DIY Christmas Ornaments | Recycling Old Toys & Nail Polishes | Kate Chystykova | Skillshare

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DIY Christmas Ornaments | Recycling Old Toys & Nail Polishes

teacher avatar Kate Chystykova, Craft Addicted

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools & Supplies

    • 3. Toy Hanger

    • 4. Nail Polish & Glitter

    • 5. Top Coat

    • 6. Hanging Options

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to my tutorial. In this class I'll teach you how you can recycle your/your kid's old toys, so they will not just clutter your space, but work as decor pieces for Christmas holidays.

Not only you can recycle some old toys, but you can also reuse your old nail polishes, that you don't use much often anymore.

Moreover this DIY takes less than 10 minutes to do! It's a really great way to spend some time with children or on your own and relax a little bit.

Let's grab some supplies and give a new life to old stuff^_^

Tools & Supplies:

  • old toys
  • old nail polishes
  • pliers
  • cutters
  • ear wire/wire
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun/superglue
  • glitter

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kate Chystykova

Craft Addicted


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1. Intro: Well, welcome to my class in this, dear. Why? I will teach you how to make cute and unique Christmas ornaments. Recycling your old toys for your kids, fall toys and nail polishes. It's really easy and find a way to spend your time to go there with your kids. Children don't just spend time with your friends. Maybe by your own Oz is there. Why takes about, like 5 10 minutes to be done. So it's a really cool quickly and is away toe. Give in you life to your old stuff that you don't need any more. But you don't want toe. Throw it away. If you're interested, keep watching. 2. Tools & Supplies: So for this day, while you will need some paper or something else to cover, it's a service way you're going toe work. Our It was a large era, actually, because I just used the first Liam toe a four papers. But all my room wasn't greater, so it's better to call like a large api's afirman zam what you need. You need a hot google or maybe just a simple super global. It will dry a little bit longer. Then you will need Qatar's were out, knows liars, uh, old toys or whatever you would like to. They can be like small exists one so large ones. Then you will need just a simple wire. I'm gonna uses these year wires as they head if you lose them, and they didn't know how to use them because I'm not going on do earrings somewhere. It's just lying around like about three or four years at home. I don't know how to use them, so it's a great idea to recycle them. Then I also going to use some old nail polish is they're not dried, but it just don't like the color anymore, so I'm going to use it to recycle it as it's been. Catch one like the basis. And I'm also gonna use Ah, these nail polish or nail powder. It's like this pinkish later and toe secures a great I'm gonna use just a topcoat with glitter. Also, you can just you can use just a simple clear topcoat or visit later as well. So it will be extra shine. And that's and I forgot you're doing it also a ribbon like or maybe Sarette, whatever you choose I'm going to use because it's kind of like Sarette supports is kind of like a ribbon has read something between it and other social protocol it so that's it for the supplies and tools for this anyway. 3. Toy Hanger: So, actually, my footage was broken. As I did this hoop. It was simply Zissis, like, Ah, the top are toe or for a while I just cut it. It's a little bit and sent. Make this kind of like a hoop sane. And then I added toe hot glue gun and placed disease. You were on top of the toy and where there's a few minutes till it dries. So that's everything for our ear war usage. You can use a simple while and making who pins and glue it. Or you can stick it before the material off the ace Brutus, soft spoken, kind of like make hole and then stick it so inside and glue it. It also will work. Let's move to our next step. 4. Nail Polish & Glitter: So it was an ex stepping into dough. He's find your soy with the Scenario college and then Sprinkle zig a little, so I'm gonna paint it I'm using. It's another Mabel nail Delicious the 1st 1 droid and it was impossible to use it. I'm gonna call it a little bit more except sale. And now it's timeto Sprinkles chocolate like nail. Boulder does this and then just repeated on another part. I was a toy CEO with the toys all covered in disease. Later, it's a really from project to do physio Kate. You can recycle it. His choice of photos, photos Regis, I don't like we don't use