DIY | Clay Sculpting : Create Your Own Mini Sandwich ( Easy! ) | Mabel Low | Skillshare

DIY | Clay Sculpting : Create Your Own Mini Sandwich ( Easy! )

Mabel Low, Crafter & Designer

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7 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials & Tools, Designing & Pre-Sculpt Preparation

    • Sculpt

    • Assemble

    • Bake

    • Glaze & Accessorize

    • Project Inspiration & Thoughts


About This Class

Learn how you can create your own (non-edible) fun-sized mini food with clay, using tools easily found around your house. This project is fun for young kids and therapeutic for those of us young at heart. But be careful, this can be addictive! You'll realize how simple it is to create your own food figurine that you will be left wanting to make more! 

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Excellent instruction and video editing. I had a lot of fun making my sandwiches.
Lynn Chiu

I am a learner.

I loved the Sandwich Charm too much, It would definitely be fun making one of my own.
very cute for presents





Mabel Low

Crafter & Designer

Hi! I enjoy making things and the medium that I work most with is clay. It started out as a hobby but now it generates a little bit of income, that how I got to learn how to start my own business. There is so much more for me to learn and I'm excited for my journey up ahead!

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