DIY Branding for Creatives - Your Brand Style Guide

Riëtte Cawthorn, Illustration, Design and Lettering

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39 Videos (2h 8m)
    • Introduction to Class

    • Your Project

    • The Foundation of Your Brand - Introduction

    • What is Branding?

    • Your Personal Why

    • Your Mission

    • Who

    • Your Ideal Customer

    • How

    • Values

    • Create a Mood Board - Introduction - Brainstorm Keywords

    • Search for Inspiration Online

    • Search for Physical Inspiration

    • Create a Mood Board In Canva

    • Create a Mood Board in Adobe Illustrator

    • Create a Mood Wall

    • Create a Physical Mood Board

    • Color Your Brand - Introduction

    • Find Color Palettes on Pinterest

    • Find Color Palettes using

    • Color Palette Generators

    • Create a Color Palette using Adobe Illustrator

    • Create a Color Palette using Canva

    • Font Your Brand - Introduction

    • How and Where to Find Fonts

    • How to Download and Install Fonts

    • How to use

    • Use Your Own Lettering

    • Photography and Graphics for Your Brand - Introduction

    • Where to find images and graphics

    • Using Downloaded Graphics and Making your Own

    • Using Mock Ups

    • A Logo for Your Brand - Introduction

    • Types of Logos

    • Using Logo Templates

    • Create Your Own Logo

    • Create Your Style Guide - Introduction

    • Create a Digital Style Guide

    • Thank You and What's Next


About This Class

DIY Branding for Creatives - Your Brand Style Guide is the first class in a series of classes that will walk students through developing their brands.

As creatives we tend to be our own worst clients and in this class we will focus on each element, answering core questions and taking action to develop our Brand Style Guide.

Although we will be creating a Brand Style Guide in this class, this class is also for anyone wanting to learn things like figuring out there mission, finding and creating color palettes for projects, finding fonts and lots more. 

If you don't have a business, but you maybe blog or something similar where you create something for people, this class will definitely be helpful to you as well. 

You will receive a downloadable workbook that we will work through together to collect all the different elements we need to create a Brand Style Guide that translates the look and feel we want for our brand.

At the end of this class you will be very clear on the foundations of your brand and you will know what visual elements you will use to create a brand you love and that sends the exact message you want. You will use this guide in all the future classes in the DIY Branding for Creatives series as it will help you stay focused and that will make it easier to develop and create all the different elements you need to build a beautiful brand and also products and/or services that are both focused on what you want to do and how you can help your ideal customer.

This class is for anyone wanting create a beautiful brand themselves in their own creative way. I will demonstrate how I search for elements and also how I create some elements and by the time you have everything ready for your guide I hope that you will be able to put it together in your own creative way because you will be bursting with ideas from everything you now know about your business.

Although I do demonstrate a few things in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, it isn't a necessity to have these programs, I do show other ways to do certain things as well, like Canva.

If you need more help or something isn't clear, please don't hesitate to contact me, I am here to help and if I don't know something I will do my best to find the answer for you.

I hope you enjoy creating your Brand Style Guide with me.

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excellent guide to doing your own
Even though I can't be completely objective, being married to Riëtte and all, I have to say that this class answers a lot of questions for people starting out a business. Even if you are re-evaluating your brand this class is a good place to start. The worksheets and classes are designed to give you a clear picture of what you want your brand to look and feel like. Once you have a clearly defined brand it becomes easier to focus on the rest of your business and always have this to come back to when evaluating, designing or selling new products and services. I also happen to know what classes are coming up next so I cannot wait to see them all. P.S. All Riëtte's classes are free for the first week so for people like me on a free membership it is worth it to check out.
I wish this class had been around a year ago when I was starting my Surface Design journey. It was while I was watching Riëtte’s class that it hit me how much easier my design journey would have been if I’d had a clearer idea of who I was designing for. Thank you Riëtte!





Riëtte Cawthorn

Illustration, Design and Lettering

I'm Riëtte - wife and mom (who happens to homeschool), illustrator, designer, student and teacher.

I draw letters, doodles, flowers - whatever I feel like - I make patterns, I teach clients all about branding and websites, but most of all, I learn every single day.

Sometimes the things I create get to travel a little further than my hard drive, but mostly, and this is sad, they never get to meet new people. 

I love to help people, I love to create and I love to ...

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