DIY Clay 'Diamond' Earrings! | Learn How to Image Transfer onto Polymer Clay | Craft For Beginners

Fern Martin, Card Designer, Jewellery Maker, Craft Enthusiast

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5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Diamond Earrings Intro

    • 2. Diamond Earrings Materials

    • 3. Diamond Earrings Conditioning

    • 4. Diamond Earrings Image transfer

    • 5. Diamond Earrings Finishing


About This Class


If you've never crafted with polymer clay before and would like to have a go, this is a fun introduction for you :)

I will teach you how to take a block of clay, condition it, shape it, transfer an image onto it, and then transform your clay shapes into earrings. During the process you will learn the basics of working with clay, and then if you enjoy it you can move on to more advanced techniques and projects.

I hope you'll join me in class!

Briefly What You Will Need for this Project:

- Polymer clay (I'm using Fimo Soft) - you only need a small block

- An oven

- A surface to work on & a baking surface; I used a ceramic tile for both

- Water, a cup/jar, a zip-loc bag & a bowl

- Images that you want to transfer onto the clay; print these on normal copier paper with a laser printer. If you want to use my diamond images, find these under 'class project'

- Sandpaper; preferably 3 fine/very fine grades of wet-and-dry sandpaper, but just one grade (around 600 grit) would work

- A thin cutting blade; I use a tissue blade

- Scissors

- Lollipop sticks or playing cards (recommended)

- Acrylic roller or smooth glass jar

- Any varnish you want to add; I used Fimo gloss varnish (optional)

- Blank metal discs/tags with a hole in (to turn the clay shapes into charms) OR a piercing pin/toothpick/narrow straw to put a hole directly in the clay

- Any jewellery findings you want to add, such as earring hooks/jump rings/necklace chain & clasp

- Pliers; preferably jewellery pliers

- Superglue