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DIY Aromatherapy Home Facial

Deanna Russell, Clinical Aromatherapist

DIY Aromatherapy Home Facial

Deanna Russell, Clinical Aromatherapist

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14 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Before you start making stuff

    • 3. Before you start making stuff : solubility

    • 4. Before you start making stuff: sustainability

    • 5. Toolsofthetradepart1

    • 6. Toolsofthetradepart2

    • 7. Cleansers

    • 8. DIY cleanser

    • 9. Face steam

    • 10. DIY clay mask

    • 11. DIY toner

    • 12. DIY facial oils

    • 13. Korean beauty regime(1)

    • 14. Korean beauty regime part 2

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About This Class


Having a skin wellness retreat day? AKA: aromatherapy home facial- get ready to experience it here!

Are you vegan? No problem! The recipes are both vegan and gluten free friendly.

This class is project based each step of the way. We cover:

  • Cleansing methods
  • Exfoliation
  • Facial Steam
  • Mask
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer

Recipes are included for:

  • Face steam
  • Mask
  • Scrub

Learn how easy and fun it is to save money by making your own natural skin care products. This class is perfect to get you started making your own creations and experimenting with some natural ingredients.

This class uses recipes that are suitable for immediate, personal use. They are not suitable for commercial use, as they do not include preservatives.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deanna Russell

Clinical Aromatherapist


Deanna Russell is a clinical aromatherapist, registered aromatherapist (RA®), and essential oil therapist (EOT®) She is also the owner and founder of Nature Notes Aromatherapy. 

Deanna is a professional member of CAOA (Canadian Alliance Of Aromatherapy).

Deanna loves gardening, tea blending, design and typography. She has been experimenting with creating stuff since early childhood, and now as an adult enjoys teaching others her passion for aromatherapy and essential oils.

Deanna has a private consulting practice in Calgary, AB Canada.


