DIY Flatlay Photography Backgrounds With SUPER CHEAP SUPPLIES! | Trupti Karjinni | Skillshare

DIY Flatlay Photography Backgrounds With SUPER CHEAP SUPPLIES!

Trupti Karjinni, Artist, paintmaker, cat mom

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6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. What's this class about?

    • 2. Why Have A Good Surface For Flatlays?

    • 3. Super cheap materials!

    • 4. Classic White Textured Surface

    • 5. Moody, Sophisticated Grey Surface

    • 6. Class Project and Final Thoughts

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About This Class


If you click any sort of flat lay photos for your social media, website, etc., this class is for you! Ever wanted to click beautiful flatlays, food/product photos but you've felt frustrated with bad backgrounds? Worry not, my friend! Today we are going to create professional looking, sophisticated surfaces for flat lay photography using extremely affordable materials. Nay, INSANELY INEXPENSIVE materials!

Having a great background for your flatlays is extremely important to keep consistency in your Instagram feed. I'll be teaching you how to make two fantastic backdrops - a classic white textured surface for clean photographs and a grey-white textured surface for a more moody look. Best of both worlds!

I click pictures of my artworks and product photos for my brand Blue Pine Arts, where we make handmade watercolors and sketchbooks. I needed beautiful backgrounds to make my pictures look professional. I'm surprised I didn't know it was so easy to have fantastic backdrops for my photos for two years but now I do and I'm sharing all the secrets with you! I guarantee that you will be blown away by the class results! :)