DIY Home Decor: Create Ombre Watercolor Napkins | Elizabeth Rishel | Skillshare

DIY Home Decor: Create Ombre Watercolor Napkins

Elizabeth Rishel, Blogger || Within the Grove

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8 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction

    • Gathering Your Supplies

    • Preparing the Napkins

    • Setting Up the Workspace

    • Preparing the Paint

    • Painting Your Ombre Watercolor Napkins

    • Sealing the Paint on the Napkin

    • Final Thoughts - Thank You Surprise!


About This Class

Are you one to host parties and have fun get togethers?  Or maybe you host the annual holiday dinner. Either way, today's class will show you how to create your own ombre watercolor napkins in custom colors to fit your theme.  

I'll take you through the process from beginning to end so that you're ready to celebrate in style and leaving guests to wonder where you bought such amazing napkins.  They really are a unique and functional piece to add to the dinner table surrounded by friends and family. 

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to create ombre watercolor napkins.

  • How to fade color when using watercolor paints.

  • Easiest way to paint on napkins using watercolor.

So go ahead and grab your favorite paint colors and a few other supplies to get started. You're bound to love this class and the few quick steps to create ombre watercolor napkins with amazing results. Imagine what else you will be able to create with fabric and watercolor paints! 

Photography by: Rachel V Photography





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Elizabeth Rishel

Blogger || Within the Grove

Hello! I'm the creative director and writer behind the scenes of my blog, Within the Grove in Orlando, Florida. Over on WTG you'll find me sharing DIY tutorials, home projects, and lifestyle posts as I take you on a journey of decorating my home and enjoying life's little moments. I love to share, teach, and inspire others through creating.

When not drinking coffee and throwing glitter, you can find me creating inspiration for others through every part of life while creating a home you...

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