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DIY LeatherCrafting: Make your own LEather Sandals

teacher avatar Timur K., Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

30 Lessons (2h 17m)
    • 1. Introduction.

    • 2. Terms which will be used during the course

    • 3. Putting tape on shoe last

    • 4. Cutting the sole from whatman

    • 5. Designing details on the shoe last

    • 6. Cutting patterns from the shoe last

    • 7. Making templates from whatman

    • 8. Cutting insoles from leather

    • 9. Making foam support for insole

    • 10. Cutting details from leather

    • 11. Gluing leather straps together

    • 12. Finishing leather straps

    • 13. Assembling the insoles

    • 14. Showing preliminary details

    • 15. Stitching straps together

    • 16. Sandpapering insoles

    • 17. Fixing insole to the shoe last

    • 18. Fixing front straps to the shoe

    • 19. Fixing back straps to the shoe

    • 20. Gluing straps to the insole

    • 21. Sandpapering insoles

    • 22. Cutting leather sole

    • 23. Putting corky stripe

    • 24. Grinding sole and insole

    • 25. Gluing insole with sole

    • 26. Taking sandals out of the shoe last

    • 27. Stitching sandals

    • 28. Gluing stick-on sole and heelpiece

    • 29. Finishing touches. Varnishing.

    • 30. Showing finished sandals

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About This Class

In this course we are going to guide you step by step through all the stages of making them, starting from designing templates from sticky tape and carton, choosing proper leather types, teaching you how to properly cut and stitch the leather as well as various tips on leathercrafting which can only be explained by an expert in this area. 

Apart from getting to know the properties of different leather types, you will also learn which tools and materials to use and where to buy them, how long does each process take and what are the costs of producing leather items. After this course you will be able to cut, carve and sew the leather, as well as produce handmade sandals and similar types of shoes.

The master in this course is my dad who has been in leather working business for more than 30 years. During this time he has made thousands of leather goods, including leather shoes, bags, wallets, belts and many more leather items.

The course is very practical. You can follow us in making similar sandals or making your own pair with a different design. If you do not intend to produce leather shoes, but would like to learn how they are made in detail or you would simply like to know how to deal with leather, then you will also find this course useful.

In the bonus lecture of this course we will also share with you some of our experience of how you can sell your own handmade leather goods. Leathercrafting can be an amazing hobby, but can also be your side business.

This is the third course in a series of courses dedicated to leathercrafting and how to make leather goods.  In the next courses we are going to show you how to make leather bags, more complex shoes and other items.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Timur K.

Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller


I'm an MA graduate with degrees in International Relations and World Economy. Learning foreign languages, travelling and working in cosmopolitan environments has always been indispensable part of my life.

My work experience includes working on challenging projects for government and private sectors (security products, banking, investment) across 5 continents, including Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia and Americas, and internship at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm totally passionate about psychology, craftsmanship, motivation, skills, and languages - I speak English, Russian, French, Turkish and little Arabic, I also started learning Hungarian a while ago:). I'm keen on reading, sports, football, and playing the guitar.

