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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Materials & Tools

    • 4. Selecting a Leather Hide

    • 5. Setting Up Your Machine

    • 6. Sample Stitches

    • 7. Creating Templates & Cutting Leather

    • 8. Marking The Holes

    • 9. Punching The Holes

    • 10. Sewing The Bag - Side Seams

    • 11. Rolling the Seams

    • 12. Optional Top-Stitching

    • 13. Sewing The Bag - Base

    • 14. Glueing Straps Together

    • 15. Attaching Straps to Bag

    • 16. Top Stitching the Straps

    • 17. Threading the Cord

    • 18. Customising Your Bag - Ideas Phase

    • 19. Creating a Monogram - Part I

    • 20. Creating a Monogram - Part II

    • 21. The Tassel

    • 22. Congratulations!

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About This Class


This class bridges the gap between two things we know and love: DIY and FASHION! In the past, home sewing has given itself the reputation of being a slightly naff, less-than alternative to ready-to-wear fashion. Not anymore! In this class, you will learn how to construct an on-trend leather bucket bag from start to finish, which you will have the option to personalise with a custom metallic monogram and leather tassels. 

In this class you will learn:

  • how to sew leather using a domestic / home sewing machine 
  • how to set up your machine and the different types of stitches required
  • how to use basic leather working tools
  • how to create a custom metallic monogram and leather tassels



Not only will you come away with your own hand-crafted, personalised and damn-fine-looking bucket bag but also knowledge and confidence to sew with leather; a typically “tricky” material.

This class is designed for all sewing levels and requires basic sewing skills plus knowledge of your own machine. As this is not a ‘learn to sew’ class, complete beginners will require guidance from a sewing friend. 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sophie Parslow

DIY Fashion Blogger, Designer


Sophie Parslow is the maker, writer and creative mind behind Australian DIY Fashion Blog Ada Spragg. A late-comer to sewing, Sophie needed a creative outlet and has been on a mission to create The Ultimate Hand-Made Wardrobe ever since.

With an eye for print and colour and a passion for sharing her makes with the world, Sophie's blog received awards for Best Sewing Blog in 2014/15. Her new year's re-sew-lution? More Sewing, Less Scrolling... although she admits to being very good at scrolling.

For a behind the scenes look into Sophie's #sewinglyf, connect with her via Instagram or gather some sewing Pin-spiration for yourself.

