DIY LeatherCrafting: Make your Own Leather Hat and Leather Jacket for a Beer Mug | Timur K. | Skillshare

DIY LeatherCrafting: Make your Own Leather Hat and Leather Jacket for a Beer Mug

Timur K., Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller

DIY LeatherCrafting: Make your Own Leather Hat and Leather Jacket for a Beer Mug

Timur K., Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller

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20 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. introduction

    • 2. Showing sample leather hat

    • 3. Tools we will need

    • 4. Choosing Leather

    • 5. Hat Patterns

    • 6. Knife sharpening

    • 7. Cutting leather - P1

    • 8. Cutting leather - P2

    • 9. Cutting base of the leather hat - P3

    • 10. Cutting leather - P4

    • 11. Cutting bowtie and laces - P5

    • 12. Making holes - 1

    • 13. Making holes - 2

    • 14. Inserting holster buttons

    • 15. Fastening the jacket

    • 16. Making sheriff star

    • 17. Stitching top of the leather hat

    • 18. Gluing top and base part of leather hat

    • 19. Putting rivets on sides of the hat

    • 20. Showing finished leather hat

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About This Class

Handmade and Personalization is the King in today's fashion. And handmade leather accessories, such as bags, belts, wallets, bracelets,  hats, jackets, etc. are becoming more and more popular. Multibillion luxury empires and young and fresh designers are trying to tap into this leathercrafting market.


So, do you want to learn how to make your own designed handmade original leather goods?

If your answer is yes, then this is the class for you! My dad is a leatherwork and craftwork professional with 25+ years of experience who has made literally thousands of handmade leather goods, including bags, wallets, belts, sandals, hats, cardholders and even winter shoes) He sells them in his own shop in Russia and online via Instagram. He recently started to teach other people how to make their own leather goods.

If you are passionate about leather and you want to know how to make a fabulous decorative leather hat and leather jacket, then welcome to this class.


The class will take you along all necessary steps of the process, including making design and paper templates, choosing the proper leather type and necessary tools, cutting, and stitching the leather. No single detail of the whole process will be omitted. The class features the downloadable and printable pdf-templates.


BTW, by learning how to make your own leather goods, you can also start your own leathercrafting business. My dad gets orders for making leather bags, shoes and wallets from his Instagram and online store.


This is our fifth class dedicated to leatherwork and how to make various types of leather goods.

As always, we tried to make our content full of handy tips but keeping it short and concise, and easy to follow so that you will enjoy this journey to becoming a leathercraft professional.

You are encouraged to ask the questions that you may have while watching the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Timur K.

Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller


I'm an MA graduate with degrees in International Relations and World Economy. Learning foreign languages, travelling and working in cosmopolitan environments has always been indispensable part of my life.

My work experience includes working on challenging projects for government and private sectors (security products, banking, investment) across 5 continents, including Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia and Americas, and internship at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm totally passionate about psychology, craftsmanship, motivation, skills, and languages - I speak English, Russian, French, Turkish and little Arabic, I also started learning Hungarian a while ago:). I'm keen on reading, sports, football, and playing the guitar.

