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DIY IDEA : Waste to Wonder : A Beautiful Pen Stand

teacher avatar Jyoti Aggarwal, Art and Craft Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Orientation

    • 4. Cutting and Trimming

    • 5. Draping First Box

    • 6. Draping Second Box

    • 7. Final Orientation

    • 8. Decorations

    • 9. Final look

    • 10. Project Work

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About This Class

Hello Everyone! 

I am Jyoti Agarwal and in this class I am going to show you a really great Waste to Wonder project in which you will upcycle any waste material that you could find at home for example : old wooden boxes or may be cardboard boxes or any wooden slab or waste old wool ... All these stuff that you can easily find at home .. you can create wonders from. 

So get ready to be a super convertor

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jyoti Aggarwal

Art and Craft Teacher




 Hello, I'm Jyoti Aggarwal.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an artist. I am doing art and craft from years now. 

I find my inspiration in my day-to-day life See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my class. And in this class I will show you how you can easily craft a pen stand like this. In this class, I have used all the waste material in this span, Stan, I could find at my home and I just used all that waste materials to craft. This bends down. So this class is focused more and more on upcycling the waste material. And I was telling you about the material that I have used and what material you can use in the next lesson itself. If you also want to upside good the waste material, that is, I go room and turn it into a beautiful Bandstand. Then this class is for you. At the end of this class there is a fun class project for you. So let's get started. 2. Material Required: For making this bandstand, I'm going to ask Django database. This is very much finished. Liquidations. Off wooden Slam. You'll get obviously you have any cardboard piece if you want. That's totally up to you. Just be sure to make the base and lugging heavy so that it can avoid heavy read off all the components that we are going to add on it. So just to amaze me, now, Hill yeah, do empty card boxes that bogey raised. As you can see. You can also find these kind of empty boxes. I do movie The, maybe the empty boxes of cookies or book based or anything. So just look around and tools the type of boxes. Now this a small dogs barking and gold this when they bind a handmade Gandy for a mock-up. So now as this is empty, is again a waste material that I'm using how to make this bend, Stan, I wouldn't say father's last model. You can also find any cardboard box that's totally up to you. If you find any other kind of plastic bottles, you can use that, but it should be smaller because was it look cute and that one is e, smaller lenders don't want to be really beautiful, but just make whatever you find a job and is truly upside to. This view was that metadata and turn it into something great. Here, those off moon, I have three colors. You can use any color of moon or maybe any other trend that you have. And maybe this is basically to have the boxes to make them look beautiful and go with them. But if you don't have any room, that's totally okay. You can use any ribbon on any of them died of a threaded. Don't dream. Everything that we're going to use in these cardboard boxes are the blackbody. If you want to JP, you can use any kind of rebelling against read whatever you have at your home. If you're known to have anything like that, you can use colored bring good sheets, beautiful sheets to decorate it. Again, just got that B's though sheet over this. So that doesn't look beautiful. If you don't have that, you can use the white sheet. And then we can make them thicker, they'd back. But if you even don't want to rule that you can do it the best bot that is, use a newspaper yet you will the newspaper to drape. It doesn't truly look beautiful. I just add something when you give material a word to make it look more attractive, beautiful. Families wound. You can use one color for dripping all the boxes, or you can use multiple colors on boxes. You can also use the combination on one box that says, so this is totally up to you. At dusk is the new gun. This is what I'm willing to use to base everything. If your lawn, you're going all zeros. There are any other kind of a desert that's totally up to you. I'm using a hot glue gun because what kind of Medina that's chosen is not easy to base using authentic. Well, within few seconds, that is, I'm using a hard you know, that if you're using any other vital stuff to work on, you can use the edifice of body. So this was all about the material that I'm going to use that you're getting youth. And now let's move on to the next litho to start with our bent then. 3. Orientation: So the next step is orientation. That is we just have to be every material, every component that we have gathered in don't budget has phase into a particular manner as a one. Them as to be our final is as I'm just basing the boxes and bottle or this wooden slab to get an idea how these we look at to decide how I want them to be on the slab hill. I'm planning to clean the color box to the height of the smaller box. You can arrange the boxes and everything the way you wanted to be. And you are the one we're going to use it regularly. Just make the orientation that was best fine you not for anyone else, not for me, not for anyone else. Just for you and the kind of data that you are using. So you can use this Benson into yarn death as an organizer so that you can also fade like it's a desk organized. Well, that's totally up to you. You just have to go with the orientation that works best for you. You can place these like death, maybe like this, or maybe this way. That's totally up to you. So justified the orientation and be sure about it so that we can move further to the next step that is cutting and trimming of the boxes. So see you in the next lesson for the next step. 4. Cutting and Trimming: In this module, I less than really well on the cardboard boxes that we have, we just have to cut and trim them into the particular shape that rehab decided that we have dreamed off and then stack. See this cutting and trimming part. Julie depends upon the Medea that you asked elected for your Ben Stein and what kind of scissors you have. I selected some easy to get cardboards then you can use in buses as at your home. But if you have something that is hard to cut at home, I wouldn't suggest to change its shape, just use the Medina additives. So this step is totally