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1. Welcome!: Hello and welcome to natural skincare. My name is Diana Russell. I'm a political aroma therapist, and I love my work. I love working with essential oils, and I have my own skin care line with my company. Nature notes. You're here because you are interested in natural skincare. If you want to learn how to make some of your own beauty care products that this is totally the place for you to come, there is lots of do it yourself. Projects included in this course as well as recipes when you're making your projects, is really important that you keep track of your labelling and also your logbook records. So when you're making different experiments, for example, because you'll want to try to bring it a few different ways, probably because that's the creative part of this keep track of what you're doing so that you don't forget because trust me, you think you're gonna remember but not gonna happen. So write it down, keep it in your book with all your other notes, and then that way you can go back to it and you can recreate it if you want to, and you find that it's not looking for you. Then you could make a note of that and you could know to not make that again. It's all good information. So without further ado, let's get started. 2. Before you start making stuff: before you start making anything, there are some things that you really need to be aware of, so please take note. This course is intended for personal use only. It is not intended to provide recipes for products that will be for resale. These recipes do not contain preservatives and do not have a long shelf life. As a result, many are designed to be used immediately or within a short time. Please note that vitamin e rosemary extract and grape seed extract are not preservatives. They are antioxidants, which help extend the shelf life of carrier oils before they go rancid. Before you start making things you need to be organized ahead of time. Have your dishes and bulls measuring devices, ingredients, containers all ready to go before you start. Also have your formulas and recipes and logbooks ready. Have clean working services, clean measuring devices and clean hands before you start. Wipe down surfaces and wash your hands with soap and warm water before and after you make something work in a well ventilated area. But out of the wind, you don't want to risk contamination from airborne pollen and dirt etcetera. Safety is really important. Choose your ingredients carefully taking into consideration the following things. Make sure you consider your own sensitivities and allergies to certain ingredients. Be sure to record this information so that you don't forget what it is When working with essential oils. In particular, be aware of potential irritants, photosensitive oils and toxic oils. For more information on this, I recommend the aromatherapy foundational concepts course available as well. If you want to use essential oils in your skin care items, that's OK. But understand that they have dermal limits, and you need to know what they are for. We're information on essential oil safety. I recommend taking the aromatherapy foundational concepts course. 3. Before you start making stuff : solubility: Okay, now we're going to talk about something called Celje bility. Your ingredients will fall into one of two categories. Oil soluble or water soluble. If you want to combine water based ingredients with oil based ingredients, you'll then also need to use an emulsifier to keep them from separating. Oil soluble ingredients are things like carrier oils and butters. Carrier oils include Hoga, rose hips, Etoile, argon oil, apricot kernel oil. There are lots and lots of oils to choose from. Examples of butters include shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and cocoa butter. Essential oils are also oil soluble. What this means is that you can combine carrier oils with butters with essential oils with absolutely no soy ability issues because they're all oil soluble. Okay, now let's talk about water soluble ingredients. Some of these include Talavera Witch Hazel Hydro, Saul's. Another name for a hydro. Saul is also called a hydro lot. Some examples of these are rosewater and orange water. If you want to explore recipes such as creams and lotions that combine oils and water together, check out the books recommended below. Making lotions and creams are more advanced technique and also will require a preservative , and they're not covered in this class 4. Before you start making stuff: sustainability: Now let's talk about your supplies and ingredients. Don't buy the cheapest ingredients available because you mostly get what you pay for keeping track of your ingredients. Inventory at the beginning seems easy, but as you get on, it could be tricky. Here's one good tip. Don't purchase more than you will use up in the shelf life for that ingredient, where you'll end up wasting your money, not to mention the ingredients. If you're shopping in person, always check the expiration date. You ought to allow for a generous expiration dates for all your ingredients. Storing your ingredients away from light and heat will help extend their potency and shelf life. I also want to touch on sustainability of resources here. Be aware of sustainability concerns for certain ingredients and consider alternatives to use instead. An example of this is sandalwood. Indian sandalwood is an endangered species and is protected by their government. A sustainable alternative is Australian sandalwood. Rosewood is another example of an endangered species. It's native to Brazil, and it's endangered. Whole. Would is an excellent alternative to rosewood. Frankincense is also being over harvested, so please uses oil cautiously and sparingly. Let's now talk about what container you should choose to make your products in number. One consideration is to choose a container that will lend itself to reducing the risk of contamination of your product, depending on what you want to make. Here are some ideas on some excellent choices for containers. Some options here include a glass dropper bottle, a flip cat bottle or a pump dispenser. You could also use a ruler bottle or drink cat bottle or even a spray mist