I'm always eager to learn new... See full profile

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1. introduction: hi there, and I'm happy to welcome you to our fief course dedicated to let the crafting. In this course, my dad and I are going to show you how to make a fabulous decorative handling to let the cool boy head and leather jacket which will see it on a large mark. We will guide you step by step for all the stages off, making these handling leather set of hand in jacket, starting from choosing proper leather type carting, punching and stitching the leather, as well as very steeps on leather crafting, which can only be explained by an expert in this area. What is cool about this course is that he will need very few materials and tools, which you can buy online or in your local shop. Mustering this course is my dad, who has been in leather working business for more than 30 years. During this time, he has made thousands off leather goods, including leather shoes, back school, its belt and many other leather items. The course is very practical. You can follow us in making a similar decor, 80 for the head and jacket, or make your own one with a different design handmade by the goods are very popular these days. You can personalize them and even start your own leather crafting business and start selling them on Amazon, etc. Instagram or on your own website. You are welcome to ask any questions. You might come up wave during or after the course and would be happy to help you. These are, of course, dedicated to leather crafting and how to make leather goods. In the previous courses, we learned how to make that a breast that led the bullet, leatherback and even leather sandals. All courses received very high ratings from the students. These are a few, of course, and we encourage you to join our leather masters community buying rolling into these course . I hope you enjoy the cause and you become a confident by the craft. Plus third wish you wonderful time and t inside. Of course, 2. Showing sample leather hat: hi there, and let's see what will make us part of this course. It will be a handmade leather co boy head with a leather jacket. It will put on a large hall fleeter mug you can consider. It is a kind of gift or decorative piece off leather art. The diameter of the Leatherhead will be the same as the diameter of the mark. In our case, it's nine millimeters. The signs of the head will be attached to his base, and thus it will look more oblong and more co boy and stylish. The upper part of the head will be soon with the base off the head using kala delays. - The leather jacket will also have a small pocket for a small short glass. The jacket will have rivets on the front part, which will seem like buttons as well as a bow tie. And on one side of the jacket there will be a sheriff's star in this set, the stories made of a metal plate, but we are going to make it off leather and paint it. The back of the jacket will be fastened with two holster buttons at pocket for a smoke Up will also be fastened with real. It's like all other parts of the jacket 3. Tools we will need: So let's quickly go for the tools and materials that it will need to make a leather hat and jacket for our mark. Obviously, we are going to the hammering knives you can use. Both circle are entering your sharp knife for cutting the leather. It is convenient to use a circle knife when you got a straight line, and if you got surrounded elements, then it's probably better to use a regular sharp knife. We will also need pliers and cutters in case we insert. I'll read it somehow incorrectly and will need to pull them out. In addition, we will need an all too tight in the notes and align the holes of each other. But in fact, and all in this case is not very necessary. But what we really need is a punch stamp to make holes on the leather for stitching parts with laces, you can use the one which is shown here. It is more convenient, and you can adjust the thickness of the punched holes using different nozzles. Or you can use ordinary punching tools like the ones you see on the screen. In addition to all these tools, you will need glue preferably special for leather crafting or universal glue that is suitable for different tasks. And we will also use dyes to paint our star in the jacket. And, of course, we'll need tributes to fasten the elements of the jacket together as well as host their bottoms too fast on the jacket from the back. That seems to be all that we will need. 4. Choosing Leather: to make a co boy happen. The leather jacket. We need genuine saddlery leather with a thickness of about 2 to 2.5 millimeters. Alternatively, you can also use vegetable 10th where there you can choose any color you like. As for us, we're going to use this yellow leather. This piece off leather was not chemically treated, the pieces quite flexible and beautiful, who will not painted or apply additional coding when finished. The inner surface of the leather is also quite smooth, has some freeze but is very present to touch. To make our head and Jake it, we'll need about 20 square. This matters usually when you buy pieces of leather in source. Scientists are usually measured in square detonators. That is 10 to 10 centimeters. 20 days. Matters will be enough in our case. But given the fact that there were likely to be some waste and not all the details will be possible to stick close to one another, it is advisable to have about 25 to 28 detonators off my back. Also, it was better if you have a long piece of leather about a meter or even a little more, because we need to make a letter laced, which will use to see the elements off our letterhead. 