's a new CEO that's demanding something new and different. Maybe your organization has had a reputation being recently. Maybe you're changing your mission statement or going through a merger acquisition. Maybe you've had a dramatic change in Mark and you need to be more competitive. Um, or maybe there's someone else that people must take you for. And you really don't want that to happen. In that case, sounds like you need a new logo. Or if you're a brand new organization or you don't have a current logo, Do you know what you need to dio create a new one? All right, now that you finish this, I will see you in the next lesson. Let me know if you have any questions. Here is your first and a tip. Don't worry about what other people think or even what you're thinking. Fill out the matrix and find out what's gonna work best for your business or organization. In the next lesson, you will relearn or maybe learn for the first time, the basics of design fundamentals. I'll see you there 4. Design Basics: no. In this design basics, many course we'll be covering. How do you response colors how to make a balance logo using negative space and other resource is for creating or revamping your logo. Let's go over funds. All hop on my computer. First, we're going over fonts and what to do and what not to do when using fonts in your Lobo's and in any other kind of marketing materials. So this many courses just a really basic, quick and simple overview. Please feel free to go do more research on anything that you feel you could use more knowledge in, or that you just don't quite understand so thoughts. The four basic types of category fonts are serif san serif script and decorative. So Sarah, if it is more of a traditional type, it's called Sarah's because each character has little legs like you see on the bottom here , and then the F has a little bit of ah, leg. Also, San Serif is exactly that sands without the syrup, so these characters do not have legs on them at all. Script sounds like what it is. Also, it is more of a cursive type plot, and then decorative is anything that seems super funky and maybe even hand written some hand. Retton's conform to script, but generally speaking, they're more decorative funds. So the do's and don't of fonts and font pairings, as we call them is Do use script and san serif together. Do not use script and decorative together. It's just too much for your brain to compute. It gets confusing. You can't read it. You don't know where to look first. You can also use the script with a Sarah and then do use a serif and a sand serve together . Really, you'll find that sans serif goes with any of the other families. Do not use decorative and decorative together. It's the same a script. It confuses your brain, and it looks messy and unprofessional and childish. However, you can use a sand surf with decorative. Like I said, San Serif will go with any of the other phone families on. And San Serif is truly a timeless font to use. Um, I say timeless because it always looks clean and modern. Serifis traditional but san surface timeless. Last but not least, when you're using Funt, whatever you do, do not stretch the front, you must keep the farm and its original. Turning and turning is the space between each letter. And those folks who designed fonts create the current ing specifically so that it's easy for your ice to read. So over here, this is stretched perfect. If I was to drag this down, it would fit exactly in here. However, this was just stretched white. So after all that, my best advice is, don't go crazy. Keep it simple. Follow these phone rules and you will have a beautiful logo and or marketing pieces. Next. Let's go over what you should and shouldn't do with colors. All right, so now I'm going to go over very basic overview of colors. There's a lot more to know, so feel free to do your own research. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Some people think that green is in there, but brain is actually secondary color, along with orange and purple. So when using colors, you can use a primary with a secondary. There are exceptions, so when you're laying out your local, you might find that red, orange or too close or maybe red and purple seem to close. However, you know, yellow and green look good together. Blue and green might look good together, depending on which direction you want to take your logo. You should use complementary colors. They do make our brains happy. So there's something about complementary colors, which are across the color wheel from each other, so yellow and purple, red and green and blue and orange. And there's something that our eyes do. They vibrate from what I understand and send a signal to your brain that makes our brain happy and enjoys looking at those color combination. So think about that when you're designing your logo. Next, I you should definitely research what different colors mean to your society and human psychology. There's tons of stuff out there, but just a short example might be that Green can stand for a Nico friendly company. But it up could also stand for a financial company. Blue means loyalty. Generally speaking, so does Purple Purple can also mean power. There's all kinds of research on this and all kinds of studies and lists out there, so find what works best for your industry in Ben. Start playing with different color combinations to complement that so um, you know, you might want to play with orangy yellow together, and there's all kinds of things, like tints and shades again. I want this. Just be very brief. So go do your research on that. Um, but these are your basic colors and color wheel. My suggestions are that you don't use to many colors in one logo, so you might find that for your organization, you do need to use four colors. Maybe your organization represents you know, the four elements. Um, or maybe there's four tribal colors or I don't know. But my suggestion is that you don't use more than two or three colors in your logo. However, if you feel that it's appropriate to use more than that, Wyoming's do it, um, and also don't use primary colors together. Generally speaking, this hurts our eyes. When you put pure red and pure boo together, it kind of makes your eyes freak out a little bit like reminds me of those blue led lights at Christmas. How you just, like, can't quite focus? Um, same with red and yellow. Sometimes it just really bugs you down. Yellow and blue together isn't so bad, but the red red with the two other complementary can be confusing tor brain. So overall, have fun with your colors. Do your research. Don't go crazy and keep it simple. Let me know in the discussion if you have any questions about colors Third, I'll show you balance. This is very balance can be something that you get better as time goes on. However, there are just a couple fundamental things. So remember symmetry and or heaviness when it comes to balance and designing your logo. So over here on the left, with Mr Clown parties you know the doctor like taking your eyes all over the place and the fine I'm not big enough. However, in this bottom one, the playfulness of the circles the dots brings your eyes in a circle. And Mr Clum parties is plenty big. You can still read it without being distracted by the movement of their circles. And over here, you know, you have a company called Happy Hippos. You might think Oh, it will be so clever. I'll make the daughter of the I say happy. However, if this was an inch big on a piece of paper, you're not gonna be able to read happy. Um, and hippos will always be at the forefront. However, if you can make that bigger and put it out a little slant, it just gives a lot more balance, Um, to this logo, and it's gonna be easy to read whether it's bigger, small