up to you. Whether you want to proceed with this, whether you don't want to proceed with this, whether you wanted to follow the steps that I'm dating you all, you wanted to go with the rosette that works best for you. See, for my pen holder, I'm simply trimming the flaps of the smaller box completely. If you can, shape of the bolts from the fund the bottom of this box, this is edge to edge. To paste this. I'm using hot glue gun, but if you want, you can use semicolon. To do so. Make sure not to hurt yourself. If you're under the age of five, then you must ask, are all friends or family to help you with this step. Now, make sure that if you have never seen any graph below, please ask your family or anyone. During this process. Now, we're ready to move into the next step. 5. Draping First Box: Why does cutting into the next step is to foreign rule being the boss I'm using who have already dealt with in the materials section. But thanks. Something like any kind of ripping anything with a remedy, then you have to have room for you up instead, you can use that in this step. Basically the step is to J bow the codeword that we have two of them. I would suggest to use the right kind of adhesive, do work on it. It doesn't just say this box. I'm just finishing. Okay. I know this is quite lengthy process, but many of you will find this meditative just the way it was for me. Many of you are really find it relaxing instead of tiding. And that is the best spot of this process. Keep in mind these new ones. Now, the end may have to be really careful. I mean, half cup based the last node the room got a box using the blue as we did while stopping so that each list stays within this area. I am looks well draped carefully based the last name of the rule, the way you can observe. Paste it. And yes. Dr. Now, the first box. In the next lesson. 6. Draping Second Box: Now let's take inbox. I'm using the wound of stain color, but this is totally or twice. I have two more colors but are not using those. I don't like the red color to be on the second box 2. So using the read rule again. So let's start dripping here also. Right? The end, just applying the edges as we did in the previous box. B. And Baysian. While doing so, just try to enjoy the process. And I suggest if I've never even used the blue one before, just be careful because this is expedience. For the next lesson. 7. Final Orientation: Now comes the most important part that the final orientation, religious-based, each and every element that we have prepared individually and go one big component. So this has been genes in moment for obvious material because now this waste materials will be done into something near refer makes now nail that I did as this. So here's this lab. Let's place all of the components once to get the file and look effect. So let's start pasting these. I'm using this blue band to paste these. You can use any other offensive. Also, we have already discussed about adhesives in our previous lessons. If we are using glucagon to paste these, make sure to apply a lot of blue and then quickly before that dries up, make sure that it sticks. Now, let's base another box. Similarly, just press it hard. Now based in the glass bottle. So much know that the bottom completely gets covered. And then based cookie dough add some good aesthetic wives to. The next lesson, I'll start with the degradations. 8. Decorations: These types of rhombus, grade them, bind, then I have to base the mirror and then simply placing the mirror on that point and see you don't have to press it hard as this may result into deeply thing of the boxes that we have pasted. So just breath the meadows gently to the moon. And these willing to paste it. And don't worry about this glute rates. These can easily picked up later without any inconvenience if you wish. And we're going to apply blue firstly on the middle. And then there's the mirror exactly over the point where you want to, based on the choice between the two methods, is totally given to you. So you can choose among them. But choice between the two methods is totally yours. Hill, I have tried to give it a shape of a fly with the help of some so kilometers and meters, you can make any other pattern that you like. I've just made the same kind of pattern on bulldog gardeners. And now I'll make those same pattern on both the corners of the other box also. So the choice is yours whether you want to make the same kind of design on both the boxes. All you want to make different kinds of designs are you want to make any other design? So these kind of things are totally up to you depending upon the material that you'll have to decorate this. And depending upon the kind of adhesive you'll have to use. I'm using very limited declaration Medina. But if you want, and you can show this, That's totally, totally your choice. Let's take what? If the choice is totally, Again? Placing these on the bottom. See how beautiful it looks. Looks good. And so polymers at the center of each box so that it looks more attractive. You can design it URV. So I bend Stand is ready. I'll show you the final look in the next lesson. So see you in the next lesson. 9. Final look: Hey, there is a complete when they're greater upcycled, Benson isn't looking so pretty. These mirrors then reflects light and leaves would be slow, pretty. This overall brand Zheng was really fun to work on and I hope you also enjoyed it. I enjoyed working on your own project. Yes. Yeah, reject work is in the next video. See you in the next lesson. 10. Project Work: Welcome back. As you know how to upcycled the waste material that is agile womb into a beautiful Ben Stan Harris, the opera Zach drug. Try making appends then using the waste material that is at your home, you just have to look at them DDL and just done it into a beautiful Ben Stein. You can recreate the theme that I've shown in this class. But if you want, you can just show your imaginations gills and you can show your creativity skills and doesn't know, waste material into something, something really exciting and something different from what I showed in this class, saves you are done. Now. Once you create that fence, then you just have to click at this picture. Upload that picture in projects and resources section of this class. I should at least take that. I really can't wait to see what you are creating. Also, please kinds of delivering this class so that I can make future classes based upon the reviews that I have got from you. Also, if you don't want to miss any updates regarding my future classes on Skillshare. Don't forget to blend the Follow button on my profile. Thank you so much for joining. Keep learning, keep creating women.