DIY: How To Felt Wool Sweaters | Jan Howell | Skillshare

DIY: How To Felt Wool Sweaters

Jan Howell, Designer, Seamstrist, Artist

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. INTRODUCTION: Wool Sweater Upcycling

    • 2. Choosing The Right Sweater

    • 3. The Felting Process

    • 4. Disassembly and Storage

    • 5. How To Use Felted Wool Sweaters


About This Class

Transform your old wool sweaters into something fabulous!

Felted wool sweater fabric is crafting gold! For those of you who like to sew, you are going to love all the fun things you can make with this cozy, tightly woven material.

In this wool sweater upcycling class, I am going to

  • show you how to choose the perfect sweater
  • teach you how to felt the sweater (shrink it down)
  • give you some awesome tips on how to store and care for your felted wool sweaters
  • show you how to use your sweater fabric most effectively

After this class, you will be ready to dive into your first upcycled sweater project.

The only thing needed for this class is an excitement for creating.