DIY Lampshades: Create A Modern Drum Lampshade! | Kiri Masters | Skillshare

DIY Lampshades: Create A Modern Drum Lampshade!

Kiri Masters, Founder of I Like That Lamp: make a lamp you love!

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Needed & Process Steps

    • 3. How to measure your lamp to figure out the perfect sized lampshade

    • 4. Pro tips & tricks

    • 5. DIY Lampshades others have made


About This Class


Learn how to make a custom drum lampshade at home, using your own fabric, so you can coordinate it perfectly with your home decor!

Drum lampshades have a modern, yet timeless, silhouette, and suit many styles of lamp bases. Unfortunately, they are pretty expensive to purchase in the store - because of their shape, they are not easily stackable, and therefore cost a lot to ship. The good news is that making your own custom shade at home is much easier than you might think.

Kiri, Founder of I Like That Lamp, shares the overall process and techniques for making your first lampshade in this Introductory course. 

Make A Lamp You Love!





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Kiri Masters

Founder of I Like That Lamp: make a lamp you love!

Hello! My name is Kiri, and I'm a bit crazy about lamps!

My goal is to show people that making your own lighting is a fun weekend activity that's much easier and affordable than you'd think. Whether you're making a lamp for your own home or as a gift, you'll have everyone saying, "I like that lamp!"

I started making my own lamps and lampshades when I couldn't find stylish and affordable lighting for my new apartment. Upon realizing that sourcin...

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