DIY LeatherCrafting: Make Your Own Embossed Leather Bracelet | Timur K. | Skillshare

DIY LeatherCrafting: Make Your Own Embossed Leather Bracelet

Timur K., Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller

DIY LeatherCrafting: Make Your Own Embossed Leather Bracelet

Timur K., Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller

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14 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Necessary Tools and Materials

    • 3. Step 1. Cutting

    • 4. Step 2. Moistening

    • 5. Step 3. Drawing the image

    • 6. Step 4. Carving

    • 7. Step 5. Embossing

    • 8. Step 6. Trimming

    • 9. Step 7. Piercing & Polishing

    • 10. Step 8. Painting

    • 11. Step 9. Inserting Rivets

    • 12. Step 10. Varnishing

    • 13. Final lecture. Bracelet is Ready to Wear

    • 14. Bonus. How to Sell Leather goods

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About This Class


Learn step-by-step how to make leather bracelet from scratch from an experienced leatherwork professional


Do you want to learn how to make your own designed handmade leather goods? Bracelets, belts, wallets, shoes, bags.. 

If your answer is yes, then this is the course for you! My dad is a leatherwork and craftwork professional with 25 years of experience who has made literally thousands of handmade leather goods, including bags, wallets, belts, and even winter shoes) He sells them in his own shop and online. He recently started to teach other people how to do it themselves. 

If you are passionate about leather and you have some ideas what you would like to produce, but you don't know where to start, start with this course. 

The course will follow you along all necessary steps of the process, including choosing the proper leather type, buying necessary tools, cutting, trimming, embossing and finally to the point where you will try on your own produced bracelet.

This is the first course in a series of courses dedicated to leatherwork and how to make various types of leather goods. 

We tried to do the lectures short and easy to follow so that you will enjoy this journey to becoming a leather professional. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Timur K.

Teacher, Life-Long Learner, Traveller


I'm an MA graduate with degrees in International Relations and World Economy. Learning foreign languages, travelling and working in cosmopolitan environments has always been indispensable part of my life.

My work experience includes working on challenging projects for government and private sectors (security products, banking, investment) across 5 continents, including Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia and Americas, and internship at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm totally passionate about psychology, craftsmanship, motivation, skills, and languages - I speak English, Russian, French, Turkish and little Arabic, I also started learning Hungarian a while ago:). I'm keen on reading, sports, football, and playing the guitar.