See full profile

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1. Welcome!: I'm safety. I started the blood as a way to document on and sham my sewing journey with a global community. I started sewing as an adult on. It was a time my life already created and I didn't expect it. Teoh, take my life. It did as an adult, I never got told which Roberts to be up. And so I just But I anything that I picked up that really well something that really knowing that I set out to other people. Sorry for you. I'm so things like leather stretch lace a year cream. I never I really feel like so successful everywhere. Anybody could make something. I love they way, but the friends maybe like you make me one. So I really wanted it to be this cost successful, too old skill levels. So maybe your car so or regular saw? Maybe your start in or sort of kid, But you haven't felt for a long time. And then I thought what we're beginning. So anyone take this absolutely do that with a experience so sitting beside you got it through some because this bag is actually only the soy component is very swollen too. So it's definitely one that I feel like a huge range of levels 2. Project Overview: in this class. I appreciate you have a leather bag finish. Great. How about everything from materials that you need Teoh create cutting out, then bad instruction. Finally, you have the ocean to personalize your bag with a custom monogram and tackle options to really this class with the confidence of really tricky material like you also leave with a whole two books on methods. True. So you leave with inspiration to D i y more accessory projects yourself. Of course you leave with you a personalized custom with about bad. 3. Materials & Tools: hold the tools and materials that you need. So before I biggest, I didn't have this sickness. I did research. I went. I heard a huge list off old material, the mining so that when I want to do this, but this is absolutely I spent I'm showing a different way. So I guess when I say I don't believe that we should have to buy a lot of excess use again . So I went to live, and that's probably something you weigh. Cells shoot Castle actions to cost down because I really appreciate you guys are investing in a So let's try and keep the price down. So I divide this rough in in three sections. Basically that basic tools I think you might have around the house that the tools that we're gonna actually use to manipulate and then as the tools going to use for the pain you guys need festival is when you're tracing your template. You got any? A. It was all right. You're a as long as possible. Get if you get one has inches centimeters. That's really helpful, because I do split between the truth. Accurate measure. I'm not saying one 10 10 centimeters to just say we're going to be a measuring tape if you could get that has enemies and inches well, that's going to be really, really useful close to doing a few options. So I easy trace from behind your shop. It's they used to Tracy sewing buttons, but it's gonna be really helpful. But when we actually cut out, if you don't have this by, just use paper around the house cable. Easy trace. So when we're going to be walking up out leather and drink a little specks, we're gonna try boy leading marks on leather. Is there to these great use help on true taxes Take you? I got magics. So actually birth. We're going to be using the magic tape using when, as sections do you need to market. I have suggested by some sort of crazy water, so you can. An ordinary possible buyer is perfectly fine for that job. If you marking you see the 10 on it, this one's fine. So I was gonna talk about black. Are you using that baby or my? In which case I suggest you use ritual. He's pretty readily available. Have nationalities crossed over, um, and like. Okay, so what else is going that way, you see, is what you guys need is really on. I use these for my back, but sometimes just use a regular that's heading. So 90 slash 14 with a sewing machine. I mean, actually signed my back regular for I haven't needed anything special. You may want to use a walking for your machine. It just is going to just sit on top so it doesn't stick together. Friends I'm going to use. So I have a holy esta. You can use a whole street. You can use a novel. Red polyester is right. Anything. I suggest it's Fred should have any content. And the reason that is is because it is going to wear your back. So you want a threat that's getting us the lifetime. Okay, so really shop he's do and they have to find I have a theory on and way be using these for a break. You're so or you may have actual selling this hurt, which I find just if you don't go out and buy some disease. Girls, these guys have a job, just decoration. The jar used to roll out means so we're going to apply and we're gonna use is a medical. So this one here is providing some links to where you can get skewered materials. There are protected part of learning to remember this right now. This really, really it was pretty. So that's now into section the's, using that they're a little more obscure and probably were Finally your pirates stole were living across toe. They are things that definitely name, for instance, We're gonna use a Belus. Now I really makes has crossed, you know, banking and stuff. Yeah, you're And so for holes here, I'm gonna be able to punch holes in with much eight millimeter conference on the end on you can get these online or other crops of high place again. Then it stays off the tools of a great me. And this is optional, but obviously comes to customizing out that we're gonna do a little monogrammed. Yeah, whatever sense to lie any some, sir, I want a whole kid of these because