I'm always eager to learn new... See full profile

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1. Introduction.: hello there. And I'm happy to welcome to our third course dedicated to leather crafting. In previous courses, we showed you how to make, like the bracelets and leather wallet. And in this course, my dad and I are going to show you how to make rather sandals. We're going to guide you step by step for all the stages of making them, starting from designing templates from sticky tape and cartoon, choosing proper leather types, teaching que help to properly cut and stitch the leather, as well as various steeps on leather crafting, which can only be explained by an expert in this area. Apart from getting to know the properties of different other types, you will also learn which tools and materials to use and where to buy them. How long does each process take and whether the cost of producing clear the items After these course, you'll be able to call carve into the letter as well as produced handmade sandals and similar types of shoes. The mustard in this course is my debt has been in the working business for more than 30 years. During this time, he has made thousands off other goods, including clever shoes, bags, wallets, belt and minimal leather items. The course is very practical. You can follow us in making similar sandals or making your own pair with a different design . If you do not intend to produce either shoes but would like to learn how they are made in detail or you would simply like to know how to deal with leather, then you also find this course useful in the bonus. Lecture of this course will also share with you some of our experience off how you can sell your own handmade leather groups. Let the crafting can be an amazing Coby but can also be your side business. This is the first course in a serious of course, is dedicated to let the crafting and help to make leather goods in the next course is we're going to show you how to make leatherbacks more complex shoes and other items. You are welcome to ask any questions. You may come up with your ink or after the course, and who would be happy to help you? I hope you will enjoy the scores and will become a confident leather craft muster. I wish you wonderful time and see you inside these course 2. Terms which will be used during the course: 3. Putting tape on shoe last: the first thing we should do before we start actually making equipments Leather sandals is to make the design on paper. For that purpose, you will need a shoe lost, which begins in my hands. The shoe last is the mold form, which he will shape and form your shoes on. The one that I'm holding down is for a woman. Shoes with very short one centimeter heal the sizes 35 to 36 according to European range of sizes she lost reproduced the form and shape of the food, so choose the one which will be similar to the foot of your customer. Now we need to cover the shoes with the sticky tape you can cover. The Shula's either completely were only from one side. We prefer to cover from one side only to make things faster, cover the shoe last with at least three layers of tape. You only need to do one shoe, because to make the veteran for the other shoe, he will just flee the pattern over. Make sure that the tape seats properly in tight on shoe lost. You also need to put the tape on the soul part of the shoe last. Now let's mark the middle part of the shoe on the top part and on the two piece off the shoe last, draw a line with a pen or pencil down the center of the shoe and draw a line in the middle of the back part of the shoe, lost and on the edges of the soul. - Now it's got the better for our soul. Use a sharp knife and move it along Doreen, where the soul line is located, - Carrefour retained the sticky tape off the soul. 4. Cutting the sole from whatman: for the sole template, take a thick one millimeter cart on paper, stick the soul tape onto the carton and conduct carton along the edges of the soul tape. This will be our soul template. As you can see, the Shula's that we have has a sharp to part that we don't need for sandals. That's why we will need to cut the top part of the soul template. The foot off our female customer for whom we're making these sandals is 23.5 centimeters long, so we measure exactly the size 23.5 centimeters. Make the edges of the two part had been curved as you see appropriate and cut along these lines with the knife. So this is how our soul template looks like. We're going to stitch it with this trips from above, so everything will look great in the end 5. Designing details on the shoe last: our sandals will have two strips covering the food from above and one strip of buckles in the back part. Let's draw the line quarters off the straps. These contracts point of the shoe lost is where the little two will be. We need that. The little toe is covered with a leather strap. The week for the first strip will be 2.5 centimeters or one inch, but you can make it narrower. Or why there? It's up to you, Thank you. The second strip will be from top cone to the waist, and it will be placed on the shoelace at an angle off approximately 50 to 60 degrees. It's sweet will also be 2.5 centimeters. The last trip will be around the hill. Real place. It's six centimeters above the soul. We will need to connect this trip of the second strip in the middle of the shoe. Draw a line connecting the two strips. It should be coming to beat down. If you look at your food, there's a small bone on the external side of your food, a couple of inches above the soul, so these third strip should be under these bone so that it doesn't make any discomfort when wearing our buckles that we have are two centimeters wide. So our first strip will also be two centimeters wide. You can also draw on the paper where you're going to put the buckle. 