I'm always eager to learn new... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. This is my debt. And he has bean in leather work business for more than 25 years. During this time, he has made literally thousands of shoes, hundreds of hand X bracelets, wallet and other handmade leather goods you can see on the screen some of his recently produced items. I'm very happy that you enrolled into our course on how to produce in boast like the breast lit. In this video, we're going to show you step by step, how to make a simple either breast like this one. You learn what special tools to use, where to buy them and other necessary materials. And what is the difference between various types off leather? This is the first course in a syriza, of course, is dedicated to leather work, and how to make leather goods in the next course is we're going to show you how to make leather wallets, shoes and backs. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have while watching this course, and we hope you will enjoy it. 2. Necessary Tools and Materials: to make a simple breast. Looks like this one will need the following items People fled the with 23 millimeter thickness that there should be vegetable. We tend not chemical attend. This is very important because chemical intent leather cannot absorb things and ambushing is done differently. Then we will need a paper sketch of the image, which you are going to transfer to the leather. You can make it yourself or download from the Internet. When we'll be transferring this image onto the leather, we'll also need a shrink wrap. Next, we'll need a marble or granite plate on which we are going to do imposing. As for tools, we will need a swivel knife like this one to got all ornaments over the image. Then we will need stamps with required ornaments and the regular to the embossing and give counter to the breast that after that, we will need edge trimmer to make. Our age is smooth and, of course, really know wouldn't handle Hammer when you will do in Boston. We're also going to use an old man which doesn't contain links to transfer the image from our sketch onto the leather, and we'll also need a sleeker like this one to smoke from the engines and made them look shiny. Then we need a special sharp knife to cut the leather you can use whichever you're accustomed to fasten. The reverts will need a piece of present Revis bunch rivets themselves steel block, Privett said. End expansion to finally will also need special dies. We use alcohol based fears Andorra dyes, which are made in France. That's basically all the tools and materials that will need to make a breast like this one . 3. Step 1. Cutting: Hello, everyone. And let's start with cutting out an extra piece off leather for our hand bracelet. We are going to use free millimeter theme vegetable tent leather breast that will look like this one, which we made earlier. We are going to use different colors, but the techniques will be the same. The tools which we are going to use can be bought online. These ones were both. When I we express, the first thing we do is to cut the nets trapeze off leather. We are reaching a sketch on a piece of paper that we prepared earlier when you have the peace, take to finish later from each side as a tolerance, because when you do the embossing, the leather will differ. Made a little bit after ambushing will do the finishing off the edges as you can see for cutting. Clever, we use a shoe knife, but you can use any other knife provided that it is Scharping off. - So we have got the letter off unnecessary size. Now we'll need to moisten Ate some leather workers suggest that it is better to do the moistening the next day, but this is not absolutely necessary. It can be done straight after cutting 4. Step 2. Moistening: after cutting the letter and before starting to impose it, we need to moisten it. We take an ordinary water polarizer with tap water and moisten the letter from the service side vegetable template that absorbs water very quickly. As you can see, it has already become dry repeated several times. - We do not mean that the piece of flatter becomes wet from the other side. What we need is to make it with approximately by half. Some people suggest putting the letter into the scene. This is also possible, but in our experience, moistening the leather with a water polarizer make it more last against suitable for imposing. So when you see that the letter starts to absorb the words or less quickly, it means the letter is saturated with water. Enough, it seems we're down with moistening. 5. Step 3. Drawing the image: so 5 10 minutes after we moisten the leather, it has completely absorbed the water. It's quite dry, and we are ready to draw the image on its surface when you draw the image, the leather may be damaged a little bit for this reason and for the purpose of keeping the rather wet for a longer time, we propose to use shrink wrap to report press that after that we take the schedule Drew earlier, the one in this video was made in just a couple of minutes. You can create any other skates you like or even downloaded from the Internet. We put the sketch on the surface of the reptile ETA. Take a pen which doesn't work or doesn't have things, and we start to draw over the sketch lines on the edges of the sketch. We have two points where we're going to insert tree that Yeah, so we have completed drawing the image. As you can see, the image can be clearly seen on the letter. Now we can move on to carving 6. Step 4. Carving: after we have the image of the leather, we need to carve it. We are going to use a swivel knife like this one which will vote on Ali Express for our convenience will use a ruler. We're going to move the school knife along the lines which withdrew by a man of few minutes ago. - So we have done the carving over the outline. Now we are going to move on to imposing. 7. Step 5. Embossing: way have carved the outline. We need to impose the image in our breasts that for emotions will need to use a special tool called traveler and the wooden handle an island hammer which you can buy on Amazon or on Ali Express. It is also recommended to impose your leather goods on a two or free sentimental thick marble or granite played, which has a flat surface. Think of the plate, the less vibration last night's he will have during the work. So let's start. We are doing the same operations with all lines. If we see that there are some areas which were not imposed properly, you can go over them again one more time. - My , this is what we have got off tram posing. As you can see, the lines have become more solid, thicker and deeper. Now we're going to make the decoration along the perimeter off the press. Let similar to the one we have on the sample. We will need another tool called settle stamp with the ornament we need. I think so. We hit the stamp twice with a Hummer along the border line. - Now we have finished with them bossing after this part. We need to leave the letter for one day so that it gets trying. Tomorrow we're going to continue with painting and finishing corporations. 