and one word over the other is not. They're not competing against each other. So a good way to determine if you have good balance in your logo is to get a little feedback from a few other people, and you'll find that they say, Well, I didn't really understand what it waas or this this part is what you know what my I was drawn to eso take those crypt critiques into consideration and play around with it. And again, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the class discussion, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Lastly, we'll go over negative space and how you can use it in your logo so negative space is creating shapes out of the white. Or maybe you would consider the background air the logo. So in miss example, this is a local. I did for an organization called Do Hard Things. And there mission is to show people that even through life's ups and downs and the ebbs and flows, you can do heart things. So with the negative space here I created a T. So this is a d do hard and then things, and we also created arrows up and down to show the up and down motion of life's ups and downs. Um, creating Lugo's with negative space is not easy. Um, it definitely takes, I think, a keen eye for negative space. However, I encourage you to go check out all of the cool, negative space level there are. Pinterest has a huge collection of them. I'm sure if you google it, you can find tons of cool ones, but you'll just be amazed at how creative people are in using negative space. This is the best example I have. And I didn't pulled samples from others because I thought You get the hand and you can do your own research on, and I'm doing my best to just make this a quick overview. So again, if you have questions about negative space, or maybe how to incorporate that into your logo. Feel free to reach out. Leave it in the discussions and I will get back to you. Okay, so now that we've covered the design basics of fonts, colors, balance and negative space, we're going to go over a complex issue. But it's fairly simple. It's the topic of Vector versus raster images. So when you send your logo to a printer or when you upload it to your website, the type of file use is going to be very important. So a vector image is scalable, meaning that it can be expanded or shrimp as much as you want, as little as you want, and it will not lose its quality. On the other side. A raster image is not scalable, so if you try to make it bigger, it will lose quality. If you do try to make it smaller, it will not lose quality, but it cannot be made bigger. A vector image is made of paths where a raster images made a pixel so a vector images made up of a bunch of lines. That, and that's what can be expanded where a raster image of made up a bunch of tiny squares the end of the file name that you'll see for vector images are typically dot ai got GPS or dot Sug ai is a bilby illustrator. E P s stands for encapsulated postscript and STG stands for scalable vector graphics. The type of raster images there's tons of them. But the basic three r PNG got J peg and gifts, which is true of all heard of, um, the vector images generally have a smaller final size where raster images, the bigger the image gets, the larger it'll file sizes. So here's examples of Vector versus Raster. This is a native AI file that I put into this slide. I could make it as big as a slide, and it would still look as Christmas this and this is a PNG that is about one inch by one inch. Um, and I tried to make it bigger, and it lost its quality. So again, if you want to do some more research on Vector versus Raster, feel free to do so. Later on in the local usage lesson, I will teach you how to save each of these file types and at various sizes again, any questions feel free to pop them into the class discussion, and I will get back to you. My tips are to you sent a response. They always look modern, and you compare with any other type you can use justice, answer or parent with a script to make it a little more playful, totally up to I definitely encourage you to explore tertiary colors. Give him a Google. Their colors, such as red, violent by that blue. Um, Phyllis goes on and on. I encourage you toe. Check those out their own case or something that you could incorporate into your logo. Also, I don't encourage you to use more than three colors in the logo. Generally speaking, I like to use two or less. Um, just my tip. Also stand back from your logo and your research and decide if it's balanced if the colors are working together and where you could adjust it to correct the colors or the balance. Also, using negative space is more complex, but it can add a lot of character, your tree logo. However, this technique takes a lot of practice if you have any questions as always, believe them in the discussion and I will be happy to answer you. At this point, of course, you should have a very basic understanding of how to make a balanced yet logo. Using fonts, colors and symbols, potentially using that negative space started thinking about what colors, fonts and symbols you may use in your very own logo design. In the next lesson, you're going to start generating ideas for your very own logo. Let the fun begin. Also, if at any time you feel like you need to go back and re watch a lesson, feel free to take your time. 5. Do Your Research!: in this lesson, we're going to generate ideas for your new or revamped logo before we move on. Make sure you have completed two things. You've gone through the Matrix and decided whether you're going to refresh or create a brand new logo. And the second thing you need to make sure you've done is completed the questionnaire. Very important that you complete the questionnaire to guide your goals, objectives and look and feel for your new or refreshed logo. When you see a logo that really resonates with you, it's because they have taken the time to do their research and create a logo that really reflects their organizations. Personality. Next, we're going to focus on symbols what symbols are appropriate or obvious for your industry watch. You need to think about what shape you might want your logo to fit. In A lot of times in today's world, you need either a square or circular logo to fit social media profile images or even posts . What shapes could you add to your logo for symbolism? Don't forget to write down any other ideas you may have had for your logo coming into this class by the end of this lesson, you should have a good idea of what colors, funds, shapes, symbols that you want to use those you shouldn't use for your logo. Also, you want to consider how this hell your shapes, colors, funds and symbols may look if your logo is forced to be blackened way my tip for this lesson. Do your research and whatever you do, do not copy someone else's logo. Let's get baby So one to have completed your question there. The first thing I like to do is start with Pinterest. I have already created myself aboard. Just say it's a little time here. Um, I named it the name of the organization I'm doing my local for, and it's given me some suggestions here. I haven't saved those, but I am just going to type thing nor wall of here in the search bar, and I'm just going to save anything that I think, Oh, wow, that really, you know, has a cool color or shape or pattern texture. Um, that one has a cute little thin, and I think that would be a nice thing to keep in mind when designing. I like this one, is curving so you'll see. I'll speed this up and you can see why. How? I save everything. Um, I'll skip around to look for some colors also. So I hope you have fun on Pinterest and I will see you in the next section. Don't forget as you're going through it too. Refer to your questionnaire on and your