DIY Driftwood Cross with Sea Star Center | Linda Suster | Skillshare

DIY Driftwood Cross with Sea Star Center

Linda Suster, Peace Love Driftwood, from our shore to yours

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4 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction & Materials List

    • Designing Your Cross

    • Assembling Your Cross

    • Finishing Touches


About This Class

In just 15 minutes, you'll design and create a naturally beautiful wooden cross, with a sea star center.  We give you step by step instructions in gathering your materials, designing and assembling your cross, and hanging it in your home.  You will end this class having learned a few new skills, and will walk away with a beautiful new decoration for yourself or a loved one!  





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Linda Suster

Peace Love Driftwood, from our shore to yours

Linda is a mother of five who loves being out in the workshop with her Hawaiian music and two doggie assistants! Getting into the driftwood business in 2012 was one of the best decisions she ever made, and she's loved every minute since!

Her work has been featured in Brides Magazine and Somerset Home, as well as several blogs. Feel free to check out her Etsy shop and pinterest page for more of her projects, and stay up to date with Linda on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the lat...

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