5. Hat Patterns: so you can see all our patterns on a piece of what man paper. They can also be downloaded in the resources section of this lecture, and you can print them at home so all the bedrooms are cut out. And before we start to cut our parts of our head and jacket from leather, let's see how well later assemble them together. The circle will be the base of the head. Inside it is a hole with a small cut out so that it can feed into the mark that I am a true of the whole. If you bend, all the cutouts should be a couple of kilometers more than the diameter of the mark, and the cuts themselves for about 1.5 to 2 centimeters long. Let's put these base of the head onto the mark. Now take the side part of the head when you look at the better and pay attention to the bottom of this part because it's not right. Instead, it is slightly curved so that when you bend it around, it becomes right. Then we'll fix these two parts of a strip about 2.5 centimeters wide. This trip also had a slightly cured one side from above. We're going to attach the top of the head and will see you through the little A's. Well, now let's take our leather jacket. It will consist of two parts. They will be fastened with rivets on the front and have the holster buttons on the back, just beside the handle of the mark. That's basically all. Now we can begin to work of the letter itself. In the next lecture, we will start cutting. Coward are back parts. 6. Knife sharpening: We already mentioned at the beginning of the course that you can use two types of knives, the circular knife and ordinary knife. It is convenient to use the circle all night. When you call the straight line, where is give you carte rounded elements, Then it's probably better to use a regular knife also before stars, and cutting it is better to sharpen the knives. This can be done using a special Greenstone holding the knife that an exit angle towards the stone. After that, he can also sharpen the knife of some feet crumble. And finally, just before cutting, you can apply your knife on ordinary soap so that it glides more smoothly on the letter. 7. Cutting leather - P1: All right, then let's start cutting out the main details off our back. Let's start with the small details and will take one end of our levees. Let's start with two strips off leather. It will keep a small, short glass on the side of our jacket. We only have straight lines here, so it will be more convenient to use a circle life. Create the streets are rating now. It's got out a circle that will be attached to our head from above. It is more convenient to cut out round elements. With the help of ordinary knives, it will be more difficult to make it with a circle or a knife. 8. Cutting leather - P2: Let's not got a street that will spend around the corner forehead. Choose a suitable place and start cutting so the soup is ready. Now we can cut out parts of allergic it. We'll find a suitable place on a piece of leather so that there are no wrinkles, Joe, a knife or a piece of soap to make the knife more smoothly. So one party is ready. Let's cut off and unnecessary piece so that it doesn't bother us. Well, now we can cut the second part for Jake. It hold the better and certainly to the leather to cut parts appropriately. 9. Cutting base of the leather hat - P3: now it's got the whole domain head circle. First. Let's sharpen the knife. Select a flat surface on a piece off leather and begin to carefully cut our circle around the perimeter. - Okay , Miss Circles Contout. Now we can cut out the inner hole. Internal Whole doesn't need to be perfectly even in any case, the ends will be hidden under this tree. Put, we have already cut out. So now we have to make small cuts from the inner hole. They should be about 1.5 to 2 centimeters and they will be banned up and will be stick to the corner of the head with cool. Let's try putting this letter circle on our mark. This is why we made these cards from the inner circle. It seems to be sitting and holding. Gonna mark tight enough. Everything is as it should be. 10. Cutting leather - P4: take the cortical part of the head, which will be attached to the main circle and to its top. Do not forget to keep the bedroom tight to the letter so that the parts are caught even lead, - So everything seems ready. That's great. 11. Cutting bowtie and laces - P5: Now we need to cut the bow tie for our ticket. Let's sharpen our knife. This part is very small, so we will deal with it in a minute. - Well , the last thing we need to cut is a long place which will be used to fasten the parts of our head. We will need to lace about one meter in length, preferably even a meter in 20 centimeters. But of course, he depends on the diameter of your head. First, let's got our peace from one side so that one side is completely flat. - Great . Now let's make marks along this line Free millimeters wide from the edge along the entire length of the leather. Well, now we can sharpen the knife again and begin to Cottle release. Position the roller so that it matches all the marks we have just made. Well, let's see. Oh, no, not yet. We have to use the knife again in the middle. And then we were think is fine. We have a laced with your head 12. Making holes - 1: so now that we have cut out all the details, we need to make holes in them. Let's start with the circle that will be at the top of our heads so that the pattern doesn't come off the leather. You can attach it with adhesive tape now that the batteries attached, you can make holes. Select the punch tools of the desire diameter. We need holes with diameter off about free to four millimeters so all the holes are punched. You can remove the bedroom and move on. Do not forget to clean the punch because after punching, you have remains off the leather inside the tool. So now we can move on to punching holes on the side part of the head. It's also first fasten the pattern with the leather with adhesive tape. Now we can start in punch holes. If you use the same puncher as ours, press sharply and hold it by the very edges. It will be a little easier, by the way, the metal ends of the bunch can also be sharpened with ordinary sent paper. Did you find it difficult to punch? - Okay , the side part is also ready. All holes are punched 13. Making holes - 2: Now we will need to punch holes in the small elements of the jacket, in particular here in these streets that will hold a small short glass. Since here we make calls for relating and not for issuing them with laces, the whole should be smaller. So it's changed the doing, our pounds to a small diameter. Okay, now it's made holes for the second Street. First years we've been all in the right places to make notes will have