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DIY Beatrix Crown and Horns + Makeup (Lords Mobile Halloween Look)

teacher avatar Kate Chystykova, Craft Addicted

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. DIY Crown - Suuplies and Tools

    • 3. 3. DIY Crown - Top Part of the Crown

    • 4. 4. DIY Crown - Bottom Part of the Crown and Rhombus

    • 5. 5. DIY Crown - Gluing All Pieces Together and Painting

    • 6. 6. DIY Crown - Finishing the Crown, Let's Attach a Bobby Pin

    • 7. 7. DIY Pink & White Striped Horns

    • 8. 8. Makeup Products for the Beatrix look

    • 9. 9. Beatrix Makeup Tutorial

    • 10. 10. Final Look

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About This Class

Thinking about your Halloween costume? Let me show how you can easily transform into one of the Lords Mobile heroes - Beatrix known also as Petite Devil. In this ###-minute class, you'll learn how to do her hair accessories - crown and horns - and her makeup look.  


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Kate Chystykova

Craft Addicted


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1. 1. Intro: Hello. My name is skinned. And, uh, if you're tired, all Lexus Boren Helen looks like reaches when bars, zombies and you want to try something new. That's a really great opportunity for you, its exact aloof. But it is inspired by, like, very popular game now, especially in China. It's genies game lords, meanwhile, and this is like a bad risk look inspired. But trees is ST Tail from this game, and it's kind of not really typical general look, and I suppose it will be a really it's super easy to do from makeup. It will take a little bit of time to make Tom accessories, but I ensure it will be worse. You will be unique. You will be different from all costumes on Helen brought to, and it'll be really great. So if you want to know how to make disease, look, keep on watching 2. 2. DIY Crown - Suuplies and Tools: So for this day, Why you going into a printable retrial? Vegetal? Likewise description. You can find it in your project. You can print it on the papers and trace it on the cardboard Khartoum and got it. Or you can simply rent it on your color cartoon. If it is not too sick, so you can just cut it from here. You will also need call out of the car. Well, just the simple carbon which you will pay two basic rule of queens. So you have two options I prefer toe bringing on our paper are colored carton. Sorry. And then I also did Teoh. If you touch a serious mind Gold acrylic quaint. It will also need some scissors for your stupor of scissors some small and bigger run. You will need to glue if if you are from America, you can use a sex sells on glow. You're doing it about weapon. And a simple pencil was that whole unit was his day away 3. 3. DIY Crown - Top Part of the Crown: so no working actually start cutting out how a printable and then we'll phoned. It's pretty quick toe cut it. But unit to be patient so you wouldn't got too much. It's not that hard. The broads, that's for me. I always hurry. And then I caught it. Not really even kind of straight lines. And a recent goes from silk could be mentioned connection. Look onto the one. Your watching and moving. What do you show so it will not visit? Boring. As I said, I'm cutting it all a radio on my carton and it's bearable. It will be my bites election flexes e u you. Well, im gotten. I actually play is a game lord. Small bile and the bed rhesus one off the heroes. But she's paid to play hero. You need so by a back with your medals so you can hire from, so I don't know, I use this. Okay, Does that has a great Okay, actually. Cut it. So now we need toe quote, but be patient. Also be were very, very patient. I'm gonna use this, so mm bamboo stick so it can learn that you cannot also your scissors. I'm gonna test with them boss. So we will see what works. But being operation. Okay, doing this and that's great when you can fault a few lines. So I suppose you may have and hear horns are not that hard to do. Actually, foreground is also not the heart to do, but it requires a little put off time to folded correctly and then glued, and she's on the over there. I would say she's one of the cheapest, great heroes, because if I'm not mistaken, you weigh, um, let's Moniz and fathers was as heroes. But you get all is a boost, you bill neat. And she's not only great for some specific tasks like for attacking or defending like song , because it's a war game. Ah, she's also great wasa since, and it's your benefit to buy it. Okay? No, it's not working that way. I'm not in so using this stick because there is a little bit off nail polish and it stains the paper and the cartons Soul. I'm not into it. Okay. Where I did it to