anymore and so you can give in you life. So those toys no more bullish. Yes. Now I'm using a regular nail polish dries a little bit longer so I can cover larger places . If you use like, text short or quick, dry nail polish, it'll drive really far. So you will need to work on smaller areas, something Linksys I'm gonna So you're slick. I'm Brooke removed the excess problem. You can also does this projects in school. For example, if your teacher Oh, you know, at my school like, Ah, here's a Christmas New Year safe. We didn't actually studies that much. We were doing some kind of like craft. So just speaking with a teacher. So if it's like a primary school, it's a great idea. Tow her family skates so they will not be bored at school. Simplest sitting. And they can also recycles at our school. You can recycle your old so that you have at home so you can bring them at school and those this project with them and everyone would be this. We're almost done. You can also try making like great and maybe, um, collar. If you have a few different like shades a one collar like glitter like dark been Glater regular pink and, like Lod Busto being glater. So it would be really fun. It's a trick It I make sure they're going just to find the flick and to feel more Yeah, and said Lost part. We're almost so and we're almost finished. Just keep a dry the little bit feels a greater sticks to the nail polish, and then you can also remove some excess. Now your boredom and we'll just need toe sale it. So let's move forward. And as every dio where I show her I'm gonna see you is a toy 5. Top Coat: and now we just need to seal. I went in glitter. I'm using this glittery nail polish you can use just a regular taco, the transparent, transparent nail polish. It will first let doll is that glitter a little bit. So when it's wet but ran and dries, it's a bit Oh, great. Ah, you can also use, like a few layers of glitter like Repeat is the first and the second step, like name, political Later, two or three times. And when you like the result, just seal it. All right. I have almost finished Houthis going the rational polish. Maybe we'll use just a transparent want. Find another glee to polish what I have to finish. It's it's toys. It's about two years like, well, locked off male bullish. So it spreads around and to your don't moves. Igli, too. It's ends. That's it, I suppose covered Arison. Almost person. You gonna repeat like this step two times again, so everything will be a silk. You will assure in it and sets it says day. Why I took really, like about five minutes usually takes about five minutes. When I'm not talking, I'm just doing as this craft. And now let's move how you can Hank, your your Christmas ornaments 6. Hanging Options: And now I'm gonna show you three options How you can actually hang your toy first you can use everybody. You kind off like, Oh, pull it through the hoop ends in, connect the ends and glue them together with the glue gun could glue or just regular super blue. And now you can come get leg disease another way. You could just simply use a ribbon and glue it straight on top off your toy and in under two kind of like hide. The answer used a beat, so it will not look really myself. Oh, you can simply use a paper clip. Just opens a clip. Hands on the you can mandatory exists. These are my three favor adoptions. Actually, I am mostly perform typically abs when I'm hanging around my Christmas ornaments. So it's up to you. What kindof our hunger hand in style you want to use from your Christmas tree 7. Conclusion: and we're done. This is the final look. I injured doing these ornaments, but so much first awful because I recycled old toys. Second labor goes a recycled. My now malicious I just half like about five or seven nail polish is John Jews, but the I can throw them away. It's like, Oh, just waste in the product and I don't want it. So I'm really happy that they I found the kind of flick away Harkin recycle its and the hope I gave you an inspiration. How you gonna recycle some kind of like latter. Maybe because if he the sin doesn't have a Barbara. So it's a clatter somehow. And now, like these stories have in you purpose new life, and they can bring me joy. I actually have a few more toys is that I can paint in pink, and I suppose it will have enough choice to panic all over my Christmas tree now. So it will be like in one scheme, color scheme, and one seem like animals. Dinosaurs like toys kind of peace, and that's it. Now it's your turn to make your craft recycling some toys. So none of the nail polishes or whatever you would choose. Don't forget to send pics And don't forget to follow me. I would love to see your crops soon, so make sure that you send some pics to me. Good luck crafting.