6. Cutting patterns from the shoe last: as we hear for parts of the shoes drawn in this ticket tape, we can cut them off from the shoe lost, use a sharp knife, and when you take over the tape, put it somewhere on a piece of cartoon. 7. Making templates from whatman: to make patterns, take Wortmann or cartoon paper, which is a bit thicker than usual. Large piece of white paper. Take each detail, stick it on the water on paper, drove the line along the ages of the tape. And since it is only health of this trip, flip it and draw another line to make a complete strip that you will need. If you want, you can use a ruler. Check again that the we trees 2.5 centimeters. What is important is to add about two centimeters from each end of the strip because you're going to stitch in the straps under the soul, drove the age line at a certain angle, then using knife or scissors to cut the strip detail from the water on paper. So this will be the front strap. Now we do the same thing with the seconds trip. - Remember to add two centimeters from each end as a tolerance for for this teaching. - No . Now we will need to make a mark at which angle and in which place we're going to insert the first strip, which will be around the heel. You can use issuing call to put these marks on the paper. You can cut small pieces on this trip along the holes that you have just made with issuing call to know the direction at which the first trip will be inserted into the seconds trap. - Now we're going to make the first trip around the heel. Not is that it will be made of two parts. One smaller part will have the buckle, while the longer part will bend around the heel. The smaller part will be four centimeters. But since we're going to fold, it will take eight centimeters. One in the health centre me that will be insured, then stitched inside the seconds trip in the very middle over these eight centimeters make a small hole approximately one centimeter long and three millimeters wide. In this hole, there will be the prank off the bucko. The buckle will be speaks like that. - You can also cut the interest of this small strip at an angle. Yeah. Now we're going to call the longer part of the first strap. The length of the strip will be 21 centimeters long as it will bent around the hill. The wheat is 1.5 centimeters. - One each of these longer strap will be inserted into the second strip, so let's make a small hole to mark until where the strip will be inserted. The other age of this trip can be different around or at an angle, will do that angle. So now we have caught all the necessary patrons from the woman paper. The first trip will be here covering the tooth. The second step will be covering the corner of the food. It has some holes that show the direction that region, the first strip will be inserted. My and this is the first long strip that will be connected with a short strap or the buckle . In the next episode, we're going to use these patterns to cut the necessary details from the leather. Do you? 8. Cutting insoles from leather: to make our women sandals. We're going to use to mean types off the other one for the external and the other one is for inner lining. For external one. We used this pleasant leather. Its thickness is 1.4 to 1.6 millimeters. It is vegetable attend and died. Okay, this letter is for the inner lining. It is a bit thinner approximately 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters who use it for the soul and for inner linings. Off this traps, let's start with cutting the soul. This cartoon soul will also have arisen support to make walking more comfortable in this leather will cover this rising and the carton from all sides believe approximately two centimeters for tolerance. Since we'll cover the cartons sold from all sides and we'll grew it from the back side of the soul. Don't forget to sharpen your knife before cutting the leather. Now fleet the cartoon soul and cut the letter for the second food again leave two centimeters of tolerance from each side 9. Making foam support for insole: to make walking more comfortable. We're also going to use a raising support for our soul. It is made of foam rubber with thickness over 2.5 millimeters. First, let's mark the outline of the soul for both feet. Cut the resin with Caesar's. We will need to cut the piece, which will be half a centimetre narrower than the soul itself. I'm not going to market now. I will just got it approximately. By my visual estimate, this present will be placed onto the cart and soul. Let's look and check that everywhere is equally the same. We got here a little bit. Now let's got the second treasure in Seoul. Let's check again so everything seems great our region supports already. 10. Cutting details from leather: Now we're going to cut the main details of our sandals, take the main leather and choose the area, which is tight and has no defect. Let's start with the smallest detail. You can first use a pen before cutting or cut immediately without marking. Don't forget that we will need two pieces off each detail for each food. When you cut the liver, press the paper pattern tight so that it doesn't move. And don't forget to sharpen your knife from time to time. - Okay , let's find a nice area. Fleder for a longer strap. It shouldn't have any wrinkles. Should be tied in Chinese little bit. - Now we need to guard the last trip, which will go around the heel, okay? 11. Gluing leather straps together: we have got all necessary leather straps for our sandals. Now we need to put marks on the leather for us toe later. Understand until which area we need to put the straps. The small straps are for holding the back. Oh, it should have a small hole in the middle to put up wrong. This is the long strip around the hue, and this is the mark which shows on your way we'll go this trip. These are the large straps, this wine's show the direction at which the first strip will be glued to my in the last two strips are the