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DIY Digital Promotion Tools for Building Referrals.

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction

    • 2. 1.1 - paid promotional tools

    • 3. 1.2 - paid advertising platforms

    • 4. 1.3 - doing everything live

    • 5. 1.4 - thunderclap it

    • 6. 1.5 - the roundup

    • 7. 1.6 - comment and share!

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About This Class


amplify those referrals codes, build in some breathing room to your digital income by promoting to friends and potential future clients by educating them with the knowledge you already have.

at the start of summer of 2016 skillshare started a referral program telling tutors about the bonus of getting more people to signup for the service. I saw it as a challenge, in a couple of weeks I had hit my first tier of ten people and wanted to do more to get to one hundred but stumbled in the first week of July to get the momentum going so I switched back to making courses. 

using these power tips I wanted to help you pull together a daily 'actions' schedule - these are a good way of promoting, discussing and announcing your referral links to the general public - organic and paid methods are included. 

you can find advice on. . .

  • the basic areas of the ask - contacts, email, social networks.
  • taking a look at paid promotional tools
  • what advertising platforms you can use
  • live streams, webinars and one on one.
  • using social platform thunderclap for building a focused tribe

all my courses are around twenty minutes or so - do not expect walkthroughs in these courses they are mainly meant to inspire you to dig deeper into these processes and platforms. kickstart you on the bus, train or plane departure lounge on the way to somewhere.

look around for my social links for bigger, long-form courses on other platforms.

hope you like the course!

