DIY: Learn How to Paint Ceramics with Beautiful Lavender Motifs. | Aga K | Skillshare

DIY: Learn How to Paint Ceramics with Beautiful Lavender Motifs.

Aga K, I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

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8 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • Meet the Lavender

    • Warm Up

    • Project 1 - Tea and Coffee Sets

    • Project 2 - Plates and Bowls

    • Project 3 - Experiment with Patterns and Colors

    • Final Notes


About This Class

Welcome to my mini-course in lavender painting, which consists of two classes.

In the Class 1 I taught how to paint lavender with watercolors.

In this class I will show you how to how to paint lavender on ceramics and create beautiful, hand-decorated lavender porcelain sets.

In this class I will show you how to decorate different ceramic items.

We´ll begin with tea - coffee sets. I will give a hint of how to design your lavender porcelain, when the available surface for painting is rather small.

Then, we´ll proceed with more convenient for painting, plates and bowls.

In the last part I´ll give you a few more design ideas of how to apply other patterns and colors.

At the end of this course you´ll have created ready products, which you can use as a special gift for someone you love, or to impress your guests, serving them with one-of-a-kind coffee set, or even you can sell such self decorated ceramics at one of the local markets, or online platforms like for example Etsy, ArtFire or DaWanda .

Here is the link to the Class 1:

Painting lavender with watercolors.





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Aga K

I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

Hi! I'm Aga. A free spirit, a self-taught artist, a painter of imagined worlds (my favorite media are acrylics and watercolors). But before I started this imaginative adventure I was a scientist for many years - working at a university; researching new medicines to help people improve their lives and helping teach students.

I've always loved to share my skills and knowledge with others... and, having been once a university tutor, I was trained how to make complicated things easy to und...

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