ones that will be on the front part of the sandals. We don't need to put any marks on them. Now. Let's make a hole for the product of the bucko. You can make a hole with a special puncher like this one where you can use a knife. It doesn't better. In our case, we make two holes and then join them with a knife. - The next step that we need to do is to grow the external leather through the inner leather together. However, in order for our leather to be stronger and so that the straps do not stretch too much when wearing sandals. We will put special tape inside that the weather's so we need to glue a leather straps with the tape. You can buy this tape in any shop that sells accessories and materials first. You in can't embroidering. It is not necessary to use the tape of the same width as the leather. It is even better if the tape is a big, better work than the leather straps do. Not to my okay , you're my Now we have put all our leather straps on the inner leather lining just to see how much base it will take. I have marked the Nestor area to glue it, and then we will put our strips on these good area and cut them. - Now . Place our leather straps, which have tapes onto the inner lining. You can put some additional glue on them again. After gluing the leather strips, press them with the Hummer so that the glue works even better. Let's cut this area now and got each of the retail separately. Don't forget to sharpen your knife. After he had called the stripes, check that every strip is even an external and in their leather match each other 12. Finishing leather straps: Now we need to finish our leather straps a little bit. First of all, we need to make holes for hours trips that you hold the bucko after gluing there is some tape left which we need to get rid off. You can do it with a knife carefully. Now we need to apologize. There has been a mistake with the large traps. You see, these are the marks. We show the direction in which the long strips need to be inserted inside the second straps . We shouldn't have glued these areas together. So we conclude this areas with some efforts and with an old we could have inserted this long strips into the large strips from the beginning. But we have decided to dual strap separately, and that's why we encountered this little problem. But anyway, you just need to unglued. Although it may be a bit difficult now we're going to glue the two straps together. First of all, we need to green down or make thinner the ends of the long strip so they don't stick out inside the large trap. So cut a little bit from one end of the long strip with a knife at an angle you need to bring down very little. Now put some glue into the hole inside the large strip. No on the strip for the other food. You need to glue the strips on the other hole. Do you now go the long strip and inserted into the large strip until the mark on it? President's trip of your hands and let it dry off. Do the same thing with the second pair of straps. Okay, now we need to go together. The short strips that will hold the buckles. Put the strap inside tobacco. And don't forget to put the prank inside the hole in the middle of this trip. Glue the inside of this trips. - Let the glue dry for a couple of minutes. While the short strips are drink a little bit. Let's put some glue onto the large trips. Now take the strips with the buckles in the glue them together. As you remember, we had some marks on them until where to insert this trip. We also need to green down the ends of these shorts trips. Put some glue in the short strips. - Now put the short straps into the large strips, make them stay in the correct direction in order for the good to be stronger, used a hammer a little bit, do the same thing with the second strip, give some time for the strips to dry. 13. Assembling the insoles: The next thing we will do is to cut the so for our sandals. We will take a carton paper with thickness off 1.5 millimeters, underlined the contours of the soul with the pen First fleet, the better earn and do the same for the second food. Now that you have the line, you can cut the source with Caesar's along the drone controllers. So we have two souls Now. We need to grow the former raising support with the cars and soul we use repeat glue. You have to glue both the former raising in the cart in Seoul. You're my leave, about 0.5 centimeters from all ages. Press the form so that the bondage get strong. This former raising will soften our walking process and will make wearing of sandals more comfortable. - Now we will need to cover our soul with the leather again. Put a lot of glue onto the leather and the sole. As you have ordered the guest. You will need a lot of glue in shoemaking. Thank you before the glue dries, covered the soul with whoever after that stretch of weather so that there are no wrinkles on the other side. Check that the surface on the external site is perfectly flat now. Do the same thing with the second soul. Put glue in the soul and the leather and president together, stretched out like that game. Now we need to put some grew on the other side of the soul. You need to put glue on the on the ages of the cart in Seoul. - Now we're going to bend the edges of the letter onto the sole surface. In this very area, it will be a little difficult to bend the leather. So I suggest makes on small cuts or not jinxing the leather with the Caesar so that the letter can stretch itself during bending to my let's start bending, you need to stretch small areas, step by step and go them to the cartons soul. You have some priests or wrinkles off the leather justice you can see on the video that is , that you need to have even edges of the soul. That's why you'll have wrinkles on the other side of the soul When stretching 11 you need together all pleats and wrinkles toward the center of the soul. My after we have finished, used the Hummer to praise all