bottle. If you need to use jars to store your product, be sure to have clean and dry hands every time you dip in. Or use a sterilize scoop to prevent contamination. And last but not least, don't forget to label your creations include the date with this as well. 5. Toolsofthetradepart1: I thought it would be cool to give you an insider look at some of the tools that I use quite often when I'm doing my formulating and creating of things. One item that I use quite often is my glass beakers. I purchased my set on Amazon. I find that I use the smaller sizes the most actually, the two hundred and fifty million, one and the 500 million. You can purchase these individually or in sets. You can also get glass measuring devices just by using regular measuring cups. And you can get these at your grocery store. One item that I use all the time. And by that I mean, every day is my Glass graduated cylinder. You can usually find items like this at a salt making supply company or a lab Supply Company, or even on Amazon. The cool thing about this is that you can get them in different sizes. They go right from ten mill all the way to 1000 mil and will run you around $1458 Canadian. I have a couple of digital scales, the best ones way in parts of a gram and not just the whole Graham. When you're purchasing your digital scale, be sure that you get one that has a terror feature. Got this particular run off of Amazon. But you can also get similar ones from salt making supply companies. Another simple and handy tool that I use is a weigh boat. This can be a found object. In fact, I use a disposable gelato dish. Use tools like this with your scale using the tear feature. This will enable your scale to stay nice and tidy and clean for a long time. Disposable pipettes are also really useful. They come in smaller quantities such as the three melted ten mill, and they're usually sold by the dozen. These are becoming much easier to find now and a lot of salt making companies carry them as well as Amazon. You'll want to have a phenyl or two or three. They're usually plastic. You can get them anywhere, dollar store, grocery store, and you'll use them quite often for different jobs. Funnels make transferring liquids from one container to the next a lot easier. Another tool that I use quite often are my glass during rods. These are nice to have, but when I first started out, I just used chopsticks. So I hope that you can see it doesn't take a lot to get up and running. You might also want to consider adding a couple of other things such as disposable nitrile gloves, small mixing dishes and spatulas. 6. Toolsofthetradepart2: Choosing your containers and packaging is actually a pretty important decision. And in this video, I'll just go through some of your options. A spray mist bottle will come in a couple of different size options. Just make sure that when you're ordering the top, that it has the same neck size as your bottle. You would use a spray mist bottle to make a room spray, a face toner, anaphase missed. This is an example of a flip cat bottle. You would use a flip cap if you wanted to direct your product somewhere specific, like your hair or scalp. You've probably seen lots of examples of a disk camp. There are readily available and there are inexpensive cap option. A pump dispensing bottle would be a good option for dispensing lotions, gels, and creams. This type of option is a little bit more costly and sometimes can cost as much as the actual container itself and may need to be trimmed. This is an example of a pump treatment type of cap. It's good for face oils and serums and it comes out dispensed by the squirt. Dropper bottles are available in different sizes and colors. They are usually used for things like facial oils and perhaps it herbal texture. Here I have a glass ointment jar. These are available in different sizes and colors and they can be found in glass, plastic, or even aluminum tins. And other type of jar that I sometimes use is just a wide mouth plastic char. I use these for scrubs or bath silk mixes. No essential oil enthusiasts would be without their roller balls. They come in three different parts and they must be assembled before you use them. Here's a pro tip. Fill up your ruler using a flip cat bottle with your choice of carrier oil in it. The flip cap will fit the narrow opening perfectly and you can add your essential oils directly into your roller bottle. This is an example of a drip cat bottle. This is the easiest way to dispense your central OIL blend drop by drop is attached. And then you put it on the screw it down really tight. And then after it is the drug capital of essential oil. Depending where you live, your best options for packaging and containers are essential oil supply places or soap making supply company or even a packaging Supply Company. 7. Cleansers: very first step to doing aromatherapy. Home Facial is the cleansing part. So what I'm going to show you right now are just two of my favorite cleansing parks. And I'll tell you what. The first thing that I like is is a botanical cleanser, and you just need to use one of these little facial brushes. You could pick these up in a drugstore just about anywhere our life, for sure I was on you just need a little bit. Not much size of a nickel or small quite, and all you do is you want your face first, and you just go around in circles all around gently, gently massaging. This particular one is formulated for skin that has acne or blemishes and the main ingredients in the direction of the essential oils. So this one contains rosemary, rosewood, eucalyptus, lemon grass, teach tea, tree, geranium and also it has encumber extract and green tea extract in it, and it's very gentle and yet effective. So a change would use this or somebody who has oily skin or acne, thick skin or somebody who has the occasional break out. If you have a mature skin once in a while I use this one and it works really well. So that's that type of cleanser. It's like your gentle, foaming cleanser. The other one that I really like is cream cleanser. No, I happen to make this one from scratch. And basically, what makes this amazing is that it is solid at room temperature, and when you put it on, it becomes liquid. So I'm going to show you in my hand