Linda CorderoIglesia, Homeschooler, Artist,Story Teller, Sharing life- Y

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5 Videos (12m)
    • Into - DIY Hand Sewing Basics- Class 1 - The Running Stitch

    • The Super Beginning Knot

    • The Running Stitch

    • Super Duper Ending Knot

    • Your 3 Minute Project + Tricks & Tips


About This Class

In this class we will cover the ancient skill of hand sewing and I show you how I use it on both cloth as well as paper, to add dimensional details.  Even if you know how to sew a running stitch, you will enjoy the 10 minutes to take this class and you will want to make a 3 minute project to receive your gift that is  shown in the videos. 


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This teachers' voice was calm and conclusive with all of her directions and information. I finally gained the knowledge and confidence to start sewing with the kit I recently bought yet had absolutely no experience with ever before. This simple video is just what a beginner needs to show that it is not so hard to start this simple life skill!
Especially those who are just learning to sew. Running stitch is a good item for the sewing tool box. You might want to start with material that isn't fleece. Fleece tends to grab your needle, just like Linda shows you.
I worked really hard to create this class. I hope you like it!
Linda CorderoIglesia

Homeschooler, Artist,Story Teller, Sharing life- Y





Linda CorderoIglesia

Homeschooler, Artist,Story Teller, Sharing life- Y

My focus is to make short classes for parents, teachers and children, that are fun and that will inspire them to make a 3 minute project. I have 9 children that I mother, 7 of my own birth children and 2 from marriage to my soul mate. I know that in a busy world, it is hard to make time to connect with your child, but it is important for their success. Here are some of the benefits-

Crafting encourages key visual-processing skills, such as pattern recognition, detecting of sequences an...

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