the wrinkles and to grow the leather properly with the soul. Now we can cut off the excessive piece of data on the other side of the soul, leaving only about one or 1.5 centimeters on edges. Be careful not to get through the carton soul to my you can use the Hummer again after you finished. Remember, our from raising was a bit narrower than the actual soul. So we have some area on dangers, which we need to flatten with the other side of the hammer or anything else. Like a Ben, for example, we need to have a kind of a step on dangers. The longest ages. We will stage the soul of the needle and the French, so our insult is ready. It looks pretty nice. I don't think we could also do is to make the agents more even like that. Now do the same thing with the second unsold. Remember to stretch related to the very central this old. So now let's got the excessive parts of the liver. - Now it's Hummer, the edges of the soul to grow the leather with the cartoon being the steps on the edges of the soul. Her will have speeches later, - and finally I learned the very edges of the soul with their own side of the hammer. So are insults are finished and we can move on to the other details. 14. Showing preliminary details: in this episode, but you can see the details that we have made with you. These two straps will be on the front part of the sandals. These trips with buckles will be around the heel and in the next episode we're going to additionally stage name in this area where two stripes are good together and these are the insults which will beast each to distract into the soul. 15. Stitching straps together: Now we need to teach in the two straps, which were already glued in the previous episodes. You can do it on a sewing machine, but we will do it manually. We have chosen the Fred off beautiful orange color similar to the color of the sandals before stitching get is recommended to make holes in advance. For that purpose will use a hole puncher, which has 4/10. If you don't have a puncher, you can use an old put some reason material beneath the letter not to damage the metal puncher. So this is how accurately the holes look like. Now make the host on the opposite side of the strips continue insanely with seconds trip. So the holes already. Now we can move on to actual stitching, cut the next for land for Fred and put it into the needle. Put the other end of the front into another needle so that you have to needles on the both ends of the friend. It is better to fix the needle and the front so that the Fred is fixed to do these. Insert the needle into the fret and stretch of the needle. I do the same thing with both needles. So now let's finally starts teaching. We will start from top to bottom of this trip. Leave on the one side of the strip approximately freelance. Off your seem there, the site of the freight on the other side of this stretch would be longer. Starts teaching Koppel of teachers before the joint off. Those traps your teachers should be continues and you should use each needle one by one Intern when you get the short Fred with the needle to the front side of the strip stretch of the Fred from both ends, but not very strongly not to damage the let them always stretch with approximately the same force to guarantee that you will have even teachers. Okay, you my Now we need to make a note. After we have finished teaching the stripping the center will look like these Downside. We have the soul. What we should do now is to make oh Fred appear between the outer and inner layers of further. So Stitch wants them back and try to put your needle under the first layer of the weather. Be very careful here not to cut through the leather. They're the same thing from the second you know, to my So now we have two friends between the two layers of leather. Let's make a note. Got the excessive Fred and what is left. You can burn very carefully with matches or a lighter. You can also hammer on the area, which we have just teached. And now let's burn the excessive ages of the Fred do you? So the edges are melted hammer again, and now it looks beautiful. Now you can continue station called the other side of this trip. - This is how making cannot looks like from better year. Teach wants that back. Insert the two needles between the two layers of leather and making up. - After cutting the edges of the front, burned them carefully with lighter and then president inside the leather with your fingers . You can also hammered the stitched area a little bit to make it look smoother, so we have staged the strips together. Now you can arrange the pencil marks on the letter with base of phrasing 16. Sandpapering insoles: Now we need to green the downside of the insole. We can do it with sandpaper by hand or with a disc center machine like this one. This is done to make the surface of the gulf later. - It's right. Do it for the second in Seoul as well. Now our insults are Fred and we can run toe other stages. 17. Fixing insole to the shoe last: Now we will need to put a mark off where we are going to place our strips on the sandals. So take the insulin. The shoelace major the heels together. In this area, you will have the little toe, so we need to have our little toe covered with this trip. On the other side, there is a corn, so we need to place the other end of the strip here. So put a mark on the insult, which will show where you will have the strap, the structure. David upper on the inside side of the insole and a bit lower on the outer side. Put the two insoles together and copy the markings. Now we will fix the insoles to the shoe. Lost will use a special sweeter like this one to put our shoeless and fix it. I think the insult plays the heels of the insole and of the Schuyler's together and put a thin nail into the shoe. Lost with the hama. Put another nail into the front part of the shoe. Don't worry about the holes from the nails, which may