8. Step 6. Trimming: So this is the breast that we did yesterday. It became dry and the ordinance are quite visible since yesterday. The letter was wet and moist and we made ambush in gunning the letter deformed a little bit . That's why in the beginning we left a few millimeters on the edges, which we can treat now. So let's make sure that the president is of the right size and forum. As usual, We are going to use the ruler and the shoe knife. Okay, It seems to be perfect. The next thing you should do is to trim the edges with a special edge. Bevel er it seems that the leather is a bit wet. Regular doesn't move smoothly. Okay, we'll try to use another bevel and this one seems to be gotten too old. - We need to trim the Brussels from both sides. We do this operation so that the ages are smooth and without any unnecessary small pieces off leather. This will also help us during the finishing cooperation. Okay? It seems to be perfect 9. Step 7. Piercing & Polishing: after we trim the edges were going to make two holes for the rivets. Again, we should use the marble or granite plate and the peace of prison or even wood to make the holes will use rivet bunch with a diameter suitable for our real. It's so there you go. We have the holes now we should do the polishing off the edges. To do that, we'll need a wooden sleeker edge publisher, some water and a small wash sponge. Let's touch the edges were wet sponge first, then choose the right diameter in the sneaker edge and start publishing. Move this leaker back, and for smoothly apply some wet sponge entry. Beat repeated with all ages off the breast. Let this is only preliminary publishing after painting the breast with thinks we're going to publish it once again so that the ages are smooth and shiny. As you can see, the edges can become much smoother after a final publishing they will be shiny as well 10. Step 8. Painting: Now we are going to continue with painting the press, let we use French dies called sub fields and tour. It's alcohol based paint off deep penetration. This is the sample of a small volume paint, but we usually buy them in bulk and then pour them into smaller tanks for our breast that will need free collars. We decided to make our president a bit more reddish. We also need a theme synthetic brush. Start with painting the inner ornaments Bendis alcohol based, and it penetrates immediately inside the leather, which absorbs it's quite quickly. Since our leather is vegetable and not chemical attempt, - we have finished with the red color. Now we're going to paint it with the light prone. The pain is not dry yet, so bear in mind that the color will be different after it dries. So we are done with their ornaments. Now we're going to finish it with a green pain around the perimeter. We're not going to paint the reader site of the breast that just apply varnish in contact later, - so we have done with the painting. Now we will have to wait for half a Knauer so that the paint dries up. After that, we will ensure the readers and furnished the prospect 11. Step 9. Inserting Rivets: after al Breast dried up for half a Knauer. We are ready to ensure the rivets. We're going to use all for events and we will need steel block, relit setter and expansion toe. We insert the two parts of very that used the expansion toe and Hungary a little bit, using the steel block under the breast that after you have done it, check if there if it stays firmly in the leather and doesn't move freely. In short, the other part of forever and Hungary with the use of free, let setter again. Check that the other part of the river doesn't move freely inside the leather as you can see everything. Corpse. Fine Now we need some time for the bracelet to dry up after drying will apply special waterproof varnish on breasted surface. 12. Step 10. Varnishing: how bracelet is almost finished. It has dried up. You can see the real colors now. Now we need to apply be rocks on the edges, which will prevent the president from absorbing the sweat and water from the hands. We polish the edges with the B walks, and after that we published the letter with a piece of T shirt or a piece off. When we're up, the letter with this T shirt gets warmer and absorbs the B works easily. - After we wrapped the walks into the edges, they become more smooth and shiny. The last thing we should do, you stoop right. Protective liquid on the surface of breast lead. These protectively quit is produced by Italian company again, the far balanced and this gold a practice brilliant this liquid to protect the president from water and other substances. You can respond to apply the request and make a couple of iterations on all sides of the breast. After doing that, we need to give some time for the breast to dry up again, and after that it will be finally finished. 13. Final lecture. Bracelet is Ready to Wear: So this is how our breast that looks like on my hands. Do you like it would appreciate your comments and photos off your own bracelets in the comments section. Hope you enjoyed our pores. See you soon. 14. Bonus. How to Sell Leather goods: leather working is not only a pleasant hobby, but also a nice way to earn a decent living and even do business. In this episode, I'm going to give you a quick overview of how we can earn money from selling cloud products while doing the work. Eloff, my father, who has been in the other work business for more than 20 years, uses some of these ways. The most popular business tool for marketing off your products these days is probably instagram. It has almost one billion active users, most of whom are obsessed with fashion, lifestyle and unordinary garments and accessories. The most obvious advantage of starting promoting your products is that he did not need a lot of efforts or money. You just create your own account and fill it with high quality pictures off your products. The next step is inviting your friends and family to join and fight your page and photos. The active in pages similar to yours leave comments and likes so that other people can see you visit your page and start following you, too. As soon as you have a more or less decent following, you can start partnering with other counts. Among such partners Convey Count specializing in various accessories, or people who like wearing clothes, jeans or backs. You can also use advertising Con Instagram, which might be a bit costea, but it's definitely worth it In growing your audience. My father has a page on Instagram. It has a little bit more than 1000 followers, and each month he gets about 5 to 6 orders to make a leatherback shoes, bracelet or words. So let's recap. Instagram has a huge active audience who are passionate about lifestyle, fashion and accessories. Instagram is quite easy to start, and you can start on a really low budget in the beginning. 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