DIY Granola muesli with homemade Greek yogurt | Rika Cossey | Skillshare

DIY Granola muesli with homemade Greek yogurt

Rika Cossey, Environmental Educator & Simplifier

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6 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction & class overview

    • Making granola mix and bake

    • Making granola finish

    • Making yogurt with starter culture

    • Making Greek yogurt

    • Thank you & farewell


About This Class

Learn how to make your very own granola muesli with homemade Greek yogurt in this short 15 min class. Making your own will save you money and you can tailor the recipe to your personal taste. 

You will need the basic ingredients for both recipes and some common kitchen equipment. You won't need a yogurt maker or any other special equipment.

You don't need any special cooking knowledge or skills, basics are more than enough.

If you prefer written instructions, check out my post with instructions and recipe here





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Rika Cossey

Environmental Educator & Simplifier

My name is Rika. I'm a simplifier, tiny house dweller, DIY enthusiast, and passionate teacher (and learner) of all things sustainability.  In this context, I run the blog 'Live Small - Be more' where I share ideas around simple, sustainable, and DIY living. 

My classes are about inspiring YOU to farewell a well-designed lifestyle and to discover what you know, what you can make yourself, and what matters to YOU.

The classes I share on Skillshare are based on content fr...

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