I couldn't get them individually. However, they are individually and put a lead on the project page. This probably no reason to go by and stabs. Does biggest project once off on your potentially again. So they are very easy to use. And that, too, is a punch symbol on the end. This one little spade. Get these a whole variety of shapes on different symbols. That here means something to you, and you may or may not like these is a part of. So they're online on lastly way. Have some go by, she told him. Yet by and this is so this is actually going to use to create goes. In fact, on the ground. It's a really that's we're gonna apply I with the super Super time brush. This is a three last year, zero rounds on. Basically, it was the smallest I find won't end soon time basically going to be picking up and dropping it into indebted. We made that, and lastly, this is optional. If you guys want to add, that wouldn't be too bad. You get these from one inch wide and they will be good for you. 4. Selecting a Leather Hide: this year. Guys on were so fun. What to look for what on the size thickness on a cold specks that you're going to need structure. So as you see on the table here. But she didn't. I go to Beijing to show you guys what to buy and what to buy homes. Certainly different weights inside those from different animals protection That would be kind of find you when you go. I have, like, Okay, maybe bad. What do I so I'll stop what? We're not going to look for ways to tax, not be suitable project on the fastest government level. So this is this got a little wilder and you can see it's super super soft and lucky. This is like, really beautiful Baskin as if you imagine trying to make a bag out. It's just not gonna hold it. Shane's that's really delicate. And you're pretty much like a historian. Okay, so we don't go. The second type of that is not where I is this beautiful No, I was special. And the reason is that actually, it's quite Teoh. I just need that when we're so cheap it's gonna have a probable actually getting you imagine we've got two days together for a scene Machines. Not gonna like it. So we definitely during me buying best for project This one's suitable bells or a like a lot. Okay, Something that no I have to make. So that brings us to a level that actually predict. So the letter didn't reset. Basically, there's a few different things that you can ask for. So the neighbors requirement about that is that it will sit ups proper by itself. When we finish the bad on the other planet is that so many domestic. So I'll stop told you about besides that one so approximately a square feet. Leather is so in square feet, which is a different measurement. Get your head around. But most places will tell you how many square feet a particular hot weather. So if you like ice, Murphy is basically enough to make the bad. However, if he anywhere between eight and 10 is fine, just keep scraps for So I attended sickness that high. This is a tricky one to ask. What was something story. Provide the thickness when they have well, it's had says you're 70 square feet. This is so if you are able to go into a store and measure it what you want. Oh, that's approximately just 1 16 of an inch thick or just on the to That way you're gonna be guaranteed that you sew it machine. Whether you want to say is what even relates together. So as you can see this weather I used for my first example, actually, um, so they basically and this one has a really nice rainy text shop. It's called a full rein, nice and soft and supple. It's good for bad, basically shape this year. You can see you scrap back today, and actually I don't have that text but somewhere else with the same sickness, because that same like so Teoh shape, really. So I really spoiled because I have an amazing fabric store about 10 minutes from my half, and they have us beautiful range of colors. And once I get that, that's maybe not likely for everyone, depending way in the world, you're the option might be. So it's a case is not to touch a leather and see what like before you. It's not drunk. Basically, you can email the store and be like, Hey, I want to make a bad on. Especially say that it needs Teoh Lebanese problems and they have a point with direction. Someone who will actually be really happy. Safe samples obviously really handy. So on the project page and you 5. Setting Up Your Machine: this year. We're going to We're also going to Denver. Two packs stitches that great using. So for this machine, I have a machine that you're using already, or you might do this project. But you so by she just this project, obviously. But if you're great too far, she have someone may be tracking machine that's made as recently. Uh, so I think that is because when you have machines of less than 10 years old like this one, my g, for a basic decision, I have trouble certainly different materials so stretched late, so sweet On the whole time, I never had to pay attention. They changes what you work for. So I feel it when something is not very about your things that finger wrong without having to do with your machine. So what? I have service. I actually got quite drama me my machine happiness to a pre I didn't change a thing stages . So I guess this is my this that everything is different. I can offer some basic crunchy and definitely for any questions you might have about making something we could do you to make a machine where it was the leather. Definitely to a basic troubleshooting. But as I say, each machine is different and my fine, What's happening? You're seeing okay said that she I have a in I have the scoop on top. I have the bomb threat. I also have this trying ultra guys. But some of your machines will