keyword, you know? So I said tusk and thin. So I really wanna find some images or things that that I think are good examples of the narwhals. Tuscan thin. So now I am searching for pullers that I think I may want to use in my logo, and I will go ahead and save some of these to my saved them all aboard. Um, I encourage you to be free with your research and just save as many things that you feel inspired by as you can. This one in particular. It's really nice, actually. How this yellow complements the blue, you know, kind of pops out. So I will keep that in mind that when I start designing, the other thing I like to do on Pinterest is maybe look for other normal goes out there. Just kind of see if anybody's doing anything super, creative or innovative, something maybe I wouldn't thought of. So here's a good example of the use of negative space. They use a little arch in the end, as the nor walls, head and tusk. There's no room when you search logo. Sometimes things become a little Tom deluded. So, um, again, with anything, take what you want, believe what you don't. So this is a great website to find palettes of colors that could really to, um your theme of your logo or anything. I mean, maybe if you're creating on invitation in the future and you need a gold palette or silver palate, Um, this is a great place to find those types of things. So it's color lovers color with you. Um, for those of you who are not speaking American English, you spoke color with you. We do not. So make sure that you do include the U and color. So I'm going to go to the search bar, and I'm just gonna take in our wall and see what that produces for me. It will be interesting to find out. Okay, so here's some cool, um, takes on what people might consider normal colors, says space is no place that may not have anything to do with narwhal. But maybe one of these colors is named Nora. This one says Horn of a narwhal. So this was someone's take on what the horn may look like. So I'll just go through here and see if anything strikes my fancy. I'm gonna open this one because I kind of like this blue. So once you open it, then you will want to write down the hex values of the colors that you like and will. I'll show you how toe type in hex colors in the future. So once you scroll down, you will see all of the different colors. And so see this purple One says no place for a narwhal Far out in space is the one that I think is nice. So I'm going to write down the hex code 290153 and make a little note next to it that says Dark blue or dark purple. All right, let's try and ocean polit. I'll just type in ocean. And this one is nice for some of those Arctic green colors of the ocean. Maybe this blue to so same thing with the last one. Just open it up and make you know of the hex values and then put a little know of which color they are. So that'll save you some time in the future. Here's more nice blues. All right, you get the gist. So go ahead and collect any colors you like off of this website, and I will see you in the next lesson. Who? So I've decided that I would like my logo to have a san Serif font for the words save and the and I want nor Walls to the hand written. So I'm just going to go look for ideas on Google fonts, especially for the handwriting. One serif ones are easier to find. Um, but I like to come here just to collect a few ideas. So I typed in our wall so I can see what it looks like. And Pacifica looks good most because it looks Pacific Ocean e. I like that one. Let's see what else? Great vibes. That's a little too Ah, wedding invitation for my taste. Sacramento's kind of cool this one here, but maybe it's not quite bold enough you know that super small you might not be able to read it, whereas if you had something like Pacific Oh, it's a lot bolder. And so when it's smaller, it will be easier to read. Let's see what else? There's also plenty of other places where you can get free fund fonds. However, they don't always translate well, Google fondle translate. Well, if you decide to use them, um, on a website and generally speaking, you confined them in free templates also. So keep that in mind. I would encourage you to choose a Google funds if possible. All right, you get the point with that. So let's get started. It's time to upload your initial sketches to the class discussion tab. 6. Create a Logo in Canva: Welcome to your logo creation lesson. This is the meat and potatoes of creating your logo. If you're begin instead of working this lesson, you'll learn how to easily put together the symbols, text and color. You've done all your research on to create a well balanced and easily identifiable logo for your nonprofit or small business. First you'll sketch, then you'll digitize and then we'll finalize. Play around as much as you can. Scan your sketches. If that will help you ask for feedback from your peers. They beat your mailman, your husband, your wife. I don't know. Just give us much feedback as you can take a break sometimes if you're getting a little bogged down or so. Another free resource you can use online is called canvas dot com, c a n b a dot com, and you can find this in the resource is document. You can use this to create all kinds of different marketing materials you may need, like flyers, instagram post posters, videos. They have tons of preset dimensions for everything possibly need, so I would encourage you toe play with this and explore this a little more once you get your local created. So what I'm gonna do is just appear Mina in search for logo, and it is suggesting that I might get 500 by 500 pixels. Now, that's not a very big file size. However, if you are going toe only, be using your logo digitally or to print it small, maybe like two by two inches at the most. Then it should be fine for you. And you can also export as a PdF, which you should then be able to increase the size without any blurring or, you know, negativity. So I'm going to start with a blank one. And well, I like to do with Campbell, because if you use the free version, there's not a ton of free stuff. There's plenty, but a lot of it is paid. And so I think I would like to create something that has a tusk and fins, but I'm not sure what I can find that, so I'm the type of tusk in the elements. This is where you'll find icons and shapes textures, adding text to your logo. If you want to insert a video which that's not necessary necessary for your video, but say you want a background, you could do that. Also, um, but element is where you'll find most of the icons and shapes and symbols that you may need for your logo. So type in tusk here. And as you see there's not a ton hope. Look, there's a normal right there, but it's pro. Let me click on it and see. So remove watermarks. Purchase owe $1. So, you know, if you say, hey, that's a cute normal. I think I would like that in my logo. You can spend the dollar. However, I'm gonna create my own narwhal tusk. So delete this up in the upper right is the delete button. You can also use your keyboard to delete things on camera. Um, what shape is like a test? A triangle. So I'm almost thinking like a party hat has kind of the swirls of a tusk like this. Maybe if I can crop it down a little bit, um, I could use something like that. I'm not sure if I can change the colors on this. One cannot up here. If you can change the colors, you'll see two squares with colors, so I don't want a purple pink. Going to keep looking just for minute, okay? I don't see anything that will the super helpful. So I like the yellow and orange compliments blue. So let's try this one, okay? Again, I cannot, um, change the colors on this, and it doesn't look like it will allow me to change the shape either. It's keeping it in perfect ratio, so I will have to find a way to