Phil (@philcampbell)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - introduction: this course is around 20 minutes. Okay, so today we're gonna look at methods off promotion to help you with referrals. This has been mainly what I've been doing over the last few weeks with skill share to try and get that bonus referrals amount. I did hit the first tier, but getting to the big A tear is a lot harder and have had to make a decision to switch back to actually making courses. But these are some of the basic areas of what I'm calling the ask so asking by Facebook contacts email Social networks are also going to look at paid promotional tools to using type, form, convert, kit or raffle copter. What advertising platforms you can use. So Facebook ads Instagram, Google, Twitter are also going to be talking briefly about life streaming webinars, and one on one using appearing appearing is one of my favorite video chat app. Because you don't actually need an account to get started. You just send a link on Europe and running. Finally, I'm gonna be talking about a social platform called Thunderclap, which uses other people's Facebook and Twitter to post a single message all at the same time on the same day from as many people as you shout out for. So maybe 100 or 250 people. 2. 1.1 - paid promotional tools: forms. Let's quickly talk a little bit about Internet forms. Amount of forms I come across the Internet that were broken, really drive me nuts. So I want to talk about forms a little bit because they are the life blood off any email newsletter list. And I'm really digging tight form dot com for making forms. It's super solid is responsive. It's really pretty. It's easy to use. Most of all, it's easy to collect email addresses, even payments if you want to, so do check out tight form. If you have a form on your website, do check. It works. I've seen so maney on reliable forms where the emails got lost. All the email form doesn't work anymore, or a plugging update broke it. Please go and try something more today. Fix that form thing. You don't know who is looking at your website. Who's trying to get hold of you? Convert Kate is also Another option is It's not something that I've got yet, but I've seen so many demonstrations on YouTube in people who got this. It's a great tool for on boarding, So instead of just taking somebody's email address, you can set up a series of auto responders that happened the same day or a few days later or a few weeks later, even months later. And I think this is a really good way of keeping engage with people who originally interested in something you were doing and then posting them something based on that schedule down the line. I think this is a really good way of maintaining that connection with people. Also, people really love winning stuff. So one of the tools is raffle, copter and ruffle copters done a really interesting thing, bolting together lots of tasks for you to do, which give you so many entries into the raffled after you've sort of shared on Facebook shed on Twitter, done something from a certain page. You get so many entries into that raffles just really nice Plug in Nice, which, if you're looking to do something long term, do something like raffle copter because I think you can really scale that, especially if you put a really good content strategy behind it, regularly pulling things out on YouTube or Twitter. Also, buffer and post Cron are to services that I've mentioned before in courses. They're great platforms to schedule existing call to action. So if you've got a video off 30 seconds or 60 seconds or you've done a review off company or a new service that you've got the nerve to schedule that said, it goes out regularly. I'm not talking about inundating and spamming people with this, but it might be something that they need to hear once a week, once a month, and it might be very day specific. So it might be for a weekend event. Or it might be. Don't forget we're doing this next week. Or did you know we have this? I think this is a really good way off automating some of the more mundane tasks that you have as a content strategise or social media intern. I can't really stresses enough. I have this problem as well, but preparing the schedule, sharing that load with other people in your team and maybe if you've got the resources to do it. Outsourcing some of it as well to a virtual p A is huge because once you start digging into social media and digital and content on video and sharing Andi engagement and newsletters, what you'll soon realizes that this stuff takes time and time is super precious. So the more you can schedule these things out, have a calendar for these things. We have a laptop club on a Tuesday morning, where do all my blogging and all the text side of things. We all my content production. Whenever I get the opportunity, do it. I can do edit in any time, but when I do my virtual work, I have to put that to one side. So I'm editing in the background, so try and schedule what days, what time of the day you're going to be at your most clarity. 3. 1.2 - paid advertising platforms: so Facebook bought Instagram. This is a really interesting area off the paid advertising site. There is a lot of people on. I think it's like 500 million people are now on Instagram. People like myself engaged heavily with pictures and video. These days, video has just exploded across the Internet on you know, people are watching so much content now. Actually, long form text, although popular, is taking a bit of a back seat for the immediate. So if you're looking to sell stuff, if you're looking to advertise a product or an event or service now that Facebook is acquired, Instagram you can find some great features in the advertising platform to work directly with Instagram for video and pictures. Do go check that out because you can get started on instagram advertising really, really cheaply. Take a look at a Facebook course, you know, take a Facebook course on how to spend a very small amount. Have a look out to get the targeting to your landing pages with clinical toe actions, because this, I think, is one of the most powerful ways of actually starting to understand where the traffic comes from, how to get people to convert instead of just spending gobs of money and some of that £75 free Google ad traffic or Facebook at traffic being, L've to learn how to do Facebook ads cheaply and incredibly targeted to find exactly the customer that you want in the area that you want. It's huge, and I think you don't have to spend a lot to get those first initial people on board. So do technicals. Find a course that helps you with Facebook ads. How to spend the smallest amount possible. Just toe. Have a play of how this works because you don't need to take on additional agency to do this stuff. You can do yourself with a bit of spare time. You can set up through the power it on Facebook ads within half an hour an hour, all the assets that you need. You might need to outsource some of the video work you might need to outsource some of the picture work, but the actual maintenance off the campaigns You can do that yourself. Don't forget YouTube. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Make video adverts. Video adverts are so cheap to run on there. I run video adverts for 0.1 pence already had quite a lot of traffic through on the residency videos, which is really helpful, and you can also put them in stream or in display ads. So think it's up to the ones that you normally click after five seconds to disappear. If nobody clicks through to watch the video, he still don't have to pay for that 1st 5 seconds, which is huge because of brand awareness. If you can make a great video within five seconds, that kind of gets people to drawn in but doesn't actually click. You still get that traffic Still, get that view without having to pay for Dig deep into Google ads on YouTube because they are really cost effective that I found and the traffic generation is really good. Google ads on YouTube Like I said, shortened sweet call to action. Don't forget to read your stats is super crucial to re just that's Have a look. Your click through rate. Get yourself a course on Facebook cats. Google ads had to do instagram marketing through Facebook. I guarantee you with a really, really small budget you can start to really own the customer that you're looking for. And when it comes to affiliates and referrals being out to target people to a landing, page off a preview of your course and then straight through to your skill share for that 99 cents three months package. I've been using this and found it really affected. Don't just spend money on views. Get the conversion minimizes spend. I think a lot of people spend. I know I did this. I spent 2030 quid just getting started, clicked all the defaults, saw the money burn through. Got lots of traffic. No conversions. It takes time testing different methods, different keywords, different text, different audiences on Once you find the sweet spot, I think over time what will happen is even your small spends on advertising here. As long as you get that referral and it's within the budget that you set originally, then you're gonna win 4. 1.3 - doing everything live: so live streaming a lot. People overlook this as a way off grabbing people's attention. But live streaming is mass eventually. If you've got a good following on one of these services being held to demonstrate or have ah, object or piece of hardware or piece of software and you're talking about it on the life street, people are very reactive to livestream material. So, you know, do you have people that follow you and do you do you update them regularly? I think this is a huge thing. Is just having followers doesn't necessarily mean you're always gonna get engagement. People are doing other stuff there elsewhere. People expect a certain regular output from you, so update them, let them know what you're working on. If you don't have that project built yet, and just tell them how far along you are with it and just give them an update. I think sometimes just that regular output that authenticity of I'm here today I've turned up work. This is what working on this is the beater version of it. This is how many hours it took. Think it gives people a semblance of how much effort time you're putting into something, and especially when it comes to the big. Ask the affiliate of asking the referral ass. You're asking people to stop what they're doing. Have a look at what you're doing. Subscribe to it. Take the time out. Put the card in, take the details. What value do you bring them? You need to bring some consistency to them. Andi. I think live streaming is brilliant for that because if you're gradually having a conversation on a daily basis, if they feel that they're getting value of out that conversation, they feel like they're learning something new app. At the end of that, maybe after a week or two weeks, or even a month or longer, I think, is easier because you've built up a familiarity of your intent. Webinars help to build a Pinterest. Live calls to action often work well. So you're doing a live webinar 20 value within 30 minutes or 60 minutes, showing people that walk through the process and at the end of it, they're more like likely to be informed about something that they had an issue with the beginning and been out to have a call to action in the end to say Sun up to my newsletter. Let's get my free courses. People are are more likely to jump on that stuff If they felt over the last 30 minutes of the last hour that they've got something out of it, 1 to 1 sessions. You know, if you know somebody you haven't spoke to in a long time. Even if you're not gonna ask about the affiliate of the referral just given the call one on 11 of my favor is appearing No book of free session with some kind of calendar app. Send them a link via email. Say, hey, be great to catch up working on this project or I'm working on skill share now or I'm working on this online training. I'm looking for referrals. It helps me get head. It helps me spend more time doing this. Are you interesting in supporting me? 99 cents for three months for 90 days of access to skill share is not a lot of money. Just informed them that they have Teoh cancel that. Will that be aware of how much the renewal is at the end of the 90 days and just be straight up and honest and authentic about it. Just like this is what I'm doing now. This is my job. This is helping me do my job. Would you support me in doing this? And I think one on ones are really good, because if you know people who are in I t technology or maybe some area where you can help them by advising them how to do something faster using technology a one on one session you can't really get better than that. Live streams. I have a bit of an issue in life streams. I love life streams, but I feel like Life's dream should have a topic. And I think they run better when they have a loose kind of topics scheduled to people jump into life streams depending on where they are. If they have a notification pop up that may just click it and go straight through. That might be on the bus to maybe at home that made watching video, maybe cooking your kind of disrupting what they're doing. They have stuff to do after all, kind of put nine areas together here in terms of life stream, so come up with some topics that you can switch your throughout the livestream, maybe do a Q and A. Maybe tell people about your plans. Maybe have a frequently asked questions of gathering