five holes for rivets on this trip, and finally, we need to make a hole in the middle for our boat time. Now we need to need to calls on the side of the head so that we can bend the field of the head and intention to the corn. Please know that the holes will not be located exactly in the middle, but slightly behind the center. As usual, we'll first put the marks of an old, and then you can punch the holes based on these marks. Well, now we just have to make a few holes into parts of our leather jacket. Also first make marks in the leather with an old. Now it's been causing the letter with a bunch of to make holes in the middle of the peace far from the age, for the help of such a punch is not a good idea. In such cases, it is better to make holes with the help of a single punching, too. Well, now it's made the same cold seen second part of Jacob. - So we made older, necessary holes in all parts of the head and jacket, and this is how they look now. 14. Inserting holster buttons: Now we have to insert the holster buttons on the back so that you can fasten the jacket so at the back will have to call sore bottoms. They consist of two parts, which are fixed by twisting Conny Chandra. Let's insert them into the jacket and twist the heads of these bottoms. First, you can fix them simply with your hands and then use a screwdriver on the part of the jacket We already have holds. But in order for the holster buttons to creep in, we need to make small carts across these holes so everything seems to be ready. Let's try to put our jacket on our mark and fascinated the back with the help of holster buttons. Just take the bottoms into the holes we have made and etc. As you can see, the jacket a seating Connemara pretty well. 15. Fastening the jacket: let's see how reject it will look like when the mark. - Now we will need to fasten Oh, part together with the help of free. That's insert the long part of the rivet on the backside of the letter and fix it with the white part on the front side. Now, please, something hard under the leather because it will be necessary to stem the rivets with a Hummer. We'll put a metal piece from another hammer under the leather, now, just them there, even with a Hummer. A couple of times, let's put rivets in other parts of our jacket For the bow tie, we are going to use a smaller revert to make it look better. - Let's try our Jacobsen, Denmark Now it looks pretty good, doesn't it? 16. Making sheriff star: So now let's make the sheriff's star, which will attach to our jacket. Let's cut it out from the remaining piece of feather. The star will be six point it. It's now paint our star brown. The pain should be water or alcohol based penetrating paint. We'll use 1/3 brush to die our star after he had died. The star. We will need to leave the star several hours so that the dye pending tried to leather properly. So when the paint is saturated, you can just stick a star in one side of the jacket with glue. You can use any glue for universal purposes. 17. Stitching top of the leather hat : so we have the last stage of work left. We just have to Fastenal the parts of her Leatherhead. It will look like these. - First we're going to see the site and top of the head with a little A's. One end of the lease will be glued to the side part of the head from inside press and wait a few seconds for the glue to work. And now he can starts teaching the two parts at the edge of the two pieces together and start inserting the lead lays for the holes. If the Lays gets in with difficulty, try card and get slightly with a knife to make it a little narrower. - After I have done around the creams off the head, using all to die than all the notes, - then go down with delays on the side of the head after he had finally gone through with delays, lied about free sentimental place and called the rest. We need to put the lace under, this seems and then blew it. But before you put the race for the seams, you will need to tighten them again with an all. So we sleep that release inside this seems now you can go into the leather. This is how our top of the head looks now. Pretty nice, isn't it? We now have to grow the double. They had to the base and that's it. 18. Gluing top and base part of leather hat: So now let's take the part that we got after teaching and put it onto our leather circle. Press the circle with your hands as close to the surface as possible. That is, to the table so that the cutouts remained at the site and the fields of the headlight complete from the table. Please remember that the holes in the had few should be slightly back from the middle of the head. So now it's good. A circle to the site part puts on growing old margins. Now President margins to the side of the head. Okay, now let's duplicate the holes on the side of they had the which will attach the head fields . Now let's put our heads in Denmark. Grab the head with Leather Street, which we have caught in the beginning. The ends of the street should begin and end on the side of the head when we leave and teach the fields off our head to the side of the head, The answer of the strip. We will remain under the fields and they will not be visible now. Apply glue to the margins and then go the street 19. Putting rivets on sides of the hat: So we have to fix the field off our head of legal up to do these first, raise the head field on one side, push it into the rivet holes. Now put something cart inside the head so that you can stand the rivets with a hammer. In our case, we will use another homer. Do the same with the other side of the head. I'm not Okay, that's it like 20. Showing finished leather hat: so I will let ahead and jacket already, and this is how they look like if you followed us in making a similar head and jacket and managed to make your own one, please share your pictures with us into adults. I appreciate if you could leave your feet back on the course and what we can do to make our future courses better. In the meantime, I would like to congratulate. You were finishing this class, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did while making these gorgeous decor ity fled a set. I wish you a beautiful day and see you next time.