make that skinny or like a tusk. So I think if I come over here toe elements and then go to shapes, I can either use a square or a triangle to cut off, you know, right here to make it thinner. So let me just play with that and something to keep in mind if you want to do this. Is that the same thing as logo maker? If you put other shapes that are white, you won't be able to put it on a dark background. So keep that in mind when you're in Canberra. Um, the other way you can do this is just be okay with the shapes that you have. So I'm going to command or control. See, Commander Control V. And that's going to create another triangle. You can see it moving across and then let me see under position. Okay, That's not so. I just need to rotate this one around to create a skin test. Okay. It's all right to me. Okay, so now I'm gonna hold and drag my cursor over and you'll see it Highlights all of the boxes and up here on the top left. And the very first thing says group, I'm gonna hit group so that those stay as one shape when I rotate it. Good. A just like that. Okay, so there's my normal tusk if you need to resize things in can. But like I said earlier, just grab the corner, and it will make it smaller or bigger. You can see that flashing purple or pink scion box. And that is just saying, Hey, leave this much room from the edge in case. But because this is your love of you can take it almost all the way to the edge of you want . I would leave a little bit of room, but you can take it to the edge. Okay, so now I need to make fins or the normals tail. So I'm going to search fins in my element. Still see what comes up? How did I know that was gonna happen? A bunch of swimming flippers. Well, there's a shark fin. That one is not free. Oh, these ones with crowns. I think you can Onley own up. You can get it for a dollar use wonder also for purchase, but they're not included with pro, I'm guessing. All right, So Finn is not coming up with the shape I'm looking for. See, I want something more like this, but I don't want the water with it. So this shape kind of reminds me of a leaf. So I'm going to go look for weeks. And that's something to consider when you have, you know it if you want include shapes or parts of shapes in your logo is too. Think of other shapes that you could combine that may mimic the shape you're looking for. So let's just scroll through here. Excuse me. So this one thes two together, remind me a little thin, so keep looking. This is kind of a funky one. That's a paid one, but I kind of like the funkiness of that. Okay. For time's sake. I'm gonna go back to this free one. Just click on it and a ghost. You are bored. Lukin rotated someone a rotating at this in the normal swimming. So up here in the upper right, you can see where my mouse is. The color we can change that. And in this search bar is where you can put your hex colors that you wrote down, um, on your questionnaire. So I think I want to make the fins, Maybe blue. Let's try the blue and see how they look. We can always go back and change this needed. Okay, so where we have, there's my things. Now, I don't want this 3rd 1 And so if anything is hanging off the edge here when you save, it will look like that. You have to keep whatever you want in your logo on this white square. And so I am going to get another triangle, I suppose, and try to figure out a way to fit it over that leave. And I like to keep the triangle of color. That way I can see where it is. And then I turned out okay, that will cover it up So now I'm going to change that toe white, okay? And there's my narwhal, tusks and tail. So now all I have to do is add my text saved the normals, so adding a heading, that's the best way to do it. It's just a much bigger text. And then up here in the upper left, where the color was before you can go search through terms of tons and tons and tons has way more than logo maker. However, the ones with the crown on it you can only use if you are a pro member. Um and there are also great out over here. So anything that you see that looks black, you can use, you can also type in here, Um, any type you want and then they have presets down here if you can't think of what you're looking for. So I want Sand Saref. And for this one, I think I will choose for fiscal six feet. Look like it's always easier tone, actually take kind of fun. Maybe it's a little too playful bill, although so is my Tuscan my fins. So if you click on each one, you can see what they look like I like that one, because it's pretty bold. And if there's one, you know, you like, you can always search for up here. So I know I like the thought Poppins, and they do have it here so we can hit that and make sure you make no of other funds that you do like, because I've done it plenty of times where you really liked one. But then you go back through the find one, and you can't find it. So I think I liked the other one better, but I didn't make a note. Silly me. So now I have to go back and find it. League Spartan. Yep. Okay, so I like that one. I'm going to keep that one. I'm gonna make it a little bigger. And I think I want to make it so that the the S the tusk is coming out of the S. So when you want to move something, it's just like little maker. Gotta find the crosshairs to move it, Okay? And I'm honored. Just leaked both on black for now. Okay, I'm going to add another heading in type, nor walls. I'm going to do that. So I can see what I'm doing and I'm going to go find a hand written fun kind of fun, but to place along. So I'm gonna line it up on the left inside there and I kind of want the s to fit between sins right here. Just the balance. So how much? You don't look too bad. I'm going to make to save the boom Morrow's gloves. Make try the green I wrote down. So over here, text color, Little A with the real illiterate. My green color is 79 lead in each day. Just try it. That might be a little too light. It's getting lost To save the is dark and marvels is not. But I feel like when the normals dark, it blends into this. So maybe I change this to the green. This can go back to blue. Your document colors also will save over here. So keep that in mind when you are searching for color. I think I actually might save me a little bit smaller. So if you push the box and it's just gonna crunch it up so you actually have to go in and highlight and then come up here toe, where it says 44.4 been changed the size. I think that's a little too small. So I wanted somewhere between 30 to 44 36 does perfect. So 36 is good, stormed a little bit and same thing that has fought maker. If you can't, if it's not being a great too much, you can use the arrows to move it up and down. Okay, so here's one example of how you can create a logo in Canberra. This is pretty simple, but, you know, this isn't about you being a designer's about you creating the best local you can with what you have. So, um, I got the thin. I think that's pretty great. And the the test also, and I'm pretty happy with those fought. So I will show you, though, what to keep in mind when you are using shapes to block out other shapes. I'm gonna position this backward until everything is showing, and so this is what your logo would look like. It's you printed it on anything but a white background, so bear that in mind. But don't be afraid to do that. You can have other people help you. They make charge you 25 or 50 bucks. But it is not anything you should be afraid to try. Okay? So once you're happy with your logo, appear next word says, try canvass pro. You can name your file someone Charles logo, and then you're gonna want to hit Download. If you go over here to this down there, I'm click that it will show you how the ways you can share it. So you either hit, download or you can