this hes fifties. Great little. I would phone rare, continued, and, um, actually try to make your makeup look last year. Why were speaking? And, um and that I liken it. Really? Because maybe I didn't try my best. Who knows my baby? Because I didn't like her that much, but I really wanted to try doing him oak. But this time it will be much. Bet it was because also during the ground for him. And it's great. Hello. And costume. Why not? I'm not gonna go for question action, but it's pretty. It's also good if you do just the ground and you make up, maybe you go. Oh, dressed the front ST skirt and blouse. Something in empire style. Okay. Suppose suppose it's ever since. Yeah, actually, yes. Okay. You can no use. Okay, is it's absolutely great. Mm. I'm gonna your sexual enough a glue stick because it's card, and I'm not really sure that it will stick it. Um, boards a superglue. Ah, in USA. No, you can use a 6000 and it will work. Great. Okay. Is this so they're making this kind off star. Oh, well, surely I u s so much glue. It's month. Great. Yeah. So this was my mistake. I used to magical. So be sure not to over. Do it. Okay. This will be my back site. It's available. Do the little college so much? Okay, I suppose we can lose this. So on. Oh, so Oh, they really little bit just a little bit. Who? Okay, it's chicken it while it dries a little bit. You're gonna use our Oh, left out Carlton and Mike is a board off it. That's a consumer. Did I suppose this way we did the top park. And when it's this kind off circle who? White circle. And then we will get a goat garden over. But let's start just visit. So I will try. Godson, my best six centimeters. It'll be a what? Make sure it will be a straight line. I'm as my cartoonists already straight. I'm just puts in my ruler to the top, so it will be straight and we got the straight line and let's got it okay on did the mistakes that I have a little here. I suppose it will not be, but okay, it will be over breath, but But it's so why I suppose mind Actually, it is so worth maybe hold for said Ok, let's make sure. Is it it is four centimeters. It's nuns. It. But as it consume, it is like it's Serie the ground. So we will make a trick. A small to Rick. Okay. I don't understand this one. Um just make a line from the top. It's one and five centimeter. He's in just okay, Something is Iran because this one is great. And this one Oh, little bit. Okay. So far away. So my when it's folded because we'll make Is it three d effects? Make sure that you're doing great. And they did a mistake, actually, because I write it here. But we're gonna paint. I suppose it will be fine. Oh, great. Absolutely great. Yes. There's a sense water in it. Was it the bottom part? Anklets, finger shower, saw part, minutes of gloom? Always. It seems together I'm gonna get go low toe all parts. All words, okay. And now Wicks, make And don't forget, not so far in just patient and your hands mind be in glue for this part. Interest White, my friends. Oh, gaze. This works now. It's time for the last two to fit and our Oops 4. 4. DIY Crown - Bottom Part of the Crown and Rhombus: serve without interruption. How? My camera diet And they thought always abroad. Cecil. Film him bad. It didn't. So I needed to change it for the new one. Tomorrow I was in the form up can change a little bit from the previous we go. Let's review what I deep I did this silent. There it is, actually. Is this is bottom? Is this a stock When it make it lynxes. I just folded the bottom park 1 1.5 centimeter and then the glue a dog and might a silent. Then I put into the bottom part. It was a gold acrylic Bryant. I perform acrylic because it dries really quickly and now the next to go with this part. So let's start. Where's over Brexit? So I have This is the most on a directive part, and this is a most unattractive for community like this. I'm going to use a super glue. Okay, it is a little bit hard to do. Okay, I'm measure that a little bit. Thank you. Actually, I did really a little bit wrong from my bottom. Who's not there? It would be much simpler from just Oh, actually might comes the backside. Okay, Ryken, use it. I don't know which is glued And five my part. Yeah, and just fix it a little bit, so, you know, visit. But And now let's glue Arwa. So this way and glitter drink Now we can actually make our top part off the ground. The rumbles. I will show you the difference. Fort on might Cabinet, As you can see him. Here's a rhombus and we're gonna make it now. I was a little bit later, so I decided to bring it on. The gold paper is now We need to got it. Be really careful. Don't got too much I don't got is a place. That's what we need As if this really small detail we really need to be precise visit. I'm gonna use also my small scissors for some small details. It's no one that Scott we need to fold it. It will be a little bit tricky because you need to hold it really secure. So the ones who will be re Liberace size this. It's a little bit hard to do with it. It's so small. What? I'm sure we will make it 5. 