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teacher avatar Ruoiled SelfHelp Linda, My focus is Fitness, Faith, Fun

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Into - DIY Hand Sewing Basics- Class 1 - The Running Stitch

    • 2. The Super Beginning Knot

    • 3. The Running Stitch

    • 4. Super Duper Ending Knot

    • 5. Your 3 Minute Project + Tricks & Tips

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About This Class

In this class we will cover the ancient skill of hand sewing and I show you how I use it on both cloth as well as paper, to add dimensional details.  Even if you know how to sew a running stitch, you will enjoy the 10 minutes to take this class and you will want to make a 3 minute project to receive your gift that is  shown in the videos. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Ruoiled SelfHelp Linda

My focus is Fitness, Faith, Fun


My focus is nourishing self care and support to make life easier. And my goal is to make short classes for parents, teachers and children, that are fun and that will inspire them to make a 3 minute project.  I have 7 of my own birth children and 2 from marriage so I am well acquainted with having to manage stress and still hold it together. I have a huge selection of tools in my life skills toolbox that has really helped me survive some really great challenges.My aim is to share weekly, something that has helped me to keep growing forward with my goals. Self Empowerment requires inspiration and self motivation. Most of my classes will be focused on Foot and Body Mobility that deals with Acupressure Points.  I will also strive to teach classes to do with children.  I know ... See full profile

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1. Into - DIY Hand Sewing Basics- Class 1 - The Running Stitch: if you've secretly dreamed of learning the ancient skill of hand sewing but feared it might be boring and this class is the one you'll need. I invite you to take 10 minutes of your precious time to learn how to sew the running stitch. Hi, I'm Linda from Are You Oiled? And I have been using this ancient skill since I was four years old. As a gift for completing a simple three minute project, I will give you two sweet little dress patterns that I designed just for you because I know your time is precious. Now let me show you how useful this skill is. I have used it for sewing French seams on my originally designed skirts as a decorative stitch on the little dresses as a gathering stitch to add to mention to the little dresses that I later put in a frame with a hand written quote. I have used it to sell buntings are banners. I have used it to create a note card that can double as place settings. I've used it on bookmarks. In my next class, you'll see how I used it for sewing simple book bindings as well sewing on paper. Here is a sneak peek of the gift that you will get for taking that class. I will use it to teach you in my wig making class how to make costume wigs in under one hour. Here's a sneak peek at the gift you will earn for completing your project in that class. Can't wait to see you in class. 2. The Super Beginning Knot: the runny searches a foundation stitch hand sewing. But there's nothing stress about so let's just go have fun. I'm Linda from argued oiled. I'm so glad you decided to take my class. Being able. The Hansel is such a treasured gift. In the next civic videos, you will learn this skill as a reward for you completing the class, submitting a positive review and posting your three starts project. I will give you this little gem of a pattern to express my thanks. Now let's learn how to make a super beginning mouth. Wrap the thread around your forefinger to his throat off by rolling it with your thumb and pull it tight with your nails. That's a good job. Now let's see how to make the stitches in the next video. 3. The Running Stitch: I'm glad you're back in this video. We will cover the running stitch as well as I will demonstrate how I use it to gather on fabric to make fabric, have shape and dimension. Linda here. Got your needle fabric ready? Let's get started to hide your not you will begin by poking your needle through the fabric from the back of the fabric to different. The running stitch is quickly made by poking your needle back and forth in and out through the fabric. Then, when you have made several stitches, you will want to leave enough room on your needle to get a good grip to pull the thread through the fabric. Some fabrics argue more than others like this police that I'm selling on. I like to straighten the fabric so I can get a good look at my stitches to make sure I like the way they look. I begin the gather by holding onto the thread. Why slide the fabric to one side? I just stitches. So how I like them in Walla. That's how you turn a running stitch into a gather. I love playing with my little dresses. There's so cute and so fun to make. I keep thinking of all the different projects I can put them in. There's my two little dresses. I hope you like him. Okay. Time to end this video Me, my fleece wig. 4. Super Duper Ending Knot: in this video, We're going to learn how to tie a knot. Linda here. I'm excited because we're about to get to the video on using what you've learned to create some fun projects. Let's get started. Okay. Now I begins. And not by poking my needle through the fabric and drawing up a loop. No, I put my needle through the loop and will pull my thread loosely so that the loop gets smaller. As I pulled my threats slowly through, I form another route and I put my needle through that one, too. This time I will pull my threat tight. Now I will cut the thread leaving a short end or what they call a tail. And there, now you know how those high and ending not are finishing up. Here is a sneak peek at my mini class where I used to stitch as decoration art prints and as a simple way to bind books. I hope you like this class and that I have helped you. I now need your help. See, the way skill show works is that they pay us teachers Onley When people leave positive reviews and do their projects. I know you're busy. And that is why I have made a thank you gift for those of you who will use your precious time to make sure I get paid for this class. The project will take under five minutes. And for the review, you can push the thumbs up. But in the right, 1 to 3 words like I loved it. Our great or thank you for this class. I would appreciate your help. This is the project to post the picture of three stitches. That's all. Thank you so much for taking my class. See you in the next video. 5. Your 3 Minute Project + Tricks & Tips: I hope you are excited about this running stitch project. If so, then I have succeeded in my goal of providing you with the inspiration and motivation to vote to develop this skill. Here are the needles I love too. So was for every project. This is simple project I ask you to do. Now Let's begin. I start by threading my needle by first pinching a slightly moist thread end between my fingers and then taking my needle, I pushed the threat through the eye. Now I grab the end of the threat and pull it through the needle to tie my super beginning. Not I like this. So with a single strand of embroidery. False. But if you are a first time sewer, you will want to first practice with two strands time together. And as I time, I not Please know that now I'm going to cover the bonus material. This is not part of your project. You'll just need to So three stitches and tire finishing not. There are just some quick ways to fix a mistake that I want to share. Okay, so here is a crooked stitch. Then I need to redo to fix it. I pulled my threat up. Then I will find my scissors and slip off the not then this easy for me to just simply pull the thread through the fabric tie a new not and beginning can. And now I can start over. So let me show you how I normally quickly so seems with this running stitch By making a long line of stitches all at once I am able to so faster and cotton fabric than on this fleece fabric. I am sewing on this fabric because it is what I will be using to make costume wings within my next set of classes. As you can see, it's not hard. I want to quickly remind you that in the pdf for this class I will show you how to make a stitch guide from breath paper to Seoul. Perfect. Seem so Now I see a stitch of this to a tiny So to fix it, I pulled my side out of the needle and taking my needle point, I slip it under the stitch and pull it towards me until all the threat is out of the fabric . Then I re thread my needle and I noticed that one of the strands is not with the others to fix this. I just keep pulling it tightly is losing out. No need to panic. Most times I will not have to re thread my needle. So I begin again placing my needle where I want my stitches to be. Then I pulled my threat through the fabric. Hopes got entangled my thread. Sometimes that happens, but no worries grabbing the wrong thread. Okay, here we go. And I saw the smile as an act celebration. Most of the little dresses that I made for these videos will be given away to one lucky person in my class. When I reached 25 students to qualify for the drawing, please post your project here and on social media. I thank you for taking my class and I hope to see you soon in the next set of classes.