DIY: Create Amazing PRINTABLE ART with Picmonkey for FREE! | Wendy Featherston | Skillshare

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DIY: Create Amazing PRINTABLE ART with Picmonkey for FREE!

teacher avatar Wendy Featherston, Creatively Wendy

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Getting background images

    • 3. Lesson 2: Creating your masterpiece

    • 4. Final thoughts

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About This Class



You can create beautiful printable artwork with Picmonkey? If you have creativity by your side, you can use Picmonkey as your canvas to design amazing printable art.

And the best part is, it's free!

You can create these printables in 10 - 15 minutes and upload them online to earn passive income for life, give them as gifts or pimp out your room!

In this course, we'll provide a step-by-step process to create beautiful printable art in Picmonkey using amazing techniques.You can use them to hang in your home, as gifts or you can sell them online to create passive income forever.

I have attached the printable that I created as my gift to you...enjoy!

"Royalty Free Music from Bensound"

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Wendy Featherston

Creatively Wendy


For the longest amount of time, my life was all about waiting for Friday. Sound familiar? Not anymore and never again. I move to the beat of my own drum and love the music I hear. A few years back I discovered Pinterest and was bitten by the DIY bug and haven't looked back since.

I create, I inspire and I share my zest and zeal for life with everyone I meet.

~Be the change you want to see in the world

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1. Introduction : Hello, everyone. And welcome to my class. I'm Wendy Featherston. And today I'm going to teach you how to create your own printable artwork using pic monkey . I also teach you how to get background images. That's royalty free using in really awesome website that you could use for anything. If you're looking for images as you can see behind me, I have created some of my own artwork that I display here in my design studio. You can do the same. See you in the next video. 2. Lesson 1: Getting background images: All right, everyone, let's get started in this first IQ of finding a really cool background for our artwork that we're going to create over and pick monkey. I use picks a big dot com to find a lot of my working to free images until a walk around picks obey. Um, it's fairly easy to use. You can sign up for an account or you don't have to, and the first step is toe find or search for your images that you want to use and they have drop down box where you can search all images. You can search for just photos or graphic. Um, vector graphics, illustrations and even videos. You can change the orientation. You can choose a category to narrow down your search. You can change the within the height of the picture that you're looking for, or you can make it black a white or transparent. Here I just surged in all images, background textures, and I have chosen this really pretty purple flame background, texture, the textures of it. You got it smooth, but it's somewhat to d. I really like it. So you click down Lou, and it will instantly download and the as you can see, I have downloaded. He downloaded it here, and we're gonna use it over and pick Monkey. And I'll show you how to do that in the next video. 3. Lesson 2: Creating your masterpiece: Hello, everyone. And welcome to pick Monkey. Here is where I show you how to create awesome printable artwork or your own printable quotes using this free Web based software. So let's get started. You want to go to www got picked monkey dot com and it to bring you here. So in here is where you can either sign up for an account, which I'm not sure how much it costs. Um, right now, but I do have in the council I'm signed in, or you can just use it for free, which I'll show you how. So you can either edit pictures and pick monkey. You can do touch ups you can design or you could create a collage. Today we're going to use the design tab. And in this we're going to choose custom size. The size of the image that we're seeing today is the A four size paper or cannabis, and the dimensions are 24 80 about 35 08 and pixels. So we're gonna click make it this the canvas space. If it's too small for you, you can click on it plus sign down here to bring it up and the miners to take it down. So I like to be able to see what I'm working with, and I will just take it better. It's Mitt. Oh, that's too big. So we're gonna take it to hear 12.5 percent. So for this, we are going to use, uh, white background and you can actually in here change the colors to whatever you want. If you didn't want to use an image there, we just found over and picks obey. So for this, we're gonna use white. Now we're going to click apart and Empty is gonna make this just baker Here s o n pic monkey. This is the basic edits. And if you look here and hover over each of the icons, it tells you what you'll find in each. So this is the basic edit. This is the effects. Touch you text over Lee's frames, textures, themes and template. And I'm not sure if everyone would are will have the templates because it's new and it is in its beta for mating. So I'm not sure everybody will hit that. But today, what we're going to use is the overlays and the text, and we're gonna use texture Valeska started. So we're going to click on over lease and here you'll find that you have so many over leaves of that pit pic monkey provides and somewhere free and some are not. And the way that you tell which oh are not free The ones that's not free will have this little crown. And if you cover over it tells you this is a real feature. You have to have the subscription. But the other awesome thing about pig monkey is is that you can eight your own over lease, which we're going to do to debt. So we're going to click at your own, and we're going to grant that purple and mix that we downloaded from picks obey and just pull it right on it. I'm going to resize this and I'm gonna hold down my shift bar, bring up the double a rose and drag it down. I like to leave a little white space and we're just gonna drag it up again. There you have it. So when making principles, if you're selling principles on your website or an Etsy store or even giving him his gifts , printing them well, you know all of this is color, and it would take a lot of ink. So I like to be mindful of that. But