5. DIY Crown - Gluing All Pieces Together and Painting: Let's continue. My camera stopped. Is is the memory was full. I needed to clean it a little bit. Now we can continue. I'm gonna pretend it a little bit because it is easier. Was a gorilla. Yes, I can see. Was this lives? But don't worry. Okay? Suppose ever since finished for work. About two lines. No folded. It will be a little bit heart. It's so small. I'm gonna use the scissors and my nails and the world that simply probe. Actually, it's much easier to do with your nails. Just hold it. And the main parts so slightly bigger. Okay, now we can glue. It can be post really, really careful, actually gonna use my wooden stick and my left out cartoon. It's okay. It's been enough from him. So let's go. Some bars, this example don't use so much gloom of the rice. It will be all over your face. And let's hold it a little bit while it is sticking. Then we can continue. Is the hardest part will be gluing Who? This top part? Yes, we need toe fall that all all parts. So I'm gonna at the little bit glue for all parts creature for gluing is a piece from that , apart from this one, and the glue is sticking. It's pretty good, but it's trying quickly. Me, just not another look. Groups. It's stick into my hands when it's mom of this. So do a bit better. It's not sticking. This isn real, is the hardest part. Okay, let's hold a little bit. And now we're gonna go the last part from our school. We're in a mogul. On the one hand, it's really great. That dries quicker because I don't need to wait with themselves. Unit to work really fast is this It'll be our like Frantz bargain because it's zik you just one. Okay, suppose is it's finally all thesis, but we still need to do one more. I need to make Golden stripes as it was. There are tons of chrome, actually, I'm going up free, friend. It's a little bit. I'm going to use my credit. Paint s a dick was my bottom part, and we're gonna draw some lines. Firstly, I'm gonna do small sketch like where I want to be. My So where's Allah? From Lessons. A friend. And you can actually make it like this ray and go this trend go And the striped dome, I suppose it will work. It'll be really great about I'm going to divide it into parts like how I was a try and go. Who's this little world? Better. And when it if you wears history, it is not white Pittsburgh and actually my brand this new. So this early it'll bits of water. We're gonna start that. Who's this? Divide it into. It's better to print this layers terrazas and plan a lot off rent at once a little bit dry in so long I'm gonna change my No. And that's another layer to this part. You can also use the tape so you will have clean lines. I don't care one. So I'm gonna just simply pretended You can also use a nail polish. Sorry, it will be. May be much more pigment. Is that grew? Look, but be sure that you opens a vinto was the birth scene about this and your brand is it? It lies with stripes and strokes Idol and just four days. Yeah, so just it layers team you like was the result and let to dry and we will see what we're gonna do next 6. 6. DIY Crown - Finishing the Crown, Let's Attach a Bobby Pin: So I finished. Benton. My grown a date. Just two stripes on the front part on decided, not pains the backside. It will not be. Is that important? If I messed up, I use just a simple paintbrush and cleaned it with water. Oh, I used I wouldn't stick when it was a planned. Right? So I can move it a little bit. Then I made a hole on the top and glued our rumbles. And I did this but part so I can stick my bucket. Then I suppose it will work with the bust, but we still need so make some adjustments. I'm gonna Joe, if you bones, but be assured that you will not got to yourself My baby will be, But just do it with Caesars. I found some records, is and the laws of on silicon plagues us. Just make a tray on go triangle or hope so they can move around Our bob. It's been it's a little bit tricky toe. - Okay ? Actually, I'm not, isn't This is whole. It's on the front. I did that only a little bit wrong. Okay, we're gonna make a biologist on our side. Summer here, my dear Okay. Is this way. So we can now stick of a grown up heads so actually just needed one hole and holds its construction and just got sounds apart Where your glute our crown with bottom part. So all the problems? No, we can just where it and but first we need to make our homes Whose then we can wear off access a responsible tourism. 