be left after we finish everything. Who will Hummer them and they will disappear. So take the second show and thinks they insult in the same way 18. Fixing front straps to the shoe: after we have taken the insult of the shoe were going to tighten the straps to the insole. The inner lining should look down, of course, and the agents should look like these downwards used the marks, which we have put before as a guideline. Where exactly? To put the strap hinges, you can use special tightening pincers. Stretch one age first, hold it with your fingers and put a couple off nails inside. It is recommended to put names closer to the edge of the shoe because we will put some glue later. Now during the shoe and strange the other end of this trip again, please the strip according to the mark, when the insult and fix it with a couple of nails. When you stretch this trip around the shoe last, stretch it as much as possible so that the leather doesn't stretch anymore When you will be wearing the sandals. Let's take this threat for the second. True. When you finish, you can Hummer the straps a little bit so that they look flat and smooth. Now we can fix that. This trips 19. Fixing back straps to the shoe: Before we fix our second strip on the shoe, we can make holes on the long thing strap. Let's put the strap around the heel and see where the whole should be. Somewhere around here, from this point, we're going to make holes in both directions. Don't forget to put a piece of phrasing if you're punching holes on the marble plate. So we made four holes. I think it will be enough. Take the second strip and Fuquay, you need to punch the holes. According three. You can mark them with a pen. Her holes already check if the buckle works. Fine, Yes, it seems to be good. I we have already decided that the strip around our hell will be six centimeters above the insole so that our long strip doesn't go down uring stretching throughput. And they'll believe this trip that's our strip cannot move down. Now let's do the strap on the second shoe. Now we need to decide where to fix our white strap. Put the shoe on this. We will make sure that the leather seats well and evenly on the shoe. Now stretch one end of the strip and fix it with a nail to my during the shoe and straight the other end of the Strip and fix it. We've been able to remember to put nails one centime there close to the soul line. Now let's check again. You see, the strip of tobacco is a bit lose. Let's tighten. Need a little bit. You can figure this trip over the second thing now just remind you that our buckle should be from the external side of the food. It seems that the first she looks good. Let's move on to the 2nd 1 We can do it in the strips now. Put the shoe on the swivel tight on this trip and fix it with names from both ends. I make sure that the strap seat fine in the shoe now fix this trip of a second nail. Try to insert nails that about half a centimeter from the edges because we will have teachers there and the holes after the nails will disappear under this teachers. So the second chute also looks fine 20. Gluing straps to the insole: After we have tightened this trips, we will need to grow them to the insole. That's why I totally before the boot nails about half a centimeter from the age so that we can have free area for gluing. We use repeat glue special grew for shoemaking. Okay, Do not cross the strap ends and the insult for the time being. For these grew we need to wait for about 10 minutes so that it drives a little bit and then it will have a stronger cohesion. In the meantime, we're going to put glue on the second shoe to my me. So after 10 to 15 minutes, our glue has dried a little bit. Now we need to activate it. To do that, we use offend dryer. It seems that it is ready. Stretch the straps again. And president of the insult with the Hama. After we have glue the strips of the insult, we can take away the nails. We can also take away the nails which were in the middle of the insole. You can hum of the shoot and the strips again to make the cohesion stronger. Now that the same thing with second shoe, activate the glue with Defend Dr First. Okay, strangest straps. And president of the insole with a hammer. Now take away all the nails. Finally Hummer the shoot in the strips again. 21. Sandpapering insoles: after we have glue the strips of the insole. We need to green down the edges of the strip to make them more flat so that we don't notice them. When we walk, use a sharp knife and cut the upper layer of the leather at the very sharp angle. You should cut approximately one or 1.5 centimeters from the edge. Let's do the same thing for the second shoe. - Now Mark, careful with your knife. The interests of the shoes. On this trips, we will need to send paper the strips until this area. No. Now let's send paper the strips, which are grew to the insole. The idea is to make our insult as flat as possible. Of course, you need to keep some part or some layer off the strip on the insole, but we need to make it unnoticeable to the person who will be wearing the sandals. - So green the straps on both shoes and shake them after that to get rid of the dust. This is how the insults look like after this process 22. Cutting leather sole: Now we will need to cut the soul of the sandals from special soul. Let them. This whole letter is usually very thick from 3 to 5 millimeters, you can choose whichever you want. Who will cut the Seoul based on the sole pattern that we have. But we need to get approximately 1.5 millimeters from each side because you remember that we have covered our cartons sold with in their leather which is exactly these 1.5 new meters thick. So, as you can see, our leather sole is about 1.5 millimeters wider than the pattern. This is how we have got this whole from the letter in advance. You see, I'm leaving some Toller insists. Now we will need to send paper the edges of the leather soled. We will also need to send paper this area to glue it to the insole. And we can also send paper. The external area of the soul in this place is where we'll put the hell piece and this T console. We need to do it before we teach the soul and insult together. Because if we send paper these areas off this teaching. We can tear the Fred so after send papering will stage the soul in the insult and then glue this to console in the hippies. 