DIY Handmade Wire Wrapping Jewelry : Elegance Bracelet | Claudia Ionita | Skillshare

DIY Handmade Wire Wrapping Jewelry : Elegance Bracelet

Claudia Ionita, Handmade Wire Wrapping Jewelry

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7 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools and Materials

    • Steps

    • Closing the bracelet

    • First Unit Steps without pause

    • Steps pictures

    • Examples and Ideas


About This Class


I am Claudia and I welcome you to my class. Among other things I design wire jewelry. Today I have chosen to show you one of my designs that I want to share with you.

Do you want something special for you or as a gift for someone you love ?

The most special things are the ones you make yourself.

They carry out your love and give you the joy that something unique came out of your hands.

Do you want to make a jewelry piece that will get you joy,  satisfaction and lots of exclamations from your friends ?

Enroll with me in this beginner level class for great results with minimum effort:

* It doesn't require previous knowledge about jewelry making.

* At the end of the lessons you will be able to make a very beautiful and elegant bracelet and also to easily wire wrapp any bead you like and transform it into a fine piece of jewelry.

The class contains the following videos :

* Introduction

* Tools and Materials - a personal presentation of all the materials and tools needed with measurements in centimeters and inches

* Steps - personal demonstration on making one unit of the bracelet (you will need to make six units for this bracelet) with step by step guiding and tips about the technique

* Closing the bracelet - personal demonstration on linking all six bracelet units together and adding the jump rings and clasp

* First Unit Steps without pause - personal demonstration on how to make the first unit of the bracelet without stopping between the steps

* Steps - pictures - slide based video with delimited steps and written guiding

*  Examples and Ideas - slide based video with some examples of bracelets, earrings and collars made using the same technique and different shapes and colours of stones

Enroll and have fun !







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Claudia Ionita

Handmade Wire Wrapping Jewelry

Hi. I'm Claudia Ionita and I'm from Romania. By day I'm an accountant, but after work, I love to do something special just for my soul and that is making beautiful little treasures like jewelry. I have started making jewelry in 2011, when I've discovered the handmade wire jewelry. Since then, I have tried many techniques, but I always returned to my first love, wire wrapping. I love working with wire and natural stones and to create unique designs.

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