download here. And this is where you can choose your file type. So Panji is for web use. So you can do that if you want, for you can change it to pdf print, and that will get you your highest quality logo. So I'm gonna select that one and just hit download, and we'll give me this little thing, and then you will be able to see it in your down votes and go from there. See you in the next lesson. It's time to upload your first revision of your class project to the discussions 7. Create a Logo in LogoMakr: Welcome to your logo creation lesson. This is the meat and potatoes of creating your logo. If you're vegan, is the tofurkey. In this lesson, you'll learn how to easily put together the symbols, text and color. You've done all your research on to create a well balanced and easily identifiable logo for your nonprofit or small business. First, you'll sketch Daniel Digitize, and then we'll finalize as much as you can scan your sketches. If that will help you ask for feedback from your peers. Maybe it's your mailman, your husband, your wife. I don't know. Just give it a much feedback as you can take a break sometimes if you're getting a little bogged down for all right. So now that you have completed all of your research and you have chosen what fun styles you want to use colors and shapes, we are ready to get started. So the first software that I would like to show you is called logo maker dot com. Make sure that when you go to this website, it's spelled L o g O m a k r. There's no Ian maker. Once you get to this page, there is this video that pops up. Um, feel free tow. Watch it. But I'm going to show you everything that they show you so you can save yourself five minutes and just get started. So up here, I'm going to put my mouse in the search bar and look for nor wall and see what comes up. Okey doke. So it looks like there's not a ton, but there's more than I anticipated. So that's great. I think I'm liking this outline of this one here. I like the shape of how it's rounding out, so I'm going to start with that one, and when you click on it, it moves to your art board, and I'm just going to make it a little bigger to play with it. Okay, so as I talked about hex colors earlier over here, you'll see the six numbers. Those are your hexi decimal codes for your colors. This is where you will enter your colors that you've chosen. So I'm going to you the color zero b 486 b. But I start blue. That was my normal. And then I will add some text. So click on the text and it brings up a text box. So my first word is save. And if you need to move something around, just grab these cross hair box and you can move it wherever you need it. You can also resize the box so it doesn't. It's not so clunky. I find that helps a lot. So save on, then the hit. My next word that I want to add to my logo. Shrink that down. Move it up here. The man narwhal in our world. Okay, so this is a decent san Serif, but I think I want to look for something else. So how I'm going to do that is up here next to the search bar. This is the fun category, so you can look it up by simple modern, which will be your sand serious. Um, if you're going more traditional musing Acerra feel hit traditional scary and dark pixel model space handwriting fun and funky fancy and curses. Designer picks, blah, blah, blah. So I'm going to check out handwriting and see how funky these are. Okay? They're not too bad. Oh, happy monkey left kind of fun. Let's see. Let's just try to a margin that's too playful for me. Let's try a fancy persons about it way too formal. Let me see if I can find something else that I like. Oh, there's the Pacific. Oh, that I thought was nice. So maybe we choose that line. Let's see about Yellowtail too, Slanty. All right. And the other thing you can do is you can always, you know, lay this out a couple times and try different funds and look at them next to each other. Oh, way too crazy. 32 crazy. All right, I'm going to pick specifically from now. Excuse me. And I like this blue boot. You could rather have that. Let's try as a dark purple. I think I want the nor walls to be yellow, golden, yellow looking. So if you want to increase the size of your text, all you need to do is drag the corner rather than the side to side. So let's see how this is gonna look. All right. I'm not too thrilled the purple and the yellow. So maybe I will make it the same blue house nor wall, which is zero mean obe for eight. 60. That's right, zero B for 8 60 Okay, so if you, um, make a mistake, or you do something that you need to do. You can click this little timer looking button on the left hand side, or you can hit command or control Z, and that will take you back a step or two or three. So this eyedropper tool can also be helpful when trying to create new color. So it's going to give you another cross hair, and then you can click on the color you want, and it will change whatever's highlighted. So I feel like movie this to be or control. See this same. The balance is not quite right there. So try to just movement saving the down a little bit. Perfect. So that's all right. Um, but I'm gonna keep playing around, so feel free tow. Watch along, and I will stop and show you a few things along the way. All right, So a copy and pasted this because I'm gonna just keep these colors and then make a few changes. So I'm gonna move all the text What you can do to move a bunch of things, hold down, shift and click on each one, and then you can move it all together. So I think I want to just try to use the head of this normal. So I'm just going to come over here to the left hand side and get a shape the square on. I'm going to cover what needs to be covered and change the full color toe white so I can see what I'm doing. And I'm gonna drag these up here. Okay? So this white is in front, so these are your layers over on the right hand side. What you're gonna do is drag the square down to be behind the text so that there we go. That hopes it's community again. I have to use that a lot. So then I need to play around with how the s should public save the will balance if nor walls and actual moral. So another trick you can use it. You know, if you're using the mouth sometimes is called would snap to grid. You see all those little lines? Well, you can always move it perfectly where you want it to refuse your up and down over keys. You can move it just the tiniest fraction. Okay, so this looks great, right? Well, there's one issue. So if you want to print this on something or put it on a background that's not white, it's gonna be obvious if you double click right click. Sorry if you right click on your art board here on local maker dot com, you can go hit black background and see how your local will look on a black background. And there's the problem right? There's the white box. So if you know that you're only going to ever keep this on a white background, um, it totally find to do this. If you know that you're gonna put it on a website where the background is a color, then it's a safer bet, too. Do your logo like this where all the negative space is free of color. Um, if you're like, well, I really do like the one on the right better, um, and you send it to a printer, you can most likely they will charge you a little bit, but they will be able to take that white background out for you. So just keep in mind when you're designing this. If you're gonna have it on a black background, then it will show up white if you cover something up, same with a transparent background. Um, this white will show up kind of hard to explain, but it'll show up if you have a white walk in there and it's on a white background. All right, so I'm gonna go back to our walls and try a different one. I kind of like how this one is pointing up, giving it