7. 7. DIY Pink & White Striped Horns: Okay, so now we just need to make your heart like batteries for this union just and sheep horns. So for the fans, like being and wild, if you can buy a vehicle, Whitehorse is that would be much easier for you to colors and sponges still make stripes. So let's start. It's Breiman horns a little bit. Just depth. I'm pretty sure we will need around like dopes. I'm just take two of three layers. I'm also gonna use like this. Hold it so it will dry and job came. You can also be a fun activity for the gates has taken fainted. You gonna spend some time together, make your costumes. So I'm gonna will just about a few minutes till it dries a little bit. And then I will repeat. Is this like one or two steps? It's getting if you see it like getting stripe, I would know how to describe it. Crisps. Correct. Is a plant grexit just toe Shake it a little bit. So if finished spending my horns, why, they deeds? I think like three layers and and it is still not real. Big Baja. They're supposed when it is evening. It's dark it will before. Now it's time to droll some lines. Stripes. Uh, I'm struggling between this two brushes. My business one is this wider. Now we need to make being stripes. So let's do it. It will be kinds of three kids, so it's not like straight. It's Carver. And to make even lines can be pretty hard. I'm going to my click stripes and then I will clean the lines. So my bill struck start business one I want to be here with Okay, Not bad. I thought about using, like, like, a tape or something. Exit that. But it will not work for this governorship. Now it's, uh, a little bit trickier. Toe connect with this lines together. Let me just It's more plan to my brush. Don't car in here. Just be a little bit patient and it will be fine. Yeah. Is this the works? So first triumph is ready. I'm gonna make another skitch look often as a lion. I suppose there will be just two lines like here, and then I will Killian's Alliance gate. It's a little bit hard. So do winning. It just always take brained. Okay. Oh, of it. Quite great. my hands shake Is that struggling a little bit? Some is The sketch isn't on. I'm gonna believe it. Legs This just been to a little bit here and now we just need to make and as a horn, and then I will clean. Is the line some exam? Really sharp. So Okay, I suppose it'll be approximately one centimeter away from the bottom. Okay. My bet. You know, I like this grand off like uneven lion stripes. But more than this, horns, maybe it's not the most perfect Canibus sound still exist. Oh, dear White, but I like how it looks. It's like not their effect. And this guy on the focus Britain billon from him. I like doing this effects on paper since, okay? And we need to make or what? The last stripe? I feel rather confident now. When I did like Siri striped and they worked pretty great hopes my family slotted only don't it. Okay, Lexus. And when you connect, actually, it's not really hard to connect. Like is the beginning and sand. If it you just need toe, um follow like Zelaya. Okay. No, I will use Maybe I mean, is this wan to Mike Clean lines. I don't use about it for this course March museum for me. So draw straight land result. Like Putin Horns away. Taken. Is it you faith now? It doesn't not too. I stopped my horns somewhere, and then just Cleland was the lines. I suppose this part will take a little bit longer, as I wanted to be with not with perfect on as a perfectionist by the at least predict sharp plans, huh? Oh, it's kind of hard to do. It's a really long brush. It's not a real estate. So I'm a bottom part crowns of I don I can make sure so far fun really, Like acrylic band. This address rule. It conveyed trouble. Sometimes when you want to blend something's not. It is a vis acrylic paint, but when you just need one caller, um, was that's a really cool. Usually I perform minimal something day waas or etcetera, and they just need to one or two colors. Toe pained was the stuff. So acrylic paint is the bust for me. - Okay , One horn is a radium. It staff are second time. Yeah, and when they're using pants weaken, be judged your hands fingers, even their clothes. Maybe because tent miss Bends. So be prepared for that. Also, it's a part. What is this correct? Teoh it, Bart. Almost ready? No, it's October, but it's so hot right now, like eso a bust em on the Internet. I don't remember where it was, it said. Like, uh, it iss the faiths months off the summer like this, Really like that I live in Ukraine and it's pretty Quarter it now for October. Usually we have like rains. It's called cloudy. It's sunny and you can see it from the life in the changes a lot, and that's pretty hard. It and I really like it as they can wear like full closes, spring