DIY Beauty: My Favorite Vitamin Cures For Fabulous Skin | Nathalie De Ahna | Skillshare

DIY Beauty: My Favorite Vitamin Cures For Fabulous Skin

Nathalie De Ahna, Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Trailer Vitamin Cures For Fabulous Skin

    • 2. About Me

    • 3. My Favorite External Vitamin Cures

    • 4. My Favorite Internal Vitamin Cures


About This Class

As an orthomolecular nutritionist, I specialize in vitamin cures to help people become and stay as healthy as possible.

I don’t care what others say, I strongly believe that you can turn back anyone's biological clock if you just provide the body and mind with an abundance of nutrients, and this has a fantastic effect on your looks, too.

For example, if you want to

  • turn your skin from dry to peachy
  • your complexion from grey to glowing or
  • visibly firm your saggy facial contours

you do NOT need to spend a fortune on expensive creams or fishy lotions.

All you need to do is visit your local grocery market or drugstore and start using vitamin cures both internally and externally.

Do you think I’m full of crap? :-)

Then I’m challenging you right here and now:

Give it a try, and I promise you'll be blown away by the results you see!

In this class I'm revealing six of my favorite vitamin cures for fantastic skin.

They are:

  • super easy to use
  • very budget-friendly and
  • completely natural!

Curious? Then click on the blue ENROLL button and get started right away!