DIY Body Products: Create an All Natural Lotion Bar | Alyssa Barnes | Skillshare

DIY Body Products: Create an All Natural Lotion Bar

Alyssa Barnes, Down to Earth Alchemy

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7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction / What's a Lotion Bar?

    • 2. Deliverables

    • 3. Naturally Good Ingredients

    • 4. Gathering Your Materials

    • 5. Throw It All In!

    • 6. Make It Uniquely Yours

    • 7. Final Thoughts & Thank You!


About This Class


In this class you will learn how to make a lotion bar from all natural, plant based ingredients. Lotion bars are easy and fun to make!  They are a convenient, natural, and more moisturizing alternative to commercial, water-based body lotions. Upon completion of this class, you will have 2 lotion bars that can each be easily customized with different essential oils or herbs.

There is absolutely no prior experience or knowledge required!

We will begin by collecting our ingredients, and I’ll tell you where you can purchase all of them. Its as easy as putting everything in one pot on the stovetop, melting it, and pouring it! I’ll walk you through this and give you bits of info on the properties of these simple and pure all natural ingredients.

This is a class for all ages, and would make a fun project for children (with the supervision of adults.) Geared towards anyone looking for a fun DIY project, this class is perfect for anyone interested in learning about all natural body products,some of the benefits of herbs and essential oils, plant based oils and butters.

This class is for you!

Let’s get started.






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Alyssa Barnes

Down to Earth Alchemy

I am the owner and creater of Down to Earth Alchemy, a plant-based, natural body care products company. I love teaching others how easy and fun it is to make their own body products at home. I hope to teach more classes on other products in the future.

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