fall. Usually it's like winter one week off, sprain awful. And then it's getting really, really hot. It's like summer. He's here. Owen does him and don't really like the spirit of them. So while I was talking horn sound radio and I actually thought about, I've been in my crown and gluing it here because jobs is that waas really bet. But I suppose it didn't get something wrong. Okay? No, it's some. I am going to use my Super Bowl and have this bottom part here. It will be easy to glue down on. Our hearts will be John. Okay, it will be my grand. Let me just I told them I front part. And does he remember from the produce we do? Well, we did our crown. This is my friends. So I'm going toe Lou. It is That's right. Years of lots of books. You can also use a glue gun It real dry really quickly. Now it's time. Don't blow this to get him. And all you need to do is wait. Delia Horan's on driest As I didn't use the glue gone, it will dry a little bit longer. And we will see how it looking on the name in my next freedom. So it's not Then be prepared for my like a bridge. Oh, 8. 8. Makeup Products for the Beatrix look: So for the makeup, you will need a liquid eyeliner you will need You might also need. It's kind of like optional jail I learner and the black eye shadow. Like was this one? If your jelly and that why I should've surreal. Oh, you have just one. You can use just it for me. It works. But if I use first legitimate line and then I will add black eye shadow, it will be more big. You'll also need brushes. Um, false eyelashes. I allegedly. Then you will need this kind of like new. It's really bad. I don't see like door publish lipstick something Lee said. Ah, it's optional, like New toe Lipper pencil and publish I'll Oh, I should oh, maybe blockage. Or if you have, like Burba lipstick or something like that, it will also work just pretty option. There are a lot of options, so and so that's it. What you will need for these makeup 9. 9. Beatrix Makeup Tutorial: has. Um So now we're going to make make up drawer my cup like buttressed makeup. And first of all, I'm just gonna collect my fast Tillman boards and me. And the little disclaimer First step was obviously, just prepare your skin like, clean it stolen. It must rise it like most rise. It's really, really way. And another disclaimer is it? I don't where face makeup and I don't actually wear lots of makeup now, so I'm not gonna use foundation. Actually, I don't even have it part about If you use it, you can do it. You can also do, like a little bit lighter foundation as bad drugs. But risk skin is really pale with great sharing, as she's kind of like so you can use it. And let's start. We're going to start previous first of this island. You can just make your eye ally in them. It's so be it. So you like I'm gonna use that my liquid by Lana by fiber like I'm going to try to make a really sharp line. It's a little bit hard. It's hard to do when you're talking, so I'm gonna be silent for this particular makeup I'm gonna make, like, really long eyeliner as I'm also going to yours. False eyelashes. So it's crucial to make it looks it So a little bit tip for you. If you're not really confident doing your island, you can use just a simple se but shouldn't be really Stick it so it will not be harmful for you. Just tape it. And droll island by all of us did it when I wasn't really confident in my island. So next step. I suppose it'll be. We're just going to make like this batteries art, which is irritable. You just need Teoh finally Oh, on their line your water line and then make Is this plan not arrow Santa exact sort of. Was it song? Okay, I'm gonna start with this part, actually, Just stretch it Firstly, and I suppose a little work. My I really like this shape. It's not, he said, but for critical. The hard part is to make is that same shape on the as a whole. So something like is that so are all gone is a lady. I'm going to fill it with another I'll and I'm gonna use, like disease gel. It's It's not really convenient to use, like just fine seep follow word, but it would be much more pick if I use it a SMI I'm using like Scholar, 2 to 24 hours, my 1,000,000,000 in a book as a drive a little bit I and it's it's like one drop off our been oil, so it will glad smoothly planes this. Yeah, carbon oil. It's pretty safe to use on your skin as it doesn't block your pores s coconut oil. Oh so called battle and the has lots of benefits also. And it's really great that I use this out of an oil as it glides smoothly so I can feel oh is a shape I drilled. It's a little bit much. Yes, it's no jail, Dexter. All really debts or no, this is this island and dry it show dried, but that still works. If you have a really great eyeliner, that would be much