together questions that you you're asked a lot. Maybe give answers to that talk about some new hardware and kit that you've got. Maybe some new Web tools that you're using that are really helping your online training again. The one on one. Like I said, offer that in your life stream. Also, don't forget to ask them to follow you. And also listen, listen, a lot of people don't do this in large streams. In the chat, there's people asking questions. Is people asking for advice? There is people listening to what you're saying and then have an idea and asking questions . So don't constantly just be looking into the screen, allowing the text to go by. If you don't have the time to respond to that, make sure that you have somebody in the room Is a moderator who can actually reply to that and then reply to you will send you a message in slack or whatever comes up that you use to let you know what questions were asked Also, if you're really confident, good at life streaming and you feel like you could be a really powerhouse by having a co host some great new services out there that would totally recommend for you to use. Regulators are the Iot is one of them, and the other one is crowd cast iron Crowd cast is a bit more expensive than a czar, but I think it's more of a polished product. These two services are great for making co host shows, so you can have yourself and your co host together. And I think adds a nice dynamic between the two of you bouncing questions back and forth. You can feel a little bit lonely and a bit isolating when it's just used streaming out to an audience, and it feels like all the eyes are looking at you, whereas if you have somebody who compliment you and you're bouncing things back and forth thing that makes for an interesting show also, What I really liked about his are is that you can link through to merchandise that you got to sell, so it might be T shirts. Also, you can link through to referrals, which I thought was interesting listing all of your courses in there instead of T shirts because you can put the Hasty Mel Link direct to your affiliate. Link your referral link to your courses, so this would be great to update people. I'm going to do this with this course and five other courses that I'm rolling out going to do like a webinar co hosted show and tell everybody about the individual courses and what it could benefit and tell people that they can click on the link and go through and grab it . 5. 1.4 - thunderclap it: thunderclap is one of the ways that I would suggest you spend any time because it's freed. You're not asking for anything from people part from the one time usage of either their Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr or all three. So you can set up an easy campaign for people to help promote your campaign for free. You say I want 100 people to help with this campaign or this event, all this affiliate link. Then you can select that you're looking to build an audience. 400 people Put this out Fight which you go and ask using the methods that I've shown you in the previous slides. And you can build up the numbers of people that are going to support your campaign and release a status update on any of those three platforms all at the same time. So utilizes their Twitter, Facebook and similar accounts. They own just one message per platform, and it's a focus group of a certain day driven to a landing page event or crowdfunding campaign a double click down and accidentally bought everything down on screen. But the idea behind Thunderclap is that you know, asking for any money you're just asking to get a group of people together, very focused group of people together tweet out your Facebook status update or to even post on their tumble a block about this event. It drives a bigger audience, targeted audience all at the same time, which, if you see this on lots of people's status updates than, obviously, is going to drive interest to the people who didn't sign up to it, which there might create a really engagement effect at that very moment. Value. People's Time. I think this is a huge thing about asking for a filly and referrals in general got to make the process super easy. Coulter actions have to be super clear, and it has to be in simple English. And the reason why I say that is that sometimes you can ask all too much of people. They're very busy. There may be on their mobile. They may only have time for just a one click or maybe to sign up via email. Make it very clear as to what your intent is with referral inks. Affiliate links Tell them how long they last fall. Don't forget to remind them that if they don't unsubscribed from that referral link within a certain amount of time. You don't want people after three months going back to you and say you didn't tell me about this, have just been charged this. You know, I'm a bit annoyed about it and then on following you and not wanting to work with you in the future. 6. 1.5 - the roundup: so the roundup for this really is. Referrals are not just about cashing in on the money side of things. That relationship that you get through engagement can last well past their as long as you curate it and nurture it. Try the organic route first. Don't go down the paid route. First, create some media schedules, read the stats and the data reports that you get, try and do the ad side of it really low cost as an experiment. If you really want to get into that and don't do drive by. I made the mistake of doing this myself by asking people on Facebook about referrals. Now remember that your remote audience is interested in what you'll do, what you're offering. There is a reason why they followed you on that social network or you followed them. And I think these days we do too much of the following and following Count on. We do less of the engagement as people. So do you remember that that you know the human beings? This is not like a drive by of acquisition of more wealthy cell. Make sure that you always give value back if they've managed to sign up as our affiliate. Don't forget these people. He should be your V I. P people that you give us access to any new courses for free in the future because they've spent time out there. Day to support and lastly, schedule and watch paid campaigns carefully. Please set a spending limit on this. I don't want you spending lots of money on Google ads or Facebook ads on getting in debt by accidentally setting these things of incorrectly. Do take a course to it properly. Hope you enjoy this course. Hope it was useful. I will catch up soon. I love to hear from your comments to leave me a comment. If you want me to expand on this or build in some different areas, do let me know. Thanks. 7. 1.6 - comment and share!: while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.