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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. AdhesivePen

    • 4. DoubleSidedTape

    • 5. ExistingDesigns

    • 6. FreeHandDesigns

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About This Class


Foiling is a specialty process using adhesive, pressure, and foil film. The results create a beautiful metallic shine to your artwork and crafts. Sometimes heat is used, but with the techniques I'll be showing in this class, you just need adhesive and pressure.

My class will teach how to apply metallic foils to cards, art prints, and more!  No need to get it printed professionally or purchase expensive machinery. The techniques I will be teaching are quick, easy, and cheap. To start, I’ll show you how to add gold foil accents to existing designs. From there, you’ll have the skills to add gold foiling to any project!

Materials for the class:
-adhesive pen (I used Deco Foil Adhesive Pen)
-8.5” x 11” Cardstock
-gold transfer foil (I used Deco Foil Transfer Sheet)
-double sided tape
-X-acto knife/scissors
-cutting mat

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Graphic Designer & Illustrator


I am designer & illustrator in Detroit.

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1. Intro: in this class, I will be teaching you one of my favorite D i Y projects. I don't need to go to a professional printer or purchase expensive machinery to get that high quality look. In this class, you will learn how to add Golfo actions, existing designs and how to free hand your own gold for just a few simple steps. By the end of my class, you will have the skills to keep on full into your own projects. If you're looking to add a touch of old two cards, create your own gold for wall prints or any of the project using gold foiling technique. This is the class for you. 2. Supplies: Here are some of the supplies you'll need for my class. Um, you'll need 8.5 by 11 card stock paper. You can get whatever color you'd like. I've whites purple and teal Ah, you'll need some foil paper. You can get whatever call you'd like. It comes in all different colors or silver pink blue. For this class, I'll just be showing the gold foil. Is there some different foil paper brands I like. You can get mink, Um, and then this is Deco foil. Doesn't matter what brand you get. We needed adhesive pun. This one is deco foil, but you can get whatever brand you'd like. Um, you'll need some double sided tape. You'll need a scraper. You could also use a credit card or kitchen scrape, or anything will work. Lee. An Exacto knife, scissors, a ruler and a cutting mats. Ah, my quoting cutting mats. Quite large. You can get whatever sides you'd like. Whatever works for you 3. AdhesivePen: So for the first part of this lesson, I will be showing you how to use the adhesive pun. It's quite simple. Um, so for this part of the last thing, you'll need the adhesive pun a scraper, scrap paper and the gold foil paper. So to begin, um, if your pen is brand new, you want to get the glue down, so you just need to press it down on the paper meeting for about 30 seconds, just until some you see some glue start to come out. So to begin, we'll just draw some simple shapes so you could draw a circle. Make sure you got enough glue on there. Build more Ah, you'll need you could make a triangle, try and make it solid. You could do some dots and you can do stripes. And this is just a practice. Ah, how to use the pun. So now you wanna wait about 30 seconds for this to dry. Okay, so now that it's been about 30 seconds to a minute, um, the way to tell if you're adhesive is ready, and if you just touch your finger over is should just shouldn't be wet, but just slightly sticky. Um, you don't want it to be to what? Or else the foil will won't come off, right? So, yes, it should be ready. So next up issue, take your foil paper and you always want the color up so the gold four will be facing up and silver is the back. The back will be facing down. So you want to press over the objects, you can just lay it down with your fingers and then you want to take your scraper and you want to press down really hard and scraped ray over, reused the adhesive pun in this world, Make the foil stick to the glue and then you could just pill it up. So as you can see Ah, with this method of gold foiling it comes out a little distrust, and it will be some spots that don't get it. But that's kind of the fun in the the look of this kind of method with gold foiling is it's now is perfect. Um, so way to touch up these spots if it's, you know, too messy looking. So what you can do is I used to go for a pope or the adhesive pon get some more glue and just touch up the spots that need it. Probably didn't get enough glue here in the first time. Touch it up in those spots, okay? And then we're gonna wait another 30 seconds. Okay? Now that it's been about 30 seconds, two minutes, uh, we can reapply the foil paper, so put it on top of the shapes again, always facing up. So this time you don't want to use a scraper because it could scrape off some of your previous design. So for this, you can just press hard with your finger right on top, over the glue is okay. And then you can lift up the paper, can. There we go. Should be filled in a little further. So here's some of the shapes. You know, it's nice and shiny. Cool. So if you want to practice a few more times using your pun makesem shapes, um and then we'll go to the next part of the last son 4. DoubleSidedTape: Okay, So for this next part of your lesson, I will be showing you another method to gold foil. That is, you know, easy, simple and cheap. Ah, by just using some double sided tape. So for this part, lesson will get need your scrap paper, your gold foil, your scraper and then your double sided tape. You can use whatever size, double sided tape you'd like. I have just a skinny, small one. Um, OK, so to this, um, kind of method comes out a lot cleaner. Um, you can make stripes. You can cut them in squares, whatever shape you'd like. Ah, this would also become a nice for he wanted a line. Some envelopes or paper with gold foil. I would be really