have the option for a second school at the top. And the reason I use that my today But it just needs that you got to threats, talking, feeding your new you going three friends holding the whole back together. So a nice when it comes to top sitting back straps and you get a stage I entirely optional . Wonderful. Just using here too. It would be also uses. They have threatened to stop. But upholstery friend, which pays you definitely no need to worry about next way. Definitely when you're selling that a lot of people like to use that. Then she I actually find out my machine I tried stitched with just my sorry again. This is something that aggressive play around trying, trying, ready with foot and see what seems sweat best 6. Sample Stitches: I she going Teoh Actually selling. So grab. I got a little section That's no way contraction from So what you should do is have different. I assure you otherwise I definitely so the fish going t positions trying to hold back to get what kind of two pieces saying doesn't matter. But so when you are facing, I just like, visually officially. Okay on. See, Now you see that now I have seen just That's a really nice clean finish and my So that's how she plays a couple of sections on the bag, but not really. Very This is sort of like the old test machine. Put this piece of mother with the right side facing just on top of the Is that on? This is going to be over. It's all around the edges. Three. They again. This change, especially to 3.5, is a really nice todo slowly, just it's less machine when it's not coming. You put down on. So you on such a machine really did either. If you go on the machines, a couple of things that I suggest, So my mother actually sticking you're having trouble getting it through. This was try walking for machine. Another option would be to place pieces, start shaking underneath your foot, actually by text, which is basically the same job. He does everything for you. Order your city, your salary and definitely impressions. 8. Marking The Holes : so you holes with way. He's about that here. Fasting do is very tomorrow without, so you must be finished with section. So Thomas measure from each and just a little. - Okay , the next ISS down. Just a moment. No. So a huge long standing just right. - They actually on the takes. Just a rash. No starting weight. It's me. I see that because I just actually falls Dog, isn't he? Stop. 15. Funny, I Okay, so once. Yeah, the bags were extracted. Singer, this is really now marking the proper way. In a great measure out 17.5 years through section I just Okay? Yes, maybe with the box now. 9. Punching The Holes: Yeah, I'm trying to be easy and definitely suggest seeing on a strap. Uh, does he have? Everything we do is really what, this actually going? I'm pretty happy with my head now, and I suppose in the actual back, because we need your move. Any special? I didn't know this. I stopped huge that I have a holes, but actually, I have a little while that your whole I would rate through. And actually, so this needs to be full s amend or child or some sort of story between work with a stern I know for, except for this purpose. I'm using chest. So I'm going to stop by with each, make sure that during Constable in about That's right. Okay. How is the just you? That's me. And about three 10. Sewing The Bag - Side Seams: and the rest of it is so you should do to san pieces together. So you just start with the nice side facing it was and I'm just going Teoh, uh, that's even This is not too important with Stacy. We just wanted to hold back so already. So when you you just shuffle that remains to be sewing. Holding that line Change my Teoh, Which city you have trouble getting going beginning? Just what? Have you just keep going? Just get out away here. I'm easy with that. 11. Rolling the Seams: now I see. See how that went bad? It's not gonna be laid down flat. Still the roadside facing, um, get this scene here. It created what? You're fast. I just get to know where it's going. Trying our shirt in place before we The next step is within the seam allowance. So you cannot do but lost one time this, please. No suit drying, so you can take a time. Make sure you have enough if you still just so I decided. Let us a little bit at a time, so I just actually job. I didn't press down. I'm just gonna hold that for a couple seconds, then stop rolling it. And this light blue, which is why strong. So special tape. Hey, residency. That's nice. So now you have to make a decision about anyone. Top stich this area on either side of that. Same. It's just design decisions. Sorry. You might like the clean finish, you know, top sitting on the outside or you might like to see that goes with top city. So the choice is yours 12. Optional Top-Stitching: I'm going to talk such my you. So we're gonna change, actually from two point seats, just raping five. This is just a really nice top stitching saying, Sorry, I just put you down about 18 From that I see on the latest research the end and do the other side. So the top city, we're now ready to attach the base. 13. Sewing The Bag - Base: We're ready to face that same movies before just G going around the edge, Enjoying together, matching the edges, your cliffs evenly spaced. So you know, any direction and smart gently stretch face, You're just goofing around. Just help. Since it means probably with now, Some of this year, one of just 2.66 used on somewhere around. I just want to take off. I was in This guy's your Anything about that? You put this in Sochi section one time. And you for through a round. It is possible. It just takes. Yes, he is the one I still and was together in life. Okay, so now you touch base outside. It's time to try it out, right? Just literally pulling it inside out. Wait. Fingers into the corner. Bad state. Okay, good. 14. Glueing Straps Together: No. You constructed your back, actually. And they asked us from each of you and I that should be. And it so And then you want to measure exactly half way across that line and the other Okay . Using Have you what? This. I would much It doesn t Okay, just a little bit extra. What's that line making straight? So it's you both various by my friend. Watch it live is dry now before. 