23. Putting corky stripe: So let's mark the areas where we will put this to console and the hell piece. Okay, This area will need to be sent paper so that the glue combined the part that the length of the hippies should leave the week off the soul plus one centimeter. So in our case, the width of the soul is 5.5 centimeters, so the lands will be 6.5 centimeters. Let's market on both souls. As I said, we're going to send paper these two areas and then we'll put group on them. You see, even after sent papering the strips to you are not on the same level as the insole. And when you put the soul, it may lead to some unevenness. So we will put a special, quirky support which will make the insult. Let's go to pieces from these corky support were cut in sandpaper, the excessive parson. Then I think now let's go them from one side. Now, through the insult of the sandals in the middle area, only leave about one centimeter without grew from each side. - Now put the quirky support on the insult and present with your hands. You can now cut the excessive parts of the corky stripe with Caesar's or even with your hands. Do not do the same thing with the second sandal after you have done president sandals with the Hummer again. 24. Grinding sole and insole: after we have glued the corky support we need to smooth and it with sandpaper or disc sender. You can clean it at a small angle. The idea is to leave the cork material only in the middle of the insoles. The angels should be free from quirky. So we have flat in the quirky and now it will be easier for our soul toe lie evenly on the insole. Now, let's do the same with second shoe. Okay, this one is also fled. Now there's green. This whole Now, first we need to smoke from the edges of the soul. Hold the soul at the right angle. Now we need to smoke from the internal side of the soul so that we can glue to the insults easily. Now we need to smoke in the external part of the soul. First green, the soul next to the line that we have marked. And now green down the remaining part of the load. This line Do the same thing with the heel piece. Start with green ink. Align. Now the remaining part. If you want, you can put another soul under the 1st 1 or a piece of food, so that it is easier to hold it while grinning. Do not now finish the edges again. Yeah, - all right. And now you can do the same thing for the second sandal. Do that. So this is how our sandals and souls look like after greening. They have become smooth and flat and, you know, they already for stitching and gluing. 25. Gluing insole with sole: So we have prepared the souls and the insults and cleaned it and snuffing them. Now we'll go everything together. Put glue on the internal surface of the soul. There is still some here from the letter on the surface. Even after smoking, that's why apply glue in different directions. We're going to apply glue twice on each surveys, and this is only the first time. So don't put too much glue now. Let's fast forward this a little bit. Let's put glue in the insulin. Now. Be careful at the edges of the insult. - Now we can dig second sandal. Thank you. So we have put glue on each insult and sold. Now we have to wait for about half an hour for the group to dry up a little bit. This is a technical requirement of the glue to have stronger bondage, so our group has dried up. Let's put glue for the second time. Now put a little bit more glue than what you put the first time. By the way, it is not necessary to use the letter soul you can buy all ready to install a reason. So in any shoe shops out there do you have blood everywhere for the second time. Wait again for about 15 minutes. After that, we're going to go the pieces together. So 15 minutes is over. Our souls him dried up a little bit now put descended on the swivel, used the fan dryer to warm up the service of the soul and the insult. It will activate the glue. The heat should be about 70 to 80 C. Hold. When you feel that the surface is warm enough and the glue is wet again, start boarding the soul in the insult. Together, I suggest to start with the front part of the single and move downwards carefully and slowly. Thank you. Thank It seems that the two parts have mentioned each other perfectly. Now use the Hummer to bind them even stronger, - Hummer the edges as well, so that there is no cleavage between the two parts. Now let's take a second sandal. Warm it up with a friend dryer to activate the glue when you feel that the surface is warming up, buying the two parts together home of the soul of the sandal. - Finally , Hummer. Additionally, the edges of the sandals 26. Taking sandals out of the shoe last: officer gluing We can take the sandals from the swivel and from the shoe lost real. Nothing to show lost anymore. This is what we have got. You can hammer the edges of the sandals a little bit. You remember we had nails in the middle of the sandals. If you see any holes, Hummer them and they will disappear. This is how our sandals look like. You only need to teach them and put he'll piece and stick console. 