here. So you just rub it in like that and you would go all over her whole face. The only thing that this does not take office Waterproof mascara, actually. And it is especially formulated for dry skin, mature skin and even sensitive skin. I can use this myself. So then you let this go on. You let it sit for a minute or something while you're brushing your teeth and then you would just take get this face cloth wet with warm water and gently waive your fees after and you have a little aromatherapy treatment while you're reading. It's really, really lovely. What makes this one good is that it had the oils that I put in here. It has the rules flour, water and it has sweet over Doyle. There is bees wax in here, so it's not thinking, but you can get being in versions of the center and it's got was mooted. Rose Wait essential oil dreams, which are very, very gentle and balancing, including to your skin. So that's why I like that one. So those were the two probably simple stories You can clean your face. Reason why this one works very well is because the oils in your breakdown and work with the oils in your skin to this breakdown debris dirt, and it makes it easier to get rid of that. So that's how I plans my face, every single thing. 8. DIY cleanser: very first step to a home aromatherapy facial is the cleansing stuff is the most important step. It doesn't never what kind of cleanser you want to use for this stuff as long as you do problem faced friends. But the recipe that I want to show you so that if you want to try it at home, you can It's very, very simple, really effective and very adoptable. Recipe is for official. Wait, So you pay a lot of money Store happy's disposable. Tell that official apes. And right now I'm gonna show you how you can make your own at home. You need some distilled water or ah, high personal. If you choose which easily Castile soap. I'm using Doctor Boehner. Sunset. So right now and carrier oil of your choice. Do you want to use a kill Gillette into exportable oil just so that my child, let's have very healing, probably to them. You can add essential oils to this if you wish, but you don't have to. So today I'm just actually gonna make it without essential oils. It would really be helpful if you had a mixing bowl. So we're gonna have one of those two. And the other thing you need is a container. So this is a one leader or 1000 milk container, and I have cut my paper towels so that they will actually just fit in there afterwards. So that is just a logistics thing. So the first thing you wanted to do was put your just don't water into the bowl. So I'm using 3/4 of a cup or six houses that Then you add half a cup of the witch hazel for four ounces, and I'm adding one tablespoon or 15 mils of my carrier oil. I've been there and tablespoon of their emails of the Castells you're now I recommend when you're adding these things that you start with a little bit in the autumn just to cash stuff at the bottom, and we're gonna assemble this much like lasagna at a few of the things but get wet. I cut a 20 paper tells, we'll see how many will fit in here this recipe. Okay, so that's all in there. And you can see that there is a bit war on top. That's okay. You can either leave it like that or you can kind of extra paper towels. This allows you to take out one sheet at a time and used to clean your face. The reason why I started making these was for a workshop. What we did not have direct access to water when we were doing facials that date and it was really, really well so you could take these camping if you go away. If you're traveling there, good baby wipes. If you want to use someone your child, you might want to use less. Witch Hazel that keys totally adopt this recipe to suit your needs My daughter still uses these doesn't cleanser each day my teenage star, and it's super easy. You can substitute the paper tele for with a washcloth. If you don't want to use disposable items and then all, you would have to do this. Wash your cloths afterwards. Thinking about this amount of liquid would do about 10 days. Closet wash. Plus, if that's what you want to do. But that's how simple it is. If you want is an essential oils, you could try about five drops. Lavender is a very good one. It's very easy to get lavender, and it would be good for all skin types. And that's how you make e cleansing wipes 9. Face steam: We're gonna show you how to do official steam right now. I have a college here who's going to help me. So here's what you need. You need a ball. I have just boil this water. So we're going to sail up, are full with water. Your carefully. Okay. You're gonna need a towel and probably a face cloths, Rob. So I've just talked to Sarah for a couple of minutes, and we've decided on three different essential oils that we're gonna put into this. So we're gonna have to drops of lavender, two drops of petty green, one drop of geranium. Now you'll notice that she's got her hair tied back. That's always a good plan. And she'll appreciate it. And just a second here. So, Sarah, you're gonna get out of the put your Yeah, I accept that. Okay. So you want to keep your face 12 inches away approximately 10 to 12 inches of weeks. The reason for that is safety. You don't want to burn, scald your face. So you're make a tent. Just wonder going in there for you to see me. Yeah. So she's created her self esteem tent, and Sarah is gonna enjoy that lovely seeing tent for between 5 to 10 minutes. So we're gonna come back. You 5 to 10 minutes. All right, So I'm gonna help you out here. Take it off. Now, you're probably gonna want to make use of the face class. Just pat. So right now, what has happened is that her pores have opened very nicely, and she's not ready to proceed with the next step of official. The other thing you could do with a facial is you can treat acne you can treat if you come cold or chest cold and flu. Whatever's going around. Whatever oils you put in there, you could breathe it to your lungs. And it can help you with that as well. So it was more than just for beauty. Thank you, sir, for helping me. I really appreciate that. Thank you for having me 10. DIY clay mask: making a claim. Basketball was really super simple. I'm gonna make one right now that has Rossel play in it. Burdock