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DIY Blending Stick - How to create your own blending stick

teacher avatar Barbara Baumann, Illustrator & Drawing Tutor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. What is a blending stick?

    • 2. Material needed

    • 3. How to make a blending stick

    • 4. BONUS Tutorial: a cat's-eye

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About This Class

A blending stick is a stick made out of rolled paper. It is used in order to smudge the graphite on the paper to get a smoother effect. The blending stick is, for example, perfect for drawing eyes because you can instantly create a more realistic version of the eye due to the smooth surface without any visible lines of the pencil.

If you don't have a blending stick with you, but you need one (for example for the Portrait Drawing Class #2, , you can make one by yourself!)


Barbara Baumann is an Austrian artist and illustrator. She is teaching drawing classes since 2015 and is enthusiastic about showing the students how they could express themselves by drawing and finding their own style of drawing.



  • sheet of paper (the softer the better)
  • pair of scissors
  • tape
  • sandpaper
  • soft pencil (eg 6B) in order to test your new blending stick


Meet Your Teacher

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Barbara Baumann

Illustrator & Drawing Tutor


Hello and welcome! My name is Barbara Baumann. 
I am an award-winning illustrator and drawing tutor from Austria.
And I love sketching.

The idea of teaching classes on Skillshare comes from the bottom of my heart:
to get you close to drawing and to show you that you too can draw. I love to welcome you in class!
It's all about learning to feel the drawing!

For tips and tricks about drawing, subscribe to my weekly Newsletter here - full of drawing tips and inspiration.
I'd love to connect with you on Instagram.

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1. What is a blending stick?: Hello and welcome to this little glass. How to make your own blending stick. Many Miss Debra Bowman and I'm in Austin artist and illustrator. I am a book illustrator, but I'm also making scientific illustration as well. Usmagazine illustration. On doing illustrative branding, which means them usually on the lining strategic principles off a company. Today, I'd like to show you how to create your own material for better planning the profit they're drawing a self made blanding stick. A planning stick. A cystic made out of rolled paper. It is used in order to snatch the CrossFit on the paper to get a smoother effort. The planning stick ISS, for example, perfect for drawing eyes because it can instantly create a more realistic version off the I . Due to the smooth surface without an invisible lines off the pencil, The blending stick is an amazing growing tool. The pattern off the iris is more homogeneous, since Muth Wells much in the graph, it lines with a planning stick or the same for the lips. With the help of the planning stick, we can great shady effects on the lips, but only blending the cursed lines for testing our new planning stick. I've made a little bonus tutorial for you how to draw a cat's eye. These Blanding six said the usual months that you could buy they also made out of soft roll paper. So it is a really wonderful to you can completely change the appearance of a drawing with it. This little one is the one I made by myself. So if you have not yet planning stick But you'd like to try how this works, you can also make your own blinding stick. Algerian. Now how you can do this? 2. Material needed: part one. The material for great in your own Blanding stick. You'll need a sheet of paper, a pair of assists, us a tape, a piece of sandpaper, ideally with different criticizes, so you can create find and a soft pencil a six p, for example, to test the new planning stick. So let's start. It's really quickly then. 3. How to make a blending stick: hard to let's make our own Blanding stick, take the sheet of paper and cut out a kind of wet shaped strip so that the lines are convergent. Then we roll. Is paper strip tight, starting with the broader side off the strip? This may take a while, but it's really important that it's rolled tightly. We fixed the role was a tape on. Whoa, that's it. That's the basic structure of the planning stick. Now for creating a fine tip, you can use the sandpaper First. We use the sandpaper with the lower criticize for grating rough shape. For the final details, we take a sandpaper with the Hayek would size. The tip shouldn't be too flat because we would like to use it. Also, Ferreri Tiny Intel's As soon as we're satisfied with the shape off the tip, we're finished with a gration off the landing stick. So let's have a test now. How it brooks. The IRS has a lot of paneling. Details. We can great. Now it's smooths and more coherent surface by applying ourselves made Blanding sick and yes , it works 4. BONUS Tutorial: a cat's-eye: Park Street passing mystic by drawing the cat's eye. If you want to know more about the use of a blinding stick. If attached to your little bonus material, I'm going to show you how to dry cat I and by the blending stick is so helpful here. So let's still some magic with the cats on the blending stick. It is best to use a six B with a fine tip. You. Maybe I was a hard a pencil, like a through B, if you have one. But if you only have a six before testing its fine and they needed a raise or a, a razor in general might have a good help. But well, the most important tool is the Blanding stick. Before I start drawing, let's have a look what you have to keep in mind when drawing the cat's face. It's important to leave out the reflection inside the dark pupil. Otherwise, it's really hard to great this Szymon her eyes with only pencils and in areas the dark pattern off the first it could orientation that we will focus on it when drawing this. Don't forget about the white whiskers. The best way is to leave a white space for them so you can avoid the air razor. We roughly defined the basic shape off this cat's face in order to better position her eyes . If you'd like to know more about the basic structure of an animal, please feel free to have a look on my sketching class. We go on with the sketching by defining the details of one cat's eye. Every focus here on the right one. Do not draw the dark areas off the I all it wants, but step by step because the eyes are made out of different layers of gray and the darker areas are slowly grated that way. Now it's time for the Blanding stick. The Aris's here very smooth and read a homogeneous so the Blanding stick well. We have great help to create this effect. We are also using the Blanding stick in order to smudge the outlines off the I A. Bit as the for is starting here. There's no strict clear board around the eyes. It's more fluffy and soft. Let's start a little bit with author here for integrating the eyes more in the face of the cat. The blending stick is old a great tool for grating a pattern without Panza the bride, The parts of the for can be made this way. Be aware off the direction of stiffer when planning these lines with a soft 6 p.m. Indicating dark areas of tougher on the Blanding stick helps to define the errors offer around the eye for the fine details off the hair where using a very pointed six peak, the hair is here. Read a short and pattern. So we're drawing it with different pressure on the pound sel and with very short lines. Finally, with so much again the whole for this makes it more call heard. - Well , that's it. This was our Blanding stick pass, and after feeling that the blinding stick has passed the test, what do you think? What are your experiences? Went growing with it. You're welcome to tell me more about your planning stick drawing experiences and to post a bro check tear or toe. Ask me any questions about the planning stick in the community field if attached to this cat poetry. If you'd like to downloaded for your blinding exercise and you're welcome to test your planning, stick in my classes. For example, in the poetry growing class, especially in part two, we will meet the landing stick. So thanks for watching. It was great. And he joined this little class, so Well, thank you. Have a great day. See you.