upward motion. So let's just see what we can do with this one and always dragged from the corner. Otherwise, it rule. Get wonky a copy and fix things on Drive over here. Now, when you get things really close like this, we really careful, you know, as toe which one you're clicking on. So let's see, where was that one handwriting. I'm gonna pick something different. Just this is good, Teoh. You know, see what you like and what you don't like. Maybe there's a combination you hadn't thought of. And you see him next to each other and think, Oh, it would be better if And this one over, Um so just keep playing until you feel like it's near perfect. And then go have a few people. Look at it and let you know what you think. So this is not very ball full. Let's do this one. Let's change color this guy to the blue, it turns out okay, I think maybe let's trying origin. See how too much with blue, I think don't bring cooler. Okay, that's better. I think this booth or you can drag this civil suit a weight of the upper left corner. Okay, so there's a few examples of how you could set up your logo in logo maker dot com. When you are ready, you will want to go to this, uh, save disk up in the top right corner and hit save logo. The catch with this is that it'll be $19 to download all of the files that you would need, toe, You know, use on your website sent to a printer. All of those things. If you choose not to do that, you can still download your logo. But it's probably only going to look decent, um, in social media. So, you know, it kind of just depends on what you think you want to do, So you can see when I saved this one, it saved all three. So you're going to want to pick the one that you like the best. Delete the rest, and then just save that one. All right. I will see you over in camp a dot com. It's time to upload your first revision of your class project to the discussions tab. 8. Create a Logo with Illustrator: Welcome to your logo creation lesson. This is the meat and potatoes of creating your logo. This lesson. You'll learn how to easily put together the symbols, text and colors. You've done all your research on to create a well balanced and easily identifiable logo for your nonprofit or small business. First you'll sketch Daniel Digitize and then we'll finalize. Found as much as you can scan your sketches. If that will help you ask for feedback from your peers. Maybe your mailman, your husband, your wife. I don't know. Just keep much feedback as you can take a break. Sometimes if you're getting a little bogged down or thanks, okay, so if you're brave enough to try Illustrator here we are. I have already opened it up. Now I pay for the subscription to Illustrator, so if you don't, you're going to need to download it to your computer First, download the free trial. Excuse me. So this is going to be the most complex of the software's or tools I show you, so I'm going to go through it pretty quickly. There's links to some more in depth illustrator courses in the class. Resource is, if you would like to check those out. Um, but I'm just gonna show you really quickly how to simply build a logo or to an illustrator . So I'm gonna go over here to create new on the left hand side, and that will pop up a window, I think. And I usually like to design in a square because that's how most logo's are being represented these these days. You know, whether it's a profile picture through social media or I don't know, it just fits a lot better on anything. You know, whether it's ah, advertisement or a sure or a hat, you can excuse me, make the square a lot bigger. Our take up more space on the on the product or the document. Then you can a long or tall loca. So let's just make this. I'm gonna make you eat by inches just for good measure on. I'm not gonna do bleed when I'm gonna hit, create, and it will bring up a square heart board for me. Okay. Okay. So I don't know that yet. Don't you got stuff? So this is the white part, is what you call your report. So just like can, but anything that's over. The white edge will not show when save or documents over here is all the tools you may need . So this is a basic selection tool that's just your mouse. And then this is the pen tool that can be a little complicated. So I would recommend for this class specifically, we don't use that Here is a shape tool. So when you click on it should extend, it will expand to be. There we go. Hold down a rectangle tool, polygon star. So if you use a polygon tool, this is where you can make a triangle. If you just click on the board once, it will bring up this little dialog box and you can change your sides there. So we will change that down to three and then pop up as a triangle. So that's how you use that one. And I'm just gonna drive us off. My aboard was maybe I want to use it later, and we will also use the type tool because we do have type in our logo. This is just a rotate tool. Shouldn't need that in this class on. And then this is an art board tool. So if you need to change the size of your board or something, that's how you can do that. But for now, we'll leave it as is okay, And then this down here is your fill color of whatever object is highlighted. So, for example, um, this triangle is white with a black outline. If I want to talk well between the two, you just click on whichever one you want. So I don't want a border on this, So I could that nothing button over here and to fill color his weight. So to change these colors, all you do is double click this white Phil. And down here is where you can enter your hex code. So I'm just gonna set up all my colors that I picked out right now, and we will go from there. All right, so now that I have my color palette set up over here, I am going to start with my text. So one thing you may have seen earlier was I recreated the shapes really easily. If you just hold down, option and then click and drag. See how those two purser arrows show up that will copy the item that you option click and drag. So I'll tell you easily do that. Um OK, so we're going back to text, and you congrats the text tool over here, and then just click in the document or you can drag and make a text box. I recommend that you clicking the just click because it's a lot easier to resize these ones than it is the one in the box. You have to go and manually and do that. So we're going to change is to save the and another one from our walls bigger dragged the corner and hold down shift to make sure everything sizes together. Okay. Dokey. So I downloaded a couple more walls that were free vector images from pick sub dot com p i x a b a y dot com and you can find that in the class resource is as well. So I'm gonna go to file and then place to bring those into my document loads. These are my two latest. Okay, so now I have my two images that anyone using here and again I'm just gonna shift and hold from the corner to resize is because they're gigantic. You don't need to do nothing. So here are my two. Tomorrow we're all right. So let's see, this one is pretty cool, because it's kind of, like illustration, more or less. But what I really want is I just want to use the tusk of these. No, I'm not sure how easy that will be, but I go in here with the directs Look, Tool, the white arrow, and I'm going to try to just delete little pacers on the post. Sometimes it does not always work the way you want. So Command Z will go back, um, or controls the same as any other program and see if we can. Okay, so I just deleted the black background from this. So now I can turn this a different colors purple just just so we have it for reference on a kind of actually like this. Normal. I like the sheep of it. The movement of it. So I have this one reports leader case. I want to play around one, and