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DIY Filter for Photography

Jen S., Drifting Iris Photography

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5 Videos (11m)
    • DIY Filter for Photography

    • Introduction to Welder's Glass

    • DIY Filter

    • On Scene Demonstration

    • Post-Production Photography Editing


About This Class

Long exposure photography blurs motion. Typically this is achieved with neutral density filters which reduce the amount of light coming into the camera. These filters can get quite expensive, some over 100 dollars each, but with this easy technique you too can accomplish that classic smooth long exposure shot. 

This course will outline how to create your own long exposure filter using welder's glass, techniques for use, as well as a quick tip in post-processing. 

Check out my website for more inspiration





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Jen S.

Drifting Iris Photography

By fourth grade, I had already memorized the lines that would become my mantra for the rest of my life. "Two roads diverge...and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference." 

I call Alaska home and have spent most my life exploring the last frontier. Mostly directionless, trying to discover my path. During this journey, I've guided sea kayak tours, mushed Iditarod sled dogs, drove ambulances as an Emergency Medical Technician, ski patrolled the slopes, taugh...

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