because I do sell my items on my website and I don't want people to, you know, be task with, you know, using a lot of their color because it's expensive. So what I do here, you can change the color of your background and you do that by just moving a little circle over. Or if you had a hex cold, you could put the hex cooled in energy. Bring up that color of the heck scope. So for this, because we want it to be not as vibrant and break, I'm going to change the color to a light blue and you complain with it. But I want a little of the white tissue. So then I'm going to fade it out, and I'm gonna fade it down a lot because I really I just want a little of the blue. And you could actually use the blend modes to change the difference to highlight. But for this we're just going to be normal, and then we click off of it. So these air to separately as you have your canvas and you have your first later. And what we want to do is to combine the two so they don't move. So you click on the layers palette and you click on flattened image, and the low mountain tells you was combining. So now it won't move. So the next step is 28 your text and I'm creating an image with text. And so I'm going to click the text tape or I can. And over here, this is this is ours and yours. So pic monkey gives you lots of cool text that you can use. And there again are some worry, Al. Text it. You know, you can only use if you have a subscription or you can use your own system fights and you can just click over to there and you have all of the funds that are yours that you can use . So we're gonna use pig monkeys. Five. And I'm going to use Geo sands like and I'm going to create an image for a picture with the word love. So you click it text and each element or each letter I will bring in separately. So I can moved them where I want them to be. So I'm gonna use the word love and I have my caps locks on and I'm just going to add in and l and then click It takes bringing that. Oh, it takes and I like to move it a little. So is not one on top of the other at a V. Oh, hey, the click into to make sure your curses your cursor is in it n a v quick, call it sex and make sure your person is in Indy. And so when you get the four crawls arrows, you can move. You're letters. Now I like to resized each of them and, as you can see, even resize it that way by pulling it. Or you can go here to the slider and pull, or you can actually make it a little bigger here. And so I want all of my letters to be the same side. So what? I'm going to do these I'm gonna delete thes because I don't want to have to keep re sizing each letter, so I'm going to click on it. L and I'm going to right click, and I'm going to click Duplicate doesn't give me another l and then I'm going to bring up a cursor and making it Oh, everything is the same size click. Oh, because this is you need box with the fours circles, right? Click duplicate text And then I'm just going right click to do hate text again. And this one will be of the And because there's so big Okay, so when this happens, I just moved it more So you just click undo and which is here. And this is to go back, um, to hit it. If you wanted it to go back to it, someone click off and I'm going to move this up a little so I can get to hear and I'm going to make this and e just like that. And now here's where the magic happens. I am going to take months l and I'm going to place it here and I want my Vita moved down here and we'll move. Theo and I just want these the connect just the little. You can really be creative with this as you want, but I want them to just touch barely, and they're not going to bring my A here. Now I will move this up so my he isn't hanging all of the blue. So I like this. Now you get in, configure and move them around making bigger or whatever, but I like how this looks. You can Then, um, go from here. I want I don't want this to move because they will move if I move them. So what we're going to do is click the leader stand and we're going to click Combine in. Advocacy is you know, they show these letters separately because we added them as one separate, you know, one letter separately so we could combine, and it combines them. And as you can see, they give you your background. So now we're going to click off the layers today and what we're going to do with handsome texture. So we go over to textures, and here are like all of the often textures that pic monkey gives you. Of course, you can always add your own. They have space. What? You could do something like that or something like that and you can feed it. Dale, take it down. We just have a little of it And So one of the cool things that I like is that you can just be as creative as you want to be if you want it playing, you've been stopped there, but chicken and different light trails the earth cloud that you could which, you know, it was really cool. You know, I really like the effect of it. So for this one, what we're going to do is we're going to add the bookie, the circles and I like to choose this one. And I want my circles to be somewhat faded out a little. So just slided to wear, you know, you see them because I like, I want you to know that there's another element and I go to clip apply. I like that and I want it another element. Take out some to saturation. That's not the one that one. So let's undo in this. Bring back my and bookie. We didn't know Click apply, and it will add the water. So we'll at water and I like this because it gives it a little highlight. And I believe it right there, just like that. And, uh, I like hottest looks there several layers and you could by all means, change the color of the text. Move it. Stretching out is the as you want. You can also use quotes before this. I've done subway art, um, using this same concept. So here I'm going to combine everything and to finish up. You want to see it? So you click, save you name the project. We're just gonna call his little. And because I have one already, we're gonna make it love one. And I'm saving. It's here. Click. See? And it's done. You can then save it. We save it at the J. Pink and you can print it. And it This isn't also a way to bring your own texture. So we will see you in the next clay. 4. Final thoughts : Congratulations. You have now completed each lesson. And now you're ready to make your own digital printable artwork using pic monkey. So the project for this class is to create your own digital artwork and a bloated into the project section of the class so we can see your awesome creations. Thanks.