pretty. Um, so for this, I will just show you how to make Smith stripes out. Sticky side down. Obviously, stripes. Okay, so now in my three stripes, make sure it's press it down nice and firm. Then you take off the backing of the tape so that you're left with just the sticky part. Come on. Okay. So now you just have your three sticky stripes so that the foil construct to it you want to take your foil and make sure again you always have your colored foil site up and the back is always down, or else it won't come out right. So you want to put your foil paper over the adhesive tape, gonna press it down, But, um and then you want to take your scraper and scrape it down really hard. And this just makes shirts all even and pressed on my son firmly. Okay, so now you can lift up the boil and we'll lock. You have your gold foil stripes. So as you can see, this method comes out a lot cleaner, prettier. You can use any size TP wants, and honestly, you can use any other kind of glue if you want to experiment. That's the fun of gold. Foiling a lot of different type of adhesives and glues and tapes will work double sided tapes. That is so if you want to experiment with that, go ahead 5. ExistingDesigns: Okay, So for this next party lesson, I'm gonna show you how to add gold foil accents to existing designs. Um, so for this Ah, you can either go on Pinterest search for your illustration or some kind of black and white word, or whatever you'd like, or if you want to use when your own existing designs or make a new one. Ah, whatever you'd like. So I went on pictures, and I found this school, and I printed it out on my 8.5 by loving card stock. Um, and then I trimmed it down to size. Ah, of the illustration. Utkan, Keep whatever says you'd like if you want to keep the 8.5. I love them. So for those still need your adhesive pan, Your foil paper will scrap paper. Um, your scraper, your card stock with the illustration or word printed on it. Exacto, knife and ruler. If you wanted to trim it down, so take your pun and make sure you have enough glue at the ons. I have to click it down a few times the glue out, and then go ahead and just start adding some full or some glue where we'd like. It's time to his teeth will be to his eyes and just some shadows around his eyes. Um, and this always looks really cool. If you have a word, you can add a shadow around the word. It kind of just gives it that cool little metallic shine. There we go. So once you're happy with, ah, the gloom that you put on there can go ahead and take your gold foil paper again. Well, sir, first we gotta make sure its drive for about 30 seconds. Okay, So once you're glue is dry for about on you waited about 30 seconds to a minute. Um, you know, just make sure it's a little sticky and not to what? That six down, right? Ah, you put down your gold foil, press it down, and then use your scraper to get it down evenly. And you don't want to screw too hard because they know scrapes. The foil paper. Ah, but just enough so that it's you know, you get it all down evenly, get it all, and then you can lift up your foil paper. And then, of course, if you have some spots that you wanted to go back over and kind of fix up. Go ahead and do that. So there you go, and now you have some cool metallic shine to your new illustration. You want to hang it up. It's a wall, prints or whatever you like with him. Another cool thing you could do is add some He wanted to try, adding that he said, Tape maybe can make a border on the edges or at some stripes, whatever you'd like, so go ahead and practice with that, and then we'll go to the next lesson. 6. FreeHandDesigns: Okay. So for this next part lesson, I will be showing you how to add some gold foil to blank card stock by free handing it instead of adding it gold accents to an existing design. Um, so for this one, you will need your adhesive pan your gold foil card stock. Um, miss optional. But I have an envelope to show you something cool it can do with that. Um, your double sided tape, some scrap paper, your scraper and an exacto knife in ruler if you plan to cut it down to size or to a different size in the in half by love. Okay, so first we'll start with an envelope. So for this, you know, just freehand. Whatever you'd like. Really? Um, for this, I'll just show you I was gonna freehand if you wanted a son, you know, birthday card to your friend and you wanted to write their name and gold. Or, you know, you could use the Edhi. Ah, double sided tape in line the edges, which looks really cool. So first I'll show you. You know, I'll just over at my name on the envelope. You wanna make sure you have enough glue at the end, so you might want to click it a few times. Okay. Always wanna make sure enough glue or else, uh, you won't have enough stickiness for the foil to stick to. Oh, it's a little hard to see, but if you have a light on, you know you'll be able to see the shine off the glue to see where you're doing it. So I'm just gonna write my name and curse off. Read it however you like, You know? So I can kind of see where I wrote it. Make sure you have enough glue. Have to go back over some of the parts. Okay, so I have enough. Okay, so I want out toe, let it dry for about 30 seconds to a minute. Okay, So after about 30 seconds to a minute, um, and once you're glues dry, just make sure it's trying. You want to take your gold foil, place it over the word, make sure to cover the whole area president with your hands, and then take your scraper, scrip it down. I said evenly. Make sure getting all the glue. Okay. You can lift your foil off. And now my name isn't cold, and so there might be a couple of places Will need a couple of spots on the touch job. Um, so again, this method, it gives it kind of this texture or so this is the fun of playing around with? Ah, adhesive pun. You kind of get that unique texture. A little distrust every time. Um, so I'm gonna touch it up. It's more glue. Kind of. Just go over this spot that didn't get enough glue. Okay, so again, let that drive for about 30 seconds soon. Okay? So once your gloves, Dr you know it was Make sure it's a little sticky. Not to what? Ah, you could take your