easier for you. One of this big if you have for price band between work with just Brill Antah service that I don't talk a lot of what I'm Bridget concentrated on that. I don't know how like beautiful stock wiles are doing their makeup to really heart and spending to want my hand to shake a lot. It sounds a bet is that they just used my job. Island. Um, gonna try to I think double layer my rate will work. If not, I'm gonna use my eye shadows, - this nonsense bed. But okay, let me just try. I shall. Here. Do you see? Hold works. Okay, Much better is that I should Yeah, here. It gets even darker. Um well, black. Yeah, And the caller gets even. Okay. And that's a sign in brush to cover sets park. But this and let's okay. And my heart's part also, um, that I should go eyeliner on the waterline. I'm gonna speak surely Eye shadow. - Oh , exit. Our microbus almost arrived. Him. Now I'm going to glue my false eyelashes. It might take a little bit of time. I don't I didn't do it for So I remember in one barrel of my life it wasn't Is it much time ago one and hall, if years ago I was sol in love with follow say lashes. I was wearing them everything every frickin day was going to you know, even if we Waas Morning. I wore my friends were really shook. Like how did I couldn't? I don't really like doing my makeup in the morning, but I just did my island and false Deliciously. I did as I wanted to. Oh, okay. Oh, because it's months. It's great. I forgot hard to blow eyelashes on my thing Glowed, too. You can also just use simple miss Girl like Why not? If you don't want to bother with a blush, actually like disease Eyelash Super low and luminous It I didn't see my I don't see my eyeliner by its existence. Well, that's fine. Maybe you will. You switch not set long 100 human alls, um, eyelashes. So it'll work for you. Okay. And a little notice If you mirror were eyelashes. Be sure to like, Mm. Firstly, test your eyelash glue. Maybe you're allergic to something. Oh, your eyes a sensitive. Just test it. Uh, I'm actually using, um, latex free. So if you are allergic to latex, you might use its by kids soup slash, but for service A lawyer for sensitise for sensitive eyes. Also, if I'm not mistaken. Okay, So we're finished with Alec. I look and now it's time to finish the book. I'm firstly gonna apply my lip balm two must try smiling. And now, while I'm waiting, I'm gonna a little such Teoh red dress look she heard exists Berg publish knows substance. Except I'm gonna get exist for a bullish shed. It's shimmery little bit. It's not good. And I'm gonna use just simply my nails. So I will belonged it with to the tip of my nose. And then I'm glands And Brendan Brendan a little bit really more settled. You look, I'm gonna go just a little bit to my sick. It's Britain optional, but it's still bad race. And I'm silicon. Maybe about a little bit of I let my tip of the nose Is that not really sure voted in the highlighted here? I'm But I would add a little bit to my lips. She was really, really seen. Leaps turns off tricky for me. Um, I'm just simply gonna use knows this there like new dish purplish lipstick since my exact maybe through the showboat using my well, it Bensel in this look, I suppose it works for batteries inspired. Look like it's not exactly the same Look, It's inspired look. So now it's done like all the makeup is finished with. Now we can wear a crown and Horn's so they prepared for one next to be dio. 10. 10. Final Look: So it's almost our finished makeup. Look, let me where my they are like Koran, actually. Just ground in harm. Slick and Zissis here, batteries inspired Look from Lourdes. Meanwhile, she's kind of like, sneaky and still, I suppose it works like I really like it. If you can, you can also dying her, at least temporarily like you. Skull Arista. I suppose they have blonde shade in their serious Oh, if you have actually bunker, it'll boots, it will be in my isn't serious. And if you have, like short hair, you can just carol it a little bit here and it will be cool. Um, that's actually sure it's Posey gets like Highland costing. You can relic a black dress, but you don't actually needs where all your cost him as he customers prettily, much like media, even from middle ages. I'm nothing. The picture that's a burn on that, Um, but if you were like a black dress of black skirt and top crop top Oh, Delic knee high boots or is any credible to whatever you were black, it would work as you have like this horns ground and this my couple it will do is a job for you. So that's it Sounds so much for watching, and I really hope you insure it. And if you, Josie's make a project that we will do like if you do oh, like the whole look. Lead minal Louise, I would love to see your looks have Halloween.