and so sometimes I like to just play around and see like, Oh, it could be, you know, spearing the A or yeah, maybe it's over. Some of the letters Or maybe it's over here, tucked in the corner. Mom. So what I really want to do first before I get too crazy, is changed my phone. And over here, where it says character is where you can change that. So here's a good example of what not to do in a logo. So I changed that to Junco typewriter. That is going to be difficult for people to read, so I mean, it looks cool, but maybe see that for an ad or something. T shirt? I don't know. Um, see here our stretches kind of skinny but stretch so that one is only medium. So that might not be a good choice because it's pretty thin. Keep it for now and change morals to more script. One. It's too hard to read. Oh, some kind of fun for normals. I kind of feel like it fits, You know the field general. So let's keep that on. And then I'm going to option click groups get your directs like tool on option. Click this one down. I was thinking another one that was below that it American Taper Kind of No, no. Does that feel to seventies? Let's try it. So really, this one down here, I like hope bold it is. It feels like it really obvious. And I want this. I really want this normal to be, like kind of hugging, maybe reports saying, Hey, a report. Movements help save us. So another little trick is to try to line up, get the edge of your letters. So I want to make a nice line, benefits imaginary so we can believe it later. But what I mean is like the tail on that each go there and then the you should butt up against it and not just creates a really nice balance for your logo. And, you know, it might not be obvious to your naked eye, but your brain will see the balance. Okay, so this is not quite square, like I want it to be this one that's more square. Um, so if I make it really big, this is turning into a rectangular logo, which isn't terrible, but, you know, keep playing around with it and let's try more square one. So my idea waas to you can make sure you use letters were lined up. Don't forget to hold down shift when you're moving something, otherwise it will become really distorted. See, I'm not holding down shift, but if I hold down, shifted it, Macy uniformly your size of everything. So I'm going to use this option drive. I'm going to use this moral tusk as the L in our walls and just see how that looks Don't change. Color was to just for fun. Okay, so what you have to do is I'm gonna make a bigger so I can see what I'm doing. The men, what you want to do is grab. Ah, circle tool and just drag it. Okay? And now I'm going to try to line this up so we'll cut off the tusk. Well, so same thing with Camba and logo maker dot com. You may have to use the arrows to get the circle. Exactly exactly where you want. So this area, See, when I highlight the narwhal, it's going to I'm going to use a tool that will cut off the tusk. So what you have to do is hold both o r. Highlight both of these. So just hold down and make sure there's a blue outline around each one. It may be different color in your illustrator Could be sigh in yellow Red just depends on what the color of your layer is. The outline color. And then I'm gonna go to Pathfinder over here on the right, and I need a tool called Divide. And it's down here under Pathfinders, their shape modes and Pathfinder's. So you're going to use the divide tool, and then you get the direct select tool over here on the left hand side, and I'm just going to start selecting pieces in deleting them. OK, now, if I zoom in really close, it didn't quite catch us edge. So you're gonna direct Select that little corner just that one square and hit. Delete. Okay, so now we have our makeshift. L want to drive it over here. Moved to use backwards. Should grab all of it. Okay, so now what I want to do is lay this over the l and kind of get it at least so straight. So just to measure and you can twist it and turn it and do whatever you want with it. Leader. So Okay, so I'm gonna say that's good for now. And I'm gonna do this again out of way I'm holding shift and it will stay in the same line that it was when I moved it. So just hold shift and move it over. And then the fun. I want to just delete the L and I don't want it to do this because then there's no space, and I don't really want to put a space in there because that's not the proper I'm Kern ing in the letters. It's not the proper space at the designer made. So instead of doing that, I am going to make sure there's a selection box around this and go to type men create outlines Moon. I'm going to select the L Delete it. I'm gonna go back to my Drexel, it or myself selection tool and hold down shift and bring my tusk Beckett. So I don't know that feels a little weak to me, so I'm just gonna play around with it and try to make it bigger. See if that makes it more obvious that it's a tusk and sometimes you think you have these great ideas and they really just don't work out, which I think this could be one of those. So I'm just gonna pull this to the side make or something will inspire me in the future. And I'm going to try to rework with this one and see how I can make it into a square logo. Okay, that's pretty good. Okay, I kind of I'm liking the movement in this. Um, I like the playfulness of normals, and I like the movement and see the but you might be a little challenging to read together . So to see, making morals in a way caps We'll help break it up. I think that's a lot better. So I wanna make my normal a little better. So that s talks into the groove of its tail a little better. Okay, so I think Donald's pretty good for a quick and easy logo. Um, so once you're happy with the layout of your logo, you can delete all this type stuff if you wish. And you can meet me in the next lesson, and I will teach you how to save your file and lots of different formats from Adobe Illustrator. See you there. It's time to upload your first revision of your class project to the discussions 9. Save and Use Your Logo: There are several different types of digital files in today's world, and they all have their very specific place and purpose. You may be asking, what is a native file? A PNG JPEG? PdF, and what context do you use them If you don't know what type of file to use, you can always ask your vendor, such as a sign maker or printer. If you're having something printed on line, most websites will tell you which types of files they accept and generally speaking, most of them except several. In addition, most vendors will have downloadable templates that you can use to place your logo on and send back to them. Using the correct file type helps manage file size and clarity for each use. I'm gonna jump on my computer. I'll see you there. Okay, so now that you have your final logo, you want to know how you're gonna use your logo as far as what file type you consider. So there's basically there's Pdf's, J pegs, PNG's and the Native Files, so native files are great. If you're sending your logo to the printer and you need it to be printed very large because that's a scalable vector graphic, and they could make it as big as they need to. You can also send a pdf. They can convert your PDS, um, to an SPG or any PS. If you're using your logo online, you will want to say that as a pain or uploaded as a PNG. So, for instance, if you're using it on social media or your website, you'll use a PNG. And then, if you want to send something or you something in a marketing material that's just gonna be printed about regular size, you can use a J pig. So what I like to do is I saved or some time here, and I set up folders in my Save the Normals folder of how I like to save my file. So I put all my native 1000 here. I put my Web files