would extract in it and cucumber extract from it. TheStreet. Things combined are very, very effective at controlling happy. And you know what? It just was really good. So is this going to do this is to make the play mixed as a dry mix and store it dried like that. It will last much, much longer. And there's very little chance of contamination due to the introduction of water. So I'll show you how to make the base. And then I'll tell you how you after you've done that, what you can do to make the actual dance. So for this, you'll need on a scale your place, elections and whatever you want, as well as some kind of jar or continuing put in. I've cleaned these already there, ready to go. You said my skill. So my scale has what's called a tear feature. So I put on my dish and then I set the terrorist is cereal so that when I wave my things, I'm not including the latest with the actual interior, so I'm gonna put in about 160 grams. There. I'm gonna put my cucumber extract is also a dry powder. 25 grams. You have that to this? No. About seven grands. This. If you wanted to, you could in You couldn't say a honey power or something like that. As long as it's a drying mix, you can mix up whatever concoction that you think. Good. I'm not. Use this one right now. And John, So I'm gonna stir everything in gently. No happiness. Just spoon it into my container. That's it. Don't forget to label your creation. Now, when you want to go ahead and use this, this is what you're gonna do to make this easier. You should just have a little container. You're gonna next in about a teaspoon. Maybe a bit more to split and 1/2 You are, Dr. Next. Then you're gonna very, very gradually a few drops at a time, the liquid of your choice. So I'm just gonna use regular water right now that you could use hard your soul. That would be really, really nice. Lavender heart herself. Beautiful Depends on what you want to do. Use a heart, your soul to achieve your goals, your sister, and let it sit for a second. I just need a time bit more really chopstick, which worked better. Okay, with us coming nicely now, to make this an aromatherapy mask, you would add one drop of your shows an essential Well, I've lavender right here. I'm just gonna add one drop of lavender. Now, I can assure you that is what it should look like. This is how us ready. It's credible. It's not your thinking about within. You can also use this type of mask if you as a cultists first date. So if you have excellent or something itchy on your hand or whatever this would be a good thing to do, didn't just cover it with a plastic graft or because let it dry and then wash it off. It's very soothing, very comforting. And it helps, especially since I put the burdock rooted here. It helps to draw out toxins from skin. Doing this right before a big event. Not the best idea, because it could draw things to the surface that you weren't expecting. So do it on a day when you have nothing big going on. But it does work very well and it smells delicious, and it feels really good to 11. DIY toner: our next project is going to be to make a toner. The wonderful thing about toters, especially those that you make yourself. There's so many things you can accomplish with that. They could be a spray miss. They could be one that you use on a cotton ball and just put on like that when they were going to make. Today is a stimulating facial toner. It's glad you use 90 mils of a harder soul today. I'm going to use the rules hard yourself. Now we've heard people want and on and on about these hyper cells. So I'm just gonna take a couple of seconds right now to tell you what they are. Ah, Hydra saw is a byproduct of the steam distillation process. So when you have your plant matter and you're distilling apparatus, part of what comes off that is the volatile oil, the essential oil from the plant, and the rest of it that comes off from the distillation process is the leftover water. It was originally actually considered a waste product, but people started to catch on to the idea that he's hard results that come off that actually have all of the healing properties of the plant matter in that water, but in a much more gentle into four. So they quit throwing out away, and they actually sell it for money. So one of the favorite things that I'd like to have is the Rose Haider small because to buy rose oil steam missed Older. Absolute is ridiculously expensive because of the amount of roses that it takes to actually get a yield from that flat. So I actually distilled my own roses. I have a distilling machine and I love it. I've made many different yourselves, and I love to use all of them. So I want to start with 90 mills of my heart. Now, if you cannot make your own harder Saul's, you can buy so they're available many, many places. I just really prefer to have my own because I know it's organic. The next thing we're gonna put into here is 30 bells. I would usual, so I have. My container is this is a four ounce container, 100 20 interior. Have a fellow. It's easy. Just do that. It's also good. So 30 mils of my chisel. If you have really dry skin or aging skin. You might want to either leave this out or only put in 10 or 15 miles. So I've actually just do hard tablespoon, That's it. And the other thing that I'm gonna put in here is the apple cider vinegar. What this does is it helps to balance the page in your skin. So my daughter happens to use this. What she made then it will be helpful for her as well. So I'm gonna just put in slash Does it snow best? But it will be fine, but I couldn't with the other things. Now for the essential will components, we have everything ready here. I'm gonna put rosemary and spirited into this. Rosemary is good for pretty well, all skin types. It's a stringent for oily and actinic skin. Was very also has probably isn't good for agents. Get along because it's high. So two drops of rosemary. You'll notice that I didn't put it into that container. I'm adding it directly to here, and that is just so that I don't have any residual least Let's date in that class. I wanted to be oh, and squeamish. I like to get organic when I can. It's always good. So one or two drops. You could use government if you didn't have spirit. Experiment is a little bit more