gold foil, place it back over and again. When you are touching up some areas, you don't want to use the scraper again, cause it it could scrape off some your previous design. So just use your finger and compress pretty firmly. Make sure it's all on even. Okay, So once you think it's all down foil and touched up a little better. So cool. Now I have my name. A little bit of gold shine to it. And if you want to write your friend's name. You can use this as a cool card. Also, Another thing you could do is take your double sided tape. You can add, you know, maybe some gold up some gold rims. Our border around the edges. It was kind of cool. Just add some more decoration, Decorate a plain envelope, you know, Just had some. See how it looks if we add it to the top and bottom. Okay, so press it down, then lift up the take off the top of the double sided tape. So you're just left with the sticky part. We go. Okay, then take your foil. Do the bottom first. Find some room on your foil paper. Pass it down. Use your scraper. Make sure it's down evenly and do the top. Scrape it. Quote. So now you have some cool, cool borders on your envelope. Um, if you want to finish up the borders, you can go ahead and then I'll show you a cook. Another cool thing you can do. You can create a seal on your envelope. So where you closed the envelope? Once you're card or letters inside, come take your adhesive pun, Or if you want us to double sided tape. Um, I'm gonna draw heart. Who will make a heart seal? Shave enough glue. Use the light to make sure it's all covered up. Let's get some more glue. Okay, so now again, let that dry for about 30 seconds to a minute or until sticky. Okay, so once you're glues, drive Speak shirts dry. Can I take your foil? Put it over the seal. Scrip it down. Tippett, Foil. I have to touch it up again. But now you have the school Little seal hearts on the envelope. So now you've made a really pretty foiled gold envelope. So here are some other cool examples of stationary that I made that you couldn't make so again. Here's, you know, the heart. Um, I wrote hello with some polka dots on a card. If you want to write something on the back and you can, you know, put in your envelope, send it to a friend, and then here I made just some simple gold foil striping on teal paper. And if you want to fold it, make it a little birthday card. Could make it a tag on the gift, or even just frame it. It's kind of cool. Maybe make a little cool. Ah, minimal wall print. So there we go. There's some more stuff that you can do with foil now, using the larger card stock being half by 11. I'm using purple color, but can use you typically want Ah, with your adhesive pen. I'm gonna show you gun if you want to just make ah, free handed design. If you wanna write something again here, I'm gonna show you. I'm just going to draw little arrows if you want to Kind of make a cool wall print. Um, you literally just do polka dots if you want. And I mean, anything looks cool. So draw some arrows. Course, this is them to be perfect. Kind of the luck of the gold foil everyone starts, so you probably can't see them doing since it's clear glue. But I can see it in the light, just like a shine of it. You need toe. You can see what you're doing a little, but it's gonna drop four arrows on this paper Just centered. See? Okay. One more arrow. You know, make sure enough glue the ends, or else it will have to keep touching on 10. So I drew my four arrows. It's gonna make sure enough glow go over it again. Again. If you need Teoh, I'm just wholly free handing this. But if you make, if it's easier for you to draw with pencil fur's really lightly and that's OK to weaken. Trace that over with the with the adhesive pun. Okay, so now I'm gonna let it dry for 30 seconds to a minute. So once you're adhesive glue this drive you're not dry, but sticky. Ah, you can cover it with their gold foil. Sit down, women use your scraper, Get it all done evenly. And of course, it's gonna have a little texture and each one's gonna be unique. I might have to touched up again. Well, but after I think I think okay. And I can lift up your foil. Cool. So and I have been well, what they're still Now you have four arrows? No, just have that little gold shine. So now I'm gonna caught around the edges. Just a trim it down to size. Um, before I do that, the places that I wanna touch up a little bit see, that may be What's that? My Another script it down there. They're perfect. So now looks like a couple places and get script down. So I just used my finger. Get a couple more spots. So now I'm gonna use my pound again and get a little areas to touch up. It was my scrap paper. Just touch up in the areas that need it. Course you don't want to put on too thick or else it takes too long to drive, But couple of spots here and there, but I like the texture gives the distrust kind of look that's always unique and pretty. Okay. There you go. So while that's drying so you wanted to drive about 30 seconds to a minute? Ah, well, that drives. I'm gonna cut out the edges cause I'm gonna trim it down to size. I want to make sure don't cut off my okay. Muse makes Acto knife. It's gonna make it even eyeballing here. But if you want to measure it or of course, you can use the holy and half by love and card stock down. Cut the bottom and top. Yeah, I wanna touch the glue that stern a little over the top Come. I have to trim it down a little bit more. But, oh, do before tries. Compass side. Okay. It's not that I've cut it down. Uh, glue should be dry now. Okay. There you go. So cover it all back off. I'm just gonna I don't want to waste the gold foil. So I'm gonna just find some spot center. Have been touched you. So again, don't use the scraper cause you wanna scrape up, scrape off the original design. So use your finger and just get the areas that you wanted to touch for a couple dots. Here. Your finger press down firmly. It covers it up. Nice. Also giving you that cool texture you can see through the gold foil. Um, where the glue is when you press it down. Okay, it up. Touch up this area. You could cool. So now whips. Okay, so now you've got a cool little wall prints