in here. I put me for print files and hear my J pigs, and then I do. Pdf's also that way they're all organized, so if someone asks me for one on the fly, I know right where I need to go. So how you save from Illustrator is you will go to hope Let me back up first. Before you say, make sure you save one logo. Um, like this when I save save the normals local. This is gonna be my ultimate native file. When I send this to someone else, if they don't have these funds downloaded, it will give them an air message, and it will change it to something else. So what you need to do is highlight those and then go to type and then create outlines. And that will just make the text scalable a swell, and it will translate. It's a now the Texas like an image rather than text, so it translates better that way. So anyhow, to save this one, I'm gonna go save as, and I'm gonna pick my native file still. And then I'm just gonna name this outlined text and save a as in a I man, I will go back through save eyes, Still saving, still working, given a second save as again, and you'll go to this drop down menu. Now, make sure you're still in your native files, drop down and I will do ups also save by and then in SPG as well. Okay, so there is how to save all your native files or any type of file, that printer or a large format printer me want. So then, to save a pdf, you do the same thing. Just go to save as I'm going to go to this menu and shoes seen in our walls. Then I'm gonna go to Pdf to save the normals logo and choose pdf from the drop down format menu and click save media. Okay, so you may wanna also save groups. You may also want to save a black and white version. So the way you can do that is highlight everything and you're gonna goto edit at it colors and then convert to grayscale. So this is how your local look of someone prince and black and white someone might ask for in black and white. So I always like to save one that way, and I'm just gonna save it as a PdF again. And then this one, I'm just gonna name it B W for black and white. So I know which one it is and hit two. Okay, I will show you. Sorry, I haven't set up for my pdf's always popular. I will show you how to save a PNG and a J peg. And then what you will want to do is go through and create a smaller logo and a larger logo for all of your P and G's and J pigs. So to do that well, to save them first, you're going to do export and then export as and then I'm gonna save my PNG first. Oh, and I don't want a black and white. Sorry. Can't say highlight. Go back to my color and it and it colors and then convert to see him like a um Nancy, Here we go. Okay, So another thing is to make sure when you're saving that your file motives and see him like a So to do that if that says RGB like this one does over here, this entitled one says rgb um you wanted to say seem like a before you save your computer will convert your seem like a in tow. RGB. So, um, that's for another lesson. That's a color way. Anyway, you'd go to document color mode, and if it's a check mark next rgb just make sure see, in my case, clicked on. All right, so let's save this PNG export as. And then again, you do the same thing. Just find your PNG. Put the drop down, make sure it's a PNG. There's your J pig on if someone else. If someone requests a different felt tips from you, just go to your native file and then save it. As you know, someone wants a tiff. Or maybe, I don't know. I've never been asked for anything else, but you never know. So there we go. They've novels logo. Make sure that's right. PNG and I might name this one. I'm just gonna name this one medium, so I know what size it is and export. If you click on, use our ports here, it will save this entire outline. The the background will still be transparent, but it will be as big as the outline. Now, if you just hit, save it will cut down on the edge of the local will be up here at the edge in our wall where the tusk is and then where the finish. So if you you save with our porter just gives you a little room to play, so I usually like to save them that way and export and you can see it here. Those little black and white checkers mean that, um it is a transparent background and you can see here you can make it white or black, but you will want to save the ash transparent. And then you do the same thing for J peg export export. As find groups, find your J Peg folder. Make sure this is turned onto J pig and art boards as well. And this will create a a art board that has a white background. So keep that in mind. Export. See him? OK, OK, you can change just rgb if you want. That I keep in seem like a cause. Generally speaking, I used these for print purposes and then you can change your DP I Okay, All right, so now I have all those save Now I will go in and I will save a much smaller ones. Whole select everything when they get a lot smaller, I'll make the art board smaller and then I'll save that one and then I'll go in and make it a lot bigger and I'll make the art board bigger. And then I will say that that way. So That is just a quick overview about how to save an illustrator. If you have saved from Canberra or logo maker dot com, you can, um, low will logo maker and Canada. You can download several types of files, so that will just be your job to organized them into folder. So you know which ones you need to use when, all right, and you can find a document in the class that explains what the different file types are and in which context to use them. All right, we'll see you later. 10. Let's Wrap it Up!: Let's wrap it up. First, we did design basics. Then you sketched and got awesome feedback from your peers. Then we finalize your logo. You learned how to save your logo in several different ways. And finally, we're going to learn how to create a brand guide if you stick around for the bonus video. Now that I think about it, the design process we just went through is what I use in all of my design work, from making fires to postcards to posters, Web pages, anything you start with Step one and you finish with your finalized product. Be sure to stick around for the bonus video of how to create a brand guide for anyone in your whole organization to use to make sure your logo is being used consistently. 11. Bonus Video: Brand Guide: Welcome to your bonus video. This is going to be a short video, but it's pretty simple as well. This is a brand guide, and this is for not only yourself, the others in your organization. So everybody is following the same guidelines so that you have a cohesive brand. Once you set up your logo, you can go to the document in the class. Resource is that is called brand guide, and you will insert your logo where it says logo, and then you can enter your typography So this might include anything that's in your logo as well as what you may use for regular text. Say, if you're gonna, you know, have a fire that has quite a bit of text on it, and you need something a little more legible than what's in your logo. You may want to include that next, you will include your colors, so I recommend that you do a primary palette. So the main colors in your logo and then a secondary palette, which are maybe complementary colors or colors in the same color way that will complement these colors that you can use. These is pops of color in advertisements or little, you know, symbols that you might want to add graphics to photographs or social media posts toe. That is pretty simple. That's a really basic brand guide. Sometimes it can be upto, you know, 2456 pages, depending on how big the branding is. But, Glenn, you're just starting out with your new logo. This is all you should need for now. And I hope this helps your company have a more cohesive friending. Thanks for taking my class.