DIY Creative Experiments: The Art of Culture Jamming

Ivan Cash, Interactive Artist & Freelance Creative

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9 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Culture Jamming?

    • Creative Warmup: Camera Rollette

    • Exercise 1: Observe and Report

    • Exercise 2: Rapid Ideation (Post-It Note Challenge)

    • Exercise 3: Framing (What's the Headline?)

    • Exercise 4: Public Intervention

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Need a spark for your next creative side project? Looking to turn a personal passion into a portfolio piece? This inspiring and tactic-driven 25-minute class with artist Ivan Cash will challenge you to disrupt cultural norms and everyday habits through the art of Culture Jamming.

Ivan provides five DIY creative exercises as a jumping off point for you – the creator, the freelancer, the artist – yielding original ideas for engaging social experiments that could be the next viral story.

No matter your age, background or level of experience, anybody can jump right into Ivan's tried-and-true creative exercises:

  1. Camera Rollette
  2. Observe & Report
  3. Rapid Ideation (Post-It Note Challenge)
  4. Framing (What's the Headline?)
  5. Public Intervention

These interactive prompts will push you outside of your comfort zone into beautiful, uncharted territory of boundless creative growth.

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Need or have the desire to make thing in different way, in your way and that just for your plaisir to express yourself in your way or for make you busines/brand notable? This course is for you; lot of ideas, clarity and step by step to learn the approach. It was fantastic course.
Ingrid Lebihan

Heart Expression & Creativity Lover

Intriguing project(s) indeed! I quite like the idea of challenging your own creativity and the perception of others...
Very inspiring to me. I'm not an artist but I do love the small things that change people's perspectives.





Ivan Cash

Interactive Artist & Freelance Creative

I'm a San Francisco-based Interactive Artist who creates social projects that are culturally disruptive and radically engaging.

I love sharing my thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others -- having taught a Creative Ideas course for three quarters at Miami Ad School, a semester-long course called "Culture Jamming" at California College of the Arts, and recently given a talk on the value of personal projects.

I'm an expert at creating projects that impact culture, and ...

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