15. Attaching Straps to Bag: now seven. We stress now dry on the way. I see. So you want to basically on one side on working from the inside one of those places? I'm going to the place that's trapped with little sense right on the place where centering it between two gently press. It should stay pretty much straight, right? Just give it so that's you have a side. That's and sometimes you find me to get a little bit struck down to that grace, but not much. Gently pull it down and it should be pretty much sense between two a little. That's a pretty good nice that yeah, and now. 16. Top Stitching the Straps: you know, you just struck back and let it dry. Rate 12 stitch, which is fine. No, at the end here, a couple inches from give warning before, but its wretched three leitess. So really change situate, which is three on atrocity is an Isis is like a niche from the edge all the way. Many brands for machines on See that? It's not gonna be a drop section that has three eyes to glaze Struck. Cost you She will be fine. It may just feel it. So you may decide to generally help it around. Sections were gonna come up to you on your across the short end. - Okay , way have finished out back. Strap on. We're ready to threat out courtroom. 17. Threading the Cord: so down to 70 centimeters. I think you find it because too long while you have a bag pulled or it's gonna pay down. So 77 pieces were related to size. It's in front. True, It's all about on your sign of this vaccine. Also officially. And then you just ask for one packets, then what is in a fish? Just okay, Ready? 18. Customising Your Bag - Ideas Phase: So you made this in front of me. That looks like now is when you get to make your bag about you. So I This is the favorite paper bit of the whole process because all the hard work on the songs I get to play with Paige and tassels on morning. So there's two ways to be customized. We wait, got tassels on. We've got monographs, so you could decide basically what you want to do with your back. The choice is yours. I definitely have a think about a plan. And I think that what you want you to say, where about work for your monogram? So the options monogram replacement. There's a couple of areas we can do, have underground the inside about that struck, then another option would be tomorrow the side of your back. You're like you todo initials. Alternatively, you could want to grab your so I didn't like sampling here and monogrammed just wanted my initials. So it's definitely how to use your whole. Alternatively, you don't put your initials. You can actually do some text like think of something funny or something meaningful to you on. You could take up a whole section of this extract with something that you want. Right, Sir. I did this, You guys, I was really? And another option would be to what, You want a Grammy tassels or anywhere on the bag? Really? And for the task size, we've got two different options. So I had 10 fights. The birth of these on the project page. So you got some stuff? A little short stuff test here, I think. All right. That would be just I have a really nice, like hair long. So again, the choice is yours. It's up to you. This is the part where you get to make the bag. So the other options for customizing it back along with a little less stamps, sir, I'm from a little supply shop, and they had about four or five. And if you just want a little say, But I think I'm looking for Steve, I could find them online. But I came across this amazing Etsy shop. That is basically the whole thing is little with stance. Sorry. They have the cues right of staff. They have a little camera. Was Gemma story? Just if you have something that you know makes you hear something. You guarantee that you can find a stamp that sort of symbolizes. That should be really neat way of making your bags memorable. Possible for you, sir? Decisions you guys get to make is whether you want Teoh fill in your text imprint the pain . I think this is a super fun touch, and I'm just gonna do it. Every bag that make you want. You leave it with capital pain and just leave as different or optional. You could find a different sort. This particular they had about six different types of go to say go for broke assault. Bronze Gold could do so I just created to spread. Sorry. That's twice, guys. How about you want to do what you want in back to how you could make it really about you on the next figure. 