27. Stitching sandals: Now we're going to teach the soul and insult with the fright along the edges of the sandals . If you have a hook, you can use it prestige. But in our case, since the letters always quite thick, real punch holes first and then stitch the soul. Our hope under has four needles, 0.6 millimeters from each other. Remember to put some reason between the sandals and the marble plate not to damage the hole puncher. See, you will have holds like this ones in areas where it is difficult to use A four tooth puncher where the perimeter is curved. We can use a two to puncher when bunching always put 12 for a bunch of into the previous whole, so that your holes are punched in equal distance. - So we'll holes already. They are equally pleased, and the sandals already forced teaching. Now, after punching this, also, the sandals were ready to teach them. We're going to use the same friend that we used for stitching the straps. It is a one millimetre thick works threat with the light brown color for once, and then we will need the land for approximately four times the perimeter of the sandal. Not more than that. For sure. We will speech using to needles. I think the 1st 1 like we showed you in one of our previous episodes and then fix the second you know, starts teaching from the area that will be under the stick console or the hill piece. We will start stitching from here after inserted the needle for the first time Lead afraid of the same land from each side of the sandal. Continues teaching after doing Quance teach strange the Fred Holding Dance with your hands . Let's fast forward these a little bit altogether. It took us about 40 minutes to stitch one sandal. - Okay , so we're finishing this teaching. We're going to leave the interest of the freight in this area to my so all stages are done. Let's go one or even better, to see teachers back and finally cut the fret. Leaving approximately one centimeter. We will go them under the stick console. This is how our central smoke like afters teaching 28. Gluing stick-on sole and heelpiece: after is teaching, you will need to glue this to console and the hell piece, so apply some glue in these areas. We will apply glue twice before binding, and this is the first application. - Let's put the glue on the second sandal. Be careful not to put glue on the clean area to my now let's apply glue on the surface of the sea consoles and the hippies. This T console is a special detail, which prevents the leather sole from wearing out and prevents friends from tearing as you can see the stick. And so in the hippies or a bit larger than needed. But we will cut the remaining parts after growing them to the soul. But of course, it is also possible to cut it off in exactly necessary size so that you don't need to adjust it later after teaching. So we have applied glue on all surfaces. Now we need to wait for about 20 minutes for the glue to dry up a little bit. After that, we will apply the glue for the second time, so 20 minutes have passed. Now we need to apply glue for the second time. - Now we need to wait for another 10 to 15 minutes, and then you will be able to grow the parts together. Do not. 10 minutes have passed and the glue has dried up. Now we need to activate it with a fan dryer thing. Let's start with glowing stick console. Make sure that the age of stick console matches the line on the soul. You can burn the soul of your hands and then careful with a Hummer major like your iron and kid now during the other side of the sandals and Hungary by heating slightly. Since we had some tolerances on this console will cut them with a knife right away. After we have got a Hummer. The ages again, Let's continue with the second sandal activated the glue first with a dryer. - When you stick this deacon soul and the soul together, make sure that there is no air between them. That's why you need toe hiring the soul with the back of the hammer. Now we can grow the hell pieces again. Activate the sole on the heel piece after going Hummer the hell carefully. The hue piece was also beat larger than necessary, so called the excessive tolerances, the hue pieces thicker, so make sure that your knife is sharp. Be careful not to damage the leather on the sandals when cutting the stick console and Hugh peace after going. If you're afraid of that, it might be more reasonable to cut the necessary size and shape of the details in advance. After growing can cutting Hummer the sandal again to make the bonding stronger and to get rid of the air that might be between. The details do the same thing with the second he'll piece, - so the sandals already. 29. Finishing touches. Varnishing.: as you probably understand, the interest of the hell pieces offer cutting maybe not very smooth and fled to make it look snuff. You can either use a cent paper or Dick Sander machine. We're going to use ordinary sandpaper, so green the hippies with sandpaper until it becomes completely flat and smooth. Make sure that you don't touch the leather when greening the hippies. - So after grinding, the hubris looks much small. Fan flag. Now we're going to varnish the soul and ages of the sandals. This is done to protect the leather, and especially INGE's, from water, dirt, soil and other chemical substances. It also means the letter on the solar be brighter. We will use a sponge in the protectively. Quit cold apart. The brilliant produced by Italian company. Can the Farben apply varnish ink on the surface of the soul interned ages. It is better to varnish the soul into or free iterations, each one after a couple of minutes. As you can see, there are some white gloves off Harnisch that haven't been absorbed. They will dry up, so don't worry. So we have finished with varnishing. Ghandour sandals are completely finished. Our congratulations to you for being with us during this course, you have done a great job 30. Showing finished sandals: So this is how are finished? Leather sandals look like I hope you enjoy this course and during a lot on your way to become a leather craft professional. We would appreciate if you could leave your feet back on the course so that we can know how we can make it even better. In the meantime, I wish your positive day and hope to see you in our next courses. Bye for now.