gentle. That's not really good. So now I just got this. But these, as I like to say, let them make friends with each other and then don't forget to put a label on your charge so that you know what it is because trust me, you'll forget. Take So now this trip was a cap. It's called a just cap, and it's just easy to put onto a cotton ball and where you go, that's it done. 12. DIY facial oils: when it comes to West arising, there's lots of options you have you can do. The cream based moisturizer is probably the very most common one. But if you're interested in doing a facial oil or official storm, I'm just gonna walk you through how I do that right now. So I have just decided to use some really simple ingredients today. I'm gonna be using rice friend Jericho Oil and if he's carrying oil and as well, my infused rules trouble oil that has made already. So if you want to learn about how to make him use for oil, I refer you to the video vegetables. You have to do that. It's not hard. And you can, as you can see, these herbal infused oils you can use in many, many ways. So I'm gonna go with how's my blend is gonna be one thing that the rice bran oil So you get a hetero my 30 mils because my total amount is gonna be 60 minutes. So that's 13 else. Then I'm going to just do just to keep it simple. 10 mils of each of the other ones. So 10 mils of night. If you carried oil mills, McSherry, Colonel and 10 miles. Now, at this point, you would add, if you're using vitamin E to extend the life of your carrier while you do that at this point, I would suggest one or two capsules off 400 Y. I'm not gonna worry about that right now because I've been eating this up pretty quick. Then I'm going to put in my essential oils. So two drops of lavender I got roast radiant here. I'm gonna put it's gonna go very nicely with my girls. Two drops of frankincense and frankincense is mature. Woman's very best friend. No, I really like chopstick. Gently. Just Ertl in, except it's all in there Now cap on. Don't forget to label your creation. That's how you make facial oil. 13. Korean beauty regime(1): Welcome to the bonus section on the Korean beauty protocol. Korean Beauty is also known as K Beauty, and this beauty protocol has taken the world by storm. K Beauty is a 10 step beauty regime. It could be more or less steps. Korean beauty protocol originated, of course, from Korea. The main content of this beauty program includes natural ingredients and also very exotic ingredients, many of which are not available elsewhere in the world. The steps are completely customizable. You can use as many or few as you want. Korean beauty expert Alicia Yoon outlines that basic steps as follows. Step one is an oil based cleanser. This type of cleanser is designed to cleanse away makeup and any residue from the day. It is usually solid and four until it's applied to the face. And then it becomes liquid. Korean products will often have herbal medicines included in their preparations. This product may also double as a moisturizer, since it is also very hydrating. Step two is a water based cleanser. This type of cleanser is applied following the oil cleanser. It's often a foam type cleanser. Korean products will contain numerous plant extracts, including some ferments and plant juices. This type of a cleanser should be pH balancing to your skin. If you choose to use an exfoliator, now is the time. It is usually applied 1 to 5 times per week, depending on your method of application and your individual needs. There are different types of extra leaders available, so check ahead of time. What type will suit you and what you need to use. The fourth step is a hydrating toner. This toner will form the base layer for hydrating layers to follow. This tonic should balance your skin's pH. There are many different types of toners available and available for every skin type. A good quality product will have botanical extracts and other natural ingredients and just as a tip, stay away from toners that contain alcohol as their to drying for the skin. 14. Korean beauty regime part 2: Step five is the essence step. This can also be known as a facial serum or official oil, or concentrate depending on where you live. These are the kinds of products that will target problem areas, such as dark circles and baking skin. They're usually super concentrated on come in much smaller bottle than the other products. These often contain expensive and exotic ingredients. Samples and essences go hand in hand. An example of an ampoule would be a vitamin C serum, which might contain a high, ironic acid as well. The's air, usually super concentrated and come in much smaller bottles and other products, just like the essence is also do, and these types of products often contain expensive and exotic ingredients. Step number seven is the hydrating mask. These air almost always a sheet type, and sometimes they're called a rubber mask. These are disposable and used one time as needed. These types of mouths are hardly customizable to address specific concerns, such as pores, where if you want antioxidant or if you want to deal with blemishes, etcetera. Step number eight is the eye cream application. This is a specific application to the delicate and more thin area of the face I creams are designed to be gentle enough to use near the eyes. They are also used to treat specific issues like dark circles and fine lines. Moisturizing is the final layer of bedtime and the second to last layer for during the day . Moisturizers air usually a cream, but sometimes they come in a gel form, and they, of course, are available for all skin types. SPF is the final air applied for daytime routine. After all, the layers are applied. Done. Makeup application follows. When you have a customized regime, it allows you to address such skin concerns as uneven skin, aging skin and all the issues that come along with that large pores and uneven skin tone, acne and blackheads, dryness, readiness and sensitive skin. These are the basic 10 steps that are involved in the Korean Beauty protocol customized regime. I think you can see how individual this program is, and you get to decide what steps you want to include, how much time you want to put in and how much money you want to spend. Thanks for joining me