19. Creating a Monogram - Part I: and this you're going to have a look at how to actually make you want and about how Teoh texts. It's a whole universe. So again, with anything we're gonna practice on a scrap of leather so that when it comes to doing actual bad, we're confident everything. The melon on stamps, that's the way you do it. So tomorrow, the area that you want to do your text in, I need to just create and little way to do it so that you don't have to just create space with text in between 25 Sir, I'm just assuring my technique for using legal Stan Press here, you see, about the whole out of it taken out, I got a little tool. So I just on the make sure I stopped right away, and then I just place it between those two Scotch tape so that it's going to be running along one. So you're melas on this one here, out of the hole. We have to punch it quite hard to get hold to go through. What I say is with this tool, it makes him a lot easier. That said, if you go too hot and too deep with it's actually really hot feeling Go. Okay. Sorry. Err on the side of a small attacks On what? It's made a bit of an invitation in 20 starts. I'm gonna go ahead and s So that's a pretty good indentation that I still have space to drop some girl pain into it. And it's no certainty that it's actually cut into the lead. Also show you an example off one that's treaty and cut into the lead so that you can see exactly what I mean. You didn't see here. This one is why it's like all nice truth, the other side and said that hot holding leather It's really, really tricky to drop something that's deep edges like that. So now I'm just going to practice the rest of my underground a little steak shake. Place it in between my other initials. Anything again, it's made a pretty good invitation. The less risk of the sort of flat based stamps going to bathroom. Just just to do that, I'm gonna take my second initials. I okay, up next. Teoh, This is okay. This morning, ground. If you guys uploaded Pardew of your practice, one of France's gallery to see them. She might have. So now we practice a monogram scrap over day to do the real deal on actual back. So my in the bottom of my scrap the other side. So I just find this entered my strap actually by I think it together. I'm just gonna hold it that I love this and just sent up again. I'm gonna space we want to put the actual that is This is a volunteer center in the middle of scrap. Okay, so we're going to stand out. I'm going sent in my new that up with the center of the time extract between marks with, so I'm just gonna place it. Okay. Nest. Great. On a good line up. Your spacing of your lettuce is to use the outside edge of your individual stamps so that my story that each letters in space, they could kill you. I see you've got really, really imprint. You monogrammed. We're ready to the next step filled with 20. Creating a Monogram - Part II: so no, make I kind of wish that they sold these men exercise because you use is literally the size of anything. Sorry. It's a good excuse to use this. So the technique that I'm going to use here get a little paint on the my paintbrush. I'm literally sort of best magnus prize that I'm dropping it into the space. So not really painting. I'm just trying 1,000,000,000 threes, indentations that we made by letting it dropping and feel out to the edges itself. That's the best way to describe it. It's just gonna be a slower process. And you need to get down if you go in and just slap me, I get to shoot. Just use the edge of, you know, just like a shirt back into space. The pain wax up that easily in terms of how many layers to do the paint pigment, sir, while I was fine, Or you might need to get back in touch up some areas of the second on a simple definitely you to do because there, you feel is there anyway, that it's gonna slush up beside. It's gonna be so. I just have some tissues and dropping it into the little grease. Okay, When you're happy that you've got enough, then it's gonna leave to dry. But that's a program. 21. The Tassel: So now one great they have passes. So I assume at this point you decided what you want. And then you got your from already used to Sinus li. Like how? No, You want this top section of Tesco? How about I just my side just edges? So what do now? It is this is gonna show us. So you got the option to do some short little tentacles like this one? Or you could do these Well, ones I just my side because we've sent the whole Sunday bag measuring and being very so it's just my castles one and going up to the line. Everybody's going to be. So what role? But by all means, If you want to bet, then now, Teoh. Okay, do is a girl. However, the castle just decide whether you're happy with house looking. Everything is going to Sochi, which made good. I made the best for you know that. Do the same. So now we're gonna and just check that, I think. Okay, so now we can decide if you want to have this option, have a bullet on your chest or just with Roy, like, Fine. This is just a little anxious very to say this year. So while you're you strap, let's just gonna literally, like, rough job Place it down, trace on Make it more like that. Okay? But you It's your tassels, Teoh, punch a hole and then just put aside. So the nice Anne do you make you need Teoh? Important needs to be around. So the order of threatening here if you're gonna be using a B is because what about just out a way? Take maneuvering. We want Teoh next. You have celebrities. So hey, on Blue, I didn't know already. So the point. We need to sandwich the right. I spice it many. About one centimeter down from the top of this is not to be exact management. It's just I'm gonna stop Teoh role one of the other on making a really nice and make sure that the edges Oh, rolling. So you roll a little bit and then you find that you twist and the new view. Then you have some ovary. Okay, when you get to the end and sandwiches to get up between your thing is what is going on. So that chances. So once you I stayed home satisfied that it's not gonna unravel itself now. So religion just getting glued on around back and down until city, right? It is about me a little bit too much treatment, like Dr It was a cross sample. Sorry they want you don't want your paid for the other truffle. 22. Congratulations!: you make us, you know, instructed a leather bag from